Exercise buddies connected via Snapchat

I went for a run today and ofc needed to Snapchat the once in a blue moon event. When I came home, I saw that Selene sent a post-exercise snap as well. And upon receiving my snap, Em sent me a post-exercise snap as well. Which means all three of us were exercising at around the same time?!! Is it fate or what.

So I came up with this masterpiece:

Exercise buddies woohoo
Exercise buddies connected via Snapchat

Run for Hope 2014

Backlogged post haha so I’m gna put a fake date GASP. Hehe if not really like vv throwback also.

My family has this thing about going for Run for Hope. Okay actually not rly my family has a thing about it. More like my mum zzz. She likes to sign the whole family up for it – whether or not we want to. And ofc I don’t want to HAHA. I rather do my exercising in the comfort of a dance studio / at a gym where I can watch dramas. So this year I was protesting quite loudly about it haha.

Plus I walked practically the whole way HOHO so proud of my resistance/ protest hahaha. But here are some nice photos of us post-run/walk hehe.

Brother's tag
Brother’s tag

This year they gave us tags like that to write what we were running for. If I could tell the truth, mine would read: I run for my mother. So that she won’t nag at me. Something along those lines hahaha. But I couldn’t so I was running for happiness or smth like that LOL. My brother was honest of course being the cheeky, funny (or so he thinks) kid in the family.

Partners in crime
Partners in crime

Poor sissy got chewed out by my mum because she was walking along w me. It made for quite an unhappy morning zz but the three of us STUCK TOGETHER hahaha yippee.

Run for Hope 2014

Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Today started off q okay! Had a good (read: mega filling) breakfast of homemade pancakes and banana strawberry smoothie. So enjoy right haha. My mum likes to give us yummy breakfasts like that once in a while. But I was sooo mega full after that. It took a great deal of effort to drag myself to Aerobics class which was MEGA tiring omg like non stop. Felt like DEATH / like I was gna puke after the class leh rly. I always tell myself to not eat so much before class but nooo I never listen. So I live to regret.

Took the bus home then drove to Sgoon Country Club to meet the rest of my family! Did a bit of stretching while they finished up at the gym then we went to the steam room that my mum and my sis have been so eager for me to try out w them. Wasn’t v impressed I felt like a dimsum. Showered there then we had lunch!

Came home and initially wanted to bake but omg the HEAT it was so bad I swear it prevents people from doing stuff okay. So I ended up taking a nap HAHA. Napped till my mum and sis came home from signing up for my sis’ drumming lessons!! Eh pj maybe she can form a band w you. Then I can sing in my out of tune / tuneless voice HAHA. But srsly yay q proud of my sis she’s finally picking up a new skill. INSTEAD OF BUMMING AROUND. Tsk. My family advocates a less bumming more productivity lifestyle.

Hurried out after nua-ing some more becos I realised I was kinda late in meeting ST. ACTUALLY NO. What is late man when it comes to the two of us. Terrible timekeeping. Met him at Bishan then we went to Plaza Sing so that he can pay for his psych camp ahh!! So excited for him, that he’s finally joining us in uni yay!!!! ^^ and going thru all the camps and stuff like that now wow wheeee. Rly q excited and happy for you ST can’t wait to hear your stories.

Then we bought tim ho wan and Starbucks becos we needed a snack in case Super24 took too long (which it did). ST’s face when he took his first bite of the char siew bao of THW was prob like his first taste of Market O brownies I would think hahaha. THAT JOY ON HIS FACE. Hobo-ed outside the hall that the competition was supposed to take place while we finished our snack then we went in to find a seat + chope seat for genie.

Oh yes I prob should explain about super24. It’s a dance competition that Hazel joined w her NTU friends! She asked us to go support her, so being her good friends, off we went.

We were a bit too early so we caught the last part of the secondary schools category. The kids who got first and second were rly not bad!! So impressed.

BUT OF COURSE. It was nothing much compared to the fabulousness that was in the open category. Even tho ST, Genie and I were acting all like experts and giving our expert critique, I think they all rly dance better (tons better) than all of us. So much talent and awesomeness I cannot. Can tell they rly put in a lot of effort and time and such skillz. Wow.

Hazel’s group wassss not too bad. But compared to the rest, it kinda paled q a lot in comparison. BUT IT’S OKAY HAZEL WAZEL you’re still the best in our hearts ♥♥

The competition ended rly late 😦 like almost 10pm?? So our original plan of having quiznos for dinner was RUINED. Ended up going to Macs for dinner. Zz. I think my stomach has something against Macs.. keeps rebelling everytime I have Macs sigh. The last time I ate w PJ I felt full even during dinnertime. HOW RARE IS THAT. Doesn’t rly seem to digest properly so odd. Guess I better try avoiding it :/

BUT YEAH I was a bit sian becos it felt like all the exercise in the morning went to waste. Feels like my face is ballooning sigh pie. So fat I cannot stand myself. BUT YET I CONTINUE TO EAT. Must learn some self control from raroro.

