Life in Y4S1 Week 12-14

consists of

  • 3 presentations
  • two 4am nights before presentations
  • one 3k words essay written in the course of 4 days
  • two group project papers due on the same day
  • one group project paper due on the same day as a presentation
  • editing and re-editing 1.3k word essay
  • skimming through abstracts of research papers
  • ctrl+f every document – who has time to read the entire thing?!
  • trying to make own research relevant and important in the oceans of similar research papers
  • trying to sound more intelligent than i really am
  • watching dramas to reward myself for every idk, one paragraph?

but it hasn’t been all doom and gloom thanks to the amazing people in life hehe.

will update proper about these exciting times after I complete my group reports and kill the ants that are crawling on my laptop and on the table omg /shudder/

Life in Y4S1 Week 12-14

Goodbyes / temporary / forever

Wowow check out my ~ artistic ~ title of the post.

It just hit me today that after I come back from my exchange programme next year, the group of people who have been such incredible advisors/ friends would have left NUS. All the current year 4s like Ming Ming, Ben, Louis… I’ll really miss bumping into them in school and having quick conversations to catch up. It feels so surreal that we’re already year 3. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that we were freshies – completely new to the system and like lost sheep.

It was really thanks to Ming, Ben and other seniors that we somehow managed to navigate the slightly treacherous NUS route. Where would I be without them to guide me? Who would I ask for advice about modules, about lectures, about everything school-related (or not)? I’m so grateful to have met such giving people in NUS. That they willingly and freely share their experiences with us so that we can learn from it; what to do and what not to do. That they share their opinions and notes (! haha) with us. A competitive environment might help us improve quickly, but I think it pales in comparison to a nurturing environment where everyone looks out for and helps each other. Success is measured by how much we achieve in numbers in our society. But when we meet people who are willing to put some of their time away to help others, I think it makes everything so much more meaningful.

It makes me feel so sad that when I come back, this incredible group of people won’t be around school anymore. Louis just mentioned that he’d miss me when I go for exchange because I slightly brighten his day whenever we happen to meet in school (but of course, I take whatever Louis says with a liberal shake of the salt shaker) which really made me go aww. And Ming Ming and I have been in a very appreciative mood for the past two weeks. And Ben has been so forthcoming with sharing his exchange experience with me whenever I ask questions.

I know goodbyes are only temporary. People have to make the effort to keep in touch. But then it also feels like I’m saying goodbye to this stage of life where I can depend on them to give me advice regarding school. Where I can bump into them in school. It won’t be the same really.

Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend :)
Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend 🙂
Goodbyes / temporary / forever

My ‘Arts Education’ is ruining me

Not all points are relevant to me, but it resonates w me on so many levels. Proud to be a Arts student 🙂

K R Jefferson

“You can just tell when someone is from the Arts faculty,” a science student commented.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know. errrrr. I guess you guys are just very opinionated and think very differently?”


Contemporary Singapore society, albeit gradual shifts in perspective, still value a Science/Math education over the Arts– entrenched by State emphasis on the sciences early on its in education reform. This could perhaps account for the number of perplexed faces I’ve witnessed as a result of my telling them that I’m pursuing a degree in arts. “Oh cool. So you can draw very well?” they would respond. Sure… let’s just go with that.  

But for those who actually do realise that I am generally referring to the Humanities and Social Sciences, usually respond with a curious amalgam of incredulity and scepticism. They can’t seem to rationalise the purpose of an Arts…

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My ‘Arts Education’ is ruining me

Frustrating projectmates, but cool project

First time doing a project with ST! I don’t really remember if we did any groupwork together back at NJ. Probably not eh. Since we only had project work hahaha and we weren’t even in the same group. Anyway we’re doing a project together for the Singapore Studies module that we’re taking. We chose to do the project on Emily of Emerald Hill, written by Singaporean playwright, Stella Kon. I really like the play. It’s a monodrama (aka performed by one actor, a monologue I guess) and I love how we are slowly being made privy to the details of her life and character through her conversations with the (invisible) characters she encounters and through the moments when she speaks directly to the audience.

Unfortunately my project groupmates, other than ST are proving quite frustrating. Sorry ST I know they’re your friends but really… they’re not responsive on WhatsApp at all. And I’m not even sure what the other girl is doing. It feels like ST and I are doing most of the work which is damn unfair because both of us laid much of the groundwork. Like I came up with the idea, he put up all the basic background info for us to work with, we split up the work, I set up the blog, did the theme… and all they have to do is their section eh. But they’re not even doing that.

