Internship reflection (Part I): First few weeks and getting to know people

So my first ever internship experience has finally come to an end! 10 weeks at STB, in retrospect, feels a bit too short. Or maybe the time was just enough for me to learn a lot but not so long that I’ll be sick of it. In any case, I’m so glad that my first internship experience was truly one of the most enriching work experiences I’ve had so far. Which is kindaaa saying a lot with respect to myself because most of my work experience have been office jobs so far. So in comparison to the other office jobs I’ve held, my stint at STB has probably been the most rewarding yet. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s an internship though, so they feel obliged to ensure that I am getting something out of this experience as well hmm. Anyway here’s the process of my internship and what I feel and think about it! Probably going to be a bit long and rambly so bear w me 😀

Interview stage

I had my interview with my Reporting Officer (of course, I didn’t know she’d be my reporting officer then. To me she was just the assistant director of the department). I wasn’t very nervous before the interview actually, because she phrased it as meeting her for a chat. Also the venue was just at one of the cubes at the lobby of STB so it wasn’t a very intimidating location either. I did try to prepare for the interview by checking out the website. But I now realise I should have looked at the YourSingapore,com website instead haha oops. At the end of my interview I had quite a positive feeling about it. It felt a bit like she liked me? And idk, just felt q positive about the whole thing.

True enough, several weeks later I got an email from her saying that if I’m still keen on the position then I have it! OF COURSE I WAS. I was so happy about it. I also applied for the CAG internship but when I went for the assessment centre, I kinda knew that I wouldn’t make it / am not cut out for it. So phew quite glad I wasn’t shortlisted at all hahaha. Blessing in disguise yay!

First day at work / first few weeks at work

On my first day I was left at the reception for quite a while with another girl (who I later found out was an intern as well. I thought she was there for a full time job man from the way she dressed and how she was holding a folder). Was feeling a bit conflicted about whether or not I should converse with her because she didn’t look thaaat friendly and I wasn’t sure if she’s an intern. I was afraid I might accidentally offend her if I asked if she was a fellow intern. SIGH should have done that, if I did, my first two weeks would be so different!

After a long wait, a guy from HR came to pick us up and gave us a quick lowdown on STB – the background, its mission / vision / values, the organisational structure, that sort of thing. Brought us around to get our temporary pass and to the IT people then he deposited me at my department. Met my buddy/ mentor Crystal who immediately struck me as a super bubbly and friendly person. In fact, I was quite taken aback and slightly overwhelmed by her. She introduced me to everyone in my division (and tbh I really couldn’t remember everyone until much later) and got me to sit at my desk and… read some stuff about what I was going to do. TBH the rest of the day is quite lost to me, not sure what I did but it was probably not much.

In fact, my first week of work didn’t have much for me to do I think. I attended several meetings which were quite eye-opening and was introduced to what I had to do. Was still quite lost at this point in time.

Oh yes and lunchtimes! I didn’t quite know what to do with myself at lunchtime. I wasn’t quite sure if my colleagues lunched together? Also I didn’t have anyone to have lunch with… 😥 So I usually waited around my desk until Crystal walked past asking if I wanted to join them for lunch. Then usually lunch would be quite the awkward affair for me. On one hand I wanted the ground to swallow me up to save me from the awkwardness and on the other I really wanted to join in the conversation but had nothing to contribute. It felt like my colleagues and I had nothing to talk about 😦 Sigh I was quite miserable. Not that my colleagues weren’t nice to me, please don’t misunderstand! Just that they have already known each other for so long. To have an intern suddenly joining in their lunch… I suppose they just continued talking as per normal but it didn’t rly include me / I couldn’t join in becos I didn’t rly understand the dynamics either.

Ryan Lai was also working somewhere in the building according to ST but then super awkz to suddenly email him and ask if he can lunch w me right! Especially since I’ve never spoken to him before. TOO AWKWARD. But then I finally spoke to him during ST’s party and it was SO incredibly coincidental that I happened to see him in the lift (as I exited the other lift) the following Monday. So I emailed him to say hello. Exchanged a few emails back and forth but it kind of petered out to nothingness because we didn’t really have much to say to each other LOL.

His last day was some time in June I think. I was quite amused when I received an email from him and the subject of the email was ‘SAYORANA’ HAHAHA. So friendly. From the slightly awkz email exchange to a rather friendly farewell. It was rather funny hahaha.




Quite amused hahaha.

Meeting the rest of the interns 

Finally in my second week on a Tuesday, I spotted a group of girls sitting at the cubes at the lobby (where I had my interview!). Oh yes I should explain. The cubes are actually like cube-shaped booth seats at the lobby of the office. Great for little discussions/ meetings/ a place to chill rly! I was on my way back to the office after travelling all the way to City Hall for lunch w PJ. Then I saw these girls and thought to myself that they look like interns and how I wish I could be friends with them.

THERE MUST HAVE BEEN A SHOOTING STAR RIGHT THEN YKNW. Because later that afternoon, the intern who came in with me emailed me and asked for my number so that they can add me to a group chat they have!! OMG EXCITED TTM RLY. I was so delighted. Took awhile to craft my reply email and had to re-edit it to make myself seem like desperate HAHA. Also in the same afternoon slightly later, the HR guy who brought us around sent me an email, linking us up with Sharlene. I later found out that this was because she saw him at the pantry of their floor and asked if there was another intern around for her to collect. Okay kidding about the collecting part. But she did ask. And so he linked us up. A bit too late but yay thanks for the effort anw. So NOW I HAD A GROUP OF FRIENDS TO LUNCH WITH YAAYYYYYY. Life wasn’t so bad after that 😀

Sharlene's birthday
Sharlene’s birthday celebration

One of the first few ‘events’ we had! Planned a surprise mini birthday celebration for Sharlene (the only girl in glasses in the above photo)! Sharlene’s quite awesome really. She was the one who brought everyone together (for me at least) and I think she has such great leadership qualities. It’s quite amazing – I feel like I’ve so much to learn from her. Glad we managed to do something for her on her birthday in return ❤

Our little group of interns grew and grew as more interns joined later! There even was an intern who sat right opposite me omg YAY imagine my joy at having a friend on my floor. I mean, even though my colleagues were rly nice to me, I still kinda felt a barrier of sorts, BUT NOW I HAVE A FRIEND! On the same floor as me! And right opposite me omg!!! But tbh I found Gab a bit aloof and unapproachable at first. I think it was just a first impression kinda thing becos he turned out to be a pretty decent guy 😀 I was so happy to have friends at STB really. They’re part of the reason why my internship experience is so awesome!

