Bringing Vlaggemanstraat to CLB

In a quite unplanned moment, we were reunited in the library and I was a v happy girl :’) I dont think the three of us would go out together so v happy to have this little catch up session that happened so unexpectedly.

Bringing Vlaggemanstraat to CLB

Y3S1 Week 12 in pictures

Looking back, I realise that I had a rather eventful Week 12. Presenting some highlights of my week in photos. Clearly I’ve come to regret my having fun in the mad rush of things sigh.


SSA friends and Suchen Christine Lim
SSA friends and Suchen Christine Lim
Some 'freshies' - hahaha kidding. SSA friends!
Some ‘freshies’ – hahaha kidding. SSA friends!

Had an author’s visit from Suchen Christine Lim during SSA lecture this week. Must confess that I haven’t read her novel oops. But she’s really nice and v cute. Plus she’s Cantonese (and v proud of it) woohoo.


Birthday fairies
Birthday fairies

Had Hwangsies for lunch w my beloved birthday fairies. One hour w them is better than none at all! Glad to hear from Jianyi and my beloved PJDJ both of whom I haven’t seen irl for ages. Love you guys 🙂

Popo out of ICU and recovering :)
Popo out of ICU and recovering 🙂

Popo had her bypass surgery last Thursday. Aside from a scare on Thursday night and a number of slightly abnormal incidents of her heart rate going terribly high, she’s becoming the popo I know again! The one who complains a lot, makes me laugh, agrees w me when I say I’m pretty, etc etc heh. 🙂

Dinner at Auntie Kim's - Ginseng chicken soup and Bibimbap
Dinner at Auntie Kim’s – Ginseng chicken soup and Bibimbap

Auntie Kim’s for dinner! I rly love (some) types of Korean food haha. We had the seafood pancake as well which is rly a MUST ORDER when you eat at Auntie Kim’s. Too excited to eat that so I forgot to take a picture. But here’s chicken soup + bibimbap to make you hungry.

Sissy and I look more alike than we think
Sissy and I look more alike than we think

Took a picture w sissy while waiting for the food. But the lighting was so orangey so here’s a B&W photo instead. Aside from our eyes… I really think we look rather alike here.

Thursday – Happy birthday Corrine!

Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend :)
Proud as a peacock (feather) to call a person like Ming my friend 🙂

Oops using this photo again! Hahaha but since I’m documenting my week in pictures, might as well have this here right? Matchy tops w Ming by coincidence!

Club concuss at full strength to celebrate Corrine's 22nd
Club concuss at full strength to celebrate Corrine’s 22nd

Went to Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel (Tanjong Pagar) for dinner. THE SOUP WAS SO SO DELICIOUS O M G. It wins. Really. I don’t remember if I’ve had ramen w soup nicer than this. The first time I tasted the soup… it was like this incredible rush of sensory delight. The ingredients itself weren’t that fancy because I was feeling poor and only had chashu to go with my ramen. But there’s free flow hard boiled eggs and marinated beansprouts!

Then we had Cake Spade for dessert even though we were stuffed. Because you can’t celebrate a birthday without cake right?! We ordered the Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake (which is really a fancier way of calling the Strawberry Jelly Hearts imo) and Speculoos Chocolate Crumble. Both were yummy because the former’s lighter on the palette while the latter’s really rich and delicious too.


Matchy denim shorts w Mel and Corrine
Matchy denim shorts w Mel and Corrine

Then Friday was matchy denim shorts day w Mel and Corrine 🙂 Photo taken by Sam. It was rly funny because we initially asked him to only take a photo of us waist down BUT him being a guy and us being girls… you can imagine that it felt pretty awkz. Hahaha so we decided to just take a normal photo instead.

Rly can’t stand the state of my fringe oh gosh but I can’t decide whether I want to let it go out or cut it hmm.

Okay time to start on reflection paper hope I actually write something this time D:

Y3S1 Week 12 in pictures

Back to school!

So I’m already now starting the third week of school at time of writing. Time really passes super fast when we’re back at school don’t you think!! I can’t believe I’m already a third year :O And this blog has been with me since I started university! Three years of chronicling my life here. Not bad.

Anyway this year is a special year because it’s the year that the guys from ’93 finally join us in university after their 2 year stint serving the nation! So happy that I’m joined by ST really. Going to school together and we even managed to arrange to take a module together. School seems even better now that ST is around as well 😀 Plus now he’ll finally stop doing the annoying quotation marks thing e.g. “The Deck”, “A2”, “mods”. OMG so annoying.

Now I’m going to attempt to sum up my first week of school in photos:

My happy pills
My happy pills

First day of school. ST and I had lunch at deck – Ayam Panggang! – and PJ dropped by to say hi. As usual ST and I met later than the arranged time so we were almost late for the first lecture oops.

