Who else would I drive to dinner with but them?

Is the caption very cheesy? But it’s true! Hehe.

Anyway it’s exam week(s) at the moment but then immediately after my paper, I’m flying off for a family holiday. The day I come back will be the day that PJ flies to Korea for 3 weeks T.T That means we won’t meet for five weeks? Is it very clingy if I say that it feels v long?? HAHA. I feel like it’s not a holiday if I don’t go over to nua in PJ’s house yknw 😦 Hope we still have time to do that when she comes back!

Because of the clashing schedules, we decided to meet today for dinner. I happened to be driving to school before dinner because I had things to do in school. So I decided to take a leap of faith and ask my dad if I could drive out for dinner with them. AND DUM DUM DUMMM because of my experience with dealing w my parents, I knew the correct formula with which to structure my request… REQUEST APPROVED WOOHOOOOO. So this dinner marks the first time I’ve driven out for dinner w my friends!!

We went to Lola’s for dinner because we all haven’t had it for the longest time. I cannot emphasise how value-for-money is rly. We paid $14 each for duck confit, chicken wings and pasta. (Obviously not blogger material because once the food came, we only took the effort to Snapchat it and then we gobbled it up hehe). Oh yeah! Lola’s expanded their restuarant space so now they’re twice as big YAY. Yay to shorter waiting time rly – they told us expected waiting time would be an hour but we only waited for 20 mins or so.

After that we kinda got their message that we should vacate our seats because people were still waiting for a table (maybe that’s why the waiting time was so short also) so we quickly paid the bill and went back to the car (!! I get a little thrill from saying that hehe. 22 year olds us wow). Head to MacDonald’s at AMK where we shared a McNuggets meal (because it’s not Singapore if we’re not eating) along with our memories of the past, our hopes for the future and our lives at present 🙂

I really really am so comfortable with these two people. So thankful to have met ST online (lol), PJ in JC and to have them in my life even till now. It’s like the three of us just fit together and it’s amazing how I am close to both of them as individuals and we’re all close as a group as well. Love yall so so much tq for being my best friends and being my first passengers to be driven out for dinner by me!!

Here’s to more nights like this: where conversation and laughs are endless with the both of you 🙂
Who else would I drive to dinner with but them?

But we not hIPsters

Yesterday ST and Rui met up… WITHOUT ME!! D: So mean. But okay I guess I cannot do anything also what with me being here in Rotterdam sigh pie. So anyway I was reminded that I didn’t record our Ego Trio date on my blog! So here it is.

Some candid shots are the best
Some candid shots are the best

It’s been so long that I’ve kinda forgotten what we were doing exactly. THANKFULLY I HAVE EVERYTHING IN MY GOOGLE CALENDAR hehe. My memory has become so much poorer after I started relying on technology oops. But it really makes things so much more convenient. So according to Google Calendar, we met up on 9 Jan, Friday 😀

I think we were late to meet Rui (what’s new right). I was late because I met Brian for breakfast before that. That one also another one whom I haven’t seen for so long. Anyway, we met at Bugis because Rui said he has never been to Haji Lane so we were like okay since we got nothing to do anyway let’s go explore Haji Lane. Brought them to the ‘Best Ramen in the World’ (according to Corrine at least) otherwise known as Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons to the normal people. Club concuss actually went to the branch in Tanjong Pagar before which I really liked so I decided to bring ST and Rui to the Bugis branch. BUT THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Like there are more options in the menu which confused me D: RAMEN IS RAMEN TO ME. Just gimme ramen with egg, and chashu. Seaweed optional. But when you present me with this whole ramen buffet.. I CANNOT T.T That’s why I don’t really like Ramen Champion in Bugis +. Too many options I cannot decide.

Finally settled on something that looked quite basic and… it was not bad I guess. Was happy with the free flow boiled eggs ofc. We spent some time trying to observe if the waiters there were really Japanese. And Snapchatting ofc. Okay the Snapchatting was probably just me. I remember feeling quite impressed by how perfectly peeled my hard boiled egg was. MUST SNAPCHAT!! LOL.

After lunch we ambled over to Haji Lane. Really, there’s not much at Haji Lane I think. But it’s always nice with different groups of people 🙂

wat u looking at

So much love for dearest Rui. HAHA SOZ ST. Not that I forget about you but then it’s something that doesn’t have to be said 😉

After that we wandered around Kampong Glam yay I love doing that – walking around aimlessly just browsing and exploring Singapore. We even wandered into the Malay Heritage Centre where we spent some time learning about the Malay culture in Singapore. It was q interesting but … I kinda forgot what I learnt already LOL I am terrible I admit.

Went for ice cream at Marble Slab then -end- because need to go home before rush hour HAHA. Practical concerns.

