Fridate w my fave uni friends

This post actually continues from my rather tiring week. It’s our little celebration/ relaxation time after that busy week. So here’s what happened.

I remember that week was when my phone died on me! Urgh. So since Friday was a rare off day that I didn’t have to go back to school, I decided to go to Plaza Sing to repair my phone. AND AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, earlier in the week, my favourite club concuss (hahaha we have a name omg) decided to watch Divergent together because it’s Sam’s fave thing of that moment. And we were to watch it at Plaza Sing! LUCKY ME.

So I headed to Plaza Sing earlier to have lunch w Isaacy at our favourite Nana’s Green Tea. Second time I went there this year I think. LOL addicted to their Matcha Latte do you know how much I love it. I love it as much as I love many things. Okay obviously my descriptive skills not at full level today. But yes we had Nana’s Green Tea for lunch and I was a happy girl. Also, introduced Isaacy to the wonders of Snapchat. One of my favourite time-wasting SNS ever.

Then he had to leave becos he was meeting his buddies for a LAN session. So I went to Samsung and received the distressing (but not surprising) diagnosis of my poor Butter. The verdict was that I had to gamble $30. If it was a problem that could be solved w a software upgrade (to be done after $30 was paid), I’d get back a working Butter. If after the $30 software upgrade was complete and Butter remained unresponsive, I’d have to decide whether or not to pull its life support. BASICALLY. If I paid $30 and Butter still CMI, then too bad for me lor.

So obviously I decided to pay the $30 and surrendered my Butter to the girl at the counter and sadly bade all the stuff saved in my phone goodbye. No way of saving anything sigh.

Anyway lesson learnt everyone:

Before you upgrade your software, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA.

After that my borrowed iPhone was dying omg plus I had to complete SEP application AIYO I REMEMBER HOW STRESSFUL IT WAS. I had no cable to charge my phone w but I had to stay in contact w the rest of them. Also I had to complete my SEP application which require a connection to the Internet which can only happen when the phone’s hotspot is on = BATTERY SUCKING. It was a tough position to be in.

Luckily it wasn’t too long till Sam and Corrine appeared. Not before I invested almost $5 on an Earl Grey tea from Starbucks that I didn’t really like bleargh. Lesson learnt I guess. Can only buy it from Gong Cha.

The three of us headed to Tim Ho Wan for dinner first. YAY TO MY FAVE STEAMED EGG CAKE. I think nowadays it’s overtaking the baked bbq pork buns in my favourite food from THW. Not v difficult considering I only have two fave items from there la hor. Oh but the branches in Hong Kong have AWESOME double boiled snow fungus w pear soup. Unfortunately Singapore doesn’t. WHY?! I think we need it lor so heaty here. I was so amused by how the steamed egg cake jiggles. SO QT OMG WHY SO CUTE EGG CAKE??!!!! Ily so much I’m gna eat you up becos so yummy.

Then Agnes joined us after her lesson and we finished up our food and headed to GV to WATCH DIVERGENT YAY. Was quite excited because I really went there as a clean slate – something I don’t do that often. I usually like to at least kinda know what the movie plot is roughly going to be. But then I was just happy that I was watching a movie + watching it w some of my favourite people. So the movie plot was kinda secondary.

But I was SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BECAUSE THE MOVIE WAS RATHER NICE!!!! AND EXCITING. And yknw what. Having live commentary in the form of Agnes made it even funnier HAHAHA. She was so animated throughout the movie – making loud exclamations and engaging w the movie. It was so cute hahaha.

Anyway yes Divergent is a good movie. I can’t say you should watch it if you haven’t becos it isn’t showing anymore. But we all know if you can watch it you CAN watch it if you know what I mean. I really like reading books set in an alternate universe / dystopian world because I like seeing how the author sets up the world. And from the movie… I thought it was really well done. IMPRESSED.

After that we rushed to Macs becos Corrine and I had to submit our SEP application omg it was a mad rush. SO SCARY MAN. But we did it. Really hope I get to go on exchange w Corrine! Would be fun 😀 😀 Even better if Hazel got it also.

