Guess who can finally TAKE THE CAR OUT FOR A SPIN

Okay so this post was drafted before I had my little accident (ok not traffic accident but just… damage-to-the-car accident) so it’s not thaaat accurate anymore. Oh well. Highs and lows of life.

But anyway, I’ve been wanting to drive on my own (especially to school omg) for the LONGEST TIME. Probably not immediately after I passed because that would be kinda mad and definitely would not have been allowed by my parents. But yknw, I kinda expected to be given permission to drive on my own at least after 6 months of getting my licence. But 6 months came and went. Then 8 months, then 10 months… before I knew it, I was commemorating the one year anniversary of getting my licence AKA it’s already been one year and I have yet to drive alone. Which when you think about it, it’s kinda sad? I mean, it’s not like I wanted to drive to far away lands. I just wanted to be able to drive to school. Or like Junction 8. Or Thomson Plaza. But noooo. I got so annoyed one morning trying to ask for permission – it just RUINED my day urgh.

But finally FINALLY after a few rounds of ‘okay this is your last test, after this we will let you drive on your own’ (yup, I had a couple of those last test), one Wednesday morning… I FINALLY GOT THE GREEN LIGHT TO DRIVE TO SCHOOL O M G. The feeling was SO FREAKING LIBERATING. I cannot even describe it. Nobody next to me to point out the little things I do wrong (which tbh, don’t rly matter that much). Nobody next to me to ask me to slow down when I’M ALREADY SLOWING DOWN. Nobody next to me to be the secondhand driver WOOHOO. I was so happy. PLUS I COULD LEAVE MY HOUSE LESS THAN AN HOUR BEFORE CLASS AND STILL BE EARLY OMG HOW CAN I NOT BE HAPPY RIGHT.

Freedom really. Plus I got to give raroro and susu a lift back to Thomson that day. Felt so happy to be finally of use as a driver after one year and at least two months of being a legal driver. SO EXHILARATING.

The first time I drove on my own felt kinda scary tbh. Even tho there’s nobody at my side to nag at me, there’s also like no extra pair of eyes for me? And if something goes wrong then GG yknw what I mean. So yeah q scary that way. Plus I was worried I’d get lost but I had Google Maps + memory from raroro driving me to school yay so it wasn’t too bad. Parking also went quite smoothly I was rather proud of myself.

The next time I drove to school was when I happened to have a project meeting that ended kinda late. WAS HAPPY THAT I DROVE BECOS I GOT HOME SO FAST. No need to squeeze w the crowd, to stare enviously at people who have a seat in the train, to carry Saffy + my school bag to and from school. So mega happy.

Until I kinda collided with this mini barrier at a carpark gantry when all the progress was shot and I just got reset back to level ZERO.

Gotta slowly work my way up again. Life sucks sigh. Ups and downs.

Guess who can finally TAKE THE CAR OUT FOR A SPIN


AKA 元宵节

I can never recall what the actual name of this day is. It’s just 汤圆 day to my siblings and me LOL. We kinda remember festivals by the food we eat. Like 中秋节 is Mooncake festival, and omg I can’t remember what the dumpling festival is actually called. OH IT’S 端午节 right. This is quite terrible is it not teehee. My daddy would probably have my head if he knew.

Anyway as usual we went to my ah ma’s house to have dinner and eat 汤圆. I drove there both back and forth!!! One of the few times I’ve done so, because I usually feel too tired/lazy so daddy drives home instead. But I’ve been determined to prove myself so that I’ll be allowed to take the car out on my own. Tiny steps, tiny steps. Both drives were quite successful omg. First time my parents were q silent during the whole ride!!!!! HAPPY. I didn’t even have to ask if I was in the right lane that often or if I was going the right way. And they didn’t rly say anything about my driving skills omg. Happy happy 🙂 🙂

Sat around the TV and tried to talk to my cousins after dinner. It’s sometimes kinda hard to talk to my cousins because we lack common topics and we’re not exactly that close. That said tho, I still love them loads because family is family and there’s nobody else I’d love more. Okay except for the distant relatives whose name I don’t even know oops.

Okay actually the point of this post was to talk about the 汤圆. My ah ma makes by hand it every year and… tbh I never really liked it. But omg this year the 汤圆 was FABULOUS. Once I bit into it there would be this glorious burst of sweetness and then in the centre of the kinda tasteless flour and starchy meh-ness, there’s a rewarding little cube of slightly melted sugar. Then you bite into it and ALL THAT FLOUR IS INSIGNIFICANT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE. SUGAR. CUBE.

IS THAT NOT THE BEST TASTING THING EVER. I think I ate more 汤圆 this year than the previous years becos of how delighted my tastebuds were by the sugar hahaha.