Wrap party!
Wrap party!

Another super fun event we had teehee. Such awesome lunches we had together really. Gab and some of the other girls organised a potluck – wrap style! So we brought ingredients to make the wrap. We also celebrated Amanda’s birthday at the same time ^^ Killing two birds w one stone really.

Corporate Induction Programme 

I think part of the reason why the first wave of interns are so tight is because it was kinda like all we had was each other? Because friends outside of STB wouldn’t really know what we were going through. It kinda takes one STB intern to at least slightlyyy understand what we were doing. Plus, another reason that Gab (the intern who sat opp me) mentioned was that we all went through the corporate induction programme in June, around my 5th week of work. The SUFFERING and the games and stuff really helped to bring us closer I think. Three days we had together! Wow.

We were all surprised to receive an email to attend a corporate induction programme. I mean, a one day thing would probably be understandable. But it was a three day programme!! I was quite surprised really. I didn’t expect them to be willingly spending their resources on us interns. So I was like whoa this is rather nice of them. The induction programme was surprisingly fun. On the first day was team building activities which included some games that felt like stuff out of my Secondary 3 camp AND HIGH ELEMENTS. So proud of myself for conquering it haha. On the second and third day we had talks in the morning. We went for an amazing race to the cultural precincts in Singapore (my first time in Kampong Glam!) and then on the third day it was a field trip to Haw Par Villa (which I skipped out on halfway because I had another event to attend – more about that later!).

First day of induction in the hot sun
First day of induction in the hot sun

It was quite interesting going through induction with the permanent staff also! Even though I think we kinda outnumbered or at least had equal number of interns to permanent staff haha. Felt like the age/ position barriers were lowered because we were all going through the programme together and it was rly q nice.

With my amazing team from the amazing race, at Haji Lane!
With my amazing team from the amazing race, at Haji Lane!
Last day of induction prog!
Last day of induction prog!

Happy interns at the end of the induction programme! I remember feeling a bit sian of the thought of going for induction at first because I heard stuff about how the previous batches build a raft omg. Also I was used to working and it was breaking the routine I’d gotten used to. But yay so glad we went! It was rly fun learning about STB and making new friends.

After the induction was work as per normal. Was quite overwhelmed I remember because I came back to a frenzy of image sourcing. I think one of the turning points probably was here when I helped to resolve a minor tricky situation. It was probably then when my colleague realised that hey this girl might be quite useful after all hahaha.

Work went on as per normal and I think slowly I became more comfortable w my department. They also trusted me to do more things and I helped out in more areas that what I was initially tasked to do I think. I was glad they trusted me with more work really 😀 Felt so useful and I really learnt a fair bit of soft skills from them – especially in dealing with external parties. Still not exactly close but I didn’t feel so awkward when we were together anymore. I suspect part of the reason was that I was no longer so dependent on them for lunch buddies alr HAHA yay :D:D

Okay temporary pause here because I shall continue the rest of my internship experience in the next post. Having everything in one post would be almost 5k words long. I don’t think anyone’s gna waddle through all that sigh.

Internship reflection (Part I): First few weeks and getting to know people

Internship reflection (Part II): Exciting events and my last week

Here’s part two of my reflection! A bulk of it is on my last day/week at work tho.


Exciting events I got to attend

Because I was also tasked to help out with the social media side of things, I got to attend some pretty cool events with the social media guy in my team 😀

YTFF Press meet and greet 

On the first Friday of my internship my colleague asked me to attend the YouTube FanFest press meet and greet with him. Basically like a press conference of sorts? I was SO psyched omg. WAS MY STB INTERNSHIP GOING TO BE SO FULL OF GLITZY STUFF? Hahaha of course not omg. But attending such events was rly one of the highlights of my internship. Such a bonus that this happened in my first week.

My first ever media pass and press kit!
My first ever media pass and press kit!

I realised that attending events like that is not all fun and games and you’re not supposed to be just a spectator really. You really have to keep your eyes and ears open for any interesting tidbits to share on social media. Your hands are also kept busy trying to take a good photo of the event. Also, being from STB, you’re not exactly supposed to be just covering the event. There has to be a link to Singapore in some way or another. It was such an eye opening experience for me!

Here's the set up of the YTFF press meet and greet!
Here’s the set up of the YTFF press meet and greet!

After everyone had a vv brief introduction and took two questions from the press, it was free and easy time omg. TIME TO TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS WITH THE YOUTUBE CELEBS!! I was so excited to see Xiaxue haha I really quite admire the way she writes and how outspoken she is. Even though I don’t always agree with what or how she says/does things, I really admire how she writes and is so persuasive about her views.

Selca with xiaxue!
Selca with xiaxue!

Also, it was only during the event that I found out about Troye Sivan omg he is SO REALLY REALLY ADORABLE IN REAL LIFE. Fangirl mode ON.

Happy fangirl x1000
Happy fangirl x1000

Obviously I went to check him out on YouTube when I got home hahaha. Don’t rly like the way he sings thaaat much but as a person (or at least his public persona) gosh he is so endearing and adorable. Noona fan here. SIGH.

Took this for Corrine!
Took this for Corrine!

Also shamelessly asked Tosh Zhang for a photo. I watched a few of his vlogs on YouTube before and I quite like the way he speaks actually. Quite different from the roles he takes up in local movies hmm.

Went home feeling quite starstruck and was showing off to my friends hahaha sorry for being so overbearingly obnoxious guys. i was just really excited about the whole thing.

Singapore Food Festival preview

We finally get here yay! FOOOOOD. I left the Haw Par Villa (or HPV as STB calls it) site visit early during the induction programme to rush down to Sentosa for this! Coincidentally it was during the Arts Camp beach day haha so I saw a couple of FASS people around. I wasn’t quite dressed properly for the beach tho so I was stuck with sand in my flats 😦 I also really wished I brought my camera sigh the food was GOOD.

Uncommon Chinese dialect foods: Riskshaw noodles and Paper-wrapped chicken
Food from the Nyonya mobile! The satay was so good with the chunky bits of chicken yums.
Food from the Nyonya mobile! The satay was so good with the chunky bits of chicken yums.

