10 reasons why 24 Oct is a good day

Today was a good day because
1. Got back my philo midterm and I did well
2. Saw my sorta eye candy but not really candy becos not v cute but seeing him makes me happy all the same. Even tho we don’t talk heh.
3. Was productive during the lecture that I usually don’t pay attention in. I know this sounds really bad but I like to think that at least I’m present in class right?
4. Finally finished up my section for the SSA project (because ST kindly offered to take up the rest I had to do hehe)
5. More or less ready to submit my application to my exchange university
6. Came up w a mildly interesting story during the storytelling tutorial. Plus the process was fun ^^
7. Saw the BFG friend I made in year 2 sem 1 and had a brief conversation
8. Collected my SSA essay and I did well
9. Wore my new top to school. New clothes always make me feel happy heh.
10. Had a yummy and filling lunch at Platypus!

Going for ballet now! Hope the good day lasts till the end of the day and segues into a productive weekend!

10 reasons why 24 Oct is a good day

To blog about:

I have an incredibly huge backlog of things to blog about, I can hardly keep track. So here’s a little list of what I should blog about. But whether I do is a separate issue oops.

  1. Dad’s 60th birthday celebration (Back in April omg)
  2. Epic finals chionging this semester
  3. Sleepover at Agnes’ house w my dearest uni friends
  4. Playnation w Ming and Manda
  5. Jiayi’s birthday party and the question of what is retro
  6. FASS Open House – Not gna blog about this because it’s pretty self explanatory and boring to read about
  7. Dinner w C-weed at Swee Choon
  8. Buying ST’s present with PJ and Jianyi
  9. ST’s birthday bash
  10. Happy Crab w colleagues
  11. Celebrating ST and PJ’s bday
  12. Hazel’s dance competition 
  13. Jazzttitude Camp – Not gna blog about this because lazy
  14. Dinner w 08 (Nam Nam + Cold Stone!!)



To blog about:


With the release of SHINee’s Colourful MV which I so adore, I decided to make a list of my favourite SHINee MVs/ songs for you to check out. Also because you might be bored with all the updates of my life need an injection of K-Pop into your life heh. I wanted to do a list of favourite K-pop releases in 2013 but omg the list would be too long and I don’t even remember what was released this year already. Omg wait. ONE SHOT WAS RELEASED THIS YEAR. Can you believe it. It feels like ages ago.

Anyway the point is that I decided to make a list of favourite SHINee songs/MVs because the list is way shorter hahaha. Here goes! In no particular order:

Colourful (2013)
I like this song!! It’s really happy and cheerful and even the title of the song is my kinda thing don’t you think? Teehee. Haven’t heard it before the MV came out because it’s in the Everybody album and I didn’t really like the songs they promoted so I didn’t check out the album. Plus I was busy I think so I cut down on the fangirl-ing (ikr hard to believe). I just watched the MV in its entirety and I have to say that it’s COMPLETELY fanservice LOL. If you’re not a fan, don’t bother watching the MV because it’s just awesome close ups of their beautiful faces interspersed with BTS footage of what they’ve been up to in 2013. LIke the Dream Girl promotions!

Green Rain (2013)
Okay not exactly their song. But they sang it and they’re in the MV so it counts. I’m not quite sure why I like this song. I guess it just… appeals to me? I think I like the tune of it. It’s quite light and cheery (ooh is there a pattern emerging?) It also feels very sing along-y (if I could sing Korean that is). The MV has scenes from the drama as well as shots of SHINee (which I appreciate greatly). Is there anything cuter than SHINee hand-in-hand with little kids and dancing along ahhhh *squeal* !!!! I guess I really liked that the whole vibe of the MV was so happy and light heh. 😀

Hello (2010)
CHECK OUT WHAT THREE YEARS CAN DO TO A PERSON MAN. They look rather different don’t you think?? Except maybe Onew. But omg Jonghyun looked so much like a dinosaur then. That’s how I recognised him LOL. The one who looks like a dinosaur. Anyway I liked this song the moment I heard it. HELLO HELLO ~~ So easy to sing along right. “Hello hello *mumbles in gibberish Korean*” Okay I really dk what to say about this already. I just really really liked this song LOL. It was like the standout SHINee song for me. Aside from Lucifer/Ring Ding Dong but that stands out for different reasons LOL. I don’t particularly like the MV. I like the dancing scenes but not so much the scenes where they’re tryna woo an invisible/imaginary girl. SM seems to like to do this kinda thing (ala SNSD’s I Got A Boy)

