Thoughts after a six-month hiatus from ballet

Six months is officially the longest I have not danced. Ballet has been the constant in my life since I started at five years old. My Saturdays are planned around my afternoon ballet class. For two hours a week, I find myself in the studio, (sometimes) pushing myself to be a better dancer than I was the week before. Before exchange, the longest break I’ve taken from ballet is probably about a month? Most likely because I wanted to spend more time on my studies or the like. My mum definitely would not let me skip a whole month of class. But six months WHOA.

So I finally went for class last Saturday after delaying the inevitable for two weeks since I’ve been back. I was a bundle of nerves and excitement really. Haven’t felt so excited about ballet in ages. I was quite worried that my ballet teacher will take one look at me and banish me from class because I am now an overweight hippo HAHA. But thankfully it didn’t happen hehehe. She actually welcomed me with open arms and I was squealing inside heh. I get this feeling that she doesn’t like me much tbh. But she gives me opportunities because of how tenaciously I am holding on. Waiting 5 years to take the grade 6 exam and watching younger girls (who are better than me no doubt) taking it before me is no easy feat. I was rly quite close to giving up at certain points but 1. my mum didn’t want me to give up 2. I feel like if I don’t dance, idk what else I am?? Doing ballet has become so central to my identity (despite my lack of aptitude and talent oops). While I’ll probably be quite happy with the time that is freed up if I stop dancing, it would feel more weird than anything else.

Class itself was… tiring. It never occurred to me how difficult class is if you haven’t been dancing at least semi-regularly. Two hours of dance was INTENSE man. My ankles were really sore after class – I think my feet weren’t used to moving so quickly and the whole pointing my feet thing again. It was really quite amazing tbh. I’ve taken ballet for granted for so long and never realised how tuned one’s body has to be to dance to be able to attend a two hour long class. It really made me appreciate ballet a lot more.

It was also really interesting how my body remembers the exercises and movements. it’s almost second nature? Even though I was stiff from the lack of practice, my feet and arms still remembered the movements, it was almost automatic (for the lack of a better word)?? I guess it really comes with years of practice.

Speaking of which, I should take the opportunity to mention that I participated in my third concert organised by my ballet school last year! I’ve been meaning to blog about it but yknw me. Heh. Titled The Power of Dance, Music and Hope, the proceeds of the concert went to Multiple Myeloma Cancer Research. I was in the exact same items I was supposed to be in the last concert. And this time I even managed to perform wheeee. Long story short, the last time I dropped out of the item that required pointe work because I wasn’t strong enough and didn’t have enough time to practice D:

It was a really good experience. I’ve been wanting to participate in a concert for years omg and to finally be able to was super. I know I wasn’t really up to scratch though which is disappointing but what to do.

Morning Hours
Morning Hours

That’s the pointe shoe item! It’s from Waltz of the Hours from the ballet Coppelia. I’m hidden somewhere in the third row ofc.

Super grateful that my friends and family came to watch me dance (gna be lazy about this and just screenshot from Instagram because this happened awhile ago and Instagram had the more real and that moment in time emotions yknw):

Manda and Ming!
Manda and Ming!

The both of them have always been super supportive of me – be it in school, CNM Society, or life in general. Super glad that they made the trip down to support me for the concert :’)

ST, Hazel and PJ
ST, Hazel and PJ

MY PILLARS OF SUPPORT. MY BEST FRIENDS. (MY ONLY FRIENDS??) In some ways, it felt like I was dancing for them yknw. To show them what I have been doing for most of my life and to thank them for always always believing that I can do it and offering kindest words of encouragement. So grateful for the three of them in my life.

And ofc not to forget:

the family
the family

Rly my number 1 supporters since I started ballet – both emotionally and in many other ways like occasionally having to work their schedules around my ballet schedule.

Okay that’s all for ballet thoughts bbbbbbbb.