Anw that’s the end of my day! ^^ took mrt back w ST which was nice. Haven’t rly hung out one on one w ST for awhile. Will update on my rather happening life soon! And ST and PJ’s bday celebrations whee.

Proud of Hazel! ^^
Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Kickboxing is so intense

Omg I really can’t think of good titles to name my posts. Like how does one come up with titles?! I’m just blogging about my day. Next time I should just put the title as “Today” right. But then sometimes I’m not blogging about today… today. Yknw what I mean. So it might be confusing. Sometimes my titles make sense and the links are more explicit. Sometimes it’s the main theme. Or sometimes it’s just me tryna ask cheem and deep and thoughtful. But today’s title is the thing that is haunting me the most. Mainly becos my body is still aching from it.

I think sometime last week raroro and I decided to try out kickboxing at the gym we both go for. Partly because she’s been wanting to try it for v long, and partly becos I felt that I needed a good workout. So we decided that OKAY Monday of reading week we will go for aerobics and kickboxing back to back. NOT SURE THAT WE WERE OF SOUND MIND WHEN WE MADE THAT DECISION.

So in the morning I woke up slightly late which meant I couldn’t leave the house w my parents. Decided to take a more leisurely and filling breakfast because I felt the need to fuel up before the intense classes. Knowing who the instructor was and having experienced his class kinda made me more nervous. LIke I’ve been for his aerobics but never ever tried kickboxing before. But PJ went for it on Saturday and omg it sounded TERRIBLE. Like 1000 over punches or something. I was warned. BUT I STILL IGNORED THE WARNING BELLS SOUNDING IN MY HEAD AND DECIDED TO GO AHEAD.

Raroro and I were both slightly late for aerobics (9.30AM at Bugis leh) so I had quite a lot of trouble following the first set. Was quite confusing all the turns and all. But somehow survived the class and we (AKA raroro, becos I’d have been happy to go HAHA. She’s rly my pushing/motivational force) decided to STAY FOR KICKBOXING. Sigh.

So we stayed.

And suffered.

It was really so mega intense. And I felt like I was such an angry and vengeful person during the class. Like I had some anger management problems or something HAHA. Not used to being so violent and um physical about my anger. Really eh all the punches. Put strength into them also omg I FELT DAMN FIERCE YKNW. But then when I looked into the mirror… I looked like a wimp. FAR FROM THE FIERCE IMAGE I THOUGHT I WAS PORTRAYING HAHAHA. Also like half way through one of the sets I had this surreal feeling that I was filming a gangster film.

I was in a dark alley. CORNERED BY GANGSTERS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO COLLECT PROTECTION FEES FROM. I refused to pay – it went against my morals and principles. So they charged towards me, they thought they could scare me because I looked like a meek fishball they could easily frighten into funding their illegal activities. BUT I TOOK THEM ON. They kept coming at me and I just was KO-ing them. AND ENDED OFF W A FABULOUS KICK. And then there I was, left standing in the alley with fallen gangsters at my feet. Nobody would demand for a protection fee in that neighbourhood again.

But obviously I was in a brightly-lit studio with a bunch of other mad women punching air and jabbing at imaginary opponents. *back to reality* Looking quit awkward while I did it if I’m to be honest with myself. I think I might just stick to dancing.

THERE WAS ONE MOVE where we were supposed to imagine that we were punching our opponent who was lying on the ground. Quite unfortunately, I felt more like a farmer hoeing the ground that a victorious kickboxer. There must have been something i was doing wrong. HAHA

Raroro and I stumbled outta the studio half alive. Took a quick and super refreshing shower and then we headed to Plaza Sing. Shopped around for awhile then raroro went home while I met Isaacy for lunch at…

You guessed it. Nana’s Green Tea. HAHAHAHA. I’m the boringest person ever man.

It was v nice hanging out w Isaacy because he’s v easy to talk to. Plus I was in one of those ramble-y moods that raroro sometimes gets annoyed by LOL so he didn’t rly have to talk thaaat much. I was just going on and on and on. But we talked about a lot of things la. Like relationships, growing up, reflecting on our past experiences, uni and all that. It’s q nice that I’ve a friend like that – can discuss serious stuff w but also can talk rubbish with. What a nice balance 🙂

Oh and I bought a romper yay.

That’s all to my rather lovely day. First day of reading week gone like that oops. Must remind self that I should actually be reading during reading week already.


