What a happy day of reunions!

Today was rly such a happy day!! Met so many lovely people in school (both by coincidence and by choice) and it rly made my day. So I decided that I have to record this momentous occasion down in my blog hehe

Came to school for ethics class w Agnes so that’s one lovely person I’ve met today already. Plus we formed our presentation groups in class today and the group looks like q nice so I’m quite hopeful! But it’s only for one short 10-min presentation so that’s okay w me. After class I arranged to meet Marcus at the deck because he has a break then as well. Also arranged to meet ST because he also has a break. See, the nice thing about your friends knowing (and willing to make friends with) each other is that you can hang out w all of them at the same time ^^

So when Marcus arrived at the deck… DUM DUM DUM WHO WOULD APPEAR BUT SELENE!! Omg my heart soared hehehe. Not that I haven’t met her la but we haven’t met together as a group at all??? SO IT FELT V NICE AND RLY LIKE REUNION YKNW. Then Ming Ming texted me saying that she’s in school as well so I was like OMG YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE DECK IT IS WHERE ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE HANGING OUT YKNW. And ofc she came. So now at the deck you have me, Selene, Marcus, Agnes, Ming and ST. Was quite concerned that Agnes would feel left out but I think it was okay…??

ST left to go to the central forum for awhile but then I realised that eh he’s been gone for some time?? So I messaged him to ask where he disappeared to. And the sneaky child was hanging out w Meiyi and Ruth (aka daisy dux) at the AS1/7 walkway!! So I had to go there right. Went there and we sat at the bench for a bit hoping to collect more 08 kids. AND DUM DUM who would walk past but Jianyi!! Collected him onto the bench and we were v happy. AND THEN!! Jefferson appeared WOW. Talk about fate?? (Or the walkway la because EVERYONE walks past there, it’s a bit difficult to not meet someone you know along the walkway honestly). So we took a proof photo of our reunion:

Keeping the 08/07 spirit alive hehehe
Keeping the 08/07 spirit alive hehehe

After awhile we dispersed because some people had to go for class and I had to go back to the deck where I left Ming and Marcus oops. But the both of them rly get along like a house on fire so that’s great hehe.

When Marcus, Ming and I decided to leave the deck, dum dum dum I MET PJ AND SUSU AND CORRYNE!!!! Wa super happy hahaha haven’t seen PJ for so long?? Okay not rly hahaha but it’s always good to see PJ yknw 🙂 And susu ofc! And Corryne the triathlon-er cooliozzzz. So I rly MOOD UP already heh.

Then as we walked back along the walkway, I met Melissa Lee!! Haven’t seen her since school started omg SO HAPPY TO BUMP INTO HER HEHE. Because so far we’ve only been in inconsistent (mainly because of my lousy replying habits) contact on LINE and idk, it doesn’t rly feel the same messaging her vs talking to her face to face?? But yayy rly v happy to meet her again! ^^v Also v glad that she settled her issues with modules this semester because she seemed to be having a fair bit of trouble D:

Headed to the bus stop w Marcus who decided to skip class (heh) then I took a bus to BV MRT to go to Changi to send Manda off 😦 She’s v brave eh imo, going to New Zealand all by herself for the work/play thing. I would never dare to do that I think… At least exchange was still me being free in a kinda restricted setting? But she’s rly like a free bird there, can do anything she wants omg. Quite cool but at the same time quite unfathomable to me.

Met my mum for dinner at a Japanese restaurant after that because my mum felt like eating somewhere fancy hahaha. GLAD I CAUGHT HER IN THAT KIND OF MOOD?? Even though I was feeling quite like having soup from Saybons. But okay who’s gna complain at the upgrade right. NOT ME.