Thoughts after a six-month hiatus from ballet

Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Today started off q okay! Had a good (read: mega filling) breakfast of homemade pancakes and banana strawberry smoothie. So enjoy right haha. My mum likes to give us yummy breakfasts like that once in a while. But I was sooo mega full after that. It took a great deal of effort to drag myself to Aerobics class which was MEGA tiring omg like non stop. Felt like DEATH / like I was gna puke after the class leh rly. I always tell myself to not eat so much before class but nooo I never listen. So I live to regret.

Took the bus home then drove to Sgoon Country Club to meet the rest of my family! Did a bit of stretching while they finished up at the gym then we went to the steam room that my mum and my sis have been so eager for me to try out w them. Wasn’t v impressed I felt like a dimsum. Showered there then we had lunch!

Came home and initially wanted to bake but omg the HEAT it was so bad I swear it prevents people from doing stuff okay. So I ended up taking a nap HAHA. Napped till my mum and sis came home from signing up for my sis’ drumming lessons!! Eh pj maybe she can form a band w you. Then I can sing in my out of tune / tuneless voice HAHA. But srsly yay q proud of my sis she’s finally picking up a new skill. INSTEAD OF BUMMING AROUND. Tsk. My family advocates a less bumming more productivity lifestyle.

Hurried out after nua-ing some more becos I realised I was kinda late in meeting ST. ACTUALLY NO. What is late man when it comes to the two of us. Terrible timekeeping. Met him at Bishan then we went to Plaza Sing so that he can pay for his psych camp ahh!! So excited for him, that he’s finally joining us in uni yay!!!! ^^ and going thru all the camps and stuff like that now wow wheeee. Rly q excited and happy for you ST can’t wait to hear your stories.

Then we bought tim ho wan and Starbucks becos we needed a snack in case Super24 took too long (which it did). ST’s face when he took his first bite of the char siew bao of THW was prob like his first taste of Market O brownies I would think hahaha. THAT JOY ON HIS FACE. Hobo-ed outside the hall that the competition was supposed to take place while we finished our snack then we went in to find a seat + chope seat for genie.

Oh yes I prob should explain about super24. It’s a dance competition that Hazel joined w her NTU friends! She asked us to go support her, so being her good friends, off we went.

We were a bit too early so we caught the last part of the secondary schools category. The kids who got first and second were rly not bad!! So impressed.

BUT OF COURSE. It was nothing much compared to the fabulousness that was in the open category. Even tho ST, Genie and I were acting all like experts and giving our expert critique, I think they all rly dance better (tons better) than all of us. So much talent and awesomeness I cannot. Can tell they rly put in a lot of effort and time and such skillz. Wow.

Hazel’s group wassss not too bad. But compared to the rest, it kinda paled q a lot in comparison. BUT IT’S OKAY HAZEL WAZEL you’re still the best in our hearts ♥♥

The competition ended rly late 😦 like almost 10pm?? So our original plan of having quiznos for dinner was RUINED. Ended up going to Macs for dinner. Zz. I think my stomach has something against Macs.. keeps rebelling everytime I have Macs sigh. The last time I ate w PJ I felt full even during dinnertime. HOW RARE IS THAT. Doesn’t rly seem to digest properly so odd. Guess I better try avoiding it :/

BUT YEAH I was a bit sian becos it felt like all the exercise in the morning went to waste. Feels like my face is ballooning sigh pie. So fat I cannot stand myself. BUT YET I CONTINUE TO EAT. Must learn some self control from raroro.

Anw that’s the end of my day! ^^ took mrt back w ST which was nice. Haven’t rly hung out one on one w ST for awhile. Will update on my rather happening life soon! And ST and PJ’s bday celebrations whee.

Proud of Hazel! ^^
Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Trying out a Jazzttitude

Okay I feel the need to explain the title in case y’all think I suddenly lapsed into terrible grammar / something went wrong with my standard of English. Jazzttitude is a CCA/ club of sorts in school. The word is a portmanteau of Jazz and Attitude and it’s a street jazz club. Soooo trying out a Jazzttitude refers to attitude so it’s not exactly wrong okay never mind why am I trying to hard I was just tryna be punny.

