Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

AKA 临时抱佛脚

Since school is starting tomorrow for me, I figure that now is quite an apt time for me to remind myself not to do last minute chionging for finals. Thankfully the last minute studying worked out okay last semester. But reminder to self that I won’t always be so lucky!!

Last semester I chose modules that ended up with me having two exams on a Tuesday (9am and 5pm) and one exam on Wednesday (1pm). I initially thought it’d be okay because my exams that semester didn’t actually start until the first Friday of the exam period. CLEARLY I overestimated my ability at being a good student hahaha. I focused so much on revising for the exam on Friday and thought to myself that i had plenty of time. So I only briefly made a few notes for the exams on Tuesday (both were NM mods!)

Oh I must mention that I thought the two exams on one day was okay because the morning paper was an MCQ. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE MCQs hor. Especially when the prof is known for his killer MCQs… T.T So by Monday I was panicking because I had three exams in the next two days but I haven’t actually finished studying for EITHER of the two exams on Tuesday. Not very well thought out my revision schedule hahaha. But then again… who keeps to revision schedules right.

Thankfully Sam, Corrine, Agnes, Amanda and I made rly good use of the time we had between the two exams to cram for the evening paper so I think it really helped a lot the last minute memorising. Still did quite poorly for the module but it’s because my essay dragged me down a lot sigh. At least I didn’t get a C.

Rushed home immediately after the evening paper. Thankfully Susu gave me a lift and then it was time to START REVISION for the paper I had the next day omg. SO TERRIBLE RIGHT. I think ALL my notes for the module were made the night before. Thankfully I did all my readings already + I quite enjoyed the module so most of the info was retained in my head phew. But still, it’s really quite terrible of me to only start revision the night before.

BUT THEN RIGHT OMG SO SUPER LUCKY THAT THE PAPER WAS RLY EASY. I finished really early and left the exam hall early (as I usually do because I can’t stand waiting for them to finish collecting the papers haha). Super happy and thankful that my last minute cramming paid off.

Really unhealthy and not good tho. So I strongly discourage this 😡

That’s all ^^ Just wanted to record my experience with a three exams in two days. Idk how PJ survived her exam timetables previously man. Impressed.

Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

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