Was a lovely way to spend time w my ego trio. So glad we met Rui at orientation really our qtpie 😀 and now he’s going to receive his A level results and he’s enlisting next week already!! Time flies wow what have I been doing. Oh right, I’ve been in University heh. But wow our qt bby Rui already gna enlist. WHY HOW. Rly hope next week turns out well for you Rui, if you’re not happy or anything we’re always a LINE chat (or WhatsApp if you prefer) away ok. We’ll be YOUR ray of sunshine 🙂

But we not hIPsters

Y3S1 Week 12 in pictures

Looking back, I realise that I had a rather eventful Week 12. Presenting some highlights of my week in photos. Clearly I’ve come to regret my having fun in the mad rush of things sigh.


SSA friends and Suchen Christine Lim
SSA friends and Suchen Christine Lim
Some 'freshies' - hahaha kidding. SSA friends!
Some ‘freshies’ – hahaha kidding. SSA friends!

Had an author’s visit from Suchen Christine Lim during SSA lecture this week. Must confess that I haven’t read her novel oops. But she’s really nice and v cute. Plus she’s Cantonese (and v proud of it) woohoo.


Birthday fairies
Birthday fairies

Had Hwangsies for lunch w my beloved birthday fairies. One hour w them is better than none at all! Glad to hear from Jianyi and my beloved PJDJ both of whom I haven’t seen irl for ages. Love you guys 🙂

Popo out of ICU and recovering :)
Popo out of ICU and recovering 🙂

Popo had her bypass surgery last Thursday. Aside from a scare on Thursday night and a number of slightly abnormal incidents of her heart rate going terribly high, she’s becoming the popo I know again! The one who complains a lot, makes me laugh, agrees w me when I say I’m pretty, etc etc heh. 🙂

Dinner at Auntie Kim's - Ginseng chicken soup and Bibimbap
Dinner at Auntie Kim’s – Ginseng chicken soup and Bibimbap

Auntie Kim’s for dinner! I rly love (some) types of Korean food haha. We had the seafood pancake as well which is rly a MUST ORDER when you eat at Auntie Kim’s. Too excited to eat that so I forgot to take a picture. But here’s chicken soup + bibimbap to make you hungry.

Sissy and I look more alike than we think
Sissy and I look more alike than we think

Took a picture w sissy while waiting for the food. But the lighting was so orangey so here’s a B&W photo instead. Aside from our eyes… I really think we look rather alike here.

Thursday – Happy birthday Corrine!

Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend :)
Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend 🙂

Oops using this photo again! Hahaha but since I’m documenting my week in pictures, might as well have this here right? Matchy tops w Ming by coincidence!

Club concuss at full strength to celebrate Corrine's 22nd
Club concuss at full strength to celebrate Corrine’s 22nd

Went to Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel (Tanjong Pagar) for dinner. THE SOUP WAS SO SO DELICIOUS O M G. It wins. Really. I don’t remember if I’ve had ramen w soup nicer than this. The first time I tasted the soup… it was like this incredible rush of sensory delight. The ingredients itself weren’t that fancy because I was feeling poor and only had chashu to go with my ramen. But there’s free flow hard boiled eggs and marinated beansprouts!

Then we had Cake Spade for dessert even though we were stuffed. Because you can’t celebrate a birthday without cake right?! We ordered the Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake (which is really a fancier way of calling the Strawberry Jelly Hearts imo) and Speculoos Chocolate Crumble. Both were yummy because the former’s lighter on the palette while the latter’s really rich and delicious too.


Matchy denim shorts w Mel and Corrine
Matchy denim shorts w Mel and Corrine

Then Friday was matchy denim shorts day w Mel and Corrine 🙂 Photo taken by Sam. It was rly funny because we initially asked him to only take a photo of us waist down BUT him being a guy and us being girls… you can imagine that it felt pretty awkz. Hahaha so we decided to just take a normal photo instead.

Rly can’t stand the state of my fringe oh gosh but I can’t decide whether I want to let it go out or cut it hmm.

Okay time to start on reflection paper hope I actually write something this time D:

Y3S1 Week 12 in pictures

EXO’s The Lost Planet

I write this post with a heavy heart. Just earlier today the news broke that Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and sigh. Life will really never be the same (for them) again. For me also in a way I guess. I can not say that Luhan is my bias from EXO anymore ): I got a huge shock when i read the news and just like the previously time when Kris filed his lawsuit, I immediately searched for more information but really there wasn’t anything because all we know for certain is that he filed the lawsuit. It’s really quite upsetting but at the same time a part of me is quite glad that he now has a way out. I was really quite concerned about how there were so many reports about his poor health and how his fear of heights is worsened by the regular flights around 😦

So I felt that since today is the day marking the end of EXO OT11 (urgh I hate that they are 11 only. Imy Kris) as I know it, it would be quite appropriate to reminisce happier times of the concert.