OH I must mention!! On the way to the airport when I was in the train (I got a seat!) Huixin and I were online at the same time on Whatsapp!! So we actually had a moment where we were replying each other instantaneously. It was quite exciting because usually we take days to reply each other HAHA. She said, and I quote, it felt a bit like the good old MSN days hehe. But after awhile it got quite taxing to type so quickly on my laggy Xiaomi phone (because my phone is still w the LG service centre sigh. Long story that one). In any case!! I’m meeting her, Marcus and Selene on Saturday night I think, to go see the Singapore Night Festival together yippee! Excited about that, even though I know it’s gna be mad crowded and I’ll be so gross and sticky and grouchy w the crowd. At least I’ll be in company I enjoy and am rly happy in 😀

So all in all, it’s been a really happy day for me. Hope your Tuesdays were good too 😀

What a happy day of reunions!

Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

1 July 2014

This meet up was kindaaa to celebrate Joisy’s birthday I think but it wasn’t stated super explicitly so it was like just a normal gathering which we haven’t had for SO LONG.

Before that ST, PJ, Jian Yi and I met up on 22 June (I think) to do up Joisy’s birthday gift! Now we named ourselves Birthday fairies since it’s like the second/third time we’re planning something together for someone’s birthday heh. All thanks to Jian Yi really. He takes so much initiative and effort into sustaining friendships :’)

Birthday fairies!
Birthday fairies!

This was what we made for Joisy:

Giant birthday card
Giant birthday card

It was so fun doing it together at Coffee Bean on a Sunday afternoon. Jianyi was hilarious also – because initially we were all talking about how we had ZERO artistic capabilities so it probably wasn’t going to turn out very well. So Jianyi said that anything that didn’t look perfect is termed as “organic” HAHA. What a way to put it.

We rewarded ourselves w Four Fingers after that. I think I’ve had it so often that I’m a bit sick of it already :X Which is good I guess! The chicken wings and drumlets are really super addictive tho and easy to eat (with four fingers).

Okay back to the 08 gathering:

I was SO HAPPY to see everyone and hang out w everyone again and NINE PEOPLE TURNED UP!! That’s like half of our active classmates. Just occurred to me that the rest can be termed as inactive (woohoo Kpop references abound ^^) Sad that PJ couldn’t come becos she’s in Korea. But the wonders that is Snapchat ensured that she got to see everyone’s faces teehee in short-lived moments that I’m sure were the happiest few seconds of her night.

Met them after work outside Soup Spoon at Plaza Sing. I was really really hoping not to eat at Soup Spoon because it’s a bitttt sad (to me at least), having a meet up at Soup Spoon. Okay and truth be told, I didn’t wna eat soup for dinner either. So we drifted around for a bit and were heading to Astons at Cathay when we saw that NamNam was empty!! And so began my first time at NamNam. TBH I’m not sure why it’s so popular? I think the Vietnamese food at Orchard Towers is just as yummy. And cheaper! Tsk all these chain stores. And i guess I’m just not as into Vietnamese food – after all, this year was my first year eating Vietnamese food possibly in my entire life. I’m just not v adventurous with food/ quite a picky eater.

Halfway through ordering I received a message from Amanda Kee saying to call a number ASAP because someone from the company we worked with for Pitch It was looking for me quite urgently. I mistakenly thought it was the photographer so I called the number. AND SIGH what a bad decision / IT WAS A SCAM. Turned out to the usual guy we had to deal with from the company and he isn’t the best person to deal with. I find him a bit weasely and not a v nice person. Like a typical 9-5 office worker who’s a bootlicker and steps on those who are under him. Okay I guess my opinion of him is a bit biased but I didn’t have a good experience working w him that’s all. Anyway he made me call to DEMAND things that I had no idea was happening. But it was my fault I have to admit. There was an issue that cropped up with regard to Pitch It and an unhappy (and small-minded IMO) student who liaised with one of the teams. He involved the two companies we worked with and the whole thing was just quite poorly managed. I thought the matter was resolved though, because I haven’t heard a peep from either the team or the troublemaker. But nooooo. Apparently he’s been CALLING UP the boss of the guy we worked with. Shameless or what?! He’s just a small fry, a slightly dissatisfied consumer who got his pride pricked. I was supposed to call him up and try to smoothen things over but I was procrastinating because I thought the matter blew over. In typical Pui San fashion, I was trying to do the ostrich thing and pretend that if I don’t see or deal with it, it doesn’t exist. But… clearly no. So I had to soothe the weasely guy’s ruffled feathers. Which made me feel v uptight and upset which is SO not the emotions I should be feeling on a night out w my beloved 08 T.T

Thankfully Ming Ming and Manda were there at NamNam as well – such a coincidence! It really helped that I got to rant to the both of them about it – made me feel SO much better talking it out with people who understood. :’) After the harrowing phone call, I tried to get back to the class gathering w happy spirits but it was quite difficult because I had to explain the problem to Amanda Kee (and Sam I think) so I felt q bad for neglecting my class a bit over dinner.

