Sassy Go Go: High school drama surprise

I must say first off that I was probably already predisposed to liking Sassy Go Go. Reasons why are as follows:

  • Eunji! In another high school drama! SOLD.
  • I tend to quite like high school dramas
  • Ji Soo. JI SOOOOOOO. (Okay but to be completely honest, Sassy Go Go was the first drama I saw him in. BUT WHAT’S THERE NOT TO LOVE?)
  • Lee Won-guen has the crinkliest, cutest, “I’m intelligent and you are cute” eye smile
  • Eunji! High school drama!

But there were several things about the drama that I found a bit embarrassing initially. First of all the title – what is “Sassy Go Go”?! The English title of the drama is Cheer Up. EITHER WAY it sounds super cheesy?? Especially Sassy Go Go LOL. I remember feeling a bit reluctant in telling people the title of the show heh.

Another issue was the plot synopsis. Like huh okay dance club = losers. Cheerleading club created by combining the dance club + elites of the school? Also elites of school are those who study v well omg what kind of universe is this. I couldn’t really get it. Since when did nerds rule the school!? It’s always the good looking ones / the artistic ones / the athletic ones etc. This was some weird universe man.  Also what’s with cheerleaders? I’ve never rly heard of cheerleaders in a K-drama. Music and dance definitely yes but cheer?? Err.. okay.

I wonder if people didn’t give a chance to this drama because of the above reasons, like I read that the ratings for the drama were quite low? But IT IS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA. FOR REAL. FROM AN UNBIASED STANDPOINT. It’s such a waste that it didn’t get the recognition it deserves. And the drama was rly carried by Eunji and the other young actors sigh is that why also? Because people just label it as an idol drama? :/ SAD.

Even the poster looks cheesy omg

Okay now about the drama. To be honest… I finished it about two weeks ago? So I don’t remember it as clearly as I would like to (goldfish memory sigh). First off a plot synopsis which I think more accurately conveys the story of Sassy Go Go:

Sassy Go Go centres around Kang Yeon-doo (played by Jung Eunji) and her friends. We are first introduced to her and her band of merrymakers in the dance club, Real King and we learn that the whole club are the people who are at the bottom of the food chain in their school, Sevit High, because they are literally ranked the lowest (in terms of academic scores). Their school is practically run by the rich kids’ parents who are able to manipulate the principal (because money always calls the shots in these dramas). The parents are obsessed with their kids’ grades and with having their children enter prestigious universities – especially Kwon Soo-ah’s (Chae Soo-bin) mother who has lots of money and thus influence in the school. The school shuts down Real King because anyway the members are losers in the school and provide no value AND they even *gasp* dare to disturb the members of Baek Ho (a cheerleading club, but only in name because the members are the elite students who basically only meet to… study. Together. In silence. At their own desks.) with their loud music.

Obviously these two clubs clash (because the school has no other clubs yknw even tho there are other students). The plot point used to drive the drama is that Soo-ah’s mum decides that she needs to build her ‘specs’ and thus the school has to make their students cheerlead (Baek Ho becomes a cheerleading club for reals) and win a competition so that Soo-ah gets to build her specs. The story then continues to explore how the students of the two clubs (on the different ends of the school hierarchy) become friends as the line between the two dissolve as they work towards a common goal with supportive teachers (ALWAYS A MUST IN HIGH SCHOOL DRAMAS). Along the way, Yeon-doo also starts to form a closer bond w Kim Yeol (Lee Won-guen) and Seo Ha-joon (Ji Soo). SO WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S GNA HAPPEN RIGHT. But remember she also has a childhood friend in Ha Dong-jae (Cha Hak-yeon). Just enjoy the ride of confusion as your heart gets pulled in multiple directions.

Wow I think that’s the longest plot synopsis of any drama that I have written. Okay now as usual, here’s what I rly liked about the show:

Disclaimer: I will try to indicate spoilers as and when I accidentally on purpose include them, but no guarantees. So read at your own risk if you haven’t watched the drama and are intending to (which I strongly encourage. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS). 

I thought it was the friendship and the rapport that the actors have with each other that really carried this drama. I really enjoyed seeing the friendship in the drama. Kinda like the friendship that I enjoyed in Reply 1997. But different ofc. Reply featured a whole group of childhood friends who grew up together. Sassy Go Go has a group of people slowly becoming friends and defending and protecting each other. We get to see how their friendship develops and how there no longer is any line between those who can study and does who cannot. They even start to help each other in their studies aww. Eunji really also makes things v comfortable for everyone – I wonder if I like it so much because her character here is in some ways similar to her character in Reply? Both are really loyal to their friends and follow their heart.

(childhood) FRIENDSHIP!

I feel that the drama also explores what it means to be a student today. Should we be grades-obsessed and merely work hard to get into a good university? Is it the only thing that matters? The drama seems to point towards no, but you can make your own conclusions. What I took from the drama was the chance to reflect on my own experience. The drama talks of specs building, and in Singapore, students do something similar where they join activities just to build up their resume. The drama poses the question of whether we give up our happiness now just for the chance of happiness in future? It questions the logic of working hard now and totally neglecting play so that we will be happy in future. I personally think there can be a balance. Of course the drama presents the extreme of the Baek Ho kids who just study without enjoying themselves. Gradually the kids start to learn how to let go and become 18 year olds themselves which is the message Sassy Go Go is sending I guess?

Another thing that I enjoyed in the drama was the juxtaposition of familial love. Yeon-doo gets the loving mum, Ha-joon and Kim Yeol get the misguided dads and Soo-ah gets the grades-obsessed mum. (Oh wow just realised that the drama feature more of a single parent thing over a set) We see how the parents’ behaviour (and expectations) affect the way the kids behave in school and how they interact with other people.