The atmosphere of the whole event was also quite nice. It wasn’t too crowded, setting sun in the background and yummy food all in a 1 minute radius from each other wheeee. The only downside was the quite unbearable heat and the lack of space to put my stuff down 😦

Lovely view of the sun setting as we enjoyed our food
Lovely view of the sun setting as we enjoyed our food

After that we were invited to catch the Wings of Time – Sentosa’s new attraction which replaced Songs of the Sea. I remember thinking that Songs of the Sea looked quite lame and kiddy but apparently not. Wings of Time was quite spectacular, didn’t quite know what to expect initially. I wasn’t expecting a lot tbh. But I was surprised by the technology involved and how lights, water and sound could combine to create a story with what was initially just oddly shaped panels on silts in water.

Butter's cam couldn't adequately capture how pretty it was
Butter’s cam couldn’t adequately capture how pretty it was

I have to admit that the story is a bit lame and cheesy with an obvious moralistic line in it. But c’mon, we don’t really watch this sort of things for a gripping plot right! It was quite the spectacle.

Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet event

The last event I added as an intern! The red carpet event honestly wasn’t thaaat fun. Maybe it’s because I’m not into the whole Marvel film franchise? Or because I don’t exactly know the actor and actress who came down. I did get slightly swept away by the excitement of course.

Zoe Saldana looked rly rly pretty irl wow
James Gunn the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy
James Gunn the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy
I was this close to Dave Bautista!
I was this close to Dave Bautista!

So the lesson I learnt from this event was that not all events I go to will be super fun for me because probably a number will involve fandoms I’m completely not part of or understand. Even then, I can’t just switch off because the social media account that I’m managing isn’t my personal account. The fandom still matters to a lot of other people so I still have to at least try to find a bit of excitement in me for it.

I remember I fell ill after this event sigh. The week after that was quite torturous. I had a stomach bug / diarrhea. Then I think I am allergic to the medication so I broke out in unbearably itchy hives that lasted for more than three days. SO TERRIBLE T.T I was itching like crazy.

Last week of work

My last week of work really passed in a blur of deadlines and frenzy of emails. I cannot really remember what happened actually. But I remember sleeping at 3am from like Wednesday onwards. Slept at 3am on Wednesday night because I was stressing about my modules. So I decided to take a break from CORS and did up the feedback form that I needed to send out to stakeholders the next day. Slept at 3am on Thursday night because I was preparing farewell gifts for my colleagues. Slept at 3am on Friday night because I was celebrating the end of my internship by using the computer and finishing up what I didn’t manage to complete at work to send to my colleague HAHA.

I was quite upset that I couldn’t manage to finish sending out all the emails that I was supposed to send out because of several delays. I had to clarify a lot of things and wait for people to get back to me so there was a fair bit of delay. I managed to send out most of the confusing batches but didn’t get to the end of the list. Felt quite bad that I had to handover the work to another colleague to do 😦

On my second last lunch with the interns, we went to Nassim HIll YAY YAY DIDN’T EAT PORRIDGE!! It was one of the yummiest lunches ever I think. Nassim Hill is always good. Too bad the one for one deal is no more I think sigh. It was a really nice lunch. The food was good, the company was great and it was just lots and lots of fun. Lunches with the interns is something I really miss a fair bit now 😦

Last interns-only lunch at Nassim Hill
Last interns-only lunch at Nassim Hill

On my last day, some of us interns had lunch with the director of the HR department and another person from the HR department who used to handle the internship and the Management Associate programme (something STB has for fresh grads). It was rather nice of them to bother to treat us to lunch. ALL THOSE HORROR STORIES OF INTERNS BEING TREATED BADLY. It’s quite untrue at least in STB guys. So if you are thinking of interning somewhere next summer, STB might be quite a good choice.

First wave of interns who left/ are leaving STB (minus xiner and xihui) !
First wave of interns who left/ are leaving STB (minus xiner and xihui) !

The lunch overran till 3pm OMG. I was so panicky by the time I got back because I had SO MUCH TO DO before 6pm. I barely noticed time passing in those three hours. I remember feeling so stressed that I was quite on the verge of tears because I really wanted to complete everything but it was so impossible. Plus I also had to get the clearance done since it was my last day. Thinking about it makes me feel so kan chiong already wow.

Oh yes Gab Teh baked butter cake because it was my last day and because I kept whining about it the day before omg. Touched ttm really that he bothered. The sad thing was… I didn’t even have much time to enjoy it because I was in such a hurry the whole afternoon SIGH. At least I took a slice and yay it was rly rather rather yummy.

At around 6pm my colleague was like it’s okay just handover whatever you cannot finish. Was so so reluctant. LIKE NOOO PLEASE JUST LET ME FINISH THIS. T.T But I had to handover because I really couldn’t finish sigh.

My colleagues were SO nice omg they gave me an instax mini 8 (which I’ve been secretly wanting to get) and a really really nice card. I was so touched and happy to know that they’ve enjoyed having me around (or at least thats what they wrote HAHA) as much as I’ve enjoyed being there :’)

Didn’t manage to take photos with everyone because I was in such a confused state of mind with so much going on 😦 But here are some that I managed to take!

Sarah and Sihan who have been so nice to me throughout my internship
Sarah and Sihan who have been so nice to me throughout my internship
Fang, me and Crystal (my mentor)!
Fang, me and Crystal (my mentor)!

Had to rush through my clearance process after that. It was so so terrible omg so many forms to fill up, so many signatures to get I was so confused and lost and urgh it was just really bad. Thankfully Gab stayed back also – just occurred to me that w/o him I wouldn’t have been able to submit all the forms and move around the building because I didn’t have my temporary pass with me anymore T.T

Quick snap of my workstation :'(
Quick snap of my workstation 😥

So when I finally finally settled everything it was time to go! Then I suddenly realised that I forgot to give the director of my department the gift I prepared!! 😥 So I decided to go back down to the 7th floor to drop it off at his desk. DUM DUM DUMMMM NOT A VERY GOOD IDEA.

On the island where Gab and I sit are are four other colleagues – two guys and two girls. They usually leave quite early but that day one of the guys (let’s just call him M to protect his identity plus I don’t want to have his name here to soil my diary oops) was still there when it was already almost 8pm!! Quite unfortunately our timing matched his, so after I dropped off my gift, he was also just done with his work. SO BO PIAN RIGHT MUST WALK TO THE BUS STOP WITH HIM.