Juliette (2009)
Seems like I’m going back in time right LOL. But I’m not. I’m really just inserting the songs as they occur to me! Anyway THIS SONG IS ANOTHER EPIC SHINEE SONG HAHAHA. Check out Minho bby’s rap. Trying too hard my dearest. So earnest and young and adorable. I like this song! Okay don’t super duper like it thaaat much but It’s not that bad vis-a-vis their other songs. The MV is just damn cute to look at now HAHA. Not much to say about it. I mean like really. The skinny jeans. REALLY. Their thighs are probably the size of my arms.

Boys Meet U (2013)
Okay. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG. AND THIS MV. Okay if only they corrected their Engrish in the song hahaha. But other than that, this is PERFECT. SO INCREDIBLY CHEESY AND MEANT FOR FANGIRLS YKNW WHAT I MEAN. I love it love it love it. They look so good here and the song is so cute and sighh I just love it too much. Plus the whole happy vibe is totally going strong here okay. EVERYTHING SHINING FOR YOU, WANT TO ROCK TO SHINE.

Sleepless Night (2013)
There isn’t a MV for this song so a live performance will do. TBH I didn’t really pay attention to this song until I saw this live performance. THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. It’s so moving and touching and sigh beautiful voices, beautiful faces. My favourite parts are kinda when Minho sings of course. HAHAHA. But gosh their voices really damn nice I love it so much. I got the shivers when I first watched this video.

Fire (2013)
I have to say that… I really don’t like this hairstyle on Minho. Actually in general I don’t like this kinda hairstyle -.- Reminds me a bit of Teentop’s Niel’s hairstyle. Is it just me or is his hairstyle perpetually like that? Anyway I like this Japanese release quite a lot because idk, even though it lacks the happy vibe that I like in songs, I really like the melody of this a lot. It’s very… rousing? Haha idk how to say it. Like has quite the inspiring feel. Nothing much to say about the MV. It’s just a bit cheesy in the do-good-in-the-world way oh well. But nice song nice song 😀

Okay obviously there are a lot of videos that I was amused by / laughed at / liked. But I couldn’t include them all here right. Actually I’m not even sure if these are my top favourites because I’ve probably forgotten about some. You’ll notice that I left out Dream Girl / Why So Serious? / Everybody. That’s mainly because I didn’t like Everybody and Why So Serious? immediately. So I’m not sure if I’m now okay with it because I forced myself to like it LOL. But Dream Girl was good from the start. AMAZING STUFF.

So yup here’s my SHINee list. Will consider doing for others 🙂 Any requests ~~ (question mainly for ST lol as if I got a lot of interested-in-K-pop friends reading my blog heh)


What have I been up to?

Okay I know the updates have been coming quite sporadically and not in chronological order. So here is my attempt to make everything a bit more orderly 😀 Starting from the end of my exams!

[Edit: oh yes this is a sticky post. So scroll down and you might just see a new update heh. TRY YOUR LUCK]

Week 1:

  • Tues, 3 Dec: Had a celebratory dinner with raroro!
  • Wed, 4 Dec: Had a day out w my sissy. We finally caught Catching Fire and had our haircut ~
  • Thurs, 5 Dec: Laze around day ~
  • Fri, 6 Dec: Mani date w Ming Ming and then Swan Lake date w Hazel!

Week 2:

  • Mon, 9 Dec: Was my rather busy day w NM peeps then Jazz w Hazel
  • Tues, 10 Dec: Kpop Fanily Day 2 ~
  • Wed, 11 Dec: A facial to pamper myself then Creamier w Melissa and Sherlyn yay!
  • Thurs, 12 Dec: Visited Fixx and then watched Frozen (!!) and then visited Strangers’ Reunion and zumba woohoo
  • Fri, 13 Dec: Went to school for the Adobe workshop

Week 3:

  • Mon, 16 Dec: IKEA lunch w raroro!
  • Tues, 17 Dec: Went back to school meh. Then Koh Sushi Grill & Bar for the first time!!
  • Wed, 18 Dec: FSWM day w Hazel and ST
  • Thurs, 19 Dec: LAZE AT HOME DAY
  • Fri, 20 Dec: Dinner w 08!