This is the first time I’m encountering something like this really. Is it because they’re year 1s and can S/U the module? Or they just cannot be bothered with the project because it seems like ST and I are just completely controlling it? But we’re only doing that because they don’t seem to be doing anything!! And I really want an A for this module. I’m just really annoyed and unimpressed by their attitude. I don’t remember being like that when I was a year 1. I hate that I’m being so calculating like that, but really, they’re not pulling their weight in the project AT ALL. Urgh.

But that aside, I’m pretty pleased with what ST and I have done! Basically we’re managing a WordPress and we’re writing from the POV of the characters from the play. To give them a voice and to see from their perspectives because all we get in the play is the narrator’s perspective. So far it’s been quite fun doing the posts from the different personas. Now if only the other two group members participate in the project. Omg I wouldn’t be so pissed off if they at least RESPONDED on WhatsApp or said that they’re busy with something. But no, they’re just MIA. AWOL. Sickening.

Frustrating projectmates, but cool project

Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

AKA 临时抱佛脚

Since school is starting tomorrow for me, I figure that now is quite an apt time for me to remind myself not to do last minute chionging for finals. Thankfully the last minute studying worked out okay last semester. But reminder to self that I won’t always be so lucky!!

Last semester I chose modules that ended up with me having two exams on a Tuesday (9am and 5pm) and one exam on Wednesday (1pm). I initially thought it’d be okay because my exams that semester didn’t actually start until the first Friday of the exam period. CLEARLY I overestimated my ability at being a good student hahaha. I focused so much on revising for the exam on Friday and thought to myself that i had plenty of time. So I only briefly made a few notes for the exams on Tuesday (both were NM mods!)

Oh I must mention that I thought the two exams on one day was okay because the morning paper was an MCQ. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE MCQs hor. Especially when the prof is known for his killer MCQs… T.T So by Monday I was panicking because I had three exams in the next two days but I haven’t actually finished studying for EITHER of the two exams on Tuesday. Not very well thought out my revision schedule hahaha. But then again… who keeps to revision schedules right.

Thankfully Sam, Corrine, Agnes, Amanda and I made rly good use of the time we had between the two exams to cram for the evening paper so I think it really helped a lot the last minute memorising. Still did quite poorly for the module but it’s because my essay dragged me down a lot sigh. At least I didn’t get a C.

Rushed home immediately after the evening paper. Thankfully Susu gave me a lift and then it was time to START REVISION for the paper I had the next day omg. SO TERRIBLE RIGHT. I think ALL my notes for the module were made the night before. Thankfully I did all my readings already + I quite enjoyed the module so most of the info was retained in my head phew. But still, it’s really quite terrible of me to only start revision the night before.

BUT THEN RIGHT OMG SO SUPER LUCKY THAT THE PAPER WAS RLY EASY. I finished really early and left the exam hall early (as I usually do because I can’t stand waiting for them to finish collecting the papers haha). Super happy and thankful that my last minute cramming paid off.

Really unhealthy and not good tho. So I strongly discourage this 😡

That’s all ^^ Just wanted to record my experience with a three exams in two days. Idk how PJ survived her exam timetables previously man. Impressed.

Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

I can’t wait to…

  • Cut my hair
  • Visit the dentist
  • Make new specs and contact lenses
  • Buy a new laptop (fingers crossed!)
  • Get a manipedi
  • Flop around at home
  • YouTube surf mindlessly
  • Go for a facial
  • Go for a massage
  • Plan the Hong Kong leg of my family trip
  • Get started w the many NM society things to do
  • Have our Kpop Fanily Day
  • Karaoke in PJ’s house
  • Hang out w my siblings hopefully go somewhere fun together
  • Explore Singapore’s hipster spots and be suaku w ST
  • Eat claypot rice w Hazel
  • Attend fitness classes w raroro
  • Watch No Breathing w susu
  • Maybe blog a bit more about the semester
  • Drive on my own (okay probably won’t be able to sigh)
  • Meet Melissa and Sherlyn again
  • Meet my different groups of friends actually – how I’ve missed them so!

My busiest semester in NUS so far I think. Chasing deadlines and testing how late I can sleep. But it’s ending soon and I am excited for the holidays.

At the same time, I’m kinda dreading it because it means a new semester and an unplanned event to hold oh gosh please let us get through it.

I can’t wait to…

A post about email newsletters

I kid you not.