Zzzz. I must clarify that why I never actually had anything against him, I always felt slightlyyy uncomfortable with him because I felt that he was a bit weird. It’s just the vibe he gave me. Plus he’s a bit tooo chatty for comfort (omg is that what some people think of me?!) so idk, I just never really liked to be trapped in conversation with him. Plus, just that day we found out (through the other colleagues) that at his previous company’s dinner and dance, he actually cross-dressed. Which is okay, I mean I think it’s pretty sporting of him? The odd thing however, was how darn proud of it he was!! Like he showed the photos of his cross dressing day AND the video. Plus he kept saying that oh people couldn’t even tell the difference between him and a real girl. I’M LIKE UMM is that rly something to be proud of?! Okay quite judgey of me but really WEIRD VIBE LEVEL 1000 OKAY.

So imagine my discomfort when I realised that I’d have to be trapped in conversation with him for the ENTIRE way to the bus stop. I was actually quite looking forward to walking to the bus stop w Gab because it’s like habit since we usually leave office together and idk, I just wanted a nice last memory of leaving the office. BUT THENNNNN intruder M came along and just dominated the conversation. I was rly rather sian about it and kept giving my usual 敷衍 answers. What made things worse was that when we FINALLY got to the bus stop, he didn’t seem to have a bus to take?! Seriously. Because he usually walks to the MRT but decided to accompany us to the bus stop (no really he didn’t have to. Like rly. Didn’t have to.) So logically he could have taken any bus that goes to the MRT. And several buses came and went and in my head I was like ?!?!?!? what’s this guy’s problem. Also I wanted to get dinner but didn’t want to eat alone so I wanted to ask Gab if he could accompany lonely me. But I knew, knew for certain, as certain as it Singapore is sunny that HE WOULD VOLUNTEER TO ACCOMPANY ME FOR DINNER ALSO OMG. NO PLEASE NOOOOOO.

So I decided to text Gab to ask if he could have dinz with me. AND YAY DINNER BUDDY. Luckily Gab had enough sense to realise I was avoiding Intruder M already. Omg imagine if he went like “whoa why you text me” aloud. I WOULD HAVE DIED. Rly. Just walk onto the street into the path of an incoming car man. IT WAS SUCH TORTURE.

So we finally boarded the bus that would take us to the MRT (oh guess who followed along omg rly now.) Alighted at Orchard MRT and I casually asked intruder M where he was headed. AND HE CASUALLY REPLIED “Wherever you’re going lor” OMG


That’s when I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (oh did I mention that he FORCED me to watch the video of his 5 seconds of fame as a cross dresser during the D&D). So at the zebra crossing near the bus stop, literally the FIRST exit I saw immediately after he said that, I said “okay I’m going here bye”


Felt quite bad for deserting Gab but I think he handles that sort of thing way better than me. Anyway he made his escape pretty soon so we met up and went for dinner yay. Got to know Gab better and now I’m happy to count him among my friends 😀


Overall, if you cannot already tell, I really really enjoyed my internship. Be it the people, the work I got to do and the skills I learnt. Sure there were periods of time when I didn’t have anything to do (generally that time was put to good use doing NM stuff oops) but there were really busy periods of time too. I’m quite sad that I’m unable to stay till the end of the project I was helping out in, but at least I’ll be able to see a bit of what I did when the website is launched – so I’m quite excited about it.

And I really learnt A LOT throughout this internship. But when you ask me to articulate exactly what I’ve learnt… I can’t :/ I think a lot of what i learnt was through observing? And sitting in meetings and generally keeping my eyes and ears open. I think a really important takeaway I got from this was no matter how stupid or insignificant you think the thing you’re doing is, in the end it will play a role in the bigger picture.

I’ve been so so happy during my internship, I doubt any other internship experience will be able to match up. And really, I think at least 40% of my happiness stems from the lovely group of interns I met. The other huge part is because of my awesome awesome team who are so nice, friendly, accepting and understanding of me and the mistakes I made. They gave me so many opportunities to learn and really treated me like one of their team which I so appreciate instead of just a minion there for them to use. I’ll miss being called Peaches by them hahaha.

Okay that’s the end of my reflection on my internship 😀 Hope it was at least an interesting read if you manage to get through it all ^^

Internship reflection (Part II): Exciting events and my last week

Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

1 July 2014

This meet up was kindaaa to celebrate Joisy’s birthday I think but it wasn’t stated super explicitly so it was like just a normal gathering which we haven’t had for SO LONG.

Before that ST, PJ, Jian Yi and I met up on 22 June (I think) to do up Joisy’s birthday gift! Now we named ourselves Birthday fairies since it’s like the second/third time we’re planning something together for someone’s birthday heh. All thanks to Jian Yi really. He takes so much initiative and effort into sustaining friendships :’)

Birthday fairies!
Birthday fairies!

This was what we made for Joisy:

Giant birthday card
Giant birthday card

It was so fun doing it together at Coffee Bean on a Sunday afternoon. Jianyi was hilarious also – because initially we were all talking about how we had ZERO artistic capabilities so it probably wasn’t going to turn out very well. So Jianyi said that anything that didn’t look perfect is termed as “organic” HAHA. What a way to put it.

We rewarded ourselves w Four Fingers after that. I think I’ve had it so often that I’m a bit sick of it already :X Which is good I guess! The chicken wings and drumlets are really super addictive tho and easy to eat (with four fingers).

Okay back to the 08 gathering:

I was SO HAPPY to see everyone and hang out w everyone again and NINE PEOPLE TURNED UP!! That’s like half of our active classmates. Just occurred to me that the rest can be termed as inactive (woohoo Kpop references abound ^^) Sad that PJ couldn’t come becos she’s in Korea. But the wonders that is Snapchat ensured that she got to see everyone’s faces teehee in short-lived moments that I’m sure were the happiest few seconds of her night.

Met them after work outside Soup Spoon at Plaza Sing. I was really really hoping not to eat at Soup Spoon because it’s a bitttt sad (to me at least), having a meet up at Soup Spoon. Okay and truth be told, I didn’t wna eat soup for dinner either. So we drifted around for a bit and were heading to Astons at Cathay when we saw that NamNam was empty!! And so began my first time at NamNam. TBH I’m not sure why it’s so popular? I think the Vietnamese food at Orchard Towers is just as yummy. And cheaper! Tsk all these chain stores. And i guess I’m just not as into Vietnamese food – after all, this year was my first year eating Vietnamese food possibly in my entire life. I’m just not v adventurous with food/ quite a picky eater.