I really liked how Yeon-doo’s mum treated her daughter with respect and put her first for everything. Her love for her daughter was manifest through kind words and displays of affection. In contrast, Kim Yeol’s dad truly loved his son but didn’t know how to show it. His distance from Kim Yeol as the he grew up caused a rift between father and son which made their relationship very awkward as Kim Yeol grew older. Don’t even need to mention Ha-joon’s freaking ABUSIVE FATHER WTHHH. Omg my heart BLEEDS FOR YOU HAJOONIE. And Soo-ah’s mum. Goes to show that abuse isn’t just physical. The mental torture and pressure that Soo-ah is under from her mum doesn’t justify the horrible HORRIBLE evil things that she did but it helps to explain it somewhat.

AND OK I KNOW YOU MUST BE LIKE WHY HAS PUISAN NOT MENTIONED THIS. I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT AND PROUDLY SAY IN CAPS THAT I LOVE THE LOVELINES IN THE DRAMA. And Ji soo. I loved Ji soo as Ha-joon SO MUCH in the drama. At first I was really rooting for the Yeon-doo/ Kim Yeol couple. Then I was very confused as to where the lovelines were drawn. Was it gna be a Yeon-doo/ Kim Yeol/Ha-joon loveline? Or was it going to be Yeon-doo/ Kim Yeol/Dong-jae? BUT WHY IS HA-JOON LINKED TO SOO-AH NOW?? Oh wait now Soo-ah is friendly with Dong-jae with the frequent encounters OMG WHAT IS GOING ON. I was so so confused with the lovelines. But they settled on the key love triangle in the drama like halfway through phew. THEN I STARTED TO BE V TORN. NOW DO I WANT KIM YEOL OR HA-JOON??? But it was pretty obvious that Kim Yeol was gna end up with Yeon-doo. CONFIRM. Plus she has feelings for him!

So now the problem is how are they going to deal with Ha-joon and his broken heart. MY POOR FRAGILE HAJOON I WILL LOVE YOU COME TO MEEEEE. To add to the issue, Ha-joon and Kim Yeol are BFFFFFFF T.T DON’T WRECK THEIR FRIENDSHIP OVER A GIRL. THIS DRAMA IS NOT GNA PULL A NOBLE SACRIFICE-LOVE-FOR-BROTHERHOOD-BUT-IN-THE-END-LOVE-WILL-PREVAIL PLOTLINE ON ME. Plus they only got 12 episodes lol not enough time to do it. Also at the same time YEON-DOO CANNOT BE ALONE. But I legit didn’t know what I wanted from the drama hahaha. BUT ULTIMATELY I thought the drama handled it really well –

After all, the main point was for Ha-joon to be able to start caring and loving someone. For him to start living his life as he should rather than just breathing and passing time and staying alive. And Yeon-doo gave him that. She gave him a reason to smile, to want to protect someone OMG AND TO SMILE LA BASICALLY. He was so so incredibly happy even to be punished because it was with Yeon-doo.

DON’T LET THIS GET WRECKED BY ROMANCE. Look at the happy smile :’)
Punished for sneaking out?
It’s ok becos he was w Yeon-doo and now he has a photo w her 🙂

(Above images credited to this drama recap)

My favourite part of the last episode is how they showed how Ha-joon has made his peace with Yeon-doo and Kim Yeol dating and the three of them have found some sort of equilibrium. It doesn’t seem awkward and they’re happy so I’m happy ^^

But I did find the last episode quite rushed. Too many things had to happen in that last episode which I thought ended the drama on a waaayyyy too hurried note. I felt that I couldn’t properly emphasise with Ha-joon’s character development (in how he finally stood up to his dad) for example. (Only giving that as an eg becos I cannot recall the rest LOL). The saving grace of the last episode is the epilogue depicting how the characters are now – how their friendship continues and how familial ties are slowly being rebuilt and strengthened. Without the epilogue I would have been quite thoroughly disappointed 😦


It’s probably quite clear from my above review as to who stole my heart in the drama. It’s not to say that I don’t like the main couple in the drama of course. What’s there not to love? I enjoyed how they complemented each other and how they changed each other for the better, providing a balance to the other’s more extreme personality. Eunji really shines in these roles. Lee Won-guen also omg MORE CRINKLY EYE SMILES. MORE. I love the way he cherishes her and recognises her for her potential. What starts off as a mild interest in this strange, different girl blossoms into care and concern and finally love :’)

All in all, the drama really surprised me. I didn’t expect myself to enjoy it as much as I did. I honestly would smile to myself as I watched it and it was so so torturous waiting each week for the episodes to come out and for subbers to English sub it sigh. Once again really grateful to people who sub K-dramas.  So if you’re looking for a drama to while your time away, this drama only takes 12h to finish. WATCH IT NAAAOOOOO. Then you can message me as you watch it so I can relive the beautiful moments in this drama hehe.

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Sassy Go Go: High school drama surprise

Angry Mom

I started watching Angry Mom because of Ji Soo actually. I was watching Sassy, Go Go and noticed him (as well as Lee Won-geun but he didn’t really act in any other dramas that I thought I would be interested in :/ ) so I decided to check out Angry Mom. So I guess you could say I was predisposed to already favour his character? But I must say that the character he plays in the drama is rly v appealing to girls (hello, emotionally damaged bad boy w a cute smile?! What’s there not to love?) so I’m sure that even if I wasn’t primed to like him, I probably would still have fallen for his character.

Bonus digression picture of the bromance in Sassy, Go Go:

 photo nuns3.jpg
cr to Koala’s playground

Anyway. Angry Mom.