Buying the tickets
I CAMPED at my computer to buy the tickets I remember. I was wiser from my experience of buying the YG FAMILY concert tickets the previous week so I tried to log in earlier. But I actually didn’t feel as anxious this time. In fact it felt easier to get the tickets for EXO as compared to YG FAMILY! I suspect it’s because I bought the tickets during the priority sales for OCBC cardholders. Thank goodness my mum has an OCBC cars heh. I bought the tickets back in early/mid July, before I went to Korea! The concert itself was on 23 Aug, Saturday. I remember I was in school on Friday when I realised they touched down in Singapore. FINALLY BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS EXO MY LOVES.

The long awaited concert day!!!
I had to go for ballet that day because I was already skipping the rehearsal to go for the concert. SMALL SACRIFICES. So after ballet, I showered and rushed down to Stadium to meet PJ. It was PJ’s first (and probably only) Kpop concert! Woohoo so proud of her! ^^ We decided to grab a quick dinner at Popeye’s since we had some time before the concert started. Went to look for Susu who was working after dinner! Susu used to work as a part-time usher at Indoor Stadium. We were rather excited to look for Susu because she was dressed in the new uniform that was in a rather ugly shade of blue. Plus PJ wanted to take revenge and take a photo of Susu working because that’s what Susu did the last time during the Juventus match that PJ was helping out at.

TO OUR UTTER SURPRISE, we didn’t even have to look for Susu!! She just appeared in front of our eyes. To be honest, I didn’t even recognise her. It was PJ who recognised her. Susu really looked quite quite different with her hair tied up. And she was super frustrated dealing with all the over-eager fans who could not ‘SELF-REGULATE’!!! Hahahah omg the “Can y’all please self-regulate” that Susu was shouting was SO hilarious. After awhile PJ and I decided to stop disturbing her (plus we already took enough photos of how she was wearing black socks with black flats) so we went away to find the East door.

Met Yin Juin, her sis, and Ruoxin on the way! Helped them buy the tickets hehe. Fellow fans must stand united together!!! The queue to go in was HORRIFIC omg. It went down the stairs and even u-turned and came back UP the stairs omg wth. I thought there wouldn’t be a queue since it was allocated seating!! It was probably the bag check slowing down everything zz. Oh well. ANYTHING FOR EXO.

I was so excited while queuing hehe. Saw the container/trailer trucks thing with EXO THE LOST PLANET plastered on it and started plotting how I could sneak myself in there. Then I think someone intelligently pointed out that there wouldn’t be much point oh well. Finally they scanned our tickets and we got in omg THE ATMOSPHERE WAS SO EXCITED. All the hopes of the fangirls crammed into the indoor stadium… I could really feel how everyone there was in love with EXO really.

We took some time finding our seats because it was a bit complex and we were seated quite high up sigh 😦 But what to do. Too much love but it doesn’t translate to enough money to buy good seats.. 😥 I remember we were quite angsty when we were looking for seats because it was almost time for the concert to start already and they were playing EXO songs and the fans kept SCREAMING SUDDENLY omg damn heart attack inducing really. But they were just screaming because a nice song came on hahaha -.- It was quite funny also because the fans were singing along but then because they were playing the Korean versions it was a lot of “SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR lalalala … EH OH TOO MUCH YOUR LOVE dum dum OVERDOSE” hahahaha.

They opened the concert with something that quite resembled the haka which PJ and I found quite hilarious hahaha. Like they looked super not fierce. Maybe becos they’re so skinny?? Then it just looked quite like cute little boys trying to be fierce aiyooo. Tbh I’m not that huge a fan of people appropriating cultural references like that. I mean like, EXO probably doesn’t know the cultural significance of it to the Maori people and here they are using it to open a concert. But it’s EXO so I forgive everything HAHA. I never said I’m not biased ^^

I think the first few songs they performed were from their debut mini album which I haven’t really listened to. The first song they performed that I knew was Moonlight! YAY LOVELY SONG. But then they had dancers acting as flowers?!?! Which was really ?!?!?! for me and quite distracting.

