Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

AKA 临时抱佛脚

Since school is starting tomorrow for me, I figure that now is quite an apt time for me to remind myself not to do last minute chionging for finals. Thankfully the last minute studying worked out okay last semester. But reminder to self that I won’t always be so lucky!!

Last semester I chose modules that ended up with me having two exams on a Tuesday (9am and 5pm) and one exam on Wednesday (1pm). I initially thought it’d be okay because my exams that semester didn’t actually start until the first Friday of the exam period. CLEARLY I overestimated my ability at being a good student hahaha. I focused so much on revising for the exam on Friday and thought to myself that i had plenty of time. So I only briefly made a few notes for the exams on Tuesday (both were NM mods!)

Oh I must mention that I thought the two exams on one day was okay because the morning paper was an MCQ. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE MCQs hor. Especially when the prof is known for his killer MCQs… T.T So by Monday I was panicking because I had three exams in the next two days but I haven’t actually finished studying for EITHER of the two exams on Tuesday. Not very well thought out my revision schedule hahaha. But then again… who keeps to revision schedules right.

Thankfully Sam, Corrine, Agnes, Amanda and I made rly good use of the time we had between the two exams to cram for the evening paper so I think it really helped a lot the last minute memorising. Still did quite poorly for the module but it’s because my essay dragged me down a lot sigh. At least I didn’t get a C.

Rushed home immediately after the evening paper. Thankfully Susu gave me a lift and then it was time to START REVISION for the paper I had the next day omg. SO TERRIBLE RIGHT. I think ALL my notes for the module were made the night before. Thankfully I did all my readings already + I quite enjoyed the module so most of the info was retained in my head phew. But still, it’s really quite terrible of me to only start revision the night before.

BUT THEN RIGHT OMG SO SUPER LUCKY THAT THE PAPER WAS RLY EASY. I finished really early and left the exam hall early (as I usually do because I can’t stand waiting for them to finish collecting the papers haha). Super happy and thankful that my last minute cramming paid off.

Really unhealthy and not good tho. So I strongly discourage this 😡

That’s all ^^ Just wanted to record my experience with a three exams in two days. Idk how PJ survived her exam timetables previously man. Impressed.

Why it’s not good to have three exams in two days

I can’t wait to…

  • Cut my hair
  • Visit the dentist
  • Make new specs and contact lenses
  • Buy a new laptop (fingers crossed!)
  • Get a manipedi
  • Flop around at home
  • YouTube surf mindlessly
  • Go for a facial
  • Go for a massage
  • Plan the Hong Kong leg of my family trip
  • Get started w the many NM society things to do
  • Have our Kpop Fanily Day
  • Karaoke in PJ’s house
  • Hang out w my siblings hopefully go somewhere fun together
  • Explore Singapore’s hipster spots and be suaku w ST
  • Eat claypot rice w Hazel
  • Attend fitness classes w raroro
  • Watch No Breathing w susu
  • Maybe blog a bit more about the semester
  • Drive on my own (okay probably won’t be able to sigh)
  • Meet Melissa and Sherlyn again
  • Meet my different groups of friends actually – how I’ve missed them so!

My busiest semester in NUS so far I think. Chasing deadlines and testing how late I can sleep. But it’s ending soon and I am excited for the holidays.

At the same time, I’m kinda dreading it because it means a new semester and an unplanned event to hold oh gosh please let us get through it.

I can’t wait to…


I haven’t updated for so long sigh! It makes me feel q sad to see my blog collecting dust. I do want to regularly update so that in future I won’t be like what’s this gap in my life? What was I doing for the first half of my first semester as a year 2?! (Yknw I will forget hahaha) but life has been (as usual) moving at a breathtaking pace. I can hardly keep up with it even as I’m going through my day to day motions. Every day is a day closer to some deadline, every day we’ve lessons to prepare for and other things to do. I really don’t recall my first year like this. It definitely doesn’t help that the assignments are so much more challenging now ):

But enough of my whining. I’d be lying through my teeth (like what I’m doing for a certain assignment..) if you have the impression that I’ve been burying my head in books. I HAVE BEEN OUT LIVING MY LIFE. While doing school work between breaks lololol don’t you think it should be the other way around. But I can’t muster up enough urgh to care meh. Until deadlines that is. I don’t think I’ve done as much last minute work as I have this week oops.