Halfway through ordering I received a message from Amanda Kee saying to call a number ASAP because someone from the company we worked with for Pitch It was looking for me quite urgently. I mistakenly thought it was the photographer so I called the number. AND SIGH what a bad decision / IT WAS A SCAM. Turned out to the usual guy we had to deal with from the company and he isn’t the best person to deal with. I find him a bit weasely and not a v nice person. Like a typical 9-5 office worker who’s a bootlicker and steps on those who are under him. Okay I guess my opinion of him is a bit biased but I didn’t have a good experience working w him that’s all. Anyway he made me call to DEMAND things that I had no idea was happening. But it was my fault I have to admit. There was an issue that cropped up with regard to Pitch It and an unhappy (and small-minded IMO) student who liaised with one of the teams. He involved the two companies we worked with and the whole thing was just quite poorly managed. I thought the matter was resolved though, because I haven’t heard a peep from either the team or the troublemaker. But nooooo. Apparently he’s been CALLING UP the boss of the guy we worked with. Shameless or what?! He’s just a small fry, a slightly dissatisfied consumer who got his pride pricked. I was supposed to call him up and try to smoothen things over but I was procrastinating because I thought the matter blew over. In typical Pui San fashion, I was trying to do the ostrich thing and pretend that if I don’t see or deal with it, it doesn’t exist. But… clearly no. So I had to soothe the weasely guy’s ruffled feathers. Which made me feel v uptight and upset which is SO not the emotions I should be feeling on a night out w my beloved 08 T.T

Thankfully Ming Ming and Manda were there at NamNam as well – such a coincidence! It really helped that I got to rant to the both of them about it – made me feel SO much better talking it out with people who understood. :’) After the harrowing phone call, I tried to get back to the class gathering w happy spirits but it was quite difficult because I had to explain the problem to Amanda Kee (and Sam I think) so I felt q bad for neglecting my class a bit over dinner.

But I managed to push it to the back of my head after awhile so it was back to normal for me YAY. I ordered a sandwich from NamNam and it was rather nice. Better than ST’s noodles definitely hoho. Glad I decided to change my order last minute. After the dinner, we decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. YAY TO ICE CREAM. Met Xihui and Dingkai and his girlfriend there gosh what a small world!! Ordered our ice cream which we enjoyed so much that we ordered another scoop. TEEHEE. Greedy people. We also watched them toss the ice cream around!! Was happy about that because I remember the first time I was there they didn’t do it 😦 The customers GENERALLY couldn’t catch it though so it was quite the waste.

After ice cream we wandered around Orchard Central for a bit until someone had the BRILLIANT idea to explore the rooftop. Underwhelming would be the apt word to describe it. Unimpressed = me. But as usual, EVERYTHING IS FUN W FRIENDS. So even though there was nothing at the rooftop garden, it was still fun wandering around and complaining about how there was nothing to see there HAHA. So Singaporean oh gosh.

Tried to take a couple of photos but the first photo was the best.

First photo yay don't we all look so happy!! <3
First photo yay don’t we all look so happy!! ❤
Selca w belly's skillz
Selca w belly’s skillz
Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

Playnation is not my nation :(

11 May 2014

Omg this one from even longer ago LOL. But nvm la hor better late than never. Anyway this blog functions more like a diary for myself (and my small circle of friends) so I guess as long as I blog about it… at least it’s been recorded heh.

Ming Ming was on exchange from like the end of last year till early May! So once she was back our little OTL group made a date to hang out that Sunday. It’s OTL because if you use your imagination a little, OTL is actually a stick figure that’s kneeling down on all fours. It’s the omg I cannot anymore /dies feeling HAHA. We kinda started the group on LINE (when I first started using it extensively!) the previous semester (year 2 sem 1 for me!) and got closer through our daily complaints to each other HAHA. It’s q nice becos like no matter how upset I am right… Ming will always be more dramatic. And manda is always the nice and calming one, slightly in her own world tho. I fit somewhat in the middle I would think haha. But yes OTL group finally met up on 11 May when Ming was back yay! 😀

We met at 313 and decided to have Sushi Express for lunch because Ming just came back from Toronto and didn’t really wna have Western food anymore. So I suggested Sushi Express I think because I heard that it’s rather affordable. SIGH CLEARLY THERE ARE ALWAYS TRADE OFFS LA. Because the sushi was… quite average and unimpressive and I guess I didn’t really enjoy my meal. It also wasn’t like mega mega cheap but okay I guess. Probably not going to go back there again boo. Disappointed!

After that we went to Playnation yay! I was rather excited because it was my first time there. I’ve always wanted to go there becos they sponsor camps so often HAHA. High visibility. But I never had the time to go I guess. And yknw what. I think I’m gna stick to board/ card games. Or maybe I just generally suck at games la zzz. Cooking Mama also cannot, Wii Sports also CMI, Raving Rabbits had me almost going mad with frustration. Maybe I didn’t know how to control the thing well idk. BUT SIGH I sucked at it la. Was feeling rather sian because I kept losing. HAHAHA okay I know it sounds like super no sportsmanship. But who doesn’t like to win right!! Especially when it’s just Wii hahaha. Oh but I think I was not that cui at a Mariokart look-alike. I think it was like Sonic the Hedgehog or something. I remember I used to have a Sonic book when I was a kid. Random fact haha but that’s what I always think of when I see Sonic. Anw still prefer playing Mariokart at the arcade because I win before. THREE CHEERS FOR MARIOKART. HAHA.


Had to leave for Mother’s day dinner after that. Oddly though, I honestly cannot recall for the life of OHH I SAVED IT IN GOOGLE CALENDAR. My family went to Sheng Ji (opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. They sell like roasted meats and other types of Chinese food. So glad my dad called to make a reservation because there was quite a queue and angry hungry people. BUT WE JUST WALTZED IN LIKE A BOSS HAHA YAY.

The food was not bad I think, like typical tze-char kinda food? But with char siew and stuff like that. Quite yummy but better to make reservations if you’re going at night because if not you’ll be one of the hungry angry people in the queue glaring at my family as we waltz in in a carefree manner woohoo.

Playnation is not my nation :(

First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

23 May 2014

Amazing how time flies right omg this happened in the first week of my internship!! And I’m like 3 weeks from ending my internship already wow. I don’t remember how the C-weed outing came about actually because it’s been so long ago already HAHA oops. But yeah the point is that we met up!! Wow. I think C-weed hasn’t had an outing since like forever. Maybe the freshies go out idk, but okay tbh not so close to them LOL. Just recently started to talk more to them because of the camp.

ANYWAY YAY WE WENT TO SWEE CHOON!!! So happy leh now I can truly say I’m a uni student. Seems like such a uni student thing to do lor, go to Swee Choon to have supper LOL. But I wonder why they go there though… it’s not like it’s super accessible by train or bus?! Probably for the food teehee. THE FOOD WAS YUMS!