PJ's photo taken during Moonlight
PJ’s photo taken during Moonlight

I was torn between joy and an aching pain in my heart. My heart was CLENCHING from how they were SO NEAR to me but so far at the same time. Omg I really couldn’t stand it. I was trying to find a way that I could somehow fly down INTO THEIR LOVING ARMS. I also felt quite touched by the knowledge that they were performing so hard FOR US! THEIR FANS!! Omg I love it. This love between idols and fans… I think it cannot be explained really. You need to experience it to know it. The desperation the fan feels for recognition by their idol. Anything would do really. A tweet, a comment, a smile, A DIRECT GLANCE FROM THE IDOL. Omg all these seem like such small insignificant things right. But if I received any one of them from any of the idols I love I think I would collapse from utter happiness. Cannot sleep for 10 weeks. LOL

I screamed my love for them that night really. EVERYTHING ALL THE FEELINGS IN MY HEART. It was the only way I can get my feelings across to them.. 😥 To thank them for the joy they have brought to my life sigh.

I especially liked it when they spoke to us. How Baekhyun (or was it Chen?) was mocking Suho for his English omg SO CUTE. Prodding him to speak in English more before Suho finally gave up and said “My limit, limit” HAHA. Oh gosh so cute. I was also really happy that Lay, Luhan and Tao had a segment where they were speaking in Chinese (as like a brief interlude before something else happened). Them speaking in a language I can understand without subtitles (kinda) made me feel infinitely closer to them. And omg when Tao pressed the ‘car key’ and D.O. came out in a bathrobe SQUEAL HAHAHA. He really looked super cute with his expression of confusion sigh.



I think I screamed just a littleeee bit louder when he did that. Just a bit. I couldn’t hear what he was singing though. The screams were OVERPOWERING. But gosh so proud of him!! And he did the Scorpion move. I will forever link that move to Infinite and Before The Dawn tho.

The other song that left a huge impression on me was My Lady. They performed it lying on the floor in front of a mirror so the effect was really really cool. I was wondering what on earth the mirrors were there for then I OOOHH DAMN SMART. I really loved it.

Video of it above with terrible sound quality. But you can see the effect right! AMAZING. GENIUS IDEA. I AM FULL OF PRAISE FOR IT. I really liked it.

I really enjoyed the brief moments of interactions and cutesy fun. Oh yes they performed Sorry Sorry, Dream Girl, Run Devil Run, Gee and Genie!!! SO CUTE. I loved the little homage to their sunbaes hehe.

All in all, I really enjoyed the concert although it was painful to watch. It’s even more painful now knowing that I will ever only see 10 members of EXO… 😥

Oh yes must include PJ’s recount:

Cause we were on the 3rd level during the exo concert she planned to absail down to the stage during a sad song using these thick wires that were hanging down from the ceiling and scream EXOOO I’M HEREEE HAHHAHAHAHA i rly don’t let you forget what you said during the concert hor HAHAHA

-.- Not true okay. SHE WAS REALLY DESPERATE ALSO HAHAHA. I have never seen her like that eh really. “KAAAIIIIII I’M HERE KAAAAIIIIII MY BABY” hahahaha omg PJ I love you hehehe.

Oh then since PJ and ST think I should I include this… Lay was talking about Singapore has a 美丽的夜景. I swear HE SAID THAT THE 夜景 IN FRONT OF HIM IS 新加坡最美丽的夜景 OKAY!!! So I just repeated after him lor.. “我!! 我是新加坡最美丽的夜景!!!“ Of course I meant a collective 我… hehehe (insert shy face).

So that’s the end of my recount of my The Lost Planet experience. Sigh. Once in a lifetime really. REALLY BECAUSE LUHAN WILL NEVER PERFORM WITH EXO AGAIN. Omg my heart aches.

EXO’s The Lost Planet

Year 3, Week 2

The first few weeks of school are rly q the best I think. I get to see all my friends in school again, start to settle into the routine (not monotony yet!) of school but schoolwork isn’t too hectic yet. I had quite the happening second week of school as well. The highlight of the week had to be seeing my loves EXO in real life. Oops sorry to the friends I met over the week. Not that yall are unimportant to me. ^^

My lovely lovely free day which I have been trying so hard to start with an aerobics + kickbox class. So far q successful in at least getting some exercise during the week. Doesn’t rly help that I eat like a glutton for the rest of the week tho. My appetite this few weeks has been quite vicaruous. To add to that, for some reason, I haven’t been able to have a proper lunch for a couple of days so I resorted to snacking which is terrible T.T

But anyway. Met ST for our very first study together time since 10000 years!!! We had lunch at Pizza Hut becos I was craving pizza (see what I mean about the exercise having no effect?? I am weak against food). Decided to drop by Popular to see if we needed any stationery. BAD MOVE. We walked past Golden Village and happened to glimpse the movie timings. “EH WNA WATCH MOVIE?” it all kinda went downhill from there LOL. What studying man.

So we watched Guardians of the Galaxy! Which was quite the cute movie even tho ST says it feels like it’s mainly made up of bloopers LOL. I was actually q excited about watching the movie since I went for the red carpet event (show off HAHA). Glad that the movie didn’t disappoint!!