So yes. The first half of the semester has passed us by and as usual I’m wondering what exactly I’ve learnt the past six weeks. But that aside… RECESS WEEK!!!! Plus I’ve only one midterm (and several other assignments) to prepare for. SO YKNW WHAT THAT MEANS


Obviously my definition of party is eating and hanging out w friends and maintaining my strong online presence on YouTube, Tumblr and various other online communities lol.

Plus the little fact that my birthday is on Friday. Haven’t been able to muster up enough excitement for it probably becos I’ve hardly had enough time to think about it… (OH THE SAD LIFE OF A UNI STUDENT) But I’m sure I’ll be excited in no time ~~

True to my words, I’m gna start off recess week with a BIG BANG

Omg I think I’m so funny sometimes.

Like literally. I’m starting off recess week with


Teehee. Funny anot.

But omg yes I’m rly super duper excited to see Big Bang live becos I believe rly strongly believe that they’re great performers. PLUS THEYRE REUNITING AFTER MONTHS OF NOT PERFORMING TOGETHER. I feel so incredibly lucky. But also q worried becos I’m like 90% sure that I won’t be able to see them clearly… sigh. Curses of being short and having school till about 6pm.

What matters of course is that I’ll be within um is it 500m (? My estimation sucks) of them and that’s like the closest ever. SOOOO DARN EXCITED. First kpop concert since SNSD!!! ★★

Okay that’s all. I will update about my life’s happenings soon 🙂 hopefully. LOL.

Have a good recess week all!


A Wilde night

Despite this being the horrendous Week 12-13 period of school when the deadlines are rushing towards me like a speeding train, I took a break from all that and watched The Importance of Being Earnest with Hazel, ST, Benedict and my mum.

2013-04-13 11.49.21

I’m so glad we watched it. Studying TIOBE was one of my favourite parts of A Level Literature and I really enjoyed learning about the play and Wilde’s strange ideas about society. AESTHETIC PRINCIPLE. Plus it’s the first play I’ve watched! Usually I watch concerts where people… don’t really talk hahaha.

I even brought the book along so that I could read it to refresh my memory before the play. In the end Ben took it throughout the play. NO IDEA WHY ALSO -.- Not like he could read the script right. Ben is really really strange gosh.

I was having a(n intense) project meeting before that. Sigh it doesn’t seem to be going well. So I was q happy and relieved to see my best buds Hazel and ST when they FINALLY arrived. ST must really learn how to be more M-time omg. We rushed through our dinner in less than 30 minutes and ran ran ran to watch the play becos we were late. Actually I think if not for Ben we’d have missed a bit of the play. He was so antsy and like ‘RUN RUN’ and being annoying and yknw.. Ben. But okay I’m glad we managed to be seated before the play started. Our seats were not bad also! Even tho it was the cheapest tickets hahaha. We could see really clearly.

I was wondering if they’d make an changes to the script, like making it more localised. But I think they stuck quite strictly to it! They even spoke w a British accent that didn’t sound out of place coming from them. It was so so cool to hear and watch the entire play actually um, played out. It’s quite different from Mr Whitby telling us about how the audience will react to the script and actually being the audience and reacting.