We ordered a bunch of dimsum hahaha. Had liu sha bao omg SO FABULOUS the golden slightly salted filling in the bao WOW. Plus it’s challenging to eat to not waste a single drop LOL. I didn’t really enjoy the xiao long bao that much. Will pass on that to save tummy space for other things. What else was good hmm. I liked the Century Egg Porridge! But then again I usually like it la and it wasn’t like super duper mindblowingly special. OH AND THE PRAWN AND BANANA FRITTER ALSO GOOD. Taking my daily dose of fruits leh teehee. Egg tarts were not too bad also!

BUT THE FREAKING AMAZING DISH THAT SURPRISED ME WAS… MEE SUA KUEH OMG. Have you even heard of it. They freaking DEEP FRY the mee sua. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT YOU CAN DEEP FRY MEE SUA RIGHT. Then it comes in this amazing unassuming pancake looking thing. WA. So impressed hahaha. Oh I also liked the char siew sou. Yums 😀 😀

So as you can tell I was v happy w my meal hahaha. But we got a bit overexcited during the meal then ordered too much so Agnes had to pack some food back. BUT IT WAS GOOD. Hope I get to go back again sometime soon. Oh yeah surprisingly the place wasn’t as packed as I imagined. I think in my head I was imagining it to be like some place in Hong Kong w super packed tables and little space to move. It was sortaaa like that but definitely not to the extent of the Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong. That one is like the highest level man hahaha.

After that we walked to City Square and had Swensens woohoo. Finally we spent the voucher that C-weed won at CNM camp last year. It’s been almost exactly a year already wow! Means I’ve known my fave bunch of uni friends for two years already aww 😀 😀

Took a photos and that concluded our night out! It was of course, really love to see my NM buddies again plus it was a nice way to end my first week at work with familiarity and laughter w them. We really should hang out more often 😦



One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! :)
One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! 🙂
First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

An unexpectedly busy Sunday

Today was supposed to be my free-ish kinda day! But it turned out quiteee not free haha but it’s okay I guess, it was a happy day today 😀

Started off my day waking up at a rather terrible hour of 8plus on a SUNDAY MORNING. NOOOOOO T.T It’s only an hour later than my usual weekdays sigh. But I think body alarm clock + was woken up by my sister who was getting ready to go out. It’s okay though, I nua-ed a bit then hopped outta ready to face the day AKA I sat in front of my Saffy in my PJs hahaha. IT’S A WEEKEND MAN cut me some slack. But then I got a text from my mum asking me to pick her up from the market so off I went to the market and back.

By then it was around 9? I was supposed to meet Isaac for breakfast to catch up and just chill ~ because we haven’t hung out for v long. Our initial meeting time was 9.47am! But then it got slightly pushed back because he was held up. And my mum said she would give me a lift to J8! So I wasn’t too worried about being late. PLUS the fact that I’m meeting Isaac at J8 meant that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing overmuch. Then at around 9.40am my mum popped her head outta her room door and said she just finished showering so she wouldn’t be able to give me a lift to J8 and she said… “Take the car” OMG I COULDNT BELIEVE MY GOOD LUCK. So that makes Isaac the first friend I drove to meet. Lucky him ^^ I was still late tho because I decided to 1. Not make an illegal turn and went a huge round in the car park to the available car lots and 2. Decided to park between two cars becos I wanted to walk a little less so I had to adjust my car multiple times -.-

Met the starving Isaac at Yakun and bought our kaya toast and shared kaya balls. Note to self: Don’t order it. It tastes a bit odd… probably becos the texture was so unexpected. I expected something more toast-like? But it was more like a pancake in the shape of a ball w kaya inside. A bit odd but we still ate it. Was super full after the meal! So we walked around a bit then decided to just nua at Mos burger w a drink. Sat there and we talked for like almost 2 hours or more I think. But it was so nice to talk to Isaac really. He doesn’t rly try to give advice so much like some of the friends I have who tries to give me advice w everything I say even tho I wasn’t seeking advice. Which is kinda nice but might get kinda annoying if it’s too often.

We talked about so many things and such varied topics. Caught up on each other’s lives, discussed various issues etc etc. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s rly easy to talk to Isaac. Sometimes when we meet, it’s me rambling on amd him giving encouraging answers. Other times we both contribute equally to the conversation. But it’s always comfortable to talk to him. Plus I think it helps that we’re both q honest w each other and I guess we know that we can trust each other w secrets. So yup q nice.

I had to go home at around 1pm so we parted ways at around that time. Went home and changed and immediately went to the function rooms at my house’s clubhouse because it’s my neighbour’s baby’s first month celebration woohoo. Big party they had. Kinda got me thinking about my own 21st party and if I should have one. So tempted to have it but then it’s so troublesome also 😦 what to do?? Should I have one?

Anyway the function started off q as per usual. Normally when my family and I come down for such events when my neighbour invites us, we will say hi, grab some food and keep to ourselves. But this time their first son came over to chat w us (FYI there are four kids, the first month celebration was for the first daughter’s daughter… confusing??) But anyway yeah we hardly have prolonged conversations w the first son (or with any of them actually) haha so it was kinda nice. He’s 22 years old so it was q easy to talk to him, no generation gap LOL. Then halfway through our conversation, his 12 year old sister came to ask if we wanted to play Uno with her and a friend. So in the spirit of good neighbourliness, I agreed.

And we played Uno for over 2h omg. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED UNO FOR SO LONG REALLY. Was honestly q bored by the time it was the last game becos the two younger kids kept running around spitting egg at each other -.- I just wanted to finish the game and go home!!! 😥 but it was q rude to leave midway through the game. Was so happy when someone finally said Uno Game. FAV WORDS OF THE DAY.

Went home and checked up on when we could catch Maleficient at Junction 8. I’ve been wanting to watch it for so long!! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it tho. Like ST and Ming Ming thought it was good but Hazel was disappointed and Ming’s friends didn’t enjoy it. So I decided that I should watch it to make my own decision.

Had dinner w mei and mum at Aijsen. Their ramen’s perfect if you’re craving something salty rly. And I love love love their hoji cha. HOW IS IT SO NICE??!!!

