CHECK OUT MY WITTY TITLE. Once in awhile I get inspiration for witty titles like that then I feel so pleased about it that I forget what I want to post about LOL lame. But okay obviously the title makes it a bit obvious??

Dreamt of this qt
Dreamt of this qt

I think it might be because of my 4102 project (cannot put full title of module because what if people search the module and stumble upon this post omg no cannot cannot). Basically 4102 is a research module and we’re studying parasocial interaction (definition below quoted from

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships, where one person extends emotional energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other’s existence. Parasocial relationships are most common with celebrities, organizations (such as sports teams) or television stars.

So we had to choose a target (like the celebrity in this case) and we chose G Dragon because err WHY NOT RIGHT HAHHAHAA. Ok I confess that this was partly my influence but let’s not go into details here right. This is not the main point. The main point is that I have had to watch / engage in a lot of GD videos because we were finding the perfect video to use as a stimuli for our project so I think it must have finally PIERCED THROUGH MY SUBCONSCIOUS and YAAASSSSS I MANAGED TO DREAM OF GD. Damn happy hahaha plus I was so tired yesterday so it’s rly like a bonus?!?!

Ok my dream.

I dreamt that I was seeing GD but he kinda broke up w me because he wasn’t interested anymore (CREYS). Then later on I switched POVs and I became this person who was working at the hotel that GD just checked in (omg makings of a sleazy romance novel BUT NEVER MIND LA BECOS IM THE MAIN CHARACTER ALONG W GD). Then he liked me and so somehow we started dating (ok I’m sorry my subconscious portrayed GD like that I’m sure he’s not!!!).

Somehow I followed him to Paris because he was touring. We were outside and decided to take a cab but then he couldn’t hail the cab because if the taxi driver knew that it was GD, he would try to kidnap us (my fear of the dangers of Europe has not faded obv omg). So at first I tried to hail the cab. But the first taxi driver that pulled over couldn’t pick us up I forgot why. Then because I was struggling w all the books I was carrying (I forgot why I was carrying so many books also omg maybe because the night before I was looking at a book sale at Thomson Plaza), I asked if he could try to hail a cab, with a face mask on ofc.

Then he managed to! So we climbed into the cab. BUT THEN when I saw the gleam in the taxi driver’s eye through the rearview mirror I was like OMG HE KNOWS. At the traffic light I hurriedly opened the door and the both of us ran out. And in my scuttling out, all my books scattered around and like GD huffed and he didn’t help me?!?!

So I was super upset then I was like ok yknw what forget it, please go do your own thing.

Then this is where my memory gets hazy and I cannot remember what happened omg but I think he does leave me then I go around do my own thing. Then after awhile he comes back to find me to say that he was wrong and can we get back together OMG /MELTS.

But damn sad la because I suspect my alarm woke me up at this time omg so I didn’t get many more nice moments sigh.

I’M SORRY MY SUBCONSCIOUS PORTRAYS ME AS SUCH A SELF IMPORTANT PERSON OK It’s not like I can control it. But I’m just damn happy that I dreamt of him, even tho the dream wasn’t as fantastic as I would have liked la. Then again, IN WHICH OTHER WORLD (but my dreams) WOULD GD BE INTERESTED IN ME RIGHT*. So I’m still v happy.

* As I say this, I rly hope one day I will bite my words and have the opportunity to take back my words lolol shameless. 


So much faith :’)

I was so touched when I woke up this morning and saw these messages from PJ:

pj1 pj2 pj3

(Topic was on whether I should write about my ~feelings~ about Big Bang’s MADE series)

Super thankful that my friends accommodate (and play along) with my dreams instead of laughing and/or mocking me (even though they do it sometimes la HAHA).

Also, I would just like to say now on 19 Aug 2015 that if it really happens in future, I didn’t engineer it and I won’t be kidnapping anyone or forcing anyone okay. I just like to dream BUT IF WHEN IT RLY HAPPENS I WILL BE VVV GRATEFUL AND LIKE WILL BE A TOTAL ROLE MODEL (PJ and ST pls refer to earlier conversations we had re this topic). WHEN it happens I will be v happy and surprised because IT WILL BE COMPLETELY ORGANIC AND NATURAL. Yes.

Teehee. One can dream!!

So much faith :’)

Dreaming of EXO

I’m taking and adapting this post from my Dayre post not because I’m lazy but because I felt a need to have a record of this lovely dream in my WP so when I browse my tags I can be pleasantly surprised and happy to read this teehee.


Okay so I’m in some school I think. The bell rings and we all hurry to class and it seems like some singing class. Like I’m in some theatre/musical school. I immediately notice /point out Xiumin and Luhan to my friend like -nudge nudge look they’re together AGAIN- apparently lately xiumin has been sitting in the corner /side while Luhan has been taking the centre stage but then I had this theory that the pair will definitely seek each other out once they had the opportunity.