AND MR WHITBYYYYYYY. I miss him and his Literature lessons so much. Even tho he was sometimes scary when we didn’t speak up in class :X There were certain passages that he really took the time to go through in class and during the play it felt sorta like I was back in Lit class analysing (or failing to analyse) the passage. And my all time favourite line “A handbag????!!!” I WAS LIKE OMGOMGOMG MR WHITBY /cries

The memories of the rainbow book and butterfly book and all my notes in my working copy of TIOBE and all the frantically copying down his words of wisdom that he REFUSED to upload onto KM and the small LT and how we’d sit in the front row my class occupying the whole row and sigh all the Literature memories ♥♥♥

I’m so proud to be a Literature student. At least, to have been a Literature student. So grateful that I’ve been exposed to the beauty of words, of language and the magic that a well-crafted piece can create. So glad that I’ve learnt about writing, about literary devices, about how to use language, how the pen is mightier than the sword.

I am definitely not one of those well-read, arty-farty Arts student. There’s no way my blog will be whimsical, retrospective and thoughtful. My thoughts are all over the place, quite shallow most times and I write in the same way. But the fact that I’ve been exposed to different ways of thinking in my life as an Arts student has shaped me in the ways I look at the world, the way I think about issues and the perspectives I can take.

And watching TIOBE last night just reminded me of all that 😀 Thank you Hazel, ST and Ben for sharing last night’s trip down memory lane with me ♥

A Wilde night


As the title of this post boldly announces, my midterms are finally over! And it is now about 3 weeks to finals hooray.

South Asian Studies midterms are one of the latest midterms I suspect. But now I also have a quiz on Macroeconomics coming up just before the start of the reading week. Sigh. So I won’t be able to take a break from studying. Plus I’m really really behind for Macroeconomics. It’s quite different from how it was taught in JC so I’m having quite a lot of trouble with it. The focus of Macro here is really quite different and I’m feeling rather lost. I miss JC Economics oh such carefree days ~~

But I decided to give myself a little break to celebrate the end of South Asian midterms hence here I am blogging before I sleep ^^ I could be watching Running Man but nooo I’m blogging. So dedicated to entertaining the few readers I have haha.

And also to make up for my fangirl posts recently. Teehee,

I’m rather excited about the end of my first semester in NUS. I hope I did decently (lol finals not even here yet) but so far.. it seems like I’ll be able to do okay? I’m just hoping Cultural Studies and SN won’t be too much of a shock to me.

Ooh yes lots of deadlines upcoming in addition to the finals! Cultural Studies project (ours is on dance films how cool is that!) and the final NM assignment due soon. Okay that’s two only. But both are quite difficult to handle so… it counts as a lot okay.

I shall try to blog a bit more (especially about Tuesday and my comparatively more exciting last week) before the descent of finals. These few days have generally followed the same pattern. Going to school, going home, watching Running Man, feeling guilty for watching it, trying to revise for the South Asian test. So not much to report on that front!

All right going to figure out my dropbox thingy now toodles pip until next time ~



Managed to braid my hair in the style of a fishtail braid!! :D:D:D Okay it’s sort of like a fake one because it’s some simplified version.. but it works for now! ^^ looks sort of like the real thing also so imma happy girl. This is the reason why I’ve been trying to keep my hair long hahaha I know, vanity ^^ I also stopped layering my hair too much because I realised it makes it really hard to french braid layered hair. So now I’ve mastered french braiding more or less HAPPY GIRL I AM.

50c coin face coming up:

(I’ve learnt that I need to tilt my head in a certain way for my face to look less like a 50c coin. SO THIS PICTURE IS QUITE A FALSE PORTRAYAL OF MYSELF. But the focus is the braid)

This is the video I watched to learn it in case you wanna learn it too 😀


I’m now one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a mermaid.


Without Tess

I am at once frightened and amazed by the book. It affected me quite profoundly while I read it. Maybe it’s because I’ve a sister so on some levels I feel like I can related to it. There were moments when I was reading and I’m like hey this feels so familiar. Yet it’s twisted to something that’s so unfamiliar and.. it feels wrong.