So glad we had that little outing leh really. It’s these things that make university life better. Recharging ourselves and reminding ourselves that life is not just about chasing deadlines. And now we have jokes about Divergent and yknw.. new level to our friendship hahaha.

Some favourite people from school ❤
Fridate w my fave uni friends

An industry visit, Frozen and Stranger’s Reunion

12 December 2013

I went for my first industry visit today! We went to Fixx, a local start-up that is involved in web-design, user experience design and things like that. Quite NM-related I guess, but more on the design track. I was quite interested in it tho, so I decided to go. The turnout was a bit meh, only me, Sam, Jindao, Ming, Amanda and one other person turned up :/ Oh well but we did publicise it quite late so nothing to say about it.

The office is located somewhere between Orchard and Great World City, nearer to Great World City but we didn’t know. Met everyone at Orchard and we walked down and gosh it was so far. D: So hot and so far. Ming was telling me about the play she and Amanda went to watch a few days before, The Woman In Black I think. SO HORRIFIC THE PLOT. I was quite scared as she told the story, I really can’t imagine watching it in real life. Ooh it appears that there is a film. Horror film yikes. Think I’ll just read the synopsis heh. Too much of a coward to find the movie to watch. Horror films not really my thing.

It was quite awkward when we got there because the boss we liaised with was out and I think his employees didn’t quite know what to do with us. Theirs was a small office, and apparently Gush is their um sibling company. The intern and an employee formerly from NUS were in charge of entertaining us first until the boss. He was really young :O Slightly older than us I think. I was really impressed by how absolutely nice he was. Like he was really friendly and helpful and so willing to share and give advice.

So yup visit done, we headed to Great World City (I haven’t been there in YEARS) to have lunch. Had trouble deciding on lunch because we were all on a budget but… our budget led us to Crystal Jade. The irony. Then Ming, Amanda and I decided to watch Frozen at the theatre there since it was showing anyway. Too lazy to travel elsewhere to watch since it was already showing here. And Sam joined us for the movie yay!

FROZEN WAS SO INCREDIBLE. After the slightly weird starting, I fell in love with it. With the characters, the slightly cliched plot, the emotions expressed during the movie, and the music. OH GOSH THE MUSIC. It complemented the show so well and it quite reminded me of The Little Mermaid. Especially the duets with the sisters, they reminded me so strongly of The Little Mermaid II when Ariel and Melody were singing together.

THE SONGS WERE SO BEAUTIFUL. I really really loved the movie, it gave me such a happy feeling inside, kinda like how Tangled did. Music’s really important in Disney movies wow.

I initially wanted to write a movie review sorta but too much time has passed for me to attempt a proper review so… just watch the movie. It’s rly rly worth it. For the beautiful characters, the touching storyline and the wonderful, wonderful music.

After the movie, Ming, Manda and I decided to go check out Stranger’s Reunion where Alvin’s working while Sam went back to school. Turns out it wasn’t thaat far I think. Got kinda lost on our way there, quite hard to find boo. And… Alvin wasn’t surprised omg. So annoying >: (

Ordered cakes to share and left after that. UNFORTUNATELY IT STARTED TO RAIN D: So we trudged away in the rain back home boo.

Lesson learnt: Don’t try to surprise Alvin, you’ll probably be disappointed at his reaction. But the cakes were not bad heh 🙂

All in all, it was a good day spent w my uni friends. Learnt new things from Fixx, watched a super happy-making movie and had yummy food. What more can I ask ~

An industry visit, Frozen and Stranger’s Reunion

Commitment (to support Kpop)

26 November


 No prizes for guessing what this post is about! 😀 On the Monday of recess week as I was travelling to meet ST at Yishun, Susu called me with a piece of very surprising news! She asked if I was free the day after. Naturally I asked why. TURNS OUT SHE WON TICKETS TO WATCH A PREMIER OF TOP’S MOVIE COMMITMENT!! Omg of course I’m free right. Not free also will clear my schedule LOL. Free movie tickets + TOP’s face on the big screen, what is finals??