No photos of the 汤圆 because it looks like every other photo everyone’s posting. But it’s special in that it’s made by my ah ma and shared by all her children and grandchildren ♥

Feeling kinda lucky because I’ll get to see my cousins again on Christmas. Even tho family gatherings are sometimes q awkward becos I don’t talk much to them, when I look around and see the faces of all these people who have seen me grow up, I can’t help but feel a little glow of warmth. It’s kinda like this is where I belong (to quote the NDP song).



Saturday was such a driving day whee!! Initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive much this weekend because of the 08 chalet but in the end wow I drove so much more than last weekend yay. I think my parents are q supportive in my endeavour. They keep giving me opportunities to drive! So thankful 🙂 Especially my daddy who always always sits next to me when I’m driving (also because he doesn’t trust me yet but it’s okay because I don’t trust myself either).

Saturday morning I was sitting at home watching WGM (as usual) then my mum asked if I wanted to drive her to Thomson Plaza for her Pilates class. So I was like ooh okay short trip anyway. BUT I WAS SO WRONG. I drove her there at 11.15am. Then my daddy and I went to TPY for him to fix his electronic thing. The wait was rather long so by the time we left it was already the end of my mum’s Pilates class so we decided to go pick her up. Drove back to Thomson Plaza but she wasn’t ready because she was buying me Subway yay so I drove around the houses next to Thomson Plaza. SO MEGA TIRING I TELL YOU. Stressful also because sometimes the road so narrow but there will be a car coming STRAIGHT AT ME and then I’m just like omgomgomg what do I do how do I move will he hit me yeah yknw. So I was v tired by the time my mum was ready. Superrr tensed hahaha, Mum got into the car and we had to drive to J8 to drop her off. Called my sissy and ooh guess what, she was at J8 finishing her lunch. So I could drive her to her friend’s house for tuition. Which I did. Then I could finally drive home. It was about.. 2pm by then. MY FIRST CHAUFFEURING EXPERIENCE. Now I know how my dad feels haha. So glad my parents are willing to ferry us around whee now I appreciate it even more!

So I nua-ed at home for quite awhile because tired after driving. Then got ready for ballet and went for ballet. Expected ballet to finish by 7.15pm but she surprised the entire class by finishing at 6.25pm. FIRST TIME SHE ENDED SO EARLY. I was quite at a loss hahaha. Hung around waiting for my daddy to pick me up to go home where I got ready to go for chalet yayyyyyy!

I DROVE TO PASIR RIS OKAY HOW COOL AM I. Hahaha the longest distance ever I think. Unless you count all that driving around. It was my first time on an expressway and also my first time driving to a faraway unknown place. Because I generally have been driving to the places that my family frequent yup. OH and I drove ST there also. Apparently I drive like I’m playing Mario Kart. Which means I should be not bad at it right. MLSQ I’M READY TO CHALLENGE. I never knew it was so far from Bishan to Pasir Ris zz. So tiring. But I made it safely there yay!! :D:D

Okay I’ll blog about the chalet in another post because this is meant to be about driving.

Hmm what else.

Oh I drove my sister back home after school some time earlier this week. (A/N when I say I drove I actually mean I drove w my daddy/mummy next to me) She was so excited to see me at the driver’s seat that she hopped skipped to the car teehee.

And I drove my entire family back home from J8 today! First time my brother was in the car w me in the driver’s seat. Now he can’t wait to drive.

I secretly (now not so secretly) feel v happy and like a swell of pride whenever I see how excited my siblings are about some milestone I reach (i.e. driving in this case). It’s quite sweet and heartwarming but I suspect they’re also thinking like ‘can’t wait till it’s my turn ~~’ hahaha. But they’re so supportive and cute and aww love you sissy I know you’re reading this :D:D



YES I AM!!!! :D:D

I passed my driving test yesterday (4 Jan) in the most spectacular fashion. A bit lazy to type out everything now because I have told and retold the story several times. But given my goldfish memory I’ll probably forget it by the end of the year. So I’ll update this post again with how I managed to (surprisingly) pass my driving test!

Thanks so much to my dearest friends who wished me good luck and gave me advice (namely Hazel, Melissa, raroro, Sherlyn, Shaun) and to my friends who were so happy for me when they knew I passed (the people mentioned earlier + PJ and ST) Special mention goes to Hazel who was so incredibly sweet throughout the entire time. When I was OTW to my driving LESSON she was saying that her heart was beating v fast because she was nervous for me!! And then just before my test she kept encouraging me in her weird little ways and it was v touching. After my test when I checked my Whatsapp, I realised she was like texting me ALL THE WAY HAHA. Really so sweet omg I felt v touched :’) Thanks Hazel Wazel I love you long time!!


Okay that’s it for this post because I wanted to greet 2013 with the happy news that I’ve passed my driving test.