But I managed to push it to the back of my head after awhile so it was back to normal for me YAY. I ordered a sandwich from NamNam and it was rather nice. Better than ST’s noodles definitely hoho. Glad I decided to change my order last minute. After the dinner, we decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. YAY TO ICE CREAM. Met Xihui and Dingkai and his girlfriend there gosh what a small world!! Ordered our ice cream which we enjoyed so much that we ordered another scoop. TEEHEE. Greedy people. We also watched them toss the ice cream around!! Was happy about that because I remember the first time I was there they didn’t do it 😦 The customers GENERALLY couldn’t catch it though so it was quite the waste.

After ice cream we wandered around Orchard Central for a bit until someone had the BRILLIANT idea to explore the rooftop. Underwhelming would be the apt word to describe it. Unimpressed = me. But as usual, EVERYTHING IS FUN W FRIENDS. So even though there was nothing at the rooftop garden, it was still fun wandering around and complaining about how there was nothing to see there HAHA. So Singaporean oh gosh.

Tried to take a couple of photos but the first photo was the best.

First photo yay don't we all look so happy!! <3
First photo yay don’t we all look so happy!! ❤
Selca w belly's skillz
Selca w belly’s skillz
Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

Jacq’s birthday dinner

5 April 2014: Pitch It closing ceremony, Jacq’s birthday dinner

08 hasn’t really had a class thing for quiteeee some time really. I guess we all kinda drifted a bit slightly, all too busy with our own lives now. It’s a bit sad but it’s kinda like part and parcel of life also? But it was Jacq’s bday on 3 April so Belly asked if we were free to have dinner together on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. I didn’t reaaaallllyyyy feel like going becos PJ and ST were both not going. But it’s Jacq’s birthday dinner after all. And while I’m not as close to the rest as I am to PJ and ST, I can’t just not go right! After all we’re still good friends. So I thought to myself, WWSTD? (What Would ST Do?) and decided that ST would most likely go for it so I decided to go.

It was quite a tiring day tho. I had Pitch It’s closing ceremony in the morning. WHICH THANKFULLY RAN QUITE SMOOTHLY. I’m so freaking glad it’s over haha. Largest event we had to organise. While it wasn’t quite on the scale I envisioned, it was not too bad given the circumstances so I guess I’m quite happy about it 😀 After the closing ceremony, I had lunch w Alicia, Alvin and Corrine at Hwangsiesss. Yummy Hwangs I love it hahaha.

Went home after that for a short while then had to go out for dinner already. It was a bit lame becos dinner was at Star Vista which is like how near school right. But I wasn’t prepared to stay in school for so long so I wasted time travelling back and forth. School -> home -> near school. /smh sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing hahaha.

We decided to have Nando’s for dinner YAY. I’ve been wanting to eat Nando’s for awhile but no opportunity. But then because our group was so big, we waited quiteee long for a seat. By then we were getting q annoyed and like urgh the service sucks. But yknw how you’ve already spent so long queuing, you don’t wna waste time going somewhere else and waiting for another place? So we just waited. And waited. And waited. Urgh was excruciating. And we were getting ratherrr hungry.

But we kinda caught up and talked a lot while we waited so it wasn’t too bad. Oh yes, in attendance was: Jacq (of course), Belly (of course), Joisy, Meiyi, Jianyi, Jason and me! Kinda a large group so it took awhile to seat us sigh.