With a happy heart, I met susu on Tuesday evening to watch Commitment. The movie was supposed to start at 7.15pm but we met at 6.30pm oops. I think it was my fault, We collected the tickets and then had one of the fastest dinners I’ve ever had. I think we ate our sushi dinner in less than 15 minutes? At a restaurant no less. LOL was amazing. Then we hurried back to to the movie theatre and settled our stuff down and ran to the toilet because we didn’t want to have to go during the movie.

I QUITE ENJOYED THE MOVIE REALLY. Like there were quite a few moments that I almost cried because it was so touching. And TOP is really handsome. Andddd I think the thing about his acting is how emotive his eyes is? HAHA I SOUND REALLY CHEESY HERE. But it really felt like he conveyed a lot of emotions through his eyes only. His character was more of the stoic type – which kinda seems like the character he pro trays most of the time LOL. So a lot of times his hurt/pain/emotional turmoil was shown through his eyes/actions. SIGH. TOP is really a rather good actor.

Plot-wise I thought this movie was slightly better than Secretly, Greatly. They kinda have the same premise. A North Korean spy in South Korea, and both main characters were in it kinda to protect their loved one. I actually prefer the first part of Secretly, Greatly because it’s brighter, more light-hearted than Commitment. Commitment starts off dark and ends of with sort of a more positive and hopeful note. Even though I don’t think anyone reading this will watch but still, shall not be a spoiler ~ To me, Commitment ended off in a more believable note? Susu and I didn’t go like omgwthisthismoviedoing as much HAHA. But there were some moments that seemed a bit out of character and huh? moments. BUT THE TOUCHING MOMENTS WERE SO SHINING AND LOVELY I WAS VERY HAPPY W IT.

That said though, Choonz watched the movie but said it was slow-going and probably not that great a movie unless you just wna see TOP. I quite disagree with that tho >: (

So yup, we went home after the movie. First time going for a movie premier ~ Thanks susu for inviting me yay. NO BREATHING UP NEXT CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IT. YURI + SEO IN GUK + LEE JONGSUK! :O

Commitment (to support Kpop)

What reading week?

I’ve been doing anything but reading for the past five days omg. Saturday I decided to give myself a break because the previous week was so tiring. So Saturday I didn’t touch any books. But omg maybe it’s because I started reading week with a nua day = THE REST OF READING WEEK ALSO NUA. T.T

Sunday I was struck with a terrible headache 😥 Went for aerobics (which was good!) hoping that all I needed was some exercise but nope it got worse D: Oh but I had a super yummy dinner of roasted chicken and my all-time-favourite stuffed mushrooms. LOVED IT. Was supposed to drive to the airport to pick my daddy up but my headache was killing me so I ended up sleeping sigh. Sorry mumz.

THEN MONDAY ROLLED AROUND. I decided that NO this cannot continue because I want to watch movie and hang out w ST. So I took a panadol. AND YAY much better 😀 Met ST at about 12 at the movie theatre at Northpoint (but not really at Northpoint). Bought tickets for the 12.30pm showing of Three Peas In A Pod.

Susu gave a rave review for it and PJ wasn’t that impressed by it, but I think I heard some good things about it so I decided that I wanted to watch it. Initially ST and I planned to watch Make Your Move starring BoA. But I watched the trailer and realised it’s a typical dance movie and not really worth watching paying $7 to watch it. So we decided to check out Michelle Chong’s new movie instead.

I was quite glad that it wasn’t very crowded because I was worried that ST and my whispered comments to each other would disrupt the rest. WAS OKAY.

I really enjoyed the movie! I loved the soundtrack and the plot twists (sorta). I don’t rly wna comment on the acting because they’re already 100x better than me. But suffice to say it didn’t affect the experience 😀

Here’s the Korean version of the song for you to enjoy. There’s a Chinese version as well but… I prefer the Korean version. Not because I’m biased but I really think it sounds better. Even though I understand the Chinese version better (duh).