15 April 2014 

Mr Jazzttitude AKA JJ the VP of the club asked me several times if I wanted to audition for the crew that they set up last semester. The back story is that raroro and I both went for the classes in Y1S1 but didn’t continue after that. JJ continued and even ROSE UP THE RANKS to become VP haha. So he was kinda like our sole connection back to the club. I was quite undecided about whether to go or not.

You see, I wanted to go because 1. I love dancing, and if I get in, it’s kinda like free dance classes LOL, 2. Mr J has been such a good and kind friend, always helping out whenever we need help, and he was worried that nobody would turn up for the auditions (i.e. he was in his time of need) so I couldn’t just 袖手旁观 right? 3. The vain part of me wanted to see if I could actually qualify.

But then there were reasons why I didn’t want to go also. The main reason being that their specified training dates clashed with ballet classes so that immediately rules it out. The other reason that required slightly more reflection was that I realised my entire uni life has basically revolved around NM and my NM friends. I barely have any friends outside of my major – those friends I have outside of my major are like PJ, Susu and raroro, all from NJ. I’ve been so comfortable in my little well. I didn’t have to venture out because I had all that I needed already. By going for the audition, I was kinda exposing myself to the possibility of changing the status quo. I’d have a life outside NM and as weird as it sounds, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. After all, I was comfortable where I was. Having to make new friends, to re-establish myself in another context seemed so tiring.

BUT THEN. Reason number 2 for going overruled all the other negative reasons (even though they were super compelling) so I ended up going for the audition even though it was in Week 13 of school.

I was quite apprehensive about going because raroro wasn’t going with me. Like I said, I felt quite quite out of my comfort zone. Not completely out though, because I knew at least two other people going for the audition (Mr J and another friend). But they kinda had their own friends also so it was quite weird. The dancing part is okay, it’s the part before and after that’s a bit awkward because I was kinda friendless.

Ended up talking to some girls from Yale-NUS which was nice. But I’ve forgotten their names so oops. Then the instructor finally arrived and we had a lightning fast session of learning the choreo. Fastest ever omg I was shocked and could barely remember the choreo. THEN THEY DROPPED THE BOMB ON US. We were to audition in groups of six (which is okay), we were to perform the routine twice (still okay) and we were to have 2 eighths of freestyle (NOT OKAY. NOT OKAY AT ALL). If I knew about the freestyle bit I probably would have skipped the audition LOL.

Anyway I saw one of my NJ juniors there also! So we practised the choreo together in the little window of time they gave us to practise. And so coincidentally, that junior was in the same group of six as me! Wow talk about fate.

The two rounds kinda passed in a blur actually. Completely had no idea what I was doing for the freestyle section – I am so embarrassed. Was probably flailing my arms around acting sexy HAHA. I tried la okay I tried.

Ended the audition feeling rather gross and sticky. And realised that I was quite stinky also oops. Felt kinda bad to the other passengers in the train. I didn’t expect much from it actually, because I thought I’d have failed because of the freestyle bit (urgh). BUT TO MY SURPRISE, I QUALIFIED!!!!! :O :O :O

Training starts next week so… here’s hoping that I manage to make some new friends and here’s to new experiences 😀 More dancing and performing opportunities, I’m really quite excited about that 😀

Trying out a Jazzttitude

Recital Time! (Part 2)

AND THE DAY OF THE RECITAL FINALLY CAME. Actually right if you rly want me to blog about it, there isn’t much to say. Much of the event was spent waiting for our turn and watching the other performances on the small screen. Oh there were rehearsals also of course but not many times.

Jazz Funk was the last item of Act 2. Actually I doubt the audience really paid attention to what was what. It was probably just one huge dance production w/o much distinction between Acts/ items hahaha. My mum said it all kinda blurred together for her after awhile -.- anyway. Since I was in Act 2, I only had to get to the Drama Centre by about noon for our full dress rehearsal. Which is goood because it gave me time to sleep in which was much appreciated given my hectic schedule over the weekend (Jitterbugs weekend!)