Will update this list periodically. Omg I feel so organised and helpful. Now you guys will know what I’m up to everyday LOL

What have I been up to?

I can’t wait to…

  • Cut my hair
  • Visit the dentist
  • Make new specs and contact lenses
  • Buy a new laptop (fingers crossed!)
  • Get a manipedi
  • Flop around at home
  • YouTube surf mindlessly
  • Go for a facial
  • Go for a massage
  • Plan the Hong Kong leg of my family trip
  • Get started w the many NM society things to do
  • Have our Kpop Fanily Day
  • Karaoke in PJ’s house
  • Hang out w my siblings hopefully go somewhere fun together
  • Explore Singapore’s hipster spots and be suaku w ST
  • Eat claypot rice w Hazel
  • Attend fitness classes w raroro
  • Watch No Breathing w susu
  • Maybe blog a bit more about the semester
  • Drive on my own (okay probably won’t be able to sigh)
  • Meet Melissa and Sherlyn again
  • Meet my different groups of friends actually – how I’ve missed them so!

My busiest semester in NUS so far I think. Chasing deadlines and testing how late I can sleep. But it’s ending soon and I am excited for the holidays.

At the same time, I’m kinda dreading it because it means a new semester and an unplanned event to hold oh gosh please let us get through it.

I can’t wait to…


Hiya! School has started again already! I can’t believe my summer holidays are gone sigh. It felt so weird packing to go to school today, oddly familiar yet unfamiliar if you get what I mean.

Anyway I’m predicting a busy semester ahead, so it’ll be back to my sporadic updates 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s what I have to blog about!!

  • USS Day w Amanda (both the actual day and the fail day hahaha)
  • FSW Day w Hazel and ST
  • AWB Day w Kpop Fanily
  • Back to School Day w everybody in school
  • Feelings about work

Sticky: To Blog About

A new sticky post because I sorta finished the previous list already. Like ST said, this list motivates me to blog about my happenings and act as a reminder ^^

1. Cousin’s wedding
2. Cafe hopping w squeakies
3. NM camp
4. Card making session w squeakies
6. Monday lunch w Monday lunch peeps 🙂

Anyway I was thinking… I’m practically documenting every day of my life here. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE MYSTERIOUS LIKE THAT ): completely no air of mystery already hahaha. Maybe I should blog more of my thoughts and feelings. What do y’all think?? (Lol I ask like I’ve many readers -.- )

Sticky: To Blog About

Sticky: To blog about

SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE I PROPERLY UPDATED. And as always, once I get into the hang of blogging, I’m on a roll. But it’s late so I’m just gna list down what are the posts about what I’ve been up to that you’ll most likely see because.. I probably won’t get around to blogging about everything. And I’m sticking this post (teehee my first sticky post!!) on top so that I’ll be able to find it.

  • Danzpeople recital
    DEFINITELY WILL BLOG ABOUT THIS. It’s just a matter of time.
  • Boy’s birthday party(s) 
  • Going to town w my brother 
  • Tulipmania w Hazel and Amanda 
    Maybeeee I’ll blog about this. Many pictures but meh nothing much to write home about. Unless people just wna see pictures hmm.
  • Company dinner w work buddies 
    Probably will blog about this. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF THIS.
  • CNM Camp 
    Will definitely try to blog about this!!
  • Karaoke time w my best buds
  • Cousin’s Wedding 
    Probably will blog about this!! Exciting day ^^

Yup that’s about all. 😀

The weekend is here yay!