Kickboxing is so intense

Toast for Lunch and Waffles for Dessert

Today is the kind of day I envisioned my holidays to be like. .. Okay no, not exactly true! I have many ideas of what my holiday should be like and today was one of the many ideals 🙂

Went to Amore for FunkBlitz in the morning! Woke up at the ungodly hour of.. 7.30am 😦 HAHA. Dancing is the only reason why I’ll wake up so early nowadays. Unless I happen to have an early appointment which.. hasn’t really happened yet. You probably don’t know what FunkBlitz is. It’s one of Amore Signature classes and according to the website..


Specially designed to incorporate stylish hip hop, street and funk dance into aerobics, FunkBlitz® will lead you through a continuous pace, heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will slim and tone your body. Elevate your heart rate, stretch your stamina and tone your entire body as you move and pop and lock to the infectious, latest funk music with FunkBlitz®!

 So yup. It’s basically dancing so it’s one of the few Amore classes I attend 😀 I also attend their Jazz class and Pilates class! Oh and StretchFit which I haven’t gone for in awhile hmm.

Anyway the class ended at 10.30am! So I had a quick shower and went to meet Jomain at Golden Shoe to have lunch w her. Also because she had to pass me my SN shirt. Lunch w Jomain was nice! We had a quick catch up and .. okay nothing special I guess? It was just nice to meet up and talk, even though it was for a short while 🙂

Oh and I saw Glace cheese tarts there! 😀 So I decided to buy one for Melissa because I knew she’d like it (because I like it and .. I’ve good taste. HAH.) Glace cheese tarts are really really yummy omg. LOVE THEM. But I didn’t buy any for myself 😦 See how much I love you Melissa! Hahaha. I wasn’t hungry and didn’t have a craving for it so.. decided not to waste the money 😛

Went to 313 after lunch w Jomain to get a present for my brother! I went to .. Limited Ed. IT’S THE HYPE SHOP WHERE MY BROTHER BUYS TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE T-SHIRTS FROM. I was having so much trouble choosing a shirt for him ): Because I was so worried that he wouldn’t like it!! So I sat in front of the row of T-shirts for almost 20 minutes trying to choose something he’d like. Then I decided to secretly snap a picture for sissy to check. FELT SO SUSPICIOUS, LIKE SOME SHOPLIFTER ZOMG. But I managed to do it – twice!! After I sorta decided on a shirt, I asked the shop assistant if they had an exchange policy, explaining that I was getting it for my brother. AND THE VERY HELPFUL ASSISTANT SAID ‘Oh you can just take a picture and send it to him’ Like it was the most obvious solution in the world. I was very.. taken aback. ALL MY SNEAKINESS FOR NOTHING. What a waste. So I openly snapped a picture of the shirt to send it to sissy and my mum for them to QC. Then.. I bought the shirt.

Oh there’s this brand of shirts the shop carries. It’s called Kikstyo and I was appalled at the design and cost of the shirts. There were some shirts w a picture of a scantily clad woman in front with um, overflowing assets. And they cost $89.00!! WHO SPENDS ALMOST $90 ON A COTTON SHIRT. And it’s not like the design is nice. Okay maybe it’s nice to people with .. rather questionable tastes. But still. NINETY DOLLARS FOR A T-SHIRT. I think I gave an audible gasp when I saw the price of the shirt. Not that I was considering getting it for my brother. Tacky much! And completely ridiculous pfft.

Took the train to Bishan to hop onto Melissa’s train after that! 😀 We wanted to go to Holland Village for yummy desserts because she cleverly googled ‘Good desserts in Singapore’ or something to that effect. And 2am dessert bar was one of the results of the search so off we went to Holland V. Also because Holland V sounds v cool (hahaha omg geddit?) and we’d never gone their on our own. Plus.. the possibility of seeing HAMs. Melissa brings out the HAM seeking tendencies in me, I mean, I don’t normally actively search for HAMs!!! …Really.

The sun was TERRIBLE. Scorching sun, sweltering heat, yknw, all the vocabulary you used in your descriptive essays in the past that basically meant a really hot day? Yup it’d probably have described today. I was melting and baking and EVERYTHING in the heat. I felt like a baking potato.

We walked up and down but couldn’t find the place! D: In the end we discovered it at the end of the row of shophouses.. only to discover that it wasn’t open yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: D: So all that trekking around like a baked potato for nothing. But Holland V had a lot of alternatives so we settled on Cold Rock 😀 THEY HAD REALLY COOL SWING CHAIRS SOOOOO FUN TO SWING OMG. And they had cushions. COMFY MAX. I loved the swing wheeeeee 😀 Oh and we ordered waffle + two scoops of ice cream to share! Oh and it also included two glasses of tea so yay! 😀

Happy me on the swing

The waffle was yummyyyyyyy! 😀 And I really liked the Strawberry ice cream. The tea was.. not sweet tho ):

Nom nom waffle!