Quick update about driving



Barely passed actually since the passing grade is a 45/50 and I obtained an awesome… 46/50 HAHA. But still a pass is a pass so I’ll take what I can get ^^ TBH I was quite worried about failing while I was doing the test because there were quite a number of questions I was unsure of. Plus I barely studied for the test, fell asleep while studying for it hahaha. It was so boring 😦 😦

Had a driving lesson after my FTT ended and YAY don’t have to go into the circuit. I don’t like going into the circuit, as of today I’ve had two experiences there and IT’S SO BORING. I’ve to drive so slowly and I don’t like parking and the stuff we have to do inside the circuit BOO. So I was quite glad that I didn’t have to go into the circuit today ^^ But I accidentally stalled my car WHOOPS. Actually sometimes I’m not very sure why my car stalls.. but DOESN’T MATTER. As long as I don’t do it during the test it should be fine. 😀

Oh and today my driving instructor gave me the go ahead to book my practical driving test WOOHOO. It means he thinks I’m good enough already wheeee. Either that or he knows my time is running out.. my PDL is about to expire in October I think 😦 But actually I don’t think I’m ready!!!!!!! Haven’t really practiced the circuit enough, and I can’t park for NUTS. Sigh I really want to pass my driving on my first try, don’t want to drag it any longer!! More time = more $$ spent!


Mm haven’t really blogged about my driving instructor. He’s quite a nice guy! Talks a lot of rubbish in Mandarin Chinese and half the time when he’s trying to explain something about the car/ what I’m doing wrong I don’t understand. But thankfully he likes to repeat what he’s saying and make strange analogies and give me English translations so I usually will get what he’s trying to say by the end of a few more transpositions of his original sentence 😛

He also sometimes tells me jokes that are not very funny. But I still laugh because of the shock that he’s telling me a joke. Then he’s usually quite amused that I laugh at his (bad) jokes HAHA. Vicious circle he then tells me another joke. SUCH A JOKE. But I like him and enjoy his lessons! And I enjoy driving yay can’t wait to drive around like zoom zoom only ~~

Quick update about driving

Driving, Best friends and Free Karaoke

This is a really overdue post! This happened on 4 Jun, Monday. (Just for reference 😀 )


I had my first driving lesson on Monday! It was MEGA EXCITING. And my daddy didn’t have to work that day so I got a lift to CDC. Oh I remember what I was doing before driving. It was crazy baking time!! I made a no-bake cheesecake, cookies (failed cookies sigh) and truffles! Wanted to bring the truffles for ST and PJ but by the time I met them after driving the truffles would have become quite gross. So I brought my failed cookies instead. It looked so much better in the recipe 😦 But they still liked it so yay! 😀

OH AND I BURNT MY FINGER BOOOOOO. First time it happened sigh. I was so worried, went to google ‘how to treat a burn’ and called ST to confirm hahahaha.

Anyway, met my driving instructor for the first time that day. He’s a rather.. interesting guy. But he communicates a lot in Chinese so I spent a lot of time nodding before I really understood what he was saying .. oops. Hopefully I’ll be able to understand quicker next time haha. But driving is really hard oh my gosh 😦

Rushed to nex to meet PJ and ST (nex again hahahaha I keep going there!!). ST YOU ARE SO – YOU LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU :D:D You’re gna be skinnyboi93 now. Actually no probably not, especially with your weekly ice cream -.- BUT I WAS SO MEGA IMPRESSED. Wowwww his face became vv slimmer hahaha. Happy for you ST!! :D:D

We went to NTUC after that to buy snacks because PJ’s house doesn’t have junk food (we’re such experienced visitors at PJ’s house already hahaha) Then PJ and I went up to Popular to collect our…


Omg the picture above is sooo HD *squeal*

Went to PJ’s house after that. I LOVEEEE GOING TO PJ’S HOUSE because it’s so near to the MRT and convenient. Also because of her giant TV and I feel v comfortable there hoho. Thanks PJ :D:D

PJ now has a karaoke system set up in her house WOOHOO. So all we do is choose the songs on Youtube and it’ll play on her TV and we SING WOOHOOO. Party time ~ We started by warming up w Payphone. Then like our previous karaoke session, we moved on to Chinese songs and BoA WHEE. 😀 So mega fun singing w them! While singing we ate and ate and ate our snacks. SO MANY SNACKS HAHA.

After karaokeing it was time for our 1D party time 😀 Proof of how much ST loves us: he watched the entire tour with us and endured all our squealing. You’re the best ST! The feeling was kinda different from watching at the Festive Grand Theatre but still.. it’s the boys and omg SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM THEIR HANDSOME FACES AND BEAUTIFUL VOICES AND AHHHHH THE CUTIES.

All too soon it was time to go home 😥 Yup so that’s all.

Yay I love you PJ and ST best friends forever.

[Digression: According to Austin and Ally, BFF = Best Freckled Friend HAHA so cute]

Driving, Best friends and Free Karaoke