Supposed to study w my sissy at Central Library after class but I ended up talking to Ben who’s rly being so super helpful and giving me a lot of advice and so many tips for exchange. Super thankful for helpful seniors!

(I realise that so far my week just sounds like a record of how I intended to study but failed oops)


We went to the food court in Toa Payoh HDB Hub where EVERYTHING looked so incredibly yummy omg such joy in simple fare. I felt so Singaporean LOL. Ended up buying Hokkien Prawn Mee becos ST bought it also and it was so yummy. Plus I rly couldn’t decide what to eat.

After that PJ and I decided to get rojak becos I love rojak (actually no la I only love the 油条, the rest I tolerate).

#yoursingapore #sgfood #rojak

Did my job as ex-intern by hashtagging the appropriate hashtags yay. Proud of myself LOL. #cheapthrill really.

Happy trio

It was a good night of hanging out w my best pals. I love you two / I love you too. SO PUNNY. I am of course assuming, rightly, that you love me. HAHA so secure in my position in your hearts right ^^

Finally met my long lost sexy friend Jefferson, Jiexiang and PJ for lunch in school!! Had my first YTF of the sem w them haha yay yay! Thank you so much for the gift Jefferson, I rly appreciate it! 🙂 it was quite lovely hanging out w them, talking about what we’ve been up to and gossiping and idk hahaha. Thankful for my NJ friends ♥

After they left, I hopped over to the table behind and joined my uni friends. EVERYONE IS CONVERGING IN NUS.

Partially reunited (missing the seniors + Sam sigh)

After school I had dinner w the new friends I made over the holidays! We had SO much trouble deciding what to eat omg it was terrible. Plus I was rly hungz 😦 settled for Bonchon chicken at Bugis + which turned out to be super affordable and yummy yay. Good choice. Then we had blackball for dessert and I discovered that I don’t understand the hype behind it becos it rly isn’t v yummy. So odd.

Didn’t do anything super special on Friday. But SATURDAY IS EXO DAY. Which deserves a post all for itself ^^

Year 3, Week 2

Back to school!

So I’m already now starting the third week of school at time of writing. Time really passes super fast when we’re back at school don’t you think!! I can’t believe I’m already a third year :O And this blog has been with me since I started university! Three years of chronicling my life here. Not bad.

Anyway this year is a special year because it’s the year that the guys from ’93 finally join us in university after their 2 year stint serving the nation! So happy that I’m joined by ST really. Going to school together and we even managed to arrange to take a module together. School seems even better now that ST is around as well 😀 Plus now he’ll finally stop doing the annoying quotation marks thing e.g. “The Deck”, “A2”, “mods”. OMG so annoying.

Now I’m going to attempt to sum up my first week of school in photos:

My happy pills
My happy pills

First day of school. ST and I had lunch at deck – Ayam Panggang! – and PJ dropped by to say hi. As usual ST and I met later than the arranged time so we were almost late for the first lecture oops.

Going home w ST after school: Checked!
Going home w ST after school: Checked!

Went back to school on Wednesday because I had to decorate the Student Life Fair booth. Just nice my go home time coincided with ST’s so I could give him a lift home yay! 😀

FREE ice cream
FREE ice cream

Dropped by the Student Life Fair on Thursday with Melissa whom I befriended because she joined the CNMFOC committee. Happy to have made a new friend like that 🙂 We queued for the free ice cream and the goodie bag and made our rounds to check out the booths at the SLF! It was quite interesting. I was also really happy to see Jefferson, Jie Xiang and Dick Hong at the fair and caught up with them for awhile during the fair.

Brown and Cony!
Brown and Cony!
Brown, Chinzgu, me and Cony :D
Brown, Chinzgu, me and Cony 😀

On Friday AKA the last day of SLF, I met Chinz and we took photos with the super adorable LINE characters. So apt that we took photos w the characters because it’s what we use primarily to communicate 😀 Chinz is my sorta new friend whom I made last sem. We bonded over our mutual love for Do Min Joon and My Love From Another Star heh. The bonding power of Kpop.

3rd gen blue OG of CNM Camp :')
3rd gen blue OG of CNM Camp :’)
Seniors at Cerlocks' gathering
Seniors at Cerlocks’ gathering
Some of the seniors at the gathering
Seniors at the gathering
Rly nice photo of Agnes and I
Rly nice photo of Agnes and I

The 2014 batch of blue OG of CNM Camp was nice enough to invite some seniors for their steamboat gathering :’) So touched eh! While we didn’t interact with the freshies much, it was so incredibly lovely to see the lovely lovely people I befriended because of CNM camp / CNM Society. I had a great time that night really.

– End of my first week! 😀 Will update about Week 2 which was also quite eventful soon yay –

Back to school!

Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

1 July 2014

This meet up was kindaaa to celebrate Joisy’s birthday I think but it wasn’t stated super explicitly so it was like just a normal gathering which we haven’t had for SO LONG.

Before that ST, PJ, Jian Yi and I met up on 22 June (I think) to do up Joisy’s birthday gift! Now we named ourselves Birthday fairies since it’s like the second/third time we’re planning something together for someone’s birthday heh. All thanks to Jian Yi really. He takes so much initiative and effort into sustaining friendships :’)

Birthday fairies!
Birthday fairies!

This was what we made for Joisy:

Giant birthday card
Giant birthday card

It was so fun doing it together at Coffee Bean on a Sunday afternoon. Jianyi was hilarious also – because initially we were all talking about how we had ZERO artistic capabilities so it probably wasn’t going to turn out very well. So Jianyi said that anything that didn’t look perfect is termed as “organic” HAHA. What a way to put it.

We rewarded ourselves w Four Fingers after that. I think I’ve had it so often that I’m a bit sick of it already :X Which is good I guess! The chicken wings and drumlets are really super addictive tho and easy to eat (with four fingers).

Okay back to the 08 gathering:

I was SO HAPPY to see everyone and hang out w everyone again and NINE PEOPLE TURNED UP!! That’s like half of our active classmates. Just occurred to me that the rest can be termed as inactive (woohoo Kpop references abound ^^) Sad that PJ couldn’t come becos she’s in Korea. But the wonders that is Snapchat ensured that she got to see everyone’s faces teehee in short-lived moments that I’m sure were the happiest few seconds of her night.

Met them after work outside Soup Spoon at Plaza Sing. I was really really hoping not to eat at Soup Spoon because it’s a bitttt sad (to me at least), having a meet up at Soup Spoon. Okay and truth be told, I didn’t wna eat soup for dinner either. So we drifted around for a bit and were heading to Astons at Cathay when we saw that NamNam was empty!! And so began my first time at NamNam. TBH I’m not sure why it’s so popular? I think the Vietnamese food at Orchard Towers is just as yummy. And cheaper! Tsk all these chain stores. And i guess I’m just not as into Vietnamese food – after all, this year was my first year eating Vietnamese food possibly in my entire life. I’m just not v adventurous with food/ quite a picky eater.

Halfway through ordering I received a message from Amanda Kee saying to call a number ASAP because someone from the company we worked with for Pitch It was looking for me quite urgently. I mistakenly thought it was the photographer so I called the number. AND SIGH what a bad decision / IT WAS A SCAM. Turned out to the usual guy we had to deal with from the company and he isn’t the best person to deal with. I find him a bit weasely and not a v nice person. Like a typical 9-5 office worker who’s a bootlicker and steps on those who are under him. Okay I guess my opinion of him is a bit biased but I didn’t have a good experience working w him that’s all. Anyway he made me call to DEMAND things that I had no idea was happening. But it was my fault I have to admit. There was an issue that cropped up with regard to Pitch It and an unhappy (and small-minded IMO) student who liaised with one of the teams. He involved the two companies we worked with and the whole thing was just quite poorly managed. I thought the matter was resolved though, because I haven’t heard a peep from either the team or the troublemaker. But nooooo. Apparently he’s been CALLING UP the boss of the guy we worked with. Shameless or what?! He’s just a small fry, a slightly dissatisfied consumer who got his pride pricked. I was supposed to call him up and try to smoothen things over but I was procrastinating because I thought the matter blew over. In typical Pui San fashion, I was trying to do the ostrich thing and pretend that if I don’t see or deal with it, it doesn’t exist. But… clearly no. So I had to soothe the weasely guy’s ruffled feathers. Which made me feel v uptight and upset which is SO not the emotions I should be feeling on a night out w my beloved 08 T.T

Thankfully Ming Ming and Manda were there at NamNam as well – such a coincidence! It really helped that I got to rant to the both of them about it – made me feel SO much better talking it out with people who understood. :’) After the harrowing phone call, I tried to get back to the class gathering w happy spirits but it was quite difficult because I had to explain the problem to Amanda Kee (and Sam I think) so I felt q bad for neglecting my class a bit over dinner.

But I managed to push it to the back of my head after awhile so it was back to normal for me YAY. I ordered a sandwich from NamNam and it was rather nice. Better than ST’s noodles definitely hoho. Glad I decided to change my order last minute. After the dinner, we decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. YAY TO ICE CREAM. Met Xihui and Dingkai and his girlfriend there gosh what a small world!! Ordered our ice cream which we enjoyed so much that we ordered another scoop. TEEHEE. Greedy people. We also watched them toss the ice cream around!! Was happy about that because I remember the first time I was there they didn’t do it 😦 The customers GENERALLY couldn’t catch it though so it was quite the waste.

