Life in Y4S1 Week 12-14

consists of

  • 3 presentations
  • two 4am nights before presentations
  • one 3k words essay written in the course of 4 days
  • two group project papers due on the same day
  • one group project paper due on the same day as a presentation
  • editing and re-editing 1.3k word essay
  • skimming through abstracts of research papers
  • ctrl+f every document – who has time to read the entire thing?!
  • trying to make own research relevant and important in the oceans of similar research papers
  • trying to sound more intelligent than i really am
  • watching dramas to reward myself for every idk, one paragraph?

but it hasn’t been all doom and gloom thanks to the amazing people in life hehe.

will update proper about these exciting times after I complete my group reports and kill the ants that are crawling on my laptop and on the table omg /shudder/

Life in Y4S1 Week 12-14

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