OH I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPPENED ALREADY. My mum was available so that meant I could drive down to drama centre. So I picked Hazel up and zoom zoom off we went to our first performance together ^^ and we weren’t that late I think. Also, Jitterbugs’ recital was held at drama centre last year so we weren’t that lost so yay win! 😀

Got to the dressing room, changed and then… MAKEUP TIME. Which was meh. All I can do is slap on makeup for the kids hahaha easy stuff. Thankfully my mum applied the basic stuff for me already so actually all I had to do was the eye makeup which.. I couldn’t do at all ): Lucky Hazel had her friends from her Jazz item to help her! But I was left struggling on my own sigh pie. I ended up asking one of the dancers from the Jazz Funk item (the one who knows my cousin!) to help me! And she was v nice about it so yay lucky me as well ^^

After that we had our full dress rehearsal. First time dancing w/o the mirror in front of us and I thinkkk it went quite okay? WAS FUN AND EXCITING :D:D Finally part of a dance performance again sighhh felt so nice 😀 After that um I think we had another tech run and then it was sorta like free time/ dinner time. WAS SOOO HUNGRY D: But didn’t wna eat too much either because we were worried that we’d be too full to dance. So Hazel and I shared a bowl of ramen.

On our way back to the Drama Centre, I SAW MY FAMILY! :D:D They were there pretty early because 1. It was free seating and 2. They wanted to have dinner. My mum wasn’t v happy about the way the eye make up was done I think -.- Oh well doesn’t matter. But yeah, more and more excited by then 😀

After a REALLYYYYY long time of waiting around, the recital finally started! And meh, being backstage isn’t v fun becos you know there are awesome dance performances going on outside but you can’t watch it because you’re in the dressing room. And the TINY tv backstage is rly.. you have to crane your neck to watch it. Tiring much. So we ended up taking pictures in that time / trying to watch the performances / stoning. Oh and texting I guess.

Waiting for Jazz Funk to start!
Waiting for Jazz Funk to start!
And a closer look at our 2 for $30 Cotton On shoes hahaha
And a closer look at our 2 for $30 Cotton On shoes hahaha

Hazel’s Jazz item was the first item of Act 2! THENNNNN after another slightly long wait, it was finally time for Jazz Funk! SO EXCITING. I was q nervous I think.. Can’t exactly remember. And I kept wondering where my family and two friends were seated haha. But I thinkkk I did okay! 😀 Here’s a video for you to judge for yourself 🙂 ACTUALLY IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I probably already made you watch it hahahaha. Nevertheless, here it is for reference:

SUPER EXCITED hahahaha. After the performance I was shaking and all that from excitement hahaha. And the amused texts from raroro and susu. /shy

After that… was more sitting around and taking pictures -.- TOLD YOU THERE’S NOTHING MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT. I think being the audience would give me more to blog about.

… Not that I’d rather be the audience la. I rly loved performing :D:D

After that was curtain call which was ratherrrr funny becos it ended up sounding a bit like the dancers were having some clubbing session on stage w them going eh wa eh wa (HEH SHUITA I EH WA-ED W/O GOING TO A CLUB STBY) Then once they had a debrief sorta farewell thing for Mycs (fav instructor D: she went back to Philippines alr sigh, will miss her and her classes), Hazel and I rushed out to meet our friends and family 😀

Thankies for coming raroro and susu <3
Thankies for coming raroro and susu ❤

Ran off to say hi to Hazel’s friends (who got me flowers too, which was vv nice of them!) Oh and Kelly got me a sunflower too! HAPPY 😀

Yup then went home and took a few more pictures before removing the heavy makeup and going to sleep.

All in all it was a good experience 😀 Not sure if I wna repeat it next year tho.. the rehearsals were really URGH and we have to spend money and… Mycs isn’t here anyway :/ Oh well we’ll see 😀


Recital Time! (Part 2)

Recital Time! (Part 1)


Finally gna blog about the Danzpeople recital which has happened more a month ago. Since it was such a huge event, I’m gna break it up into sections to blog about it ^^


The recital itself was several months of hard work ): Initially I didn’t really wna participate. Okay no. How do I say this hmm. I wanted to perform! Really wanted to since I didn’t get to perform in CAC+us due to ballet commitments. However, I was worried about school and not sure if my parents would allow. BUT AS USUAL Hazel convinced me (probably wasn’t that difficult to convince). Also, because the rehearsals were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays were my free day. That was probably the biggest reason why my parents allowed it.