I also have new found appreciation for Xander. I’ve never actually checked out U-Kiss (still haven’t) but I think his voice is not bad. Too bad he left U-Kiss! I also realised that he’s actually not thaaat cute. But his voice + juxtaposed against Calvin… teehee 😉

After the movie we had a light shared lunch at Cafe Cartel. I was q disappointed in the ribs though, sigh sorry ST 😦 WE’LL HAVE YUMMIER FOOD TOGETHER NEXT TIME.

Because I was so unsatisfied by our dinner, we bought chips, a drink, and two cakes to make up for it LOL. FSWM. Went to ST’s house to nua and I was supposed to do my readings but we all know how that would have turned out. Watched YouTube videos and generally nua-ed our time away.

Took the bus home at about 6plus and that’s the end of my day w ST wheeee 🙂 Love you ST ~

What reading week?

Monday lunchies ~

22 July 2013

Susu and I have been wanting to make tofu stew since I don’t even remember when. So we had to go on a research trip heh heh. Went to Sarang at Orchard Central with the Monday lunch kids because dk when we’ll ever be able to lunch together again ): So yup, explored Korean cuisine with Susu, Corrine, Agnes and John on Monday! 😀 But I was unfortunately really vv late because I had to go to Tanjong Pajar to drop something off so yeah :/ Felt q bad sigh.

We each ordered something different!

Honey Yuzu Chicken... I think?
Honey Yuzu Chicken… I think?

Corrine got Army Stew, Susu got the Tofu Stew, John got Bibimbap and Agnes got Kimchi Fried Rice! I really liked the Kimchi Fried Rice mega yummyyyy. Mine was… all right. I quite liked the potato salad, but the chicken tasted like something I can probably have at home for dinner as well. So it wasn’t really worth the price.

Pity actually. I had q high expectations for the place because I think Shaun recommended it? But yeah IT FAILED MEH. Hahaha I mean like, the food was all right, but it felt like we could get the same fare at Hwang’s for a much much muchhhh lower price. I MISS YOU HWANG’S. WILL BE BACK SOON LOL.

After that we went to Cineleisure because Susu and were gna watch…


The rest of them weren’t really that interested so it was only the both of us. We were sorta there for different reasons tho. HAHA. Soo-hyun for her and Hyun-woo for me! Different types ~ Actually I think I didn’t really know what the movie was about until the day itself? I just knew I wanted to watch it HAHAHA. Because 1. Lee Hyun-woo, 2. Joong Ki went to watch the premiere of it! Sigh my small ways of tryna be close to him, 3. Kim Soo-hyun I guess, 4. It’s q big in Korea! So I figured it wouldn’t be too bad 😛

AND I WAS RIGHT YAYYYY. So glad I watched it w Susu who more or less understands how I feel omg I COULD SQUEAL FREELY TO HER HAHAHA. When I heard Hyun-woo’s voice omg SQUEAL SQUEAL I REALLY AHHHHH COULDN’T CONTROL HAHAHAHA SO MEGA CUTE HIS VOICE.

He’s really… can be both super adorable like this:

and like this:

But it doesn’t mean he’s just a kid because omg he can be like this as well:


How can he be my age? HOW? HOW?!!!

But yeah I was really like O.O O.O SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE. Squeal squeal hahahaha.

Eye candy aside (did you see Soo-hyun’s abs omg), I really enjoyed the first part of the movie – the light-heartedness and the camaraderie displayed by the three male leads. But the last part sighhh I guess it was sorta expected? Don’t wna give away too much here because I expect ST to watch it (YES ST YES). Had to suspend my disbelief again (what’s w the Korean movies and making me suspend my disbelief!!) because some parts of the plot was really like omg whut how is that possible -.- and control my laughter at one of the more serious scenes. Other than that, I really enjoyed the movie! The whole small town, everyone-knows-everyone kinda homely feeling portrayed in the movie, who doesn’t like it!  I even almost cried at the last last part because it was just so aww touching and heart-squeezing.