Doesn’t the logo look a lot like some cooking mama logo??

The basic storyline is that Jo Gang-ja’s (played by Kim Hee-sun) daughter was being bullied in school because of her connection and friendship to a student who was outcast by the rest of the school. So the title of the drama is immediately obvious haha. She gets into protective lioness mode and decides to infiltrate her daughter’s high school to find out who was behind the bullying. And in doing so, she discovers that the bullying is a mere small manifestation of much more devious going-ons in the school.

I imagine the conversation that happened before they decided with the title to be quite amusing:

A: So what should we name our drama??
B: How about Mom goes to school?
A: Can you not be so obvious?!
B: How about Schooling Mom?
A: pls can u not.
C: Omg how about Angry Mom???

Seriously though hahaha. It’s such a simple title but I think it rly encapsulates the essence of the drama? The whole series was basically carried by Kim Hee-sun for me. She’s the moving force of the whole drama, the catalyst to change in the Angry Mom world. But ofc it’s not just one Angry Mom. She rallied other Angry Moms to bring down the corrupted officials and woohoo.

What I liked about the drama is that even though it deals with corruption in the government, it lightens things up with the whole undercover mom in school thing. There are also running gags (eg the eggs breaking?? didn’t really notice the significance but it was there. Also Han Gong-joo and her minions were hilarious) that kept things light and kept me interested. I’ve never been one for the dark and heavy, political dramas (hence the reason I gave up on Pride and Prejudice) so I really appreciated the funny in Angry Mom.

I was quite hesitant about starting the drama though because I suspected that it would be a bit similar to School 2013 in how there isn’t a loveline (which I rly need la to FILL THE LACK OF LOVELINE IN MY OWN LIFE). And as it turns out, there wasn’t really a loveline sigh. But there was one-sided love on the part of Go Bok-dong (the role that Ji soo plays) for the main character and THAT WAS ALL TO SUSTAIN ME SIGH.

Super cute tho the scenes where he started falling for her then realising that she’s like what, 16 years older than him? LOL. And he’s all like OMG DIES I FELL FOR AN AHJUMMA. But he’s so adorable!! I loved watching him try to protect her even though she’s older and how he acted all tough and stuff hehe.

Look at him getting all worked up by himself

Just gna squeal about him a bit more because omg ISN’T HE ADORABLE HAHAHA. Like a little puppy tryna protect his owner against like a bulldog or smth hahaha. Totally out of his depth but he still tries. WHICH I SO LOVE!! It’s so cute when they get all flustered on their own. Also, he somehow reminds me of Bobby so it’s a plus there hahaha. He even has that whole ‘actually a good guy but circumstances made him bad, he just needs someone to love him’ thing going on. Sigh. MORE OF HIM PLEASE.

Anyway. The drama involves the main character bringing down corrupted politicians. The thing about dramas that involve corrupted politicians is that it tends to get very tangled. All the old men who hate on each other but work together and have secret vaults omg can you please. It requires too much cognitive effort for me to remember who’s who and how they’re connected and who hates who and who’s the illegitimate son of who etc. SO TIRING. I watch a drama to escape from life guys, not to make my life more complicated!! So I usually give up on those dramas because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

So I really appreciated that the bad guys in Angry Moms were not thaaat difficult to differentiate. Also they established their links a bit more obviously. Also it was interesting how it wasn’t like all bad guys weren’t totally one-dimensional? They were given backstories and I guess we could kinda see from their point-of-view. Of course there were some one-dimensional bad guys who were rotten to the core boo. SUCKS TO YOU!

I get that it might be q unbelievable that one woman can be the downfall of (at least a part of) a corrupted system. But I think that’s the main point of the drama? Don’t poke the sleeping lion AKA don’t mess with children because they’ve got their parents behind them. Which is really sweet to me.

Bullying in high school isn’t something that I can relate with very well. I think what makes the drama so awesome is the familial and the friendship love that it features. Bullying and corrupted politicians are put to a stop thanks to love which is super touching don’t you think?And it’s not the guy swooping in to save the day but the mum. Who can’t relate to that?!

One gripe I have about the drama is the Jo Kang-ja’s husband’s character was quite the one-dimensional one. His story wasn’t really developed and if anything, he seemed more like a plot device. All he did was try to stop her from going to school, and do his job (aka unknowingly working for the bad guys because his character is a bit dim like that). The way he kept bringing up divorce was a bit incongruent with the idea that he loves his wife a lot (something that the drama tried to portray once in awhile). He really seemed like a non-entity for me so I kinda expected them to break up? But nope. So that part was a bit weird for me.

Other than that though, I think Angry Mom is really one of the dramas I’ve really enjoyed without an obvious loveline which is awesome hehe. Episode 15 was so so tragic and sad for me, I really liked it. One of my favourite parts of a dramas is watching the characters (who previously hated each other) band together and fight a force larger than them. It’s rly vv touching to see :’) Ep 15 really played the whole tragedy part v well + it was q sensitive about it I thought. So yep really enjoyed it. Plus the scenes of Ji Soo hehe. Looking forward to seeing more of him in Sassy, Go Go ^^

Final picture of Ji Soo to end the post:

Angry Mom

OMG, got my heart stolen hehe

Cheesy as cheese title of blog post but it rly expresses how I feel about Oh My Ghostess. Can’t believe my journey with Na Bong Sun and Chef and Shin Soon Ae is over 😦


I remember reading about the previews/ teasers for the show and I immediately was like OK MUST WATCH. Partly because I rly loved Park Bo Young in A Werewolf Boy and Hot Young Blood and partly because I thought that premise of the show was interesting –

Shy and timid Na Bong Sun (Park Bo-young) gets possessed by Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul-gie), a ghost who believes that the only way of ascending to heaven is to sleep with a man and in the process gets a complete personality makeover. Her sudden chirpy attitude confuses her coworkers in the restaurant she works at, and most of all, it confuses Chef (whose real name doesnt matter. Becos he is just Chef). The ghost realises that he is the “man of vitality” AKA the only man she can sleep with (because rules of the drama/ he is the male lead) so in Bong Sun’s body, she aggressively pursues him. Bong Sun agrees to the ghost possessing her after awhile because luckily enough, she has had a thing for Chef (Jo Jung-suk) since forever. So it all works out! Kinda. Also it’s important to note that Soon Ae died mysteriously because drama is not just about romance yknw.