LOOK AT THE WAFFLEEEEEEEEEEE. And we finished it all yumz 😀

We sat and swung on the swing (is that correct?) for a really long time after that. Super nua~ feeling and ah so nice to just sit there w Melissa and talk about anything under the (very hot) sun. We talked about her favourite celebs, about our shared past in SN, about her new friends, about going to uni, about so many different things! 😀 I like talk to Melissa because.. she’s funny! And it feels quite comfortable being with her. Like even though she’s sometimes quite scary and fierce and she doesn’t really say nice things about me.. I know deep (deep deep deeeeeeeeep) down inside she loves me (omg I hope so?? HAHA) and cares about me! I feel quite fortunate to be one of her friends 🙂 Yay love you Melissa~ I also like to listen to her because she has a lot of interesting stories to tell 😀

After a longgg time we finally left the place and went to nex to walk around. nex is the ULTIMATE walk around place I tell you. I keep going there to walk around. Probably because it’s so convenient also haha. So we.. walked around and talked some more then we went home.

Oh and Melissa met her dream guy on the escalator *wink wink* (omg shudder actually)

Came home, had dinner then had a nice chat w my family that’s about it! 😀

But I really had a good day today whee. 🙂

Toast for Lunch and Waffles for Dessert

SATs and a Date with Rachael

Haven’t been updating for awhile oops. I’ve been kinda lazy and work doesn’t give me any free time so no more blogging at work haha!

I took Friday off because I wanted to study for SATs. I didn’t do much preparation for it. I kinda envisioned myself going to the library being a studious girl like I was during the O levels period. But laziness coupled with the notion that SATs are easy turns out to be quite effective as non-motivators. ^^ so I decided to take Friday off to really study and like a last ditch attempt to do something for the test I paid a hundred dollars for ):

I woke up on Friday relatively early. Probably because my body clock is accustomed to waking up for work. I then decided to drag myself to Amore to go for Jazz class. Partly because I wanted to try out Jazz and partly because I haven’t been utilising my membership. Oh I was supposed to meet Rachael to study but she cancelled on me 😦 sigh!

Jazz was not bad! But wow the aunties are so much better. And very confident in their bodies. I met this rather nice girl at the class! She probably talked to me because I looked so out of place. After the class I suddenly felt very much like exercising SO I WENT TO THE GYM …

FOR 15 MINUTES HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear, I intended to go for muchhh longer. I did 10 minutes of cycling then I decided that ok I’m gna run on the treadmill now. So I stepped on the treadmill and started up the machine. I increased the speed to a comfortable jog .. And started to get tired. My thoughts were something like this:
‘Omg this is rather tiring’
‘Ok I think I can run faster’ *increase speed*
‘My feet kinda hurt. Maybe they’re not meant for running’
‘Ok this is TIRING’
‘Now I remember why I haven’t been running since after NAPFA’

Then I stopped the machine HAHA. Lazy or what.

Bought Starbucks after that then went home for a yummy home cooked lunch ^^

And thennn I sat in front of the computer and put my SAT book in front of me. I also plugged in my hard disk and turned on Glee. HAHA. So you can probably guess how the rest of my Friday went.

Woke up reallyyy early on Saturday morning because I was afraid I’d oversleep! My daddy gave my sister and I a lift to AJC because SATs were held there ^^ then my sis had a good time tryna figure out where the venues were. I think she was enjoying herself showing people around.

The test was okay? I think it was manageable but maybe it was tricky! But the worst thing about it is how tiring it is!!!!! Turns out 3h 45mins is really long to be sitting in a lecture theatre hunched over a puny table shading little bubbles sigh.

Date with Rachael after that. We went to nex for lunch ^^ I ate something rather exotic sounding. It’s called … ‘Eggy bowl of rice’ HAHA. But it was rather yummy so okay! After that we walked around the ENTIRE nex. Just talking about everything under the sky. It was so nice to do that. I haven’t done that for really long! Strolling around with nothing on my mind ~

Actually we did that until we reached Poh Kim. They were showing a K-Pop music festival!!! So we kinda .. Stood there for a few performances. Until the sales lady asked if we were looking for something sigh. Kinda embarrassing. So we left rather quickly after that 😛

I had to go home shortly after that because I was supposed to go for mei’s first CO concert!! 😀 which will be covered in another post if I’m not lazy. Maybe when I’m on my way home because I’m now at tanjong pajar and my fingers are tired from typing on pebbles.

Toodles noodles~

SATs and a Date with Rachael