I had to post in my class blog for one of my modules on Blogs, Content Management Systems and Newsletters. I wanted to post that HEY LOOK I HAVE A BLOG LOOK AT HOW FANTASTIC IT IS KKTHXBYE. But for obvious reasons, I could not. So I settled on posting about email newsletters.

Since I’m so super busy with school now (x10000 assignments are gna be due. SAVE ME), I probably won’t have time to blog. So while I busy myself with assignments, here is a post where you can learn more about email newsletters (P.S. it’s what I posted in the class blog verbatim. Tried to be slightly formal but I’m sure you can still tell it’s me writing it haha oopsies~)

This week in class we learnt about newsletters, namely the functions and what makes up of a newsletter. It seems to me that most of what we learn is mainly applicable to traditional print newsletters. While it was mentioned that print newsletters are increasingly transplanted online, I do notice that most corporations design newsletters specifically for email. These email newsletters have their own set of design rules and guidelines.

I went on a little Googling trip and found many useful posts dedicated to creating good, eye-catching, attention-grabbing newsletters. Some focus on content and some focused on design. Here are five tips (unique to email newsletters) I found especially useful:

1. Use catchy email titles/ subject lines

How many of us are guilty of immediately deleting an email newsletter without even opening at it? Often I glance at the subject line and deem it beneath my interest and bin it. Hence the importance of a super awesome subject line. Of course it has to be relevant to your email content. You can’t have a subject line like “FREE CUPCAKES FOR YOU” and have the newsletter about furniture and nothing about cupcakes (HOW COULD YOU).

Examples of catchy subject lines

2. Two-way communication is possible!

Print newsletters were more or less one way communication channels. The organisation communicates what it has been doing/ has been involved in to the recipients. But the possibility of interactivity on email newsletters means that YOU SHOULD USE IT.

Here’s a Starbucks email newsletter, with the good features clearly pointed out for you!

What I want to highlight from the Starbucks case study is the “Clickable button” option. Not something you can do in print newsletters!

The email newsletters affords this interactivity, so when designing email newsletters, don’t waste the opportunity!

3. Include a link to view email as a webpage

I’m sure most of us are familiar with this:

Typical newsletter from FASS Club

The option to view in browser is apparently really important. I must confess however, that before writing this post, I’ve never used it. But it’s a handy thing to have I’m sure.

4. Text + Images = A better newsletter

The same rule we’ve learned about in class about complementary art applies for email newsletter as well. Images capture attention, speaks a thousand words… you get the idea. Bottom line: Good images = good.

Compare Newsletter 1 to Newsletter 2. Both about travel, but which would you rather read?

Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2


Just like for our websites, email newsletters have to be tested on various email clients and browsers. What works for Gmail might look terrible on Hotmail.

And that’s all I have for you 😀

Do check out the links below for where I got my information, images and examples from!



Starbucks Email Newsletter case study:

A post about email newsletters

What I’ll miss from Y1S2

I promised myself to do a summary of sem2 because I don’t remember doing this for sem1 but I wanted to! Sem2 was a whirlwind of projects. Sem1 really seemed a lot more relaxing than this haha. I couldn’t really handle having 4 projects and 5 finals omg how much does that suck urgh D: So gna take some Design mod next sem so I’ll have 5 finals (but CA throughout the sem is also umm…) But thankfully most of my project group members were rather responsible people (tho not always responsive) and I did learn from them. I didn’t like that we weren’t really friends tho, I think I covered that before (especially in my rants to friends sigh you guys really rock ok you were my rock also hahaha #punny)

Even tho sem2 was bad academically-wise, I still had fun (as I always do). Because we always have to find joy in the darkest places 😀 and as always, I rely so much on my friends who are my constant pillars of support yay I love you guys 🙂 🙂 So here’s a list of what I’ll miss according to the days of the week.

1. Monday lunches with raroro, susu, Corrine, Alvin, John and Agnes 🙂
The one thing that made Mondays much nicer yay. Even tho Mondays were my longest days, I never really minded it because of my incredible lunch buddies. Searching for tables at the crowded Deck, queuing for ytf. Western, upper (air-con) Deck on the perpetually hot Mondays, funny funny conversations about chasing idols, awkward silences, etc etc. It was just really nice yay. I was initially a bit worried since raroro and susu didn’t really know the NM peeps but it turned out fine so all’s well! 😀

2. Monday NM2101 lectures
Because the lecturer was so incredibly nice omg I’ll really miss him, one of the nicest lecturers ever. Like we could tell that he tried hard to make his lectures interesting. The fact that it’s THEORIES of communication at 6pm really did not help his case but I think he did admirably well 😀 He was so funny (okay to me, because my sense of humour leans towards the lame end of the spectrum) and his references to himself were really just LOL. Yay to him!