I had a pleasant surprise when I saw Chi-san from Rooftop Prince jump out (literally) also! After all, he was my bias in Rooftop Prince qtpie.

After that Susu and I said bye and off I went for my first jazz lesson in like, almost a year I think? Was SO TIRING I forgot how his warm-ups are terrible T.T But we started the choreo and all was fine after that ^^

That’s all.

Monday lunchies ~

Happy days w Melissa

Melissa! :)
Melissa! 🙂


I kid.

Anyway Melissa and I finally went out on 2 Jan Wednesday. FINALLY. After our birthday celebration (actually when I say it like that it sounds q sad. Celebrate for ourselves.. sigh) in Sept. I was early so I walked around nex and got myself a new skirt woohoo. Reminded me that I need to go shopping. RAROROOOOO AND PJ let’s go shopping. Melissa and I met up to have lunch at our favourite Lenas because we have the MOF card hoho. Wed’s special was pasta so we ordered pasta (30% off!) and plus we had additional discount because of the membership card.. “the deals just keep getting better!”

Lunch was good (of course) pasta was yummy and talking to Melissa is always funny because she’s a funny girl. I think our sense of humour is quite similar (a point that becomes rather important later) so that’s good. Maybe mine is slightlyyyyyy lamer. During lunch she popped the question.



“Do you wna watch Wreck-It Ralph” HAHAHA GOTCHA 😉

I was a bit like meh but I remembered that Hazel was q enthusiastic about watching the film plus I had time so I was like okay why not! Plus there was a suitable timing yay. So we walked around then went to buy the tickets. Then we went to buy popcorn and went into the theatre.

THE SEATS WERE SO COMFY OMGGGG. EVEN BETTER THAN GV VIVOCITY RARORO. So spacious and you can lean back because the chair is high enough for your head (VERY IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE I SO TALL) I was so pleasantly surprised when I sat down and it was like whoaaaa COMFY.

There was a short film before the movie actually started which sort of confused me but okay. It was q a sweet film.

THE MOVIE WAS FUNNY. ^^ So punny and lame hahahaha. MILK MY DUDS. LAUGHY TAFFY. The story was simple too! Really a movie for the kids haha. Who unfortunately did not seem to find the movie as funny as Melissa and I did. The audience was so quiet boo D: A woman was even snoring behind Melissa zz -.- Annoying much. Reminds me of the time the row behind was sniffing while watching A Werewolf Boy. Mood killer much. But I really enjoyed the movie. It’s cute and funny and bright because it was in a candy land and I sort of felt like I was getting a tooth cavity looking at all the sweets oh yeah Melissa ASSORTED (smth I forgot) WITH NUTS. Yeah so I enjoyed the movie. Go watch it if you have spare cash if not.. watch it when the DVD is out or something. I don’t really think it’s a movie you HAVE to watch in a cinema (unlike A Werewolf Boy teehee) but it’s an enjoyable movie that’d make your day if you watched it.

After the movie we decided to go to the arcade because it was in line with the movie. PLAYED LET’S GO ISLAND WHICH IS THE SUCCESSOR OF LET’S GO JUNGLE.

About Let’s Go Jungle:

It’s completely addictive and really challenging. We play the roles of Norah and Ben and start off in a Jeep killing spiders. Soon, our guide dies and we’re left to our own devices! Devices of course, refers to our guns (yay!) and .. paddles I think. To hit the gross frogs with. I really don’t like frogs. Anyway. After we finish the first stage, we get to choose where to go. So we usually go to the River Cruise thing. Which leads us to frogs, gross blood sucking eel like things, flying fish and all that. We even lose our guns! D: So we use the paddles to kill the frogs.

