A Look at 2012

2012 has been a year of new experiences (as my other years have been hahaha). But I’d say that it’s different because it’s sort of like a Big Year yknw, when we finally left the rather structured education system we’ve been in for 12 years and suddenly the rest of the world is our oyster (as long as you have enough money). I chose the rather common route to a local university to study something also rather common. I’ve always thought I’d be someone rather important by now, or at least be on the way to being someone rather important. But it looks as if I’d be just another person in the grey office crowd D:

My 2012 can be divided quite nicely into two halves – before uni and after uni.

For my first job, I worked as a salesperson/cashier at CNY sales for 2-3 weeks. It was quite an interesting experience, never really did anything like that before. I quite enjoyed it actually because I went w my sissy and we just.. sat around feeling quite guilty about not doing anything (a feeling that would become very familiar to me in the next three months). But we didn’t completely not do anything! Being a cashier was rather stressful because the figures somehow didn’t tally at the end of the day (luckily they didn’t blame us.. much). Being a salesperson was fun! Quite difficult though because of the language barrier. I spoke the most Chinese/my version of dialect in those few weeks haha. And I can still remember the prices of some of the products now gosh.

My second job was one of the most fun I had in the year 🙂 I had the best work buddy and very little work. Which may actually sound good but it really ate away at my conscience haha. It was kind of overwhelming when I actually had work to do though. On the first day I was sent to another office (because the firm we were working for is a client servicing firm) to do filing oh my goodness it was like MOUNTAINS of papers to file. I was quite horrified and wondered when I would ever be able to finish the work. On another occasion I was sent to a temple to do data entry. Ooh I suddenly realise I’ve covered this before very extensively in other posts. Check here. But yeah working with PJ for those three months were really super duper fun. Exploring food places, exploring Tumblr during lunch time, exploring the office, drinking the free vending machine drinks, having tea breaks… I miss those days.

After my contract ended I wanted to take a break before maybe maybe maybe searching for another job. But my mum took the liberty of arranging an interview for me at a law firm (which I didn’t appreciate at that time) so whoopee I had a new job immediately after my second job ended. This time I was a secretary at a law firm and it was really really different from my second job. Because here I actually had RESPONSIBILITIES. Which also meant that it was really scary D: I had about two months as that lawyer’s secretary? I really enjoyed my time there. After a bit of thinking I realised why I liked my job so much. Yknw how when you play those games like Diner Dash you perform different tasks but repeatedly? That was what I had to do basically. I had a few tasks that I generally had to do and when I was asked to do it, it was like a button was pushed and I would do it. Occasionally there would be a different task (whoa bonus points!) and I’d be thrown off. But luckily the lawyers were really patient w me ^^ The downside was the lonely lunches tho (raroro don’t laugh).

Just before the end of that job I went to the Food Expo to work as a salesperson/cashier again. It was basically the same thing as my first job but smellier and a lot more people. I had fun tho 🙂

My working experience finally ended sometime in June and I decided that THAT WAS IT. Not going to work anymore because it was time to PLAY BEFORE UNI ^^

Of course it wasn’t all work and no play (wow I can mean it literally in this case). In between all that I also took my Grade 6 ballet exam (which I am quite disappointed with), I also started dance lessons at DanzPeople, met up w friends, fell in love with One Direction, got my A level results, applied to university, yknw all the other fun stuff.

I went to Hong Kong w my mum because I figured this period was one of the last few times in my life when I’d be so free without any worries. It was the first time I planned the entire itinerary on my own (my mum took care of the expenses and booking of hotel/plane tickets) and it was quite fun. Lots of walking and getting lost but I enjoyed myself. It’d be more fun if there was someone else on the trip w my mum and me though because at times it would get slightly awkward. But I think we were on our best behaviour and didn’t really get onto each other’s nerves so yay.

Immediately after the trip was my first camp at university! I’m so incredibly grateful that I signed up for NM camp because I think without the group of friends I made during the camp I’d be rather lonely. They’re all such nice people who don’t mind sharing notes and tips for exams and advice and stuff like that. Even though I don’t exactly feel v comfortable w all of them at the moment, there are some people whom I’m sure I’d be able to be better friends with once we get the opportunity to hang out more together 🙂

I’m not quite sure what I did between that and the Orientation Week but it should be documented in this blog mostly.

Orientation Week to be honest was kinda bleh. Maybe because the group I was with wasn’t really the kind of friends I’d have. Maybe because the group was too big. Maybe.. idk. But some of the girls I met are really nice and it’s such a pity we don’t have an opportunity to hang out more because I’m sure we’d be real friends if we had the chance to hang out.

University started soon after (immediately after?) and again, so grateful to the friends I made at NM camp because they were the ones who helped a lot with my timetable planning and getting around school.. LIKE GUARDIAN ANGELS THAT LOT.

Most of my life in University should be on the blog. If it’s not it’s me studying, pretending to study, going out w friends, keeping in touch w old friends etc. It makes me very sad that even tho so many of the girls in 08 are now in the same school as me, I hardly ever see them (especially you PJ D: ). I really hope we don’t drift apart sigh but now it certainly feels that way (as in w the other 08 girls). On the other hand, I saw a lot a lot of raroro this sem and whee I’m a happy girl 🙂 Missed raroro over the holidays because we don’t talk during holidays HAHA. Glad we reconnected this sem!!

Finals were an interesting challenging and I think I did decently for it even though I’m slightly disappointed w some of the results. But mostly happy w what I achieved in my first sem so that’s good!

2012 has been a really fun year (after all I had 7 months of free time teehee) but also challenging at the same time. I’ve been mostly happy this year because friends, school, new experiences. Nothing to report on my love life because unless you count my very exciting dreams w celebrities there hasn’t been much going on. But I’m happy 🙂 Less heartache and more strong, long-lasting friendships.

My first challenge of 2013 will be my driving test! Hoping I pass it on my first go so I don’t have to travel all the way to Ubi again omg it’s the WORST. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be another happy year. I LOVE YOU ALL MY FRIENDS READING THIS :D:D:D

A Look at 2012

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