Goodbyes / temporary / forever

Wowow check out my ~ artistic ~ title of the post.

It just hit me today that after I come back from my exchange programme next year, the group of people who have been such incredible advisors/ friends would have left NUS. All the current year 4s like Ming Ming, Ben, Louis… I’ll really miss bumping into them in school and having quick conversations to catch up. It feels so surreal that we’re already year 3. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that we were freshies – completely new to the system and like lost sheep.

It was really thanks to Ming, Ben and other seniors that we somehow managed to navigate the slightly treacherous NUS route. Where would I be without them to guide me? Who would I ask for advice about modules, about lectures, about everything school-related (or not)? I’m so grateful to have met such giving people in NUS. That they willingly and freely share their experiences with us so that we can learn from it; what to do and what not to do. That they share their opinions and notes (! haha) with us. A competitive environment might help us improve quickly, but I think it pales in comparison to a nurturing environment where everyone looks out for and helps each other. Success is measured by how much we achieve in numbers in our society. But when we meet people who are willing to put some of their time away to help others, I think it makes everything so much more meaningful.

It makes me feel so sad that when I come back, this incredible group of people won’t be around school anymore. Louis just mentioned that he’d miss me when I go for exchange because I slightly brighten his day whenever we happen to meet in school (but of course, I take whatever Louis says with a liberal shake of the salt shaker) which really made me go aww. And Ming Ming and I have been in a very appreciative mood for the past two weeks. And Ben has been so forthcoming with sharing his exchange experience with me whenever I ask questions.

I know goodbyes are only temporary. People have to make the effort to keep in touch. But then it also feels like I’m saying goodbye to this stage of life where I can depend on them to give me advice regarding school. Where I can bump into them in school. It won’t be the same really.

Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend :)
Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend 🙂
Goodbyes / temporary / forever

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