After the River Cruise, we go to the elephant ride! I LOVE THIS PART.
We stumble into an abandoned village with chickens running around. With nothing to shoot, Ben and Norah (OTTer and I) shoot the chickens. HAHA. Nothing happens to the chickens of course :/ Then we realise there a bigger fish to fry. Or in this case, more spiders to kill. So we bang bang bang them. 😀

We escape from another spiders (Too many spiders I know. But it’s all the mushroom fault!) and hear a voice of a boy. I LOVE THE BOY. He has a Baljeet accent. Maybe worse idk. BUT IT’S REALLY SUPER FUNNY. We end up speaking like him after every game. Ya that aside, we help him save his elephant in return for a ride to the he-li-port ~ (the way he says it).
At the heliport, we learn that it’s the mushrooms (growing out from the drums!) that cause all the bad stuff to happen. THEN WE BATTLE MEDUSAAAAAAAAAAA. AKA the Venus Fly Trap thing that keeps growing. This is the most challenging part! Because it never seems to die D:

Finally, we kill it and get rescued by the.. rescuers. The boy gives Norah his necklace that looks really ugly. But Ben says it looks good on her. Maybe the blue beads matches her eyes or something.

ANYWAY. We get on the helicopter and learn more about the island. Then suddenly! The giant butterflies attack. How disappointing. I thought that butterflies were nice and fluttery. So we kill the butterflies. BUT THEN WE MISSED THE LAST PART!! So Ben and Norah didn’t end up together and.. a stupid mushroom was growing out of the back of the neck of the man driving the helicopter!!
So OTTer and I were very excited thinking more was to come.

Then we saw the credits -.-
But at least we finished the game! Finally. After three tries. Or more.

The above is what I wrote in 2010 (WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR MY LIT O’s) after ST and I completed the game. Greatest achievement of 2010 I called it.

I was v excited when I saw Let’s Go Island so Melissa and I played it. IT’S SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAH I CANNOT HELP BUT SCREAM BECAUSE IT’S SO SCARY THEN I LAUGH BECAUSE I SCREAM AND MELISSA SCREAM AND WE ALL SCREAM (not for ice cream but we had that too) I tell you. These games are HEART ATTACK INDUCING. Very exciting. ST we going to play right!! Melissa says we’re going to finish the game yay okay I must practise and make sure I don’t die so fast in the game. We played Starball where we threw balls at a flasher (omg the irony), at thieves and at floating hearts. It was v tiring. My right arm was slightly achy.

We had Baskin’ Robbins (was it after or before arcade. after I think) too! Because it was pink Wed yay I’ve always wanted to try it. SO CHEAP. S$5 only for two yummy scoops.

It was such an incredibly fun day out w Melissa :D:D

4 Jan I passed my driving (as I mentioned in earlier post) and I was rather hungry after the test because it was already about 3plus and I was still lunch-free D: Was thinking of just getting some fast food take away home then I texted (Line!) Melissa and she said she could meet me for lunch yay!! SO KIND OF HER :D:D So my first lunch as a qualified driver was w Melissa… :$ We went to nex again (really, nex is like one of my favourite malls haha) and decided on Fish&Co! I had yummy fish w weird flaky cheese in it but the fries and the red velvet cheesecake we later ordered were SO GOOD (or jts as she would put it) so yummy even tho the cake would have been nicer w more.. cake. Not that I’m complaining tho ^^ the cream cheese was so yumz! And sweet (just like me my type of food). As you can tell I’ll probably never be able to be a food reviewer LOL. Everything would just be yummy to me.

AFTER THAT WE WENT TO THE ARCADE AGAIN HAHAHA. Played let’s go island where I died EVEN FASTER THIS TIME. I’m so sorry for disappointing you Melissa D: then we had enough to play Mario kart (is that the name) which is a lot like Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph. IT WAS FUN. Even tho I lost. My excuse is that Melissa is a more experienced driver teehee. And it was my first time playing the game. WHICH I REALISE is a lot of fun. Yay arcades are fun again!! ^^

Went home after that because I had to get ready for ballet which was tiring and the floor was slippery so I wasn’t v up to standard gotta work harder (like reciting some lines already gosh) really want a distinction!! D:


Oh yes wanted to say that Melissa has taken so many of my firsts.. :$

First friend I met in 2013
First person I played Let’s go Island/ Mario kart with
First person I met after getting my licence

.. Don’t remember already hahaha. SHY ~

Happy days w Melissa

A Werewolf Boy (Round 2)

Tuesday 18 Dec I had a driving lesson at 9am! WHICH IS TOO EARLY REALLY 9AM DRIVING LESSONS ARE NOT GOOD IF YOU DON’T SLEEP EARLY. Couldn’t sleep the night before because I was too excited about the next day.

