Heart’s Desires

Here’s my bucket list of sorts. It’s not really a list of things I have to do before I die, more like a list of things I would really like to do before I get too old to do it / before I get bogged down by real life.

  • to travel overseas with friends
  • to go to Europe and do all the touristy things
  • to go for a exchange programme (SEP!)
  • to go to every Disneyland in the world ^^ (except HKG maybe)
  • to go to USS
  • to go to Adventure Cove
  • to go to Korea
  • to learn a style of dance other than ballet 
  • to learn a new language
  • to take my G6, 7 and 8 ballet exams
  • to play at least one more competitive Scrabble game
  • to learn how to play a song on the guitar
  • to read The Perks of Being A Wallflower 
  • to graduate w Honours from University
  • to eat Paddlepop
  • to drink Butterbeer 😦
  • to bake a carrot cake
  • to bake something from scratch
  • to go for a K-pop concert
  • to chase some celebrity hahaha
  • to perform in a dance concert again
  • to take hot air balloon
  • to go for a fan signing
  • to go ice skating w my friends 
  • to go clubbing, at least once! 
  • to see Song Joong Ki irl

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