Spoilers ahead so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled (hahaha duh omg)

Continue reading “Without Tess”

Without Tess

I miss Literature

Or rather, I miss being a student of Literature in English.

I was just thinking about this a few days ago, after hearing stories from my friends who are taking the Literature module this semester. Literature was really fun to study, not so fun when it’s an examination of course (but then again, what is?)

I miss being a Literature student in NJC. Mr Whitby and Mr Dio were really really good teachers (Mr Dio was good in his own… rather interesting way) and the texts we had to do were made more interesting because of them.

Except for Tess though. Nobody can make Thomas Hardy’s Tess interesting. I mean, the plot’s so dramatic and exciting. BUT THE WAY IT’S WRITTEN OH MY GOODNESS. But the other texts, oh how I fell in love with the other texts! I really learnt a lot not only from my teachers but the texts themselves and it was just a really really amazing experience.

I miss analysing Literature texts. NEVER THOUGHT I’D SAY THIS. And I’ll probably hate it again once I’d to do it again. But at the moment yeah. I miss wondering if I’m free associating, I miss thinking too much into things (and realising that hey! I was right – not that it happens a lot of course) and I miss puzzling over the obscure P5 unseen texts.

Oh gosh unseen texts. I’ve quite forgotten about them!! I remember how bewildered and lost I felt after seeing the first every P5 prose unseen. I remember it was Ms Soh / Ms Koh who threw it at us and we were furiously copying down the analysis and the unseen was well, just really really hard. Secondary school Literature was nothing like that, I could barely understand the unseen!

Then P1 had compare and contrast exercises and they were.. stimulating. Like the common themes, once you knew them, were easy enough to spot. And the moments when Mr Whitby pointed them out to us were quite um common HAHA. But pretty cool. So yup I miss compare and contrast even though I was so bad at it 😦

Mmmm what else about Literature.. don’t remember now! I’m not exactly listing out everything in Lit, just the things that occur to me while writing!



Okay that’s all bye.

I miss Literature

A Superficial List because I’m a Girl

I was thinking of all the things I want to do / I want to have. And I realise… THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS! Some rather unreachable but still it’s something I want.

So here’s my Want list (in no particular order):

  • New pointe shoes
  • Another leotard (because I’m greedy like that)
  • More pretty clothes!
    Every time I open my cupboard I stare at my clothes for really long.. and end up pulling out the same clothes to wear -.-
  • A nice cozy room to use as a library for my books.
    I’ll have armchairs. Or maybe not. Not that comfy actually. Maybe I’ll put a bed there HAHA. I like reading on my bed. And some beanbags because they’re so fun! And shelves and all my books of course 😀 And a drawer for bookmarks (or receipts or scrap paper because that’s what I end up using as my bookmarks anyway)
  • To be able to eat and never get fat!
    HOW INCREDIBLE WOULD THAT BE OMG. Wish come true really. Actually tbh now I’m eating as if I’ll never get fat. WHICH IS TURNING OUT NOT TO BE THE CASE. All the desserts in the world.. sigh.
  • To know what I want to do in life
    (See how I throw in this deep and philosophical thought in the middle of my superficial wants)
  • To earn a lot a lot of money and be happy
    Is it possible to be rich and happy at the same time? Poor little rich girl. Happy little poor girl. I always hear about how the rich are not really happy and how the poor may be happier. It’d be so nice to be rich and happy at the same time.
  • To paint my nails a pretty colour!
    (Back to being superficial)
  • Pretty shoes and bags and EVERYTHING HAHAHAHAHA.
  • To go overseas and experience life outside of Singapore
  • To bake yummy stuff (for Niall)
  • Go to a One Direction concert then Niall will notice me and we’ll fall in love and we’ll get married and omg I love you Niall.
  • Really nice hair.
    HAHAHA I REALLY WANT EH. Like nice colour and highlights and length and most importantly IT MUST COVER UP THE FACT THAT I HAVE A ROUND FACE.
  • To know how to drive
  • Time
    To hang out with my friends
    To laze around and do nothing
    To watch movies
    To play
    To live the life of a carefree teenager 😀
  • To dance on stage; TO PERFORM.
  • A talent, or at least, something I’m really good at
    I wna be like Melissa who seems so confident (sometimes) and Jomain who seems so comfortable in her own skin (all the time, maybe because she’s pretty)
    Then my friends will go ‘but you can dance!’ which is true. I can dance, but I can’t Dance. There’s a huge difference. I’m still learning to Dance and hopefully one day I’ll succeed. 🙂
  • Confidence
    In my really superficial moments (which is rather often) I think that as long as I’m skinny, I’ll be more well liked. I’ll have more friends and I’ll be pretty and popular and everything will go well as long as I’m skinny. Don’t get me wrong, I know these are really bad thoughts to have and it’s thoughts like this that turns normal healthy girls to girls who are anorexic which is bad really bad. But still I can’t help but think that way ): My mum said (long ago when she was scolding me about something) that I’m the kind of person who needs to be liked.. and that’s true.
  • To be a princess.
    Actually I don’t need to be royalty la.  (Please read in Singaporean accent.) I’m fine with being Niall’s princess as well ^^ In fact I prefer it. HAHAHAHA.