No, actually it was because Korean words kept playing in my head. Yknw how sometimes songs get stuck in your head when you’re trying to sleep and it thus stops you from sleeping? (GET IT OUT GET IT OUT HAHAHA) This was a similar case just that it wasn’t songs but random Korean phrases/words.

Driving unexpectedly ended an hour early. My driving instructor likes to do that to me. I’ll drive to outside CDC then he’ll be like okay just stop behind that car then ooh lesson ends. Problem is that he asks me to note it down as a 2 hour lesson and says ‘oh but it might be one hour also’ grr. Most annoying because it doesn’t allow me to plan my time properly. So that Tuesday I was an hour too early to meet my um childhood friend. If friends when you were 7 years old are counted as childhood friends then yeah he’s my childhood friend.

Actually Shaun is more like my long lost friend. We were classmates in P1 then I saw that he broke his arm in P2 (HAHA RLY THIS IS LIKE THE EARLIEST MEMORY I HAVE OF HIM) and never spoke after that. Then we were friends in P5-6 because we were in the same class. Then we kept in contact till about halfway through Sec 2..? Then we stopped keeping in contact and spoke occasionally (i.e. during my/his birthday). Then some time in Sept this year we started talking again! So I’m v happy to find my old friend again. Currently he holds the title of being the friend I’ve known the longest (and am still in contact with)!

Anyway I decided to settle down at Nex to write his birthday card and the timing was justttt nice because I finished when he reached the MRT. I really wanna stay near an MRT station too omg. (See: PJ and Shaun) ALL SO LUCKYYY. And we proceeded to Vivocityyyyy.

Because the agenda of the day was to watch


Teehee. So happy omg I was really v happy x2 because I could watch Joong Ki again (and meet Shaun um also happy la hahaha).

Bought the tickets and we had a long moment of indecision because SOMEBODY cannot decide. So we ate at Asian Kitchen -.- Hahaha not complaining, I don’t mind it. The zha jiang mian is good stuff I like. I think I’ve ate it like three out of the four times I’ve been there this year. Once w raroro, once w PJ, once w raroro and PJ and once w Shaun. As you can tell, my circle of friends is like, radius of 1cm.

Then after that we went to the rooftop to sit and chat it was really nice tho. Initially I was kinda worried that it’d be awkward meeting him since we haven’t really hung out before but it turned out to be more than okay.

AFTER THAT WAS MOVIE TIME MOVIE TIME THE MOVIE WAS SAD AND FUNNY THE SECOND TIME ROUND TOO. But I didn’t cry this time and I was slightly less frightened because I could anticipate the scary parts. This time I could also appreciate the funny scenes more hahaha it’s really SUPER DUPER DUPER funny how can it make someone laugh and cry in the span of.. a movie. LIKE SWING SWING SWING EH EMOTIONS. Joong Ki is really such an awesome actor. Park Bo Young also!! Like I said before haha. HE DOESN’T EVEN NEED TO SPEAK. Truly a man of few words. SUCH CHARISMA ~~ Hahaha I was really like sigh~~ so handsome at most of the close up shots of his face.

Went to Hagen Dazs after that because Shaun had vouchers yay to vouchers and to ice creammm. It was yummy.

We went our separate ways after that! I met Hazel for Jazz FUNk which was quite.. fun haha did you geddit. Then we went home and on the way she v nicely accompanied me to buy beancurd for my beloved siblings who didn’t want to pay me back ($7.20) so I have to claim from my parents because I’m a poor student. HAHA.