Rehearsals were DAMN SIAN. The jazz funk item was composed of three choreography from three different instructors. And they wanted us to be in at least two of the instructors’ items. That meant going for an extra class which = more $$ spent. I was q shocked and super close to backing out and when I realised that we had to pay for additional lessons ($120 for 8 lessons). Since they taught the choreo during their lessons, it meant we had to go for lessons + the usual rehearsal hours from 9.30pm-11pm. So my entire Tuesday night from 7.30pm onwards was spent at Pomo. Meh.

Also the late hour we ended! D: Hazel was super worried about the timings for the last bus. We ended up always hurrying to the bus stop immediately after rehearsals while checking our phones for the timing of the bus. Thankfully my daddy would occasionally pick us up from there ^^ Super thankful for that becos if not I’d reach home q late every week ): Yay to parents who are willing to be chauffeurs 🙂 Didn’t make it for most of the Act 2 rehearsals becos.. actually I don’t remember why. Probably becos the rehearsals were usually near/the day before my exams or something like that. But from what I heard, it wasn’t like they did much during those rehearsals anyway. GLAD WE DIDN’T WASTE OUR TIME HEH.


Being the stingy, cheapo people Hazel and I are, we were determined to spend as little money as possible on our costumes. The only requirements were red and black so we were like, okay. Black shorts, red top, black shoes. We got our black shoes from Cotton On (two for $30!!) and red tops from Bugis (Hazel’s fav place to shop really).

Then we wore that for the full dress rehearsal which went okay but was tiring. Oh yeah it happened after FASS Open House (where I earned money YAY) so I had to rush down. Luckily I made it in time before it was the Jazz Funk’s item to run through the item. Anyway back to the costume. Wore it for the full dress but nobody said anything about it so we happily thought it was okay.

On the Tuesday of the week of the recital (our last rehearsal!) WE WERE TOLD THAT OUR COSTUMES FAIL. LIKE BEYOND FAIL. Completely not recital costume material omg. So last minute panic. I was working then already so I only had the nights to buy something else. Friday was the recital day already so omg rly panic. And I was mega annoyed at how last minute they were. URGH. Why couldn’t they have told us earlier!! Boo urgh angst even now I was so frustrated.

Anyway this is what we were wearing. Oops you probably can’t tell. Point is that we looked q similar because same outfits w minor differences. Took this picture before we failed costume check (hence the happy faces) :

because mirror reflections are so cool
because mirror reflections are so cool

I managed to assemble my costume w/o buying anything actually ^^ Ended up borrowing a shimmery blouse (which I have yet to return), my mum’s red shorts, and raroro’s red jacket. Only had to buy fierce bracelets and my $15 shoes hoho. Also borrowed accessories from raroro yayy SHE’S THE BEST :D:D

On asking friends to come 

I only had raroro and susu coming to support me. WHICH WAS RLY RLY NICE OF THEM. Firstly because the tix were DAMN EX. Like $28 gosh q ex especially since we’re only students ): PJ and ST couldn’t come because PJ was overseas and ST had duty sighh. NEXT TIME! 😀

My whole family came tho (i.e. my grandma and my parents and my siblings) so that was a lot of support already teehee.

At times I’d feel a bit sad because Hazel had her posse of friends coming to support her but.. I didn’t rly wna ask my friends to fork out $28. PLUS ACTUALLY THE MAIN POINT IS THAT I DIDN’T REALLY HAVE OTHER FRIENDS LA OKAY I ADMIT IT HAHA. So I was super glad and thankful that raroro and susu could come down to watch me. Also was glad that they enjoyed the concert! I would have felt mega guilty if they didn’t like the rest of the concert :X

THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY. Too tired to blog about the actual recital day itself. Will probably do it another day (HAHA MAYBE ANOTHER MONTH LATER. Or not. We’ll see ~ )

Recital Time! (Part 1)

Back to JBugs kiddos!

