Going somewhere?

If you’ve read through my many posts on my WordPress but can’t get enough of me *flicks hair* you can check out my dayre. I try to post about my daily ongoings on my dayre but… it isn’t really working out all that way. Still more frequently updated than my WordPress tho oops.

If you’re more of a visual kind of person, you can check out my Tumblr! My Tumblr is where I reblog pictures of food and celebrities and funny stuff and whatever catches my fancy at that moment. My Tumblr is the kind where you’ll find quite boring if you aren’t really following what I like. Because I tend to post many many many things from whatever my current obsession is then.. I move on to my next obsession hahaha.

Alternatively, you could check out allkpop where I find updates about all K-pop (haha). I’ve also been recently watching more Korean variety shows (actually mainly WGM and Mamma Mia). Mamma Mia can be found on YouTube and WGM on KShowNow! SO GLAD FOR SUBTITLES.

For a fanfiction fix, besides Fanfiction.net, I also frequent Hawthorn & Vine where it has many well-written DHr fanfiction. (My all-time favourite pairing) I think I prefer H&V because so far the fanfics I’ve read there are way more well-thought out and planned. Perhaps because fanfiction.net is a breeding place for all sorts of pairings and fandoms, the good fics are diluted with the not-so-good. And also because dramione is way more than fluff and nonsense and sometimes some of the writers on fanfiction.net simplify dramione. IT’S NOT A WHAM BAM FALL IN LOVE. dramione is DEEPER. It’s a love born out of hate, it’s a kind of magic that can only be experienced while reading a really good fanfic.

If you’re looking for my friends, here’s Shuita’s blog. He’s a brilliant writer but doesn’t update often (if at all) HAHA. But go visit for an entertaining read about his (sometimes) exciting life ^^

And if you wna read more from me… I sorta have another WordPress but there’s nothing there yet because I haven’t decided what I wna do with it. We’ll see ~


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