Oh I almost forgot. I was v touched by Hazel that day!! Because I didn’t reply her for awhile (I usually don’t hahaha oops) and wasn’t seen on Whatsapp she got quite worried and even BBM-ed my sissy to check if all was fine. I could really feel how anxious she was omg I felt quite bad. SORRY FOR WORRYING YOU HAZEL WAZEL I LOVE YOU MUCHHHHH. Yeah I was q touched by her concern 🙂 🙂

All in all, 18 Dec was a really good day. On the scale of 1 to Song Joong Ki, it’s probably a Song. HAHAHAHA OMG. Can’t believe I just did that.

A Werewolf Boy (Round 2)

A Werewolf Boy!! :D

Just watched A Werewolf Boy w raroro and PJ and we were all so blown away by.. EVERYTHING. The plot, their acting skillz, THE EMOTION, the handsomeness of Joong Ki… hahahaha you get the idea.

But it was really a good movie. At first I was worried that it’d be a tearjerker, or a melodrama like movie. Which I don’t like as I explained earlier. As it turns out, the movie was really entertaining, it was sad without being draggy and believable (except the last part). I guess I didn’t really mind suspending my disbelief because I was so swept up with the emotion in the penultimate scene (seriously, that line crossed my mind during the movie haha oh my). The only scene I had issues with was the last scene tho. But the rest of the movie was amazingggg. I laughed and cried w Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young. Don’t understand why her name isn’t on the movie poster because I think she did a really good job. HOW COULD SHE HAVE SLAPPED JOONGKI RIGHT. It must have taken a lot from her sigh.

The starting of the movie was quite scary though. Which scared me also because I was worried that the movie would be continuing on that line. But moved (quite seamlessly) from kinda scary to funny to omg no please don’t. HAHA. You’ll understand when you watch it. WHEN you watch it because it’s really that good of a movie.

When I watch it AGAIN teehee which I hope I’m fortunate enough to. I just argh. So many happy movie/drama-induced feelings in me now.

Off to watch Reply 1997 teehee.

And I wanna watch Joong Ki’s other movies! Actually only Penny Pinchers where he has a lead role. Mmm still haven’t gotten far w SungKyunKwan Scandal because it’s those period dramas. I can’t help but smile when I see him onscreen in SKK Scandal 🙂 Nice Guy is still.. under consideration hahaha.

A Werewolf Boy!! :D

Final(ly over)!

Okay the pun sounded a lot funnier in my head haha. But I realised that I haven’t posted anything about finals being finally over! 😀 Woohooooo.

First time taking exams in university so it was quite.. an interesting experience hahaha. I don’t think I want to relieve the experience so I decided not to blog about it. I tend to forget everything about the paper at the end of it, so usually when people ask how the paper went I’d think it’s okay. In fact, I don’t remember it HAHA. I’ve an amazing memory I tell you.

My last paper was the EL paper on 4 Dec, Tuesday! TBH I didn’t study much for it. I had a staycation at Fairmont over the weekend w my family (my mum did a full marathon at Standard Chartered marathon this year! Mega proud of her) and I didn’t really have the mood to study before that. So yup not much revision done for it. I underestimated the paper and overestimated myself I think oopsie daisy. But THE PAPER WAS OKAY HAHAHA. Because I don’t really recall it /shrugs.

After the paper PJ, raroro and I went to Vivocityyyyy! :D:D Had a nice hearty lunch at Asian Kitchen then PJ went off and raroro and I went to watch… PITCH PERFECT. Finally hahaha. My entire family (minus my dad) plus almost all the friends I talk to often watched it before me. And everyone (especially ST) kept reminding me that it’s a good movie omg. IRRITATING EH. But okay at least I’ve watched it already. And the movie was HILARIOUS hahahaha. I’m glad I watched it w raroro because really, SHE LAUGHS W NO RESERVATIONS. Leaving me free to laugh loudly too teehee. Fat Amy was mega funny (of course) and