Dinner was not baddd. I liked the food hahaha but I think the rest thought it wasn’t worth the wait + not worth the terrible service. It felt more like self-service 90% of the time. And asking for refills for the water took really long. Inefficient service ttm.

Payment took really long as well. But anw we went to Marble Slab finally after we paid and bought umm two tubs of ice cream I think. Jason and Meiyi and Jois (was it? I don’t even remember) procured a candle from somewhere AND YAY BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM TUB HAHA. The ice cream was yummy.

I had to leave soon after that because I had to rush home for an online project meeting boo. But all is well because we did well for that project HAHA. So proud of ourselves rly. 😛

But yes it was a fun day! 😀 Glad I got to meet 08 and hang out w them lovelies for awhile – a reminder of happy JC days 🙂 I’m so lucky I was sorted in to a class w such fun-loving, happy and talented people.

Jacq’s birthday dinner

Funtasia 2014

12 April 2014

I was originally quite undecided about whether or not to go for Funtasia because… I’ve been back to NJ quite often this year and didn’t really feel like going again. But obviously I decided to go in the end haha. Partly becos ST’s going and partly becos I love going back to NJ – it’s always a different experience and I always get to see different people (except Rui, we always see him heh)

Second Funtasia I’ve been to! Went for the first one with Raroro and wow times have changed so much even though it’s been two years. TWO YEARS MY FRIENDS. Like raroro and my friendship has really changed a lot, not in a good/bad way, it just kinda evolved as we grew up (but not apart thankfully). I think raroro has changed quite a lot tbh, more than me! But the change has been so gradual, it didn’t even occur to me until I think back and reminisce.

Back to this Funtasia. Arranged to meet ST and hop into the bus and HE BROUGHT HIS NEW PHONE OUT TO PLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME YAYYYY. Was so excited because it was the first time I saw it woohoo. As huge as I expected. But nothing much la just another Android phone LOL OOPS. Just happy that ST can now join us on various SNS platforms like LINE yayyy 😀

Not surprising to say that we were late right? This rubber time concept we have really… IT’S SEEPING INTO MY WHOLE LIFE THIS IS SO BAD. I’m so often late now it feels like the norm. The watch I got kinda just serves to tell me how late I am rather than remind me not to be late sigh.

I kinda forgot the exact sequence of events already because this really took place quite some time ago. More than a month wow. So I’m gna be blogging by the moments as I remember them rather than true chronological order!

We were quite hungry when we got to school so we decided to head to the Raintree cafe (I really keep calling it the Rainbow cafe in my head gosh haha). On the way there there was the yummy cakes on sale – the ones the parent’s association group thingy sell q often (at least in my memory). So we bought one ($8 omg) and settled down at the benches outside the cafe to eat. Couldn’t resist the lure of the chicken mayo sandwich and bought it. Was quite disappointed tho, I remember it being yummier 😦

Went to the hall to walk around shortly after eating and… honestly I don’t remember hahaha. Just walked around a bit. The dunking machine was at the amphi like the last time and we saw Mr Ng there! Like finally after so mega long hahaha. Talked to him a bit but he was busy with his duties as the teacher-in-charge of the dunking machine. Also learnt that he got promoted so his asking price to dunk him was kinda high. A bit boring at the dunking machine (like the last time) so we continued walking around.

Found Rui’s class stall and spent a bit of time there playing their game. Stress relieving eh it was a hit the mole game except with them as the moles LOL. So low-budget but tiring for them. Was quite fun. And being cheapos ST and I even split the game time half half. So expensive the stuff at funfairs T.T

Bought more food from the canteen and we decided to head to the hall (where there is aircon) and hobo with our food while watching people sumo wrestle each other. IT LOOKED SO FREAKING FUN OH GOSH. And it was really mega hilarious to watch also. The players had to put on this fat suit and then… they proceeded to fight each other. LOOKED SO TIRING BUT FUN HAHAHA. The girls who played kinda gave up after awhile and flopped on the floor. But the guys were SO AGGRESSIVE HAHAHA SO FUNNY I LOVED IT. Wanted to play it but… I’d prob die playing w ST. Not becos he fat la. Also it prob would have been a bit awkz. Sigh lost chance to play 😦

Oh we also saw a Don’t Forget the Lyrics booth in a classroom. IT LOOKED SO FUN ALSOOOO. SINGING THE SONGS LIKE A KARAOKE. But then I’m tone deaf (according to my bro) so oh well.