I was so blown away by Park Bo-young’s acting skills eh really. Prior to this, I’ve only seen her in the two movies I mentioned above. AND RLY. Isn’t she the cutest ever omg so pint sized and adorable rly. Anyway!! The characters she played in the movies were similar in that they were a bit quieter (albeit in different ways). In AWB, she was sickly so already that limits how spirited she can be. In Hot Young Blood, she was the gangster schoolgirl was too cool for school. Which meant we don’t really see any aegyo from her either because what kind of leader of a group of girl gangsters (what do you call them actually? the collective noun I mean. gang of gangsters? gaggle of gangsters??) would show any weakness. SO I THINK. She must have stored up all that aegyo and unleashed it on the unsuspecting audience of Oh My Ghostess.

The thing is, the ghost possession was SO BELIEVABLE. It was great because we saw her as Bong Sun first and we also saw Soon Ae the ghost – two characters who are totally polar opposites in personality. THEN. We saw Park Bo-young acting as Bong Sun possessed by Soon Ae. Give it some time for your head to wrap around that LOL. But IT WAS RLY BELIEVABLE. Like it didn’t feel like Bong Sun suddenly became lively (for us audiences in the know), rather, I honestly felt like Soon Ae was IN Bong Sun. The mannerisms, the way she spoke, etc – everything was reminiscent of the ghost we were introduced to. There was no trace of Bong Sun at all. Park Bo-young was really the star of the show for me.

Ofc PJ would disagree and label Chef and Joon (one of the assistant chefs) as the show-stealers:


All in all, I was really satisfied by the drama. It was great that it wasn’t a straight up romance drama and I really liked how the subplot (is it really counted as a subplot tho.. that’s assuming that I put the romance as the main plot. Ok yes I will assume that) weaved into the main romance of the show. I guess one littleee niggling thing is that they kinda rushed the subplot a bit? I thought that they would get to the mystery solving a lot sooner but in fact the bulk of it happened rather quickly nearing the end of the series? But still, it was a good build up I guess! The drama littered clues for us to figure out the truth, but partly because of that, a lot of it was waiting for what we already knew to happen? NOT THAT IT DETRACTED FROM THE GOODNESS THAT IS THE DRAMA OFC.


1. Chef/ Bong Sun/ Soon Ae’s relationship

There were certain points of the drama that I was rather worried about but I’m SO incredibly glad that the writers somehow pulled everything together and it worked yknw. One of the main concerns I had was when there was this extended period that Soon Ae was possessing Bong Sun. For one, as viewers we would be connecting more with Soon Ae than with Bong Sun – who is supposed to be the main character. I wanted to emphathise with Bong Sun as Bong Sun, not Soon Ae as Bong Sun. More importantly, plot-wise, Chef was falling for Soon Ae!! I remember feeling quite worried that all the instances of him falling in love was with Soon Ae’s actions, her words, etc. WHERE WAS BONG SUN?? I wondered. I was also wondering why Soon Ae didn’t bother filling Bong Sun in whenever she came out of her body – isn’t that the polite thing to do? But okay it worked out.

I was so glad that Bong Sun decided to come clean about Soon Ae possessing her. Her growing unease at how Chef was recalling memories he made with Soon Ae and not her was evident and I thought it was really important that they worked out the issue rather than her letting it slide and pretending that she was the one that made all those memories with Chef. It was rly heartbreaking though, when she realised that Chef wasn’t remembering conversations and dates with her but rather all that with Soon Ae. I was like NUUUUUU BONG SUN 😥 And I remember the scene where she confessed, Chef was left in the cable car and in his shock, he forgets to disembark and the car carries him upwards and away from her. I was rly like THIS IS SO POETIC. I really love scenes like that!!

I remember feeling quite confident that Chef was in love with Bong Sun. My confidence stemmed from how he did like the girl that was conveyed through Bong Sun’s blog (AKA the true her when you strip away all that shyness) and how he was already looking after her in his on brusque way before all the drama (lol pun) happened. But then the extended period of possession came and Chef started a relationship with Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body and I was like OMG NO??? D:

I think Chef realised that he actually still likes Bong Sun and I think the writers tried to lead us to that conclusion as well. Imo it still didn’t feel that convincing. But I kinda suspended my disbelief a bit. I would have liked them to dwell a bit more on Chef’s emotional conflict about which girl he liked but I guess time was running out and we had to focus on the subplot hahaha.

2. Soon Ae

CAN I JUST SAY THAT THIS GIRL IS Q ADORABLE ALSO? Not as adorable as Park Bo-young sorry but still she’s so cute! And so wronged in the show. I loved her character growth – from a ghost whose only concern was to sleep with a man to one who truly worried for Bong Sun and wanted the best for Bong Sun and Chef.

I also loved her relationship with Shaman unnie (who btw also had a rly cute relationship w Chef’s mum omg why are all the relationships in the drama so cute!!). The scenes of Soon Ae being chased by the Shaman unnie were quite hilarious and juxtaposed with how she sent Soon Ae away… omg. It was really super sad yknw how she developed affections for the ghost after all that time spent together and then she had to say goodbye SIGH. I was really quite sad at that scene.