3. Tuesday lunches
I didn’t really have a fixed lunch partner because I generally only had to have lunch in school on odd weeks due to my 9am lesson omg TERRIBLE TIME. But I remember eating w raroro omg FAVOURITE HWANGS MEAL EVAHHHHH. Tofu soup + chicken bulgogi okay my favourite favourite and she can always read my mind because now it’s always what I wna eat when I wna go Hwang’s teehee i lurbx eu raroro. Also lunched w my sem buddy Xiao Ting and my Oweek best takeaway Jiayan on two occasions.. it was okay. I found it slightlyyyy awkward because they’re JC friends and I’m just a new friend so yeah a bit third wheely. But it was fine overall! 🙂 Oh and I met yammy boy once also 😀

4. Tuesday going home w BFG
Even though it was vv tiring hahaha. But he’s nice la, has an interesting perspective on things. I’d like to think that if we happen to take the same module again next sem, we’ll be friends haha. But he was a nice going home buddy. And a GREAT project group mate – he’s so intelligent and well-read gosh.

5. WEDNESDAY MY OFF DAY I LOVE YOUUUUU. What did I do on Wednesdays I don’t even remember.

6. Thursday’s one hour w Alvin and Corrine
Hardly saw Alvin this sem! Last sem we had Monday breakfasts haha but this sem um, 10am lesson a bit hard for him to even come on time -.- But the one hour I spend w him and Corrine is always a lovely time filled w laughter and poking fun at each other 😀 Happy times!

7. Thursday lunches with 08 girls 😀
Sighhh what a lovely time 😀 So rare that we manage to find a common timeslot to eat together!! ^^ Glad we managed to do it this sem. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again for the next semesters and even when the boys join us yay! ST joined us once for our Thurs lunch teehee surprise surprise 😀 ST we should try to surprise PJ every sem!!

8. Fridays NM2201 lectures
Interesting module but it has been FOREVER TAINTED IN MY MIND BECAUSE OF THE FINALS. That is all.

9. Friday (occasionally) going home w Mel
Had very little time w Mel this sem 😦 But the rare occasions that we went home together were nice! Great that we’re still (sorta) close even with the limited amount of time we spent together this sem. She’s really one of my (sorta) closer friends I’ve made in uni yay 🙂

Like when she drives hahaha I’m so happy and thankful okay raroro :D:D And when she doesn’t and she hops into my train at Marymount and we end up at the same cabin because telepathy like that 😀 This sem was a nice raroro-filled sem!

I’m sure there are other things but I can’t remember them now. Also I like to stop at a nice round number so I’ll stop at 10. Other than those weekly occurrences, there were many other random encounters/events that made my day so yup. Hardly had a dull day in FASS 🙂

What I’ll miss from Y1S2

A Look at 2012

2012 has been a year of new experiences (as my other years have been hahaha). But I’d say that it’s different because it’s sort of like a Big Year yknw, when we finally left the rather structured education system we’ve been in for 12 years and suddenly the rest of the world is our oyster (as long as you have enough money). I chose the rather common route to a local university to study something also rather common. I’ve always thought I’d be someone rather important by now, or at least be on the way to being someone rather important. But it looks as if I’d be just another person in the grey office crowd D:

My 2012 can be divided quite nicely into two halves – before uni and after uni.

For my first job, I worked as a salesperson/cashier at CNY sales for 2-3 weeks. It was quite an interesting experience, never really did anything like that before. I quite enjoyed it actually because I went w my sissy and we just.. sat around feeling quite guilty about not doing anything (a feeling that would become very familiar to me in the next three months). But we didn’t completely not do anything! Being a cashier was rather stressful because the figures somehow didn’t tally at the end of the day (luckily they didn’t blame us.. much). Being a salesperson was fun! Quite difficult though because of the language barrier. I spoke the most Chinese/my version of dialect in those few weeks haha. And I can still remember the prices of some of the products now gosh.

My second job was one of the most fun I had in the year 🙂 I had the best work buddy and very little work. Which may actually sound good but it really ate away at my conscience haha. It was kind of overwhelming when I actually had work to do though. On the first day I was sent to another office (because the firm we were working for is a client servicing firm) to do filing oh my goodness it was like MOUNTAINS of papers to file. I was quite horrified and wondered when I would ever be able to finish the work. On another occasion I was sent to a temple to do data entry. Ooh I suddenly realise I’ve covered this before very extensively in other posts. Check here. But yeah working with PJ for those three months were really super duper fun. Exploring food places, exploring Tumblr during lunch time, exploring the office, drinking the free vending machine drinks, having tea breaks… I miss those days.