So we all settle down and some girl bursts in front and decides to sing. I think she doesn’t really sing that often because all our reactions are like omg she can sing so well?!! And I think she’s been hiding it because she has a crush on one of the older guys in class which makes her shy but he isn’t there for now so she has courage. However halfway through her singing he comes in and she fumbles and blushes and rushes back to her seat. I think this part kinda draws inspiration from a K-drama I watched at the beginning of the year called What’s Up! Starring Daesung and a girl from SPICA and some other people. Basically they’re all like musical majors and yknw la-dee-la the usual growing up kinda story.

After that we cut to a scene where we’re sitting in a rather strange formation – like we’re not all facing one direction but some T shape..? Okay no more like F shape except with more rows. And we’re attending some lecture in Chinese I surmised it to be Chinese class. The teacher was 安娜 老师!! My JC Chinese teacher wow. But okay unimportant because YKNW WHO WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF ME????? KRIS. KRIS FROM EXO. okay xiu min and luhan also exo la I forgot to mention. But anyway it seemed like me and Kris were friends so I wasn’t like super affected by his presence. BTW he was v handsome in my dream also omg. Okay anyway as usual I wasn’t listening and I happened to be sitting next to Corrine so I kept talking to her haha maybe it’s a reflection of reality. I forgot who was sitting next to Kris tho. I think it was.. Lay? Or Sehun?? Can’t really recall.

But anyway we had these like photo cards of Exo I think they somehow gave it out during / before lesson becos they wanted to like show off their best students. Like yknw how schools always brag about their best /famous students. It was that kinda thing. So we all had photo cards of them and halfway through lesson I think I jokingly asked Kris to tease him (OMG ME TEASING KRIS YO YEAH THATS RIGHT WE WERE ON THAT KINDA LEVEL OF FRIENDSHIP) I was like ‘eh you wanna autograph my photo card or something’ then he gave me the please don’t be so lame look haha but humoured me becos like THATS WHAT FRIENDS DO LOLOL. Then I nudged my friend next to me who isn’t Kris’ friend and I was like I bet you want his autograph. The friend was a guy and he was like a bit furtive and embarrassed that yes he actually wanted it. Hahaha so I took his photo card also and shoved them all at Kris partly to annoy him to resemble the fans shoving things at home to sign but he wouldn’t mind becos yknw we tight like that HAHAHA. But he sign halfway then the teacher realised we weren’t paying attention and came over to ask us questions zz why is it that even in my dreams teachers do that?!!

But anyway Kris signed the photo cards and apparently SOMEHOW had one for 老师 also – no idea how that happened. And he wrote some v long and touching message about how the both of them came here from China LOL. Corrine shoved it at 老师 while the latter was angry. I think Corrine was tryna defuse the anger haha good try kris can melt anyone’s anger. But anyway the dude next to us who’s apparently from China answered her question really well in English (ikr a bit like ????) And she was pleased.

Lesson dismissed after that and the guy diagonally in front of me was like oh yeah remember to let me know when you wanna watch a movie together which made me happy becos he makes me smile. And then I spotted Xiumin and Luhan going outta class together and then that’s all.

Hahaha okay a bit weird but the main thing is I dreamt of Exo and that I’m friends w Kris. I cut out some parts because I didn’t know how to note it down hahaha yknw how dreams are. When you wake up, it seems like there was hardly any coherent storyline to it. So I just picked the most coherent one to tell y’all and to share my early morning happiness hahaha wa the dream really made me feel damn happy sia.

—- end of dayre post —-

Ok yup that’s all not bad for a dream right? Actually there was another dream before that I think but it wasn’t as clear. Like when I woke up there were only like snippets of the scenes in that dream so not that important but that dream also gave me a happy warm and fuzzy feeling inside so that’s nice 😀

I was a bit surprised that I’d dream of Exo because I haven’t been tumblr-ing for quite awhile because of the whole fever thing over the weekend and trying my best to recover. So like maybe… withdrawal symptoms from not seeing their pictures so often or something HAHA. Either that or it could be PJ and Susu and I talking about them q often. Whatever it is, I’m glad I had the dream even if you call me a crazy fangirl teehee.

For your reference, here is a photo of Kris:

Galaxy hyung ~
Dreaming of EXO

Week 1 over!