Funtasia ended kinda fast. Prob because it was supposed to end at 4/4.30PM and we only arrived around 2PM. Hung out at the Sanctuary (where there is aircon – are you beginning to see a trend here) with Ben and ST while everyone else was packing up. Also because Rui’s class was taking a class photo at the photobooth there so we had to wait for him. Took some photos w him when he was free yayy

One of my all time fave photos we have together
One of my all time fave photos we have together

We saw Mr Ng in the amphi so we decided to go over to chat w him because we didn’t rly have a full conversation together. And yknw what. I THINK WE ENDED UP TALKING FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR WOW. He was hilarious omg we talked about so many things. Life after NJ, about his life, PW… I don’t even remember. But it was so easy to talk to him and WE EVEN TOOK A SELCA TOGETHER. HAHAHAHA IT WAS HILARIOUS. This was what happened:

Me: Hi Mr Ng can we take a photo together?
Him: Okay.
Me: Yay okay thanks! Can you um, ask one of your people -gestures to the choir students around- to help us take?
Him: Don’t you know the in thing is selfie nowadays?! YOU’RE SO OUTDATED

HAHAHAHA OMG I RLY KO-ED AT THAT WOW. So that marked the first selca I’ve ever taken w a teacher. Am so amazed.

Ended up leaving NJ at around 7PM because we were so caught up in catching up (lol punny) with Mr Ng. Was so easy to talk to him and he’s so funny in the sarcastic, deadpan way.

So yup that marks the end of my second Funtasia experience. It was really fun. I’m so happy to see that NJ is getting slightly more vibrant and exciting. Change takes place so slowly and it really requires a good council to start the ball rolling. But the onus isn’t just on the student council. It’s so important that the students themselves are cooperative and believe that NJ isn’t just a ‘mugger’ boring grey school and make their time in school worthwhile. It really seems like this year’s batch is doing a great job – truly quite happy to see it happening 🙂

Funtasia 2014

Coming Home

This happened ages ago – during elearning week I think. I remember I rushed to meet my dearest 08 after the exco outing to GTBB (which I am now way too lazy to blog about lol). I was so tired but it was such a happy day. It’s always a happy day when I meet my dearest 08. Like ST says, it’s like I’m coming home.

P.S. I fell sick after this I remember. Was quite a miserable few days because I was quite unable to do any work. Must have been a combination of the sun and too much fun.

darling it's better



Chronologically this comes after my driving. I just thought the Ilo post would be faster to finish so I did that first haha. So after my driving test I took a straight bus down to PJ’s condo. And of course along the way I was messaging about 71548930276183 people about my driving.

(I’m really really distracted by the Chicago soundtrack that’s playing in my ears now haha have you watched it you should it’s really interesting)

The ride was quite long though so by the time I got to the MRT I was just in time to meet PJ. And we went up to her house and after I bathed we talked and talked. What about I can’t remember; it was just really inane, comfortable conversation with my BBB (best birthday buddy). Close to 2 hours later Meiyi appeared at the door…

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Coming Home

Brekkie w Hazel & ST + Korean BBQ w 08!

Woke up really early even tho I slept late the previous night D: Was reading fanfic hahaha oopsie. Thought it was a short fic but ended up really really long.

Took a short cut to the Thomson road area and I was v pleased! ^^ Decided to walk forwards to find the bus stop but to my horror it was MEGA FAR. I walked all the way to opposite Sembawang Hill Food Centre omg O.O Bus came shortly tho. And I was the first to reach yippeeee. Hazel came and then after a short wait ST came as well 😀

BREAKFAST TIME AT HANS. Like I said before, one of my all time favourite breakfast places.

Nothing special during breakfast. Just us talking rubbish and laughing at each other teehee. Breakfast w two of my favourite people 🙂 Worth waking up early and the long long walk.