After ice cream we wandered around Orchard Central for a bit until someone had the BRILLIANT idea to explore the rooftop. Underwhelming would be the apt word to describe it. Unimpressed = me. But as usual, EVERYTHING IS FUN W FRIENDS. So even though there was nothing at the rooftop garden, it was still fun wandering around and complaining about how there was nothing to see there HAHA. So Singaporean oh gosh.

Tried to take a couple of photos but the first photo was the best.

First photo yay don't we all look so happy!! <3
First photo yay don’t we all look so happy!! ❤
Selca w belly's skillz
Selca w belly’s skillz
Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

Playnation is not my nation :(

11 May 2014

Omg this one from even longer ago LOL. But nvm la hor better late than never. Anyway this blog functions more like a diary for myself (and my small circle of friends) so I guess as long as I blog about it… at least it’s been recorded heh.

Ming Ming was on exchange from like the end of last year till early May! So once she was back our little OTL group made a date to hang out that Sunday. It’s OTL because if you use your imagination a little, OTL is actually a stick figure that’s kneeling down on all fours. It’s the omg I cannot anymore /dies feeling HAHA. We kinda started the group on LINE (when I first started using it extensively!) the previous semester (year 2 sem 1 for me!) and got closer through our daily complaints to each other HAHA. It’s q nice becos like no matter how upset I am right… Ming will always be more dramatic. And manda is always the nice and calming one, slightly in her own world tho. I fit somewhat in the middle I would think haha. But yes OTL group finally met up on 11 May when Ming was back yay! 😀

We met at 313 and decided to have Sushi Express for lunch because Ming just came back from Toronto and didn’t really wna have Western food anymore. So I suggested Sushi Express I think because I heard that it’s rather affordable. SIGH CLEARLY THERE ARE ALWAYS TRADE OFFS LA. Because the sushi was… quite average and unimpressive and I guess I didn’t really enjoy my meal. It also wasn’t like mega mega cheap but okay I guess. Probably not going to go back there again boo. Disappointed!

After that we went to Playnation yay! I was rather excited because it was my first time there. I’ve always wanted to go there becos they sponsor camps so often HAHA. High visibility. But I never had the time to go I guess. And yknw what. I think I’m gna stick to board/ card games. Or maybe I just generally suck at games la zzz. Cooking Mama also cannot, Wii Sports also CMI, Raving Rabbits had me almost going mad with frustration. Maybe I didn’t know how to control the thing well idk. BUT SIGH I sucked at it la. Was feeling rather sian because I kept losing. HAHAHA okay I know it sounds like super no sportsmanship. But who doesn’t like to win right!! Especially when it’s just Wii hahaha. Oh but I think I was not that cui at a Mariokart look-alike. I think it was like Sonic the Hedgehog or something. I remember I used to have a Sonic book when I was a kid. Random fact haha but that’s what I always think of when I see Sonic. Anw still prefer playing Mariokart at the arcade because I win before. THREE CHEERS FOR MARIOKART. HAHA.


Had to leave for Mother’s day dinner after that. Oddly though, I honestly cannot recall for the life of OHH I SAVED IT IN GOOGLE CALENDAR. My family went to Sheng Ji (opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. They sell like roasted meats and other types of Chinese food. So glad my dad called to make a reservation because there was quite a queue and angry hungry people. BUT WE JUST WALTZED IN LIKE A BOSS HAHA YAY.

The food was not bad I think, like typical tze-char kinda food? But with char siew and stuff like that. Quite yummy but better to make reservations if you’re going at night because if not you’ll be one of the hungry angry people in the queue glaring at my family as we waltz in in a carefree manner woohoo.

Playnation is not my nation :(

First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

23 May 2014

Amazing how time flies right omg this happened in the first week of my internship!! And I’m like 3 weeks from ending my internship already wow. I don’t remember how the C-weed outing came about actually because it’s been so long ago already HAHA oops. But yeah the point is that we met up!! Wow. I think C-weed hasn’t had an outing since like forever. Maybe the freshies go out idk, but okay tbh not so close to them LOL. Just recently started to talk more to them because of the camp.

ANYWAY YAY WE WENT TO SWEE CHOON!!! So happy leh now I can truly say I’m a uni student. Seems like such a uni student thing to do lor, go to Swee Choon to have supper LOL. But I wonder why they go there though… it’s not like it’s super accessible by train or bus?! Probably for the food teehee. THE FOOD WAS YUMS!