Also the scene where Soon Ae sent her father back to the living world omg. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME SHOW. 😥 So heartbreaking how she stopped him. But I thought that scene was rly important to because it gave her dad the opportunity for closure to her death.

3. Sung Jae

Not sure how to feel about this character but I thought his last moments (or what we thought were his last moments la hor) were vv well-handled! Like how when he recalled the happier memories he had with his wife and with Soon Ae when the evil spirit was momentarily out of his body and how he struggled with himself (or with the spirit?) and finally chose to fall off the building. I found that part a bit awkward though, like huh like that the evil spirit die already?!? But okay I’ll just go with it.

The backstory of what happened before the car accident with Eun Hee was interesting. He struggled with himself before he just couldn’t kill his father (there’s still a good Sung Jae inside!!) but I think ultimately the evil spirit won when he just rolled over Eun Hee omg urgh EVIL TTM. Im Joo Hwan’s a rly good actor omg rly scary how he could look so kindly but at the next moment have a chilling look of murderous intent on his face. Amazing leh rly.

I would have liked to know why he married Eun Hee after the accident tho. Like isnt that a bit morbid of him?! So I was thinking that it might have been a combination of guilt and maybe eventually love from the kind Sung Jae that was somehow still trapped inside the body. Sigh poor man.


I cried for the first half of the last episode sigh. I mean, we all knew that Soon Ae had to leave but I wasn’t prepared to be so emotionally affected by her goodbyes with all the different groups of people she had interactions with?? And I thought it was rly generous of Bong Sun to lend Soon Ae her body to say goodbye to Chef YAY BONG SUN!

The second half of the episode was like a catching up of their lives after all that hooha. Also there was a jump of two years in time where Bong Sun had 2 years away to learn to be a chef herself (also away from Chef!). SO CUTE how he was so anxious about her and tries so hard to play it cool hehehe. One of Chef’s cutest character traits. Then Bong Sun comes back and all is right with the world again:

Go to Europe become so liberal wow


I really really enjoyed this drama sigh. And I think one of the best things was having PJ watch it at the same time as me?? It was so amusing watching her fangirl over the drama and Chef and Joon LOL. I thought the plot and the characters were both quite amazing and rly rly super enjoyable to watch and follow.

So to end off, I have a guest appearance from PJ:

Pls note the last line HAHAHA
Pls note the last line HAHAHA
OMG, got my heart stolen hehe

On Choi Jin Hyuk and Pride & Prejudice

I’ve been watching Choi Jin Hyuk’s latest drama Pride and Prejudice solely because he’s acting in it. Talk about bias hehe.  But actually, he isn’t the usual type of guys I like! Ask any of my close friends who are usually the victims (well, I don’t think they’re victims, but I suspect they might feel that way /shrug) of my excessive fangirling and they’ll most likely tell you that my type (omg I have one) tend towards those who have baby faces / are pretty boys. Andddd I don’t really think CJH fits into any of the two categories?! I mean, he’s of the same age as Song Joong Ki, and they don’t look the same age (right? right??) In short, I think he looks old la.

But handsome!! He is so very handsome I think. Plus he has this gloriously deep voice that is really nice to listen to. No idea what he’s saying of course, but his voice is v soothing. Which is odd I think because I’ve never really liked a voice before. I usually am a more visual (read: superficial) person. Okay but I guess if CJH was less handsome I probably wouldn’t like his voice as much.

Featuring baby Guk from Emergency Couple

Also I think he’s been playing really nice characters in the dramas that I’ve seen him in! I first saw him in Emergency Couple which I watched because of Song Ji Hyo. After that I saw him in Fated To Love You as the second male lead. And now in Pride and Prejudice! All his roles involve him being really nice to the girl. In Emergency Couple, most of it was him trying to win back his ex-wife when they meet again years after their very traumatic divorce. Cue very cutesy moments where he tries to get her attention. And all the glowering by the corridors because of jealousy and threatening the second male lead “You can’t like her!” omg. I love. His fate in Fated To Love You (lol) was kinda sealed man. I haven’t really seen a nasty second male lead, have you? The ‘neighbourhood oppa’ to Jang Nara’s character… sigh. Supportive, sweet, kind!! And funny. He tends to get characters with a wry sense of humour which I really appreciate. The little smirk and like I’m so pleased w myself feel hahaha. I really like that. I was worried that I wouldn’t really like him because I didn’t like Dylan in the Taiwanese version of FTLY. Thankfully the Korean version paid more attention to the two leads and I didn’t dislike his character yay.

And now Pride and Prejudice!

I was having quite a difficult time with this drama because romance isn’t at the forefront. I’m not used to watching Korean dramas that aren’t IN YOUR FACE with the romance. Here, romance takes a step back for the lawyer-y stuff since it’s supposed to be about prosecutors who fight injustice – that kinda thing.

The reason why they chose to use the same name as the Jane Austen novel BAFFLES me. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to Google for info about the show?! I have to remember that I’m searching for “Pride and Prejudice Korean Drama” -.- I get that the characters are kinda prideful and prejudiced but then really… NO OTHER NAMES THEY COULD USE?! Aside from how I wasn’t used to romance taking a backseat, if I’m not wrong this is the first prosecutor drama I’m watching! I watch Hong Kong legal / crime dramas more often because they’re so common so I’m quite used to how it works on TV. But I’m completely new to how the Korean judiciary system works in drama-land so that took some getting used to. Like, why is it that the prosecutors are investigating cases?! I thought it was up to the police?! *confused*

Also the drama was pretty dim. As in lighting-wise. I like bright, happy scenes. But this being an investigation-led drama, it tends to get a bit dark (both themes-wise and colour-on-my-screen-wise) which I don’t really like because I can hardly tell who’s who. Plus I have to read the subtitles so it gets a bit difficult to really follow what’s going on. So I get a bit annoyed and skip through scenes a bit. Then I get confused. Like when did this character appear?! Am I supposed to know who he is? Did I skip out his appearance / forget about him? So yeah, not very easy to watch.