25-26 May 

It’s been AGES since my incredibly busy and tiring weekend. In fact, that weekend was the first weekend after I started work and gosh on Monday when I went back to work it was SO TERRIBLE. Falling asleep over the data I was supposed to enter. Okay but I guess it’s my fault la. Greedy people for free dance lessons. In my defence, I really didn’t think it’d be that tiring!

So the Friday, Vesak day was the Danzpeople recital YAYYYY! 😀 I think this deserves a post on its own so I’ll blog about it in another post. Anyway. It ended rather late so I got home rather late and all that ):

Then Saturday we had to go to UCC at NUS T.T thankfully my mum was free so I could drive me and Hazel there. Even then, we were slightly late I think. Saturday was the full dress rehearsal day for the kids! I was quite worried because last year all I had to do was make sure the kids I was in charge of stayed in their room. but this year I was a dresser!!! :O for the kids w multiple items (they’re called multiples hahaha quite like some superhero). And some of the kids were really v young.

To no surprise, I made my first mistake early in the morning ): because I didn’t check the schedule carefully so I didn’t realise that my first kid (hoho) was so early because one of her items was pushed forward! D: so I dressed her in the wrong costume and was even playing w her in the dressing room until someone burst into the room looking for her. Ahh felt so guilty ):

Then the other kids started streaming in and it was chaos really. It was also vv messy because since it was only a full dress rehearsal, the kids came in staggered timings and left at the same time and wowww I really dk how we survived.

Super thankful to Hazel tho. Her expertise (LOL) at handling the clothes rack really helped a lot so the kids’ costumes weren’t that messy. But then again. I WOULDNT HAVE BEEN DOING THAT IF IT WASNT FOR HAZEL ALSO -.-

Most of the kids I had were fine actually, lucky me!! Some of them could handle themselves and… they’re probably more experienced than me HAHA. I had one girl who was really nice. Polite and nice and she thanked me and COULD HANDLE HERSELF. Why can’t they all be like that.

Of course I had a monster also omg she was really a mini Thatcher. So commanding at her tender age of.. idk 5? 6? No idea. But her tone and manner of speaking COMMANDS OBEDIENCE. It would have been quite funny if I wasn’t the one she was ordering around. It’s like you’re expected to do her bidding immediately urgh. Hazel was roped into being her slave w me HAH. So we both suffered.

So the day ended in a flurry of costume changes and tired sighs and the thought that we’d have to do it all over again on Sunday ):

tired faces after day 1


So Sunday rolled around and honestly.. I don’t remember how we got to UCC already. -.- Probably via the stupid shuttle bus that doesn’t ever come zz.

BUT ANYWAY. The point is we survived it even tho it was really terrible and the good thing was that this time, the kids recognised me and were marginally cooperative even though they were still really really URGH from being cooped up in that teeny weeny room.

poor kiddos. poor me.
poor kiddos. poor us.

I mean like, LOOK AT THAT ROOM. Would you wna be stuck there omg TERRIBLE. Luckily technology intervened for most of the kids so they’d sit there quietly in their own bubble. Good and bad I guess. And I had a few girls come up to me telling me about how they read really quickly and they were gna finish their book soon. WAS NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Then there were two really adorable girls – one was called Ashley, she had the PUFFIEST CHEEKS EVER. so darn pinchable. The other.. I forgot her name ): but equally cute but seemed a little less secure about herself compared to Ashley. So I saw the two together and I asked that girl, ‘Oh are the both of you best friends?’ AND SHE SHYLY LOOKED AT ASHLEY AS IF FOR CONFIRMATION THEN SHE NODDED HER HEAD AWWWWWW. Then part 2. She came up to me after a period of time and said to me w huge sad eyes, ‘I don’t think Ashley’s my friend anymore… because she said she doesn’t wna be my friend anymore’

Gosh certainly brought back memories of the time when I’m sure I behaved the same way. For the record, I saw them hanging out together (after the other girl followed Ashley around for awhile) after the recital so I’m sure everything is fine.

