Frustrating projectmates, but cool project

First time doing a project with ST! I don’t really remember if we did any groupwork together back at NJ. Probably not eh. Since we only had project work hahaha and we weren’t even in the same group. Anyway we’re doing a project together for the Singapore Studies module that we’re taking. We chose to do the project on Emily of Emerald Hill, written by Singaporean playwright, Stella Kon. I really like the play. It’s a monodrama (aka performed by one actor, a monologue I guess) and I love how we are¬†slowly being made privy to the details of her life¬†and character through her conversations with the (invisible) characters she encounters and through the moments when she speaks directly to the audience.

Unfortunately my project groupmates, other than ST are proving quite frustrating. Sorry ST I know they’re your friends but really… they’re not responsive on WhatsApp at all. And I’m not even sure what the¬†other girl is doing. It feels like ST and I are doing most of the work which is damn unfair because both of us laid much of the groundwork. Like I came up with the idea, he put up all the basic background info for us to work with, we split up the work, I set up the blog, did the theme… and all they have to do is their section eh. But they’re not even doing that.

This is the first time I’m encountering something like¬†this really. Is it because they’re year 1s and can S/U the module? Or they just cannot be bothered with the project because it seems like ST and I are just completely controlling it? But we’re only doing that because they don’t seem to be doing anything!! And I really want an A for this module. I’m just really annoyed and unimpressed by their attitude. I don’t remember being like that when I was a year 1. I hate that I’m being so calculating like that, but really, they’re not pulling their weight in the project AT ALL. Urgh.

But that aside, I’m pretty pleased with what ST and I have done!¬†Basically we’re managing a WordPress and we’re writing from the POV of the¬†characters from the play. To give them a voice and to see from their perspectives because all we get in the play is the narrator’s perspective. So far it’s been¬†quite fun doing the posts from the different¬†personas. Now if only the other two group members participate in the project. Omg I wouldn’t be so pissed off if they at least RESPONDED on WhatsApp or said that they’re busy with something. But no, they’re just MIA. AWOL. Sickening.

Frustrating projectmates, but cool project

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