So I was quite close to quitting the drama. Plus the female lead didn’t really appeal to me because she kept going all “I KNOW YOU KILLED MY BROTHER” on CJH’s character which was annoying because if she just USED HER HEAD it was pretty obvious that he didn’t do it -.- I only got more into the drama at roughly episode 7/ 8 where the characters suddenly seem to be tied together by their pasts in very interesting ways. Plus she finally stopped accusing him of murdering her brother -.-

They’re currently investigating a case about corruption. I realise the thing about such dramas is that they have one seemingly irrelevant case then it either blows up to be the thread of the ENTIRE drama or they have many seemingly unrelated cases which dum dum dum all point to the criminal. I can’t help wondering if this drama’s gna be taking the first route. The case that ties the main characters together seems to involve corruption in some way so there’s a chance it might happen! Yippee exciting times ahead. I finally feel like the plot is getting somewhere I’m interested in instead of them just solving random cases with no link to the larger scheme of things.

So I decided to continue with the drama. Hope it’ll be a good ending! Only 11 more episodes to go. It’s probably gna end when I go for exchange man I suspect.

On another note, two more exams to the end of finals!

[UPDATE] Actually getting kinda bored with the drama already because it’s so dark colour-wise. I personally prefer brighter-themed dramas. Might continue watching when I feel v bored tho because I quite like the side couple. Will see! [/UPDATE]

On Choi Jin Hyuk and Pride & Prejudice

School 2013

It’s the end of Week 5 of school and I just finished the whole School 2013 in exactly a week. That’s 16 episodes y’all. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of myself tbh.

Bye bye Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin :'(
Bye bye Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin 😥

I was looking for a drama to watch because I wanted to see Lee Jong-suk’s handsome face hahaha. I quite liked him in Secret Garden but I haven’t watched any of his subsequent dramas. I rejected watching I Hear Your Voice because the look of the couple felt a bit off to me just by pictures a lot. I also didn’t want to watch Doctor Stranger because I didn’t get good reviews about the ending from my mum. So I was left with School 2013. I didn’t want to watch it at first because I knew there wasn’t a strong romance storyline in the drama. But then I decided I had to watch it to see what the hype was about. Plus, I was quite intrigued by Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin’s real life friendship and wanted to see how it translated to the drama. So I started the downward spiral into the drama.

The whole week was basically me trying to rush the drama so that I could move on with life. I was so caught up with it really. My emotions rose and fell as the kids in the dramas faced hardships after hardships. I wasn’t very bothered by the lack of romance in the drama because the plot felt so realistic and I felt like it really captured emotions of teachers and students quite well.

While it was definitely dramatised (duh, since it’s for TV right), it didn’t feel too overboard. The drama was simple and was really quite heartwarming. Even though there were times were it felt like it was a bit draggy (just a bit though, because after all it’s only 16 episodes), I never really minded.

The ending of the drama was interesting in that it didn’t feel like an ending – you know, those neatly wrapped up kinds with all the ends tied and everyone has a happy ending (except the bad guy). It was quite open ended, with the feeling that the characters in the drama would go on to experience other hardships. but they won’t really go down the wrong path because of what they’ve experienced and all that.

Another thing I liked about the drama was how it told the stories of various characters in the class. I’ve watched some dramas where they will focus overly on one character’s back story and the rest kind of fade into the background. Then when that character’s issues are resolved, they forget about him/her and move on to the next story to tell. So it feels very chaptered. Whereas in real life, we all know that the storylines will all affect each other and nothing’s so isolated like that. Each character’s troubles will affect the others’. Especially when they’re all situated in one classroom together. I thought School 2013 handled this really well. It never felt like one episode was to be dedicated to this character. And the troubles they faced all impact each other.

My favourite thing in the drama (like most other people I assume) is the friendship between Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin’s characters’ friendship. SO FRAUGHT WITH TENSION. Them making up was such a complicated process and I’m so happy that the drama didn’t complicate it. Watching them when they finally started to repair their friendship was SO satisfying and I really grinned and felt so happy that they were friends again. I almost cried at the pain that the both of them were feeling – one dying from guilt and one unable to forgive, yet wanting so badly to move on. The both of them only had each other and at the turning point of their friendship, because one couldn’t face losing the other, he decided to run away. URGH NO. My heart BREAKS for the pain they went through. I almost cried at the scenes where they were slowly peeling back the scabs from the scars they gave each other. Another thing I’m really pleased about is that the drama didn’t give them one scene to just make up. It took a lot of effort for them to gradually open up to each other again, to find back what had been lost. And I really appreciated that because it made them making up so much more meaningful.

SO IN CONCLUSION. I really enjoyed this drama.

I shall end with this gif of one of my favourite scenes. Credits to this tumblr!

School 2013

One must be thankful.

Lately, despite my busy schedule in school, I have been on a roll. With drama watching that is. I’ve been so completely obsessed with You Who Came From The Star/ My Love from Another Star/ Man from Another Star. It’s so ridiculous that the show has so many names, all almost equally long. I don’t think I’ve blogged about it so I’ll probably do a post on it soon-ish! It’s ending soon which makes me kinda sad. But I don’t feel thaaat sad now because YES I FOUND A NEW DRAMA TO WATCH.