Of course dearest Mini Thatcher did not forget to give me trouble on Sunday as well. Poor dear fell during her acrobatics performance and hurt her lip and ‘it hurts. I wna go home. it hurts’ and she almost REFUSED to change for her next performance. Messy messy messy especially when I had other kids to look after but Little Miss Diva is kicking up a big fuss and needs to be calmed down. Again, help came and problem was solved yay yay!

The day generally went quite smoothly, as smoothly as something like this could go. Hazel and I even managed to take some pictures w the kids 😀


my favourite girl :)
my favourite girl 🙂

Then it FINALLY ended and we had our curtain call woohoo. Too tired to actually do anything cool because after curtain call we had to FLY back before the kids to make sure they got all their stuff and were ready to go meet their anxious (rich) parents. Then we finally could go home and have a nice long rest 😀

And that has been the last I saw Hazel because we’ve both been too busy to meet up. Eeks.

Back to JBugs kiddos!

Danz Tuesday~

Seems a bit like I’m updating for the sake of updating right haha oops. Not much happened on Tuesday I think hmm. Watched Rooftop Prince w my popo! My new drama yay ~ But I’m restricting myself to one episode a day because it’s showing on TV and so that I can watch w popo! Except that I’ve to watch it in Chinese.. :X Oh well small sacrifices.

Oh and I baked chocolate chip cupcakes. With more chocolate chips hurhur because when it comes to chocolate chips, more is always MORE.


This was partly why I met ST on Wednesday – so that I could pass him the cupcakes!

Met Hazel to shop for our clothes for recital. I WAS SO LIKE UM ANTS ON A HOT POT (direct translation from Chinese LOL) about this because we were supposed to bring our costumes on Tuesday during the rehearsal but we haven’t bought anything yet! So yeah panic panic panic I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to find appropriate clothes for the recital. IN THE END OMG THEY DIDN’T EVEN ASK TO SEE WHAT WE BROUGHT OMG ANGRRRRRYYYYYY. Okay la but we still had to get it by Saturday anyway so at least it was settled.

We went to Bugis, Hazel’s favourite place to shop -.- Had Soup Spoon for dinner yaaaayyyy. For the LIFE of me I will NEVER understand why that woman thinks bread (i.e. from Subway) is insufficient for dinner but SOUP is okay. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND. Her logic baffles me. But yeah we had Soup Spoon and I was a happy girl ^^ Soon Amanda Leong and Hazel’s other friend from Jazz joined us so we all proceeded to Bugis Street (urgh I really dislike that crowded crowded place) to hunt for our clothes.

I was q lucky and found mine vv quickly!! Like at the first place we stopped hahaha. Still had to walk around some more to find Hazel and her friend’s costumes so by the time we settled on it we were mega tired ):

Rushed down to Dhoby after a short break at Macs where they had ice cream and I could only sadly watch on because I’m STILL plagued with this sickening cough that refuses to go away boo. Had rehearsal where it was… okay I guess. Actually I don’t really remember what happened hahaha. All the recital rehearsals more or less blend together now.

RECITAL’S ON FRIDAAAAYYYYYYYY. Thanks so much for agreeing to come raroro omg lurbbxz euu really haha I really think you’ll enjoy it also, I watched some of the performances and really they BLEW ME AWAAAAYYYYY. Yay yay 🙂 🙂

Danz Tuesday~

Crazy week is crazy

I’m slightly early for tutorial and I don’t want to be doing my readings at the moment (which I’m sure I’ll regret) so I’m here on my blog!

Hello to my poor neglected blog and people who come to my blog and leave, disappointed by the lack of updates D: I really like keeping a blog because I’m quite a forgetful person. So my blog sorta serves as a reference for myself.

[OH MY RARORO JUST ARRIVED!! Even tho she slept like after 4am?!! I’m amazed that she made it for school wow]

Anyway these few weeks have probably been some of the more stressful times in school so far. And there’s more to come. Unlike other people, most of my presentations are scheduled in Week 13, the last week of school. D: So it means I’m going to be stressed all the way till.. what, 7 May? OMG D:

And I won’t be able to prepare in advance for my finals omg scared scared.