Shopped around J8 for about 15 mins then we went up to the theatre to watch the movie. Long story short: I liked it! Even tho there were gaping holes in the plot to me and some parts didn’t rly make complete sense and I’d have preferred if they expanded on some parts more, overall I quite enjoyed the movie. [SPOILER] They totally pulled a Frozen on us tho SIGH. Was hoping they wouldn’t be predictable like that but yup. Doesn’t matter tho. Happy ending so I’m okay!

Drove home and phew end of my long and tiring day ^^

An unexpectedly busy Sunday

Happy Crab at Pahang St

Okay I HAVE to blog about this amazing crab place that my colleagues brought me to for dinner on last Tuesday (3 June). The story about how I joined them was kindaaa interesting I guess. Sometime between my first and second week of work, I received an email from a colleague (that was also sent to many others) saying that they were having dinner at Happy Crab and invited me to join them. Many thoughts ran through my mind when I got the invite:

  • Omg but a bit awkz right, like now we eat lunch also hardly talk
  • But the more we get together together together…
  • More awkward times now = less awkward times later
  • Plus it’d be quite rude to decline?

Hahaha as you can tell, I’ve many complex thoughts behind whether or not to accept it. Ultimately I decided to go for it because I thought it’d be good for myself to go for more company things like that and make an effort to be more chummy chummy w my colleagues. Or at least… show that I’m making an effort haha.

But then on Tuesday morning (the day of dinner) when I was talking to another colleague about it… I got a shock when she said oh prepare at least $30 OMG I RLY SHOCK LEH. Didn’t expect it to be so ex. My mind started to run in overdrive – how how how can I escape it I don’t have so much money. But she already called to reserve the crabs how can I cancel on her aahhhhh. Obviously in the end I chickened out of backing out (lol) and ended up going because I couldn’t have it on my conscience.

They drove us to the place and it was just like… a coffee shop w two stalls it seemed – the crab stall and the drinks stall LOL. The colleague who intro-ed us the place ordered the food and VIOLA CAME THE CRABS. I didn’t take any photos because I was too paiseh to take but here’s a photo I found from openrice:


I’ve never had a whole crab to myself before. Like ever. In my whole life. So it was quite the exciting prospect to finish it all on my own. PLUS IT WAS SO YUMMY – NOT A PROBLEM MAN HAHA. It was really vv tasty and the sauce was tangy and rly yummy also aiya just the whole thing was good sigh.

Oh of course Pui San here was the quiet little intern sitting at the table concentrating on her food. I really tried to participate in the conversations going on – I would have contributed if I could T.T but they were talking about stuff I have little to no interest in (they were discussing movies sigh) so it was rather difficult to contribute.

But the food was yummy so all was fine.

Anyway if yall wna check it out (and yall have spare cash on hand lol prob not), the place was: 13 Pahang Street Singapore 198613. Oh they even have a website haha so helpful. Yay so yummy. Go there to treat yourself or something – rly I mean how often can you eat the whole crab right. Oh yes I must also point out that inside the crab was crab roe. Like lots and lots of it. Also the stallkeepers were really friendly and nice and chatty! Apparently the crabs they use are gay. Just some trivia for you to end this post. 😀

Oh and P.S. I was rly fortunate becos in the end my reporting officer decided to treat me to the dinner phew. Lucky me, super thankful to my boss also whee 🙂


Happy Crab at Pahang St

Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Today started off q okay! Had a good (read: mega filling) breakfast of homemade pancakes and banana strawberry smoothie. So enjoy right haha. My mum likes to give us yummy breakfasts like that once in a while. But I was sooo mega full after that. It took a great deal of effort to drag myself to Aerobics class which was MEGA tiring omg like non stop. Felt like DEATH / like I was gna puke after the class leh rly. I always tell myself to not eat so much before class but nooo I never listen. So I live to regret.

Took the bus home then drove to Sgoon Country Club to meet the rest of my family! Did a bit of stretching while they finished up at the gym then we went to the steam room that my mum and my sis have been so eager for me to try out w them. Wasn’t v impressed I felt like a dimsum. Showered there then we had lunch!

Came home and initially wanted to bake but omg the HEAT it was so bad I swear it prevents people from doing stuff okay. So I ended up taking a nap HAHA. Napped till my mum and sis came home from signing up for my sis’ drumming lessons!! Eh pj maybe she can form a band w you. Then I can sing in my out of tune / tuneless voice HAHA. But srsly yay q proud of my sis she’s finally picking up a new skill. INSTEAD OF BUMMING AROUND. Tsk. My family advocates a less bumming more productivity lifestyle.

Hurried out after nua-ing some more becos I realised I was kinda late in meeting ST. ACTUALLY NO. What is late man when it comes to the two of us. Terrible timekeeping. Met him at Bishan then we went to Plaza Sing so that he can pay for his psych camp ahh!! So excited for him, that he’s finally joining us in uni yay!!!! ^^ and going thru all the camps and stuff like that now wow wheeee. Rly q excited and happy for you ST can’t wait to hear your stories.

Then we bought tim ho wan and Starbucks becos we needed a snack in case Super24 took too long (which it did). ST’s face when he took his first bite of the char siew bao of THW was prob like his first taste of Market O brownies I would think hahaha. THAT JOY ON HIS FACE. Hobo-ed outside the hall that the competition was supposed to take place while we finished our snack then we went in to find a seat + chope seat for genie.

Oh yes I prob should explain about super24. It’s a dance competition that Hazel joined w her NTU friends! She asked us to go support her, so being her good friends, off we went.

We were a bit too early so we caught the last part of the secondary schools category. The kids who got first and second were rly not bad!! So impressed.

BUT OF COURSE. It was nothing much compared to the fabulousness that was in the open category. Even tho ST, Genie and I were acting all like experts and giving our expert critique, I think they all rly dance better (tons better) than all of us. So much talent and awesomeness I cannot. Can tell they rly put in a lot of effort and time and such skillz. Wow.

Hazel’s group wassss not too bad. But compared to the rest, it kinda paled q a lot in comparison. BUT IT’S OKAY HAZEL WAZEL you’re still the best in our hearts ♥♥

The competition ended rly late 😦 like almost 10pm?? So our original plan of having quiznos for dinner was RUINED. Ended up going to Macs for dinner. Zz. I think my stomach has something against Macs.. keeps rebelling everytime I have Macs sigh. The last time I ate w PJ I felt full even during dinnertime. HOW RARE IS THAT. Doesn’t rly seem to digest properly so odd. Guess I better try avoiding it :/

BUT YEAH I was a bit sian becos it felt like all the exercise in the morning went to waste. Feels like my face is ballooning sigh pie. So fat I cannot stand myself. BUT YET I CONTINUE TO EAT. Must learn some self control from raroro.