Going home w ST after school: Checked!
Going home w ST after school: Checked!

Went back to school on Wednesday because I had to decorate the Student Life Fair booth. Just nice my go home time coincided with ST’s so I could give him a lift home yay! 😀

FREE ice cream
FREE ice cream

Dropped by the Student Life Fair on Thursday with Melissa whom I befriended because she joined the CNMFOC committee. Happy to have made a new friend like that 🙂 We queued for the free ice cream and the goodie bag and made our rounds to check out the booths at the SLF! It was quite interesting. I was also really happy to see Jefferson, Jie Xiang and Dick Hong at the fair and caught up with them for awhile during the fair.

Brown and Cony!
Brown and Cony!
Brown, Chinzgu, me and Cony :D
Brown, Chinzgu, me and Cony 😀

On Friday AKA the last day of SLF, I met Chinz and we took photos with the super adorable LINE characters. So apt that we took photos w the characters because it’s what we use primarily to communicate 😀 Chinz is my sorta new friend whom I made last sem. We bonded over our mutual love for Do Min Joon and My Love From Another Star heh. The bonding power of Kpop.

3rd gen blue OG of CNM Camp :')
3rd gen blue OG of CNM Camp :’)
Seniors at Cerlocks' gathering
Seniors at Cerlocks’ gathering
Some of the seniors at the gathering
Seniors at the gathering
Rly nice photo of Agnes and I
Rly nice photo of Agnes and I

The 2014 batch of blue OG of CNM Camp was nice enough to invite some seniors for their steamboat gathering :’) So touched eh! While we didn’t interact with the freshies much, it was so incredibly lovely to see the lovely lovely people I befriended because of CNM camp / CNM Society. I had a great time that night really.

– End of my first week! 😀 Will update about Week 2 which was also quite eventful soon yay –

Back to school!


tumblr_mm7f6ucxQi1qb5rxfo1_500 tumblr_mm7f6ucxQi1qb5rxfo2_500

I was looking through what I Liked on Tumblr and I scrolled down to this and…

I couldn’t stop looking at it. FLAMING CHARISMAAAAAAA. /starryeyed SO HANDSOME.

Edit: Just saw THIS POST detailing nine reasons to love Minho. GO SEE IT. All the gifs o m g ♥ ♥

Edit (2): I feel ridiculously happy that it’s Minho’s face I see once I click into my blog. EXPECT NO UPDATES FOR AWHILE BECAUSE I WNA KEEP HIS FACE HERE. Hahaha I kid. But honestly… the admiration I have for my biases’ faces worries me sometimes.



I haven’t been updating because I’ve been super mega busy trying to revise for my South Asian midterms. BUT I BREAK THE SHORT HIATUS BY SAYING


Have been watching Running Man recently and I really could not have picked a worst time this year to start -.- FINALS APPROACHING AND HERE I AM GOING INTO FANGIRL MODE.

I just watched the episode on the cruise (ep 18) and KYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE’S SO ADORABLE. His confession to Ji Hyo omo I want also I want I want I want HAHAHAHA.

I’m actually a coward
When I watch horrow movies I don’t have the courage to open my eyes
If I got to a high place my legs will shake
But for me, the scariest thing is when I cannot see you.

I know the lines are kinda cheesy BUT I like okay so it doesn’t matter. PLUS HE SAID THEM WITH SUCH BASHFUL SINCERITY /HEARTMELTS

Plus imagine this handsome face saying those lines

How can anyone (obv besides the Monday couple) resist this omg. I know he’s an actor blahblahblah he’s just acting BUT STILL. Okay okay okay I know I need to control myself.

Episode 15 was also nice how he tried to woo Ji Hyo (she is SUCH a lucky girl) but omg why couldn’t they do such awesome segments when Nichkhun was there also it’d be an ALL KILL.

Did I say episode 15 was nice.

Because on second thoughts (and reflections on my reaction), it was waaaaaayyyyyyyyy more than nice HAHAHAHA. It was so freaking swoon-worthy and he really really suits the role of the shy junior okay WHAT AN ADORABLE CONFESSION and okay la his tricks were v predictable and sort of old-fashioned hahahaha but again I remind you, the effects would not be the same if… Suk Jin did it. (Sorry)

Having said all that tho, if someone did that to me in real life (before I watched this of course) I’d like to think I’d squeal and jump into the person’s arms. But truthfully I don’t think so because it also depends on how much I like the person and how awkward it is because I think situations like that are usually nice to watch and kind of awkward to be part of.

BUT I WOULDN’T MIND IF SJK DID THAT TO ME THO HAHAHAHAHA IF THAT’S THE CASE I WOULD … I can’t even express how ecstatic I’d be. Teehee.

Ending off with an adorable gif

hello qt 🙂

and a promise to properly update after Friday.