The question I ask myself now is, WHEN DO YOU EVEN STUDY. And not so deep down in my heart, I know that the answer is that study has somehow been pushed back rather far in my priority list. Sigh. On the kinda good side, my drama watching spree is controlled by the broadcasters. MY LIFE IS CONTROLLED BY THEM. Because both shows are ongoing, I can’t go on a real spree and overdose on all the episodes. I’M FORCED TO WAIT. EVERY. PAINFUL. WEEK. Suffering from intense withdrawal symptoms every time I finish the weeks’ episodes.

Anyway back to the subject of my post today. I am just rly grateful for the people to sub our dramas and Korean related things. WITHOUT THEM THERE WILL BE NO ME. Really. At least, there wouldn’t be the me y’all know and love. (Right? Right.)

Subtitling must be SUCH a tough job. You’ve to translate, add it to the show, time it and so on. Okay no I really don’t know how it’s done. I’m sure it’s waaayyyy more complicated than those three steps. Also they do it so incredibly promptly. Like the show airs in Korea and usually by the next day it’s up with subtitles.

THE POWER OF GLOBALISATION. And the Internet. If not I’ll have to wait till like 2 years later to watch the same show on Channel U.

So I think we all should really thank the people who do subtitling. From articles, to dramas, to variety shows, ANY AND EVERY PROGRAMME. And actually, in that aspect, it’s better to be in a huge fandom because really, everything gets done faster (and for some reason, sometimes better). Like comparing the subs done for EXO’s SHOWTIME and WINNERTV – SHOWTIME gets done way faster and by more people than WINNERTV. (Oh yeah I’m watching those too. But they’ve ended sigh. Good I guess.) So yup, bigger fandom = better becos more fans willing to sub.

That’s all I wanted to say. BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE SUBBERS OUT THERE YOU ARE SO AWESOME. It’s rly such a thankless and tough job. Especially when people keep demanding for subbed episodes, I think they kinda forget that subbing is probably not a full-time, paid job. It’s more like a labour of LOVE.

With that note, I end by wondering when the subbed Episode 8 of Emergency Couple will be out.

One must be thankful.

Troubles of a Fangirl

I wna start watching Flower Boy Next Door but I’m afraid my heart won’t be able to handle Yoon Si Yoon’s adorable-ness.

Need to learn how to control my fee~lings.

Was watching the Mamma Mia episode when Seo In Guk was a guest. He isn’t handsome really, but so MANLY oh my gosh when he was stopping the other guy from stealing his girl “She’s mine” SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAAALLLLLL.


Troubles of a Fangirl

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

IS MY CURRENT DRAMA. And it’s so so much better than TTBY really. I started watching it because I’ve heard good reviews of the drama plus the leads are dating in real life teehee. How cute is that ^^ My mum was watching this on Channel U last year but I refused to watch it (I realise my mum and I alike in that way. Stubborn when we don’t wanna watch shows hahaha. Like how she refuses to watch RM urgh. I think we both rather discover things to watch on our own) I didn’t want to watch it initially because the male lead (Ji Hyun Woo) isn’t somebody I consider good looking. As you know, looks play a big part in the reason for me watching a drama HAHA. Oopsie daisy. But I finally decided to watch it on Thursday night because I was kinda sick of watching WGM and RM. AND IT WAS SO GOOD.

Continue reading “Queen In-Hyun’s Man”

Queen In-Hyun’s Man


I’ve been looking for variety shows to watch lately because I finished TTBY but don’t have the patience to watch another drama (also because I think it will pale in comparison to Reply 1997). So I was searching for MBLAQ / BEAST variety shows to watch ^^ So I ended up starting on BEAST’s BEAST Almighty (but stopped after ep 1 part 1) and Idol Maid (stopped after ep 1). I tried watching SHINee’s Hello Baby which was getting kinda interesting because I like Min Ho but the quality was rather bad and I couldn’t really find good ones on YouTube D:

SO I WATCHED WGM. Hahaha I’ve been wanting to watch this for awhile. Except for the Khuntoria couple, the rest of the more famous couples seemed rather cute. But it’s really daunting and confusing so I was quite reluctant to start. Oh I say except Khuntoria because NICHKHUN IS SO NICE TO VICTORIA SIGH SIGH SIGH. Jealous ttm hahaha I want also. It’s like how I couldn’t continue watching Personal Taste because Lee Min Ho was so sweet to the girl. PJ wants to fight w me for Nichkhun 😥 And she’s win because she’s a softballer. But then after killing me she’d be able to save me because she’s a red cross warrior by night. TEEHEE.

Susu told me to watch the horror special which featured the Adam couple, Khuntoria and YongSeo couples! I watched it in the day because I was too scared to watch at night LOL. IT WAS SO CUTE. And Nichkhun really super super sweet to Victoria, she’s so lucky. Jo Kwon was hilarious in the episode hahaha. I haven’t laughed so much since.. I found Running Man funny. HAHA. RM sort of got a bit boring after watching too many episodes at one go D: But the latest episodes look v exciting omg BECAUSE THE GUESTS. I really like Yong Hwa a lot better now after watching him on variety shows. The characters he played in dramas were really all v boring so.. never really liked him.

