CPS is CAPS without the A


Currently a student in University.

This is supposed to be my about me page. So here is what I have to say about me.

I believe in fairies and magic. Enid Blyton was a big part of my childhood. The Magic Brush and Other Stories was my first Enid Blyton book.

Also, I like Korean Pop (K-pop). Even though it is true that I do not understand Korean hence do not know what they are singing about, I can listen to the tunes and the beats and the emotions. Which is already really good!  Among my many favourites are SNSD, Big Bang, 2NE1, miss A, MBLAQ, BEAST, BoA and the list goes on.

Besides K-pop, I listen to Pop without the K. My current love is One Direction. I don’t really have a favourite band/singer because there are way too many to choose from.

This indecision I believe also stems from the fact that I’m a Libra. Hence I do not have a favourite colour, a favourite band, a favourite anything. I have many many favourites that change from day to day.


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