Last day at work

And everything’s back to normal. -.- So much for being incredibly busy the past few days!! I now have nothing to do and probably will have nothing to do for the rest of the day. So I’m back there on WordPress composing my third post of the day. It must be a record or something.

Okay so about work. I’ve been here for the past 2.5 months, since 16 Jan so it’s really almost exactly 2.5 months. How cool is that. Time passed really really fast, I can still remember our first day quite clearly. Actually I quite like this job. Because if I ignore the guilt, I’ve spent at least half of my time here in a rather unproductive manner.

Sure there were rather busy/good times. Here’s what I can remember.

1. Was sent to a client’s office to do filing. It was okay actually, the office was in Wheelock – SO much nearer to Bishan, especially when you factor in the morning rush hour, it made a lot of difference. Filing was incredibly boring. Especially at first because I was so confused at their system and unsure about how they wanted me to do it ): But I gradually got the hang of it so it was all right. The lady there was quite nice also but I longed to go back to Raffles Place because it was so lonely there.

2. I learnt how to do CPF calculation! Because one of the tasks was something about Childcare CPF, so I had to calculate for some people. I learnt that employees have to contribute 20% and employers 16%. It increased in Sept 2011. Employers’ contribution was 15.5% from Mar to Aug 2011 and 15% from before Feb 2011. I feel so intelligent HAHA.

3. I tore pay slips. It’s actually quite fun. Mind numbing and mechanical also. I felt a bit like a factory worker.

4. I checked a lot of forms. That’s one of the not so fun things I think. I HATED checking. Because the numbers were so small and my brain takes a while to match the numbers sigh. Slow brain.

5. I printed THOUSANDS of pages. I really really think it’s thousands, not exaggerating. You can ask PJ. I also got scarred by the experience. Okay exaggeration. I merely got two paper cuts from the entire exercise. It took really long to print though.

6. I prepared payment vouchers! One of my favourite tasks HAHA. Because it was really easy and it FELT like I was doing something relatively important.

7. I did a lot of data entry. For the past few days only actually. I entered almost 2000 records into the system. WAY proud of myself for finishing the mountain of records. It was 200+ records each MONTH. So yes, do the maths!

8. I logged on to the NS portal and did the make up pay claims from MINDEF! Quite cool, it’s like non-admin work, they asked me to do it because the person was on MC!  

9. I printed labels. HATE PRINTING LABELS. Because I need to figure out how the blank labels should be put, figure out if the labels in the Excel document will correspond to the labels when printed and rush to print so that other people won’t print on my blank labels.

I can’t really remember what else at the moment. Okay because I’ve had a lot of free time, I have also accomplished many OTHER not work related things.

Here is another list:

1. I fell in love in One Direction. This has got to be the BIGGEST thing that has happened to me since work started. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in love (sigh) with them for less than 2.5 months. And I really don’t know where all this love for them is coming from!! It’s like they have this ability to make me happy INSTANTLY.

2. I learnt more functions for Excel. Like hiding columns and setting the print area and all that! So glad I learnt something new. 🙂

3. I created a One Direction tumblr. Slightly embarrassed by it but WHATEVER. I really haven’t been such a hugeee fangirl before. This is new – even for me! Okay maybe I’ve been this huge a fangirl before, just in different ways because of the evolution of technology. HAHA.

4. I wrote two drabbles (One Direction related). It’s quite a big thing for me because I kinda never expected myself to write fiction again after two years of not writing. I completely stopped in JC ): WHAT HAPPENED TO OY HAHAHA. (Addressed to ST)

5. I read the news almost every day. Yahoo news that is. The articles there are kinda interesting! So yup not bad a read and at least I’m staying A BIT current.


7. OH YES. I also created this WordPress which only two other people know about. Talk about being private -.- HAHA. The exhibitionist in me (because I realised that yes actually I’m quite attention seeking online I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ME IS THAT WRONG 😥 ) is tempted to put the URL on Twitter where I know people will be able to stalk me. BUT no. There was a reason why I removed my livejournal URL from Twitter and there was a reason why I switched to WordPress. (Tried to be mysterious by not revealing the reason. I cannot. I switched because I wanted to post somewhere where only the people whom I thought wouldn’t judge me could see – see how I boost your egos!!)

8. I also researched about Universities! It wasn’t a very fruitful research actually. I only managed to find out about the NTU Communications school. No conclusion was reached. (I REALISE I LIKE SPEAKING LIKE A VERY INTELLIGENT PERSON. Like a. Because I’m not. LESIGH)

I also did many other things which were too insignificant to be put in the list so that’s all.


Because I’m on such a roll I shall make another list. Here’s a list of people who were nice to me during these few months, people whom I’ll probably never see again for the rest of my life. Also included in the list are incidents/encounters there were funny.