In the span of my lack of updates, the first week of school at NUS has come and gone in a flurry of lunches, lectures and.. many hours of sitting around and doing nothing. This post isn’t to journal what I’ve been doing in school, rather it’s for me to refer to in a few months time. Because this is what I want to achieve by the end of this semester (or year or time in NUS)


My Sem 1 goals

  • To do well enough to major in either NM or Economics.
    I don’t want to be forced to make a decision. I want to have the luxury of choice. And to have that luxury of choice I need to do well enough in at least both of these modules so that I’ll have the opportunity to choose between the two.
  • To learn to manage my time well.
    The 8 months holiday has made me an incredibly lazy person. Laze around at home, go out to laze around, laze around everywhere. But school has started and CHOP CHOP no time to laze around. I gotta juggle between dance (lol like I’m some pro -.- ), ballet, school, preparing for lessons, and friends. I CAN DO THIS.
  • To be prepared for lectures and tutorials.
    That means (I guess) to do the readings before lectures and tutorials before tutorials. But boy is it hard to do it! 😦 The readings are so.. profound. AND BORING HAHA YOU CAN’T MISS OUT BORING. The South Asia readings literally put me to sleep SIGH. But I chose it = I dug my own hole. Not going to bury myself in it. I’M GOING TO FILL IT WITH WATER SO I CAN SWIM OUT OF IT.
  • To join a CCA.
    Preferably a good dance CCA so I can learn and grow in that area! I really rediscovered my love for dancing this holiday. Joining a dance CCA in school will hopefully help me to improve (probably not in ballet since the techniques will be different). The way I hold myself and idk, maybe I’ll learn to put more emotions into dance! And hopefully I get to perform because I rarely ever get the chance to perform and I want my friends and family to see me dance!


My long term goals

  • I want to do well in school.
    I know talk is easy, but I really do want to do well. I want to obtain an honours degree and I don’t want to be messing around anymore. Sure I want to be having fun but I need to remember that studies come first. I gotta remember that at the end of this four years (FOUR IT HAS TO BE FOUR) I want to graduate as a proud Arts student (or Social Science? Since that’s what my major will probably be) with at least a second class Honours degree. LET’S GO PUISAN. I can do this I can do this.
  • I want to keep in touch with my friends.
    I’ve heard from some people that they no longer keep in touch with their friends from JC and I was quite heartbroken at the thought of me losing touch with the closest group of friends I’ve ever had. 10sh08 is honestly, hands down, the best class I’ve ever had the privilege of being in and I never ever want to forget that. It’s with them that I’ve learnt to be a better, a happier person and it’s with them that I want to grow old with (lol sounds like I’m getting married to a group) So like Jian Yi says, we all gotta make a effort to keep together. I’m going to stick to you like superglue 08. Melissa and my other SN friends whom I rarely talk to, you remind me that I had a life outside NJ HAHA. I need these people to keep me rooted to who I am and keep me sane.
  • I want to make and keep my new friends.
    Idk why but this takes effort. I need to learn to make time to create bonds with my new friends instead of just sticking to the people I’m comfortable with. Which is so easy because FASS is so full of people I know (lucky me). But my friends are moving on and they won’t be w me 24/7 anymore, so it’s time I grew up and learnt to make new friends. And not just acquaintances. I really hope I’ll be able to make friends who’ll last for a long time in NUS.


Currently I can’t think of anything else! So yup I’ll just leave my goals as this first. Not easy to manage at all but I’m definitely going to give it a go. With clear guidelines of what I want to achieve, hopefully I’ll be able to make my time in NUS fruitful and enjoyable. 🙂


In other news, I really can’t wait for the guys to join us in university!

Week 1 over!

Dreams of 1D (the poster)

I dreamt that there was some war going on. Something bad was happening (now that I think about it I suspect it was related to Snow White and The Huntsman)

Anyway we had to evacuate and for some reason Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson were in my dream also and they were good. They were helping the people evacuate. Some bad person went a little mad and started tearing down posters and I screamed. Only one thought flashed through my mind: I promised that I’d protect my 1D poster. So I lunged to the place my poster was (not in my room, it was somewhere else) and lovingly ripped it from the wall. It’s quite hard to rip something lovingly. I was so fearful that the bad person would come and steal my poster away. My heartbeat was pumping really really fast. SO FREAKING SCARED.

I finally managed to get my poster down but it was torn. Luckily it was torn like around the edges so the boys faces were okay. While I was folding the poster, the memories with it flooded my mind – the poster falling down, putting up the poster, falling down, putting up… You get the idea.


Okay that’s the end of my dream. Actually there was more but I cannot remember. If I do I’ll quickly blog it hahaha. This has been my most interesting dream since like idk when.

It also shows how ridiculously attached I am to the poster -.- why can’t I dream of the boys instead of a piece of rly big paper they’re printed on 😦

Dreams of 1D (the poster)

Dreaming big

A few nights ago I dreamt that I was in a performance. It wasn’t ballet (surprise, surprise) I was in a contemporary dance item!
And I had a solo zomg. WHAT A DREAM. and there was one part of the choreography when another dancer and I did a grand jete (jumping into the air and doing a split) across the stage.
Even in my (rather unrealistic dream) there was a semblance of reality in that my split wasn’t 180 HAHA.

But it was a rather cool dream 🙂

Dreaming big