After my contract ended I wanted to take a break before maybe maybe maybe searching for another job. But my mum took the liberty of arranging an interview for me at a law firm (which I didn’t appreciate at that time) so whoopee I had a new job immediately after my second job ended. This time I was a secretary at a law firm and it was really really different from my second job. Because here I actually had RESPONSIBILITIES. Which also meant that it was really scary D: I had about two months as that lawyer’s secretary? I really enjoyed my time there. After a bit of thinking I realised why I liked my job so much. Yknw how when you play those games like Diner Dash you perform different tasks but repeatedly? That was what I had to do basically. I had a few tasks that I generally had to do and when I was asked to do it, it was like a button was pushed and I would do it. Occasionally there would be a different task (whoa bonus points!) and I’d be thrown off. But luckily the lawyers were really patient w me ^^ The downside was the lonely lunches tho (raroro don’t laugh).

Just before the end of that job I went to the Food Expo to work as a salesperson/cashier again. It was basically the same thing as my first job but smellier and a lot more people. I had fun tho 🙂

My working experience finally ended sometime in June and I decided that THAT WAS IT. Not going to work anymore because it was time to PLAY BEFORE UNI ^^

Of course it wasn’t all work and no play (wow I can mean it literally in this case). In between all that I also took my Grade 6 ballet exam (which I am quite disappointed with), I also started dance lessons at DanzPeople, met up w friends, fell in love with One Direction, got my A level results, applied to university, yknw all the other fun stuff.

I went to Hong Kong w my mum because I figured this period was one of the last few times in my life when I’d be so free without any worries. It was the first time I planned the entire itinerary on my own (my mum took care of the expenses and booking of hotel/plane tickets) and it was quite fun. Lots of walking and getting lost but I enjoyed myself. It’d be more fun if there was someone else on the trip w my mum and me though because at times it would get slightly awkward. But I think we were on our best behaviour and didn’t really get onto each other’s nerves so yay.

Immediately after the trip was my first camp at university! I’m so incredibly grateful that I signed up for NM camp because I think without the group of friends I made during the camp I’d be rather lonely. They’re all such nice people who don’t mind sharing notes and tips for exams and advice and stuff like that. Even though I don’t exactly feel v comfortable w all of them at the moment, there are some people whom I’m sure I’d be able to be better friends with once we get the opportunity to hang out more together 🙂

I’m not quite sure what I did between that and the Orientation Week but it should be documented in this blog mostly.

Orientation Week to be honest was kinda bleh. Maybe because the group I was with wasn’t really the kind of friends I’d have. Maybe because the group was too big. Maybe.. idk. But some of the girls I met are really nice and it’s such a pity we don’t have an opportunity to hang out more because I’m sure we’d be real friends if we had the chance to hang out.

University started soon after (immediately after?) and again, so grateful to the friends I made at NM camp because they were the ones who helped a lot with my timetable planning and getting around school.. LIKE GUARDIAN ANGELS THAT LOT.

Most of my life in University should be on the blog. If it’s not it’s me studying, pretending to study, going out w friends, keeping in touch w old friends etc. It makes me very sad that even tho so many of the girls in 08 are now in the same school as me, I hardly ever see them (especially you PJ D: ). I really hope we don’t drift apart sigh but now it certainly feels that way (as in w the other 08 girls). On the other hand, I saw a lot a lot of raroro this sem and whee I’m a happy girl 🙂 Missed raroro over the holidays because we don’t talk during holidays HAHA. Glad we reconnected this sem!!

Finals were an interesting challenging and I think I did decently for it even though I’m slightly disappointed w some of the results. But mostly happy w what I achieved in my first sem so that’s good!

2012 has been a really fun year (after all I had 7 months of free time teehee) but also challenging at the same time. I’ve been mostly happy this year because friends, school, new experiences. Nothing to report on my love life because unless you count my very exciting dreams w celebrities there hasn’t been much going on. But I’m happy 🙂 Less heartache and more strong, long-lasting friendships.

My first challenge of 2013 will be my driving test! Hoping I pass it on my first go so I don’t have to travel all the way to Ubi again omg it’s the WORST. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be another happy year. I LOVE YOU ALL MY FRIENDS READING THIS :D:D:D

A Look at 2012