We ordered a bunch of dimsum hahaha. Had liu sha bao omg SO FABULOUS the golden slightly salted filling in the bao WOW. Plus it’s challenging to eat to not waste a single drop LOL. I didn’t really enjoy the xiao long bao that much. Will pass on that to save tummy space for other things. What else was good hmm. I liked the Century Egg Porridge! But then again I usually like it la and it wasn’t like super duper mindblowingly special. OH AND THE PRAWN AND BANANA FRITTER ALSO GOOD. Taking my daily dose of fruits leh teehee. Egg tarts were not too bad also!

BUT THE FREAKING AMAZING DISH THAT SURPRISED ME WAS… MEE SUA KUEH OMG. Have you even heard of it. They freaking DEEP FRY the mee sua. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT YOU CAN DEEP FRY MEE SUA RIGHT. Then it comes in this amazing unassuming pancake looking thing. WA. So impressed hahaha. Oh I also liked the char siew sou. Yums 😀 😀

So as you can tell I was v happy w my meal hahaha. But we got a bit overexcited during the meal then ordered too much so Agnes had to pack some food back. BUT IT WAS GOOD. Hope I get to go back again sometime soon. Oh yeah surprisingly the place wasn’t as packed as I imagined. I think in my head I was imagining it to be like some place in Hong Kong w super packed tables and little space to move. It was sortaaa like that but definitely not to the extent of the Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong. That one is like the highest level man hahaha.

After that we walked to City Square and had Swensens woohoo. Finally we spent the voucher that C-weed won at CNM camp last year. It’s been almost exactly a year already wow! Means I’ve known my fave bunch of uni friends for two years already aww 😀 😀

Took a photos and that concluded our night out! It was of course, really love to see my NM buddies again plus it was a nice way to end my first week at work with familiarity and laughter w them. We really should hang out more often 😦



One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! :)
One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! 🙂
First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

Jacq’s birthday dinner

5 April 2014: Pitch It closing ceremony, Jacq’s birthday dinner

08 hasn’t really had a class thing for quiteeee some time really. I guess we all kinda drifted a bit slightly, all too busy with our own lives now. It’s a bit sad but it’s kinda like part and parcel of life also? But it was Jacq’s bday on 3 April so Belly asked if we were free to have dinner together on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. I didn’t reaaaallllyyyy feel like going becos PJ and ST were both not going. But it’s Jacq’s birthday dinner after all. And while I’m not as close to the rest as I am to PJ and ST, I can’t just not go right! After all we’re still good friends. So I thought to myself, WWSTD? (What Would ST Do?) and decided that ST would most likely go for it so I decided to go.

It was quite a tiring day tho. I had Pitch It’s closing ceremony in the morning. WHICH THANKFULLY RAN QUITE SMOOTHLY. I’m so freaking glad it’s over haha. Largest event we had to organise. While it wasn’t quite on the scale I envisioned, it was not too bad given the circumstances so I guess I’m quite happy about it 😀 After the closing ceremony, I had lunch w Alicia, Alvin and Corrine at Hwangsiesss. Yummy Hwangs I love it hahaha.

Went home after that for a short while then had to go out for dinner already. It was a bit lame becos dinner was at Star Vista which is like how near school right. But I wasn’t prepared to stay in school for so long so I wasted time travelling back and forth. School -> home -> near school. /smh sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing hahaha.

We decided to have Nando’s for dinner YAY. I’ve been wanting to eat Nando’s for awhile but no opportunity. But then because our group was so big, we waited quiteee long for a seat. By then we were getting q annoyed and like urgh the service sucks. But yknw how you’ve already spent so long queuing, you don’t wna waste time going somewhere else and waiting for another place? So we just waited. And waited. And waited. Urgh was excruciating. And we were getting ratherrr hungry.

But we kinda caught up and talked a lot while we waited so it wasn’t too bad. Oh yes, in attendance was: Jacq (of course), Belly (of course), Joisy, Meiyi, Jianyi, Jason and me! Kinda a large group so it took awhile to seat us sigh.

Dinner was not baddd. I liked the food hahaha but I think the rest thought it wasn’t worth the wait + not worth the terrible service. It felt more like self-service 90% of the time. And asking for refills for the water took really long. Inefficient service ttm.

Payment took really long as well. But anw we went to Marble Slab finally after we paid and bought umm two tubs of ice cream I think. Jason and Meiyi and Jois (was it? I don’t even remember) procured a candle from somewhere AND YAY BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM TUB HAHA. The ice cream was yummy.

I had to leave soon after that because I had to rush home for an online project meeting boo. But all is well because we did well for that project HAHA. So proud of ourselves rly. 😛

But yes it was a fun day! 😀 Glad I got to meet 08 and hang out w them lovelies for awhile – a reminder of happy JC days 🙂 I’m so lucky I was sorted in to a class w such fun-loving, happy and talented people.

Jacq’s birthday dinner