Anyway I’m now watching the dimple couple! ^^ Lee Teuk and Kang Sora. SO MEGA CUTE LEE TEUK. There was a rather amusing pun. He was romanteuk. HAHA I really found it quite funny. He was so incredibly sweet to her on their first and second dates (that’s as far as I’ve gotten) and as always I can’t help but think if only that was me ~ On the first date he brought her to some really nice looking place and prepared a little performance for her. I know I said that I think it’d be weird watching a guy perform for you but idk, watching the two of them was quite lovely. I guess it’s different if the guy makes an effort to prepare something extra special? It’s even more endearing when he made mistakes hahaha gosh so cute!! Then on the second date he surprised her x2. SO HARDWORKING ~ Even flew all the way to Busan w her and then back to Seoul immediately. He didn’t have anything to do in Busan, just wanted to accompany her on the flight there aww~ THE BENEFITS OF BEING RICH + A CELEBRITY. And he’s really my type of guy. As in the type of guy I love watching in dramas hahaha. He’s so protective of her! And the slightly jealous type teehee. How nice.

I think the funniest thing is how incredibly awkward they all are at the first meeting. I mean like, they need to act like they’re married when they’re only meeting for the first time. How awkward can that get man.

On the topic of WGM, I think it would be quite a fascinating object to analyse for cultural studies. On the whole, reality shows are really rich objects to study IMO. But this one can almost take the cake. Think about it. It’s about celebrities pretending to be married on a REALITY show. So both parties are aware that their relationship isn’t real but they have to act like it’s real but then they’re not really supposed to act since it’s supposed to be a reality show (which by definition captures the participants ‘true’ emotions)… I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. But you get how messed up it is right. It’s so layered and complex. Yet everything disappears once you start watching it hahaha. I guess fans enjoy it because it seems as though there are real emotions involved in each couple (grr Khuntoria) and they like seeing the more romantic (romanteuk omg haha) side of their idol? Nevertheless, the programme is really .. strange haha.

That said, it’s obvious that I enjoy it though. HAHA. My friends should know that I like watching this kind of things. WGM totally caters to my fangirl instincts man. It’s like made for me. But I’m not going to watch the Kangin one.

That’s all ~

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, and I promise to update about it soon! ^^


To the Beautiful You

I just finished TTBY! Second drama I finished after Reply 1997 and it paled in comparison.

!!! Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you plan on watching the drama !!! 

I was just really really bothered by the plot holes throughout the drama and how they’d jump from scene to scene without proper transition. I remember being very confused about when Tae Joon (Choi Min Ho *squeal) started caring for Jae Hee (Sulli) because it seemed quite abrupt. He’d be terse and mean to her at one moment and the next he’d be protecting her from something. The plot was just.. really bad. I didn’t like it.

But the drama is SO PRETTY. There were so many pretty scenes and the people in the drama ALSO SO PRETTY. Really like all of them are good looking. HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE SIGH. I really liked Tae Joon at first because of Min Ho but after awhile (especially nearing the end) I got really annoyed by the Tae Joon/Jae Hee couple and watched to the end only because I wanted to see what would happen to her after everyone found out (quite anti-climatic if you were wondering). It’s such a pity because I did enjoy the drama at first (like the first two episodes) then I got quite annoyed by the plot holes. After I got over it, I enjoyed the drama because there were a number of squeal-y moments. THEN IT ALL WENT DOWNHILL WHEN EUN GYUL (Lee Hyun Woo) FOUND OUT JAE HEE’S A GIRL. Because he highlighted how incredibly LACKING she is as a friend and it felt sort of like she was such a .. boring character. Her entire life seemed to revolve around Tae Joon and it just got quite creepy how she’d know things like his shoe size and take down his high jump scores and idk she seemed too obsessive. Tae Joon at least had his high jump to redeem himself but her *sigh* didn’t like her character.

Another reason why I finished the drama is also because of Lee Hyun Woo:

doesn't think make you smile!
doesn’t this make you smile!

His character is so adorable and I really really liked his optimism (even tho sometimes he was a bit dumb but it’s okay) and his friendship w his roommate and Jae Hee (WHO IS A BAD FRIEND). I felt so incredibly sorry for him to suffer the sad fate of being friends w a girl who didn’t appreciate his friendship. Didn’t even respect him enough to perhaps hint to him that she’s a guy so that he wouldn’t feel so torn up about being a gay because he thought she was a guy. She just let him think that she was uncomfortable (as a guy) to have another guy liking him MAKING HIM FEEL GUILTY. See why I don’t like her!!!!! Gosh I was really upset that day which kinda spoilt the rest of the drama for me.

Anyway he’s my favourite character in the drama hands down. Besides the senior. And the teachers. Hahaha I think the side characters really made the drama good. It was all the small moments that saved the drama (for me). The main plot was too.. holey. And diluted. I didn’t like it. Which made it quite difficult for me to appreciate the sweet moments between the main couple because I was too cynical/ angry for Eun Gyul. I guess if I looked at the scenes in isolation I’d be all *squeaaaaaal. But it just felt like a betrayal to Eun Gyul SIGH.

Oh and the product placement in the drama was WAY OBVIOUS. It was like a game of Can You Spot the SM! We had Exo-K’s cameo in the second episode, TTS/SNSD songs in the background. Min Ho doing the Sherlock dance, while saying ‘do you think you’re Sherlock’ (I thought that was quite hilarious tho). But okay I understand, after all it’s a SM production with both leads from SM -.- Also there was the all characters using the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone (SAME AS ME!! ^^) and it was a tutorial of how to use the camera (ooh look it’s a burst shot!), how to view videos (did you know you can watch in a mini screen while doing something else?), and other text messaging functions. Oh and the camera Tae Joon carries around (wow it can email directly to your S3 phone!) TOO OBVIOUS.

Min Ho and Sulli were great in the drama tho. Even tho their characters sucked. I really liked looking at his face throughout the drama. HAHA. Not enough of him in OMS.

I’d rate the drama.. 2/5 smiley faces because of the supporting cast and the bromance moments and the scenery and the pretty-ness of the drama.

To the Beautiful You