Anw that’s the end of my day! ^^ took mrt back w ST which was nice. Haven’t rly hung out one on one w ST for awhile. Will update on my rather happening life soon! And ST and PJ’s bday celebrations whee.

Proud of Hazel! ^^
Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat


Friday was ST & PJ’s bday and susu and I were lucky enough to be the chosen two to spend their birthdays w them ^^ out of their gazillion friends they chose to celebrate their birthdays w us leh! I rly felt q touched / lucky becos of that haha. I guess it might be not much to them… but to me it kinda signifies that we’re important enough to them? 😀

We were supposed to meet at 6.45pm at Novena but I finished work at 6.45pm… T.T Thursday and Friday were both q bad becos I had deadlines to meet and my colleague wasn’t free to go through the work I did until q late. So I had to wait for her. I was rly so tempted to run away and just leave her a note but then I didn’t want her to have a bad impression of me hahaha. I still had like 6 weeks of internship to go oops. So I waited for her. Luckily most of what I did was okay and I only needed her to clarify some questions I had and make minor edits before sending it off to the agency.

Rushed to Novena after that! Went to Cedele to buy cakes for the birthday two – red velvet amd a chocolate cake because ST loves whatever chocolate but PJ doesn’t like foods that are too sweet. I thought they were nua-ing at the Burger King at Novena Square but oops I misread the message and they were actually at the BK next to United Square. So off I sped walked to that BK. It feels soooo far away really T.T

Met up w susu and the birthday two then we had a mini celebration w cake and presents yayyy. Really mini celebration because only two slices of cake and no candle LOL. But they pretended very well, such good sports they are!! Then we bought cheese fries and a root beer float because I was starving.

Oh I forgot to mention. We were supposed to have Korean BBQ for dinner but they went there and the staff there said to go back at 8.30pm omg. Almost like a two hour wait?! So they adjourned to BK to wait it out. But that meant that our Korean bbq not so 划算 anymore because we weren’t super hungry 😦

Oh yes I must mention that PJ loved her presents (I think) YAY ^^ rly glad yhat she liked her presents becos I like them also HAHA. And the earrings rly vv pretty imo hoho. Good job ST and jianyi for buying it!! Must have been so difficult for the two of them, walking into Pandora clueless and relying on instructions via WhatsApp hahaha. Awesome stuff.

Sauntered over to the Korean BBQ place at around 8.30pm for our real dinner. Unfortunately by then I wasn’t v hungry after the cake and fries and float SIGHHH so wasted. So we ate a bit but omg in my memory of it… just rly not worth lor. WE NEED TO GO BACK AND EAT MORE WORTH NEXT TIME OKAY MY FRIENDS????? The bacon was yummy tho, I think I’m just really partial towards bacon.

Ate until we were quite quite stuffed but then again in the first place PJ was alr like… 20% full? SIGH. The thought of it ah rly damn wasted. Went to a nice wall outside Macs to take photos after that. Took turns to help each other take and yay such lovely photos. Took instax also! Anw my film expiring in July so must take more photos hahaha.

Really hope you had a good celebration w me and susu dearest ST and PJ! Love y’all so much, thanks for always bringing such joy to my life. For growing up with me, keeping me grounded, for cheering me up when I’m sad, for laughing and truly celebrating with me every time I achieve something. It’s really my greatest fortune to be able call the both of you my best friends. And I rly hope we’ll be celebrating your 31st, 41st, 51st, all the way till 101st birthday and more together. Love y’all sooooo much rly in case you haven’t figured it out teehee.

Happy people after food!
Happy people after food!

The day I walked and walked and walked

Finally an update not from like one month ago! I scheduled my internship to start a week after my finals because I wanted a break to just nua and enjoy life so I had a whole week to myself!! So luxurious 😀 Wednesday was my eat lunch w PJ, shopping w mei and finally dinner w my family. The problem was… PJ’s lunch hour ends at 2pm. But mei had driving until 4.30pm so I had 2.5h to waste ON MY OWN. So not used to being so free w nothing to do. If it was during the semester it’d be easy, just bring my school work and find some place to study. But then… I didn’t rly have anything to study. And I didn’t want to bring Saffy out. And I didn’t have a book to read. So I was quite lost 😦

Anyway lunch w PJ was yummy! We had rosti but omg it was waaayyyy too much potato and we were so mega full after that. Was so nice to hang out w PJ ~ Even though we just met for lunch the day before for aerobics + Korean food for lunch. It’s always nice to hang out w my dearest PJ ~

After lunch I felt so lost 😦 2.5h WHAT TO DO?!! D: Luckily I remembered that… I’ve been wanting to buy my pointe shoes for the longest time EVER. So I took the train to Dhoby and WALKED TO WILKIE EDGE T.T It’s rly rly far okay 😦 Especially when it’s not like vv nice and cooling sigh. I decided to buy from Sonata this time instead of OKH because I saw that they have pointe shoe fittings! And becos I’m such a noob and know nuts about pointe shoes and how they should fit, I decided to go for a pointe shoe fitting and have an expert help me out. I really wanted to be able to do pointe this year – my ballet goal of the year! And hopefullyyyy do pointe work during the concert (if I get selected that is).

The shop lady (shop keeper? shop assistant?) was reallyyyy nice! Like she was super patient in explaining everything to me and let me try on so many different pairs to shoes to show me the difference between the brands and the kinds of fits they offer. IT WAS A WHOLE NEW WORLD AND SHE WAS MY GUIDE, HOLDING ME BY THE HAND AND SHOWING ME THE MAGIC THAT ARE POINTE SHOES.

Finally decided on my pointe shoes after trying on at least 4 pairs and yayyy I can’t wait to dance in them.

After my purchase, I checked Google maps and realised that it seems like walking to Bugis is the fastest way. SO I WALKED T.T Therefore you can technically say that I walked from Dhoby to Bugis. SO AMAZING EH CAN YOU BELIEVE I WALKED SO MUCH. Because I can hardly believe it LOL. So atypical of me

I was still mega early to meet my sis so… I just walked around and was basically q lonely. Wanted to sit somewhere to read but then everything so expensive and I’m a poor student 😥 Ended up at Macs w a sundae omg fsw really.

Sissy came finally then we walked around a bit. WASTED TRIP THO we both didn’t find anything we liked SIGH. Sad. Treated my mum to dinner then homeeeee. It was such a tiring day phew.

The day I walked and walked and walked