What I’ll miss from Y1S2

I promised myself to do a summary of sem2 because I don’t remember doing this for sem1 but I wanted to! Sem2 was a whirlwind of projects. Sem1 really seemed a lot more relaxing than this haha. I couldn’t really handle having 4 projects and 5 finals omg how much does that suck urgh D: So gna take some Design mod next sem so I’ll have 5 finals (but CA throughout the sem is also umm…) But thankfully most of my project group members were rather responsible people (tho not always responsive) and I did learn from them. I didn’t like that we weren’t really friends tho, I think I covered that before (especially in my rants to friends sigh you guys really rock ok you were my rock also hahaha #punny)

Even tho sem2 was bad academically-wise, I still had fun (as I always do). Because we always have to find joy in the darkest places 😀 and as always, I rely so much on my friends who are my constant pillars of support yay I love you guys 🙂 🙂 So here’s a list of what I’ll miss according to the days of the week.

1. Monday lunches with raroro, susu, Corrine, Alvin, John and Agnes 🙂
The one thing that made Mondays much nicer yay. Even tho Mondays were my longest days, I never really minded it because of my incredible lunch buddies. Searching for tables at the crowded Deck, queuing for ytf. Western, upper (air-con) Deck on the perpetually hot Mondays, funny funny conversations about chasing idols, awkward silences, etc etc. It was just really nice yay. I was initially a bit worried since raroro and susu didn’t really know the NM peeps but it turned out fine so all’s well! 😀

2. Monday NM2101 lectures
Because the lecturer was so incredibly nice omg I’ll really miss him, one of the nicest lecturers ever. Like we could tell that he tried hard to make his lectures interesting. The fact that it’s THEORIES of communication at 6pm really did not help his case but I think he did admirably well 😀 He was so funny (okay to me, because my sense of humour leans towards the lame end of the spectrum) and his references to himself were really just LOL. Yay to him!

3. Tuesday lunches
I didn’t really have a fixed lunch partner because I generally only had to have lunch in school on odd weeks due to my 9am lesson omg TERRIBLE TIME. But I remember eating w raroro omg FAVOURITE HWANGS MEAL EVAHHHHH. Tofu soup + chicken bulgogi okay my favourite favourite and she can always read my mind because now it’s always what I wna eat when I wna go Hwang’s teehee i lurbx eu raroro. Also lunched w my sem buddy Xiao Ting and my Oweek best takeaway Jiayan on two occasions.. it was okay. I found it slightlyyyy awkward because they’re JC friends and I’m just a new friend so yeah a bit third wheely. But it was fine overall! 🙂 Oh and I met yammy boy once also 😀

4. Tuesday going home w BFG
Even though it was vv tiring hahaha. But he’s nice la, has an interesting perspective on things. I’d like to think that if we happen to take the same module again next sem, we’ll be friends haha. But he was a nice going home buddy. And a GREAT project group mate – he’s so intelligent and well-read gosh.

5. WEDNESDAY MY OFF DAY I LOVE YOUUUUU. What did I do on Wednesdays I don’t even remember.

6. Thursday’s one hour w Alvin and Corrine
Hardly saw Alvin this sem! Last sem we had Monday breakfasts haha but this sem um, 10am lesson a bit hard for him to even come on time -.- But the one hour I spend w him and Corrine is always a lovely time filled w laughter and poking fun at each other 😀 Happy times!

7. Thursday lunches with 08 girls 😀
Sighhh what a lovely time 😀 So rare that we manage to find a common timeslot to eat together!! ^^ Glad we managed to do it this sem. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again for the next semesters and even when the boys join us yay! ST joined us once for our Thurs lunch teehee surprise surprise 😀 ST we should try to surprise PJ every sem!!

8. Fridays NM2201 lectures
Interesting module but it has been FOREVER TAINTED IN MY MIND BECAUSE OF THE FINALS. That is all.

9. Friday (occasionally) going home w Mel
Had very little time w Mel this sem 😦 But the rare occasions that we went home together were nice! Great that we’re still (sorta) close even with the limited amount of time we spent together this sem. She’s really one of my (sorta) closer friends I’ve made in uni yay 🙂

Like when she drives hahaha I’m so happy and thankful okay raroro :D:D And when she doesn’t and she hops into my train at Marymount and we end up at the same cabin because telepathy like that 😀 This sem was a nice raroro-filled sem!

I’m sure there are other things but I can’t remember them now. Also I like to stop at a nice round number so I’ll stop at 10. Other than those weekly occurrences, there were many other random encounters/events that made my day so yup. Hardly had a dull day in FASS 🙂

What I’ll miss from Y1S2

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