Okay I’m done ~

Eh no I’m not. Economics states that there are unlimited wants. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE MANY MORE WANTS. But.. I cannot think of them off-hand. So yup that’s all for today. Above you have a list of both superficial and not so superficial things, all the things I want.

So if you can get it for me.. well… I wouldn’t complain that’s for sure ^^

A Superficial List because I’m a Girl

Musings otw to City Hall

I opened this page (on pebbles!) thinking that I’ll have something to blog. But I’ve been staring at this for quite a long time without knowing what to type ):

I’ve been quite a lonely kid these few days with two of my best friends virtually uncontactable. ST is away at NS and PJ is away in Hong Kong!
(Yessss PJ you’re my best friend :$ I hope you feel the same way about me)
So I’ve had no choice but to send many text messages to PJ who cannot reply me! Sorry PJ!

Now I’m on the way to meet Jomain, Melissa, Kristel and Huimin. Not very close to Kristel and Huimin actually. I suppose we can talk, it’s just that they won’t be the people I’ll ask out. They’re more of Melissa and Jomain’s friends :/ sometimes I feel quite like an outsider hanging out w them. It seems like they’re so confident of themselves while I’m just awkward. I’m hoping one day I’ll be so confident too! But until then, I just gotta smile and try to fit in :/

I wonder what happened to my St Nicks friends actually. I suppose it’s mostly my fault. I got so caught up with my life in NJ that I didn’t keep in touch with my SN friends. And now I look at people who have a great set of secondary school and JC friends I feel rather envious! It’s not that I don’t have a group of SN friends. I do! But sometimes it feels like we’re so different. Maybe it’s just me being my awkward self.

On another note, I find it a bit hard to talk to people who don’t like 1D. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THEN. It sounds so sad doesn’t it ):

This is supposed to be my distraction from the long journey to City Hall and it’s working quite well. I’m already at Somerset YAY. Two more stops to go and I’ll be there. I’m late ah well.

Oh yes hip hop lessons every Wednesday have been .. Progressing okay. I’m not very good at it if I’m being honest. Isolation doesn’t come easy for myself! The side effect of this is that I appreciate ballet a lot more! 😀 I really wna try contemporary dance. But Hazel isn’t very interested in it! And I’m not sure if hip hop is something I want to continue because I saw one class of hip hop and ummm it’s a bit too jerky for my tastes! Maybe we’ll just finish hip hop intro 1 and 2 and try girls hip hop! 😀 or maybe street jazz mmm. I love learning new dances 😀

Oh okay I’m here bye!!

Musings otw to City Hall