1. Jolyn
She’s the manager who I go to when I have nothing to do. Strangely enough, we never acknowledge each other when we meet at a place not at my desk or not at her desk. But she seems like quite a nice person I do like her! OH YES. She once sent me on an errand to deliver oranges to someone during the CNY period.

2. Serene
is the senior manager who introduced me to everyone on my first day of work. IT IS VERY STRANGE because I have not spoken to her since then. I think she’s very scary.

3. The DBS team
consists of three people. I work most with Xiao Jing (which I have found out, is NOT her real name). PJ and I call her Xiao Jing Ling (XJL). She’s one of my favourite people in office! I like her the best. She laughs at things I don’t think is very funny. And she’s rather nice to me. So yes I like her! I remember once she asked me how to spell liaison, I was very impressed because she 不耻下问! (I had to use my BB to check but not relevant) We call her XJL because she has this ability to magic work for me to do. The other two girls are very nice too! XJL and another girl treated me and PJ to lunch this week. Yummy Korean bibim bap! 😀 XJL is also the one who brings me to Loyang.

4. Irina
I like her too! She’s Thai I think. I remember she laughed at my handwriting. Maybe she was impressed by how good it looks. Or not. Okay the story is that back at the client’s place in Wheelock, the lady there asked me to write out all the payments’ details on a piece of paper because they couldn’t magic out a laptop for me (no XJL there!) Having not written for a rather long time, my handwriting was understandably.. funky. Whatever, it was legible. So anyway, I scanned it and sent it to Irina. Back at office, I noticed that she had the paper! So being myself, I exclaimed ‘Oh I wrote that!!’ And she said something like ‘So it was written by you??’ AND SHE PROCEEDED TO LAUGH. I have no idea what was so funny about it.
Nevertheless, she is a really nice person! Funny too and she acknowledges my presence so plus point to her.

5. Dennis
AKA KC Tan because he looks like KC Tan. He’s quite nice I guess, also acknowledges me and PJ.

6. My aunt
who got us the job! She’s very nice and gives us food and treated us to lunch ^^

7. MR XJL.
Read as ‘Mister Xiao Jing Ling’. I still don’t know his real name. He gives off the Andrew vibes and has gravity defying hair. It looks like he puts in a lot of effort to make it look casually mussed. It looks like a bird nest. OKAY I’M SORRY I SOUND SO MEAN. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. He’s named Mr XJL because he has this magical ability to appear at the lift lobby before PJ and I even though we THOUGHT he was behind us.

8. Natasha
She’s rather nice! And she’s shorter than me. NOT RELEVANT TO HER PERSONALITY. But I really think she’s quite a nice person. She also gives me work to do.

9. Su
AKA Octopus. She’s the one who gives PJ work to do but she’s still really nice to me!! She’s funny too ^^ One of my favourite people here. 🙂

10. Winnie
I don’t really have any interactions with her except for the time I was doing the data entry work because it was kind of related to her team, I don’t know. OH YES I REMEMBER MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH HER HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She was rather scary. They needed someone to go to DBS really urgently. And being the MOST idle person in office, the task was allocated to me. She drew me a map to show where DBS was. AND IT IS REALLY A MAP THAT IS VERY … UP TO YOUR OWN INTEPRETATION HAHAHA. I still got there though, so yay to me. But I was very intimidated by her ever since then.
BUT A FEW DAYS AGO SHE GAVE ME A CUP OF YAMI YOGURT WITH CRANBERRIES I DON’T KNOW WHY. I was extremely surprised. I’m thinking that maybe I remind her of her daughter or something, why else would she be so nice to me.

11. Iris
PJ is very bad to her, she calls her VG. I try very hard not to call her that because I like her! She’s one of the nicest to me and I think she’s quite cute. She’s the one who taught me how to do the CPF calculations! I think she’s quite young also, probably in her early twenties. Also, SHE GAVE ME A BOX OF CHOCOLATES. Which is extremely awkward because I had planned to give her TWO chocolates omg. What do I do now.
Iris also likes to smile at me when we walk past each other.

12. Two guys who speak Cantonese and can be found in the pantry after/during lunch
I really don’t know how else to refer to them. PJ and I have NO interactions with them whatsoever, it’s just that they keep appearing so yeah.

13. The two other temp staff – Charlene and Ryan.
Also no longer talk to them except for hi and bye. Had lunch with them once but it was so incredibly awkwardz that we never initiated it again despite meeting each other while going out for lunch several times. We suspect they have something going on.

Okay I think there nobody else already. I notice that this has been my longest post here EVER. (2003 words if you stop the word count at ‘ever’)


Last day at work

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