Sticky: To blog about

What I’ll miss from Y1S2

I promised myself to do a summary of sem2 because I don’t remember doing this for sem1 but I wanted to! Sem2 was a whirlwind of projects. Sem1 really seemed a lot more relaxing than this haha. I couldn’t really handle having 4 projects and 5 finals omg how much does that suck urgh D: So gna take some Design mod next sem so I’ll have 5 finals (but CA throughout the sem is also umm…) But thankfully most of my project group members were rather responsible people (tho not always responsive) and I did learn from them. I didn’t like that we weren’t really friends tho, I think I covered that before (especially in my rants to friends sigh you guys really rock ok you were my rock also hahaha #punny)

Even tho sem2 was bad academically-wise, I still had fun (as I always do). Because we always have to find joy in the darkest places 😀 and as always, I rely so much on my friends who are my constant pillars of support yay I love you guys 🙂 🙂 So here’s a list of what I’ll miss according to the days of the week.

1. Monday lunches with raroro, susu, Corrine, Alvin, John and Agnes 🙂
The one thing that made Mondays much nicer yay. Even tho Mondays were my longest days, I never really minded it because of my incredible lunch buddies. Searching for tables at the crowded Deck, queuing for ytf. Western, upper (air-con) Deck on the perpetually hot Mondays, funny funny conversations about chasing idols, awkward silences, etc etc. It was just really nice yay. I was initially a bit worried since raroro and susu didn’t really know the NM peeps but it turned out fine so all’s well! 😀

2. Monday NM2101 lectures
Because the lecturer was so incredibly nice omg I’ll really miss him, one of the nicest lecturers ever. Like we could tell that he tried hard to make his lectures interesting. The fact that it’s THEORIES of communication at 6pm really did not help his case but I think he did admirably well 😀 He was so funny (okay to me, because my sense of humour leans towards the lame end of the spectrum) and his references to himself were really just LOL. Yay to him!

3. Tuesday lunches
I didn’t really have a fixed lunch partner because I generally only had to have lunch in school on odd weeks due to my 9am lesson omg TERRIBLE TIME. But I remember eating w raroro omg FAVOURITE HWANGS MEAL EVAHHHHH. Tofu soup + chicken bulgogi okay my favourite favourite and she can always read my mind because now it’s always what I wna eat when I wna go Hwang’s teehee i lurbx eu raroro. Also lunched w my sem buddy Xiao Ting and my Oweek best takeaway Jiayan on two occasions.. it was okay. I found it slightlyyyy awkward because they’re JC friends and I’m just a new friend so yeah a bit third wheely. But it was fine overall! 🙂 Oh and I met yammy boy once also 😀

4. Tuesday going home w BFG
Even though it was vv tiring hahaha. But he’s nice la, has an interesting perspective on things. I’d like to think that if we happen to take the same module again next sem, we’ll be friends haha. But he was a nice going home buddy. And a GREAT project group mate – he’s so intelligent and well-read gosh.

5. WEDNESDAY MY OFF DAY I LOVE YOUUUUU. What did I do on Wednesdays I don’t even remember.

6. Thursday’s one hour w Alvin and Corrine
Hardly saw Alvin this sem! Last sem we had Monday breakfasts haha but this sem um, 10am lesson a bit hard for him to even come on time -.- But the one hour I spend w him and Corrine is always a lovely time filled w laughter and poking fun at each other 😀 Happy times!

7. Thursday lunches with 08 girls 😀
Sighhh what a lovely time 😀 So rare that we manage to find a common timeslot to eat together!! ^^ Glad we managed to do it this sem. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again for the next semesters and even when the boys join us yay! ST joined us once for our Thurs lunch teehee surprise surprise 😀 ST we should try to surprise PJ every sem!!

8. Fridays NM2201 lectures
Interesting module but it has been FOREVER TAINTED IN MY MIND BECAUSE OF THE FINALS. That is all.

9. Friday (occasionally) going home w Mel
Had very little time w Mel this sem 😦 But the rare occasions that we went home together were nice! Great that we’re still (sorta) close even with the limited amount of time we spent together this sem. She’s really one of my (sorta) closer friends I’ve made in uni yay 🙂

Like when she drives hahaha I’m so happy and thankful okay raroro :D:D And when she doesn’t and she hops into my train at Marymount and we end up at the same cabin because telepathy like that 😀 This sem was a nice raroro-filled sem!

I’m sure there are other things but I can’t remember them now. Also I like to stop at a nice round number so I’ll stop at 10. Other than those weekly occurrences, there were many other random encounters/events that made my day so yup. Hardly had a dull day in FASS 🙂

What I’ll miss from Y1S2