Korean BBQ w 08

In our usual ways, we were (almost) all late HAHA. We were supposed to meet at 6.30pm at the restaurant but ST and I ended up reaching at almost 7?? The rest were not much better I think hahaha.

It was supposed to be a reunion dinner sort of thing. But it was actually a celebration for Meiyi and Jason’s birthday celebration hoho! Way more successful this year hahaha. And I can’t believe Meiyi didn’t detect the fact that we were all writing in her card under the table. Sooo subtle our class ^^

The view was good. Hahaha ST and I were seated directly opposite the TV screen showing Music Bank episodes from a year back! There was… MBLAQ, Secret, Orange Caramel and I forgot who.

The food was yummy too! ^^ So grateful to Meiyi, Jois and PJ and ST whom I was seating with. They basically did all the cooking while I ate :X Felt quite bad for not helping. Wasn’t sure what to do also sigh. OH AND I REALISED we are such unhealthy people omg. I took a plate of lettuce (sorta to override all the meat I was consuming) to share w the table BUT IN THE END only Joisy and I ate it -.-

ST also took a whole mountain of chicken wings which he did NOT manage to finish and ended up trying to palm them off to Jason who arrived late. ST was like magnetically attracted to the chicken wings omg. HE KEPT TAKING THEM.

Speaking of Jason, we also saw Jason (Kwonnie) Ho hahaha. What a coincidence. He came over to our table to say hi and made awkward conversation.

Giselley was supposed to come but she was at Woodlands when we were almost finishing our food boo D: So another missed opportunity to see Giselley. It’s been more than a year since we met!


Lovely people who came for dinner 🙂 Missed the rest who couldn’t com. Hopefully the next time we’ll be able to meet everybody at the same time instead of a few different people at different times. it’s interesting how I see a non-classmate more than I see some of my classmates sigh pie. OKAY V BAD I KNOW I’M SORRY. I’m getting used to her presence already though, not like I can do anything about it.

Walked back to Novena MRT and we passed by a Baskin Robbins. The rest of the girls needed to go to the restroom so ST and I waited for them around there. When I realised it was a Wednesday. CANNOT PASS UP ON PINK WEDNESDAY. And being me, I obviously had a multitude of pink belongings. So we shared yummy yummy ice cream.

Then it was going home time.

It was a nice short gathering w the 08ers 🙂 The feeling’s quite different nowadays but.. 08 will always have a special place in my heart aww. Love you guys.

Brekkie w Hazel & ST + Korean BBQ w 08!

08 Chalet

If you can call five 08 people + 1 a class chalet then we had a class chalet the week before school reopened.

ST and I went there really late because I had ballet and he had something else on. He’s covered it already here please refer I’m v lazy.

I really don’t know what else to add on because he has done such a good job of covering what happened woohoo. Hahaha.

I was slightly disappointed that the turn up rate was so low but I guess I can understand because everyone’s busy and people are overseas and stuff but I really wanted to see them again :/ On the bright side, we caught up w Jian Yi and Jois and Meiyi so it was q nice to just sit and listen to their stories and talk about good old times and eat yummy bbq food and try to stay awake but fail and plan to wake up at 7am to cycle but fail HAHA.

As you can tell I’m q lazy to blog now. Because there really isn’t much to say. We went there, ate, talked, fell asleep one by one, woke up, checked out, breakfast, home.

It was really more of the happy feelings of returning home (not as strong this time tho becos the family wasn’t whole) and the conversation and the comfortable-ness of being with 08. Like a security blanket 🙂

08 Chalet

Nothing says Love better than this


PJ has finally uploaded the pictures we took w her MacBook and I have looked at the pictures countless times already 😀 Oh happy days w my best friends. Life should be like that.

On another note,

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with your loved ones. 😀

On yet another note,

I think it’s nice to receive an unexpected message reminding you that you’re always loved and that a friend has thought of you today 🙂 So I’m going to try doing that! Texting friends I haven’t texted in awhile just to say hi and wish them a good day ahead ^^