Boring update because I’ve nothing much to update about.

Except that oh DMTN’s showcase has been freaking POSTPONED because of the scandal D:

Oh and that I’m in the jazz funk item of Danzpeople recital. Which I’m quite excited about! Haven’t danced on stage since um.. quite long ago. Like end of Sec 4 maybe. Plus I’ll be dancing w Hazel and the choreo we’ve learn so far all look quite nice so yes, excited! 🙂 Slightly disappointed that my closest friends probably won’t be able to go but it’s okay because it won’t be the last time I perform (lol I hope) so yup. The recital’s on Vesak day sooooo come watch if you’re free!! ^^ I’m sure it’ll be a good show ~

That’s all because it’s about 12 minutes to tutorial. Raroro is sitting across me looking very stressed about her essay assignment oh dear. GO RAROROOOOO I give you strength in the form of love love love :D:D:D

Crazy week is crazy


The past few days I’ve been watching so many videos from So You Think You Can Dance and oh my gosh I forgot how completely inspirational these dancers are.

Here are some of my favourite routines! Do watch them if you have the time 😀

I Got You
Choreography: NappyTabs
Dancers: Melanie & Marko (Season 8)

NappyTabs are also the choreographers of Mad and Bleeding Love which I have adored for the longest time! No wonder I love this routine ^^ I like it because it has a story line to it — it’s about two best friends falling in love (if you couldn’t tell) and I really really liked the emotions in the dance and I thought everything just flowed really well with it. LOVE THIS. 😀


Choreography: Shane Sparks
Dancers: Pasha & Lauren (Season 3)

The cool thing about this video is that it’s Pasha’s first time doing hip-hop and I think it’s a really awesome first time. Why is it that they’re so versatile!!! Just FYI he’s actually a Latin and ballroom dancer. And ballroom dancing is so fluid! To be able to isolate like that despite his background is quite amazing if you ask me. Lauren on the other hand is a contemp, jazz funk and hip-hop dancer so.. no surprises there! My favourite part of the routine is the first part (I’m sure you’d agree w me!!)


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Choreography: Mandy Moore
Dancers: Sabra & Neil

If you couldn’t tell, the routine’s about a business meeting! I LOVED THE UNDER THE TABLE HANDSHAKE I THOUGHT IT WAS SO COOL. And idk I thought the whole thing was quite interesting, especially how they used the table and there was like a sort of power struggle between the two? Amazing stuff zomg.


What I Like About You
Choreography: Jean-Marc Généreux
Dancers: Benji and Tiffany

I LOVEEEEEEEEE THIS ONE HAHA (just like how I love the previous few also -.-) Okay but this one is special! It’s so happy and upbeat and it’s in HD (LOL ST). And fun fact: Benji’s an All Star (i.e. he was from a past season and won!!) and Tiffany is the contestant in that season. It’s quite nice to see that she can keep up w him hahaha. And I reallyyy like it so fun to watch! And she’s such a happy and bubbly dancer it makes me happy watching her dance!


Addiction (Music: Gravity)
Choreography: Mia Michaels
Dancers: Kayla & Kupono

This. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. It’s okay if you didn’t watch the previous ones (no actually it’s not, but what can I do right *shrug*) as long as you watch THIS ONE. The routine is called Addiction and I think it’s a beautiful beautiful totally intense I cannot contain my emotions even to use punctuation marks kind of beautiful if you know what I mean. The first time I watched it I literally shivered because it was so intense. You might call me mad or a bit too invested into it but I really really could FEEL the emotions and the raw passion they poured into the dance. And I’m watching it everyday hahaha. ADDICTED TO IT. Oopsies. It’s so urghhhhhh I cannot even describe it. JUST WATCH IT and be blown away oh gosh they’re so in their roles OKAY I’LL STOP HERE.

I initially wanted to rant about something else related to this but.. this is too time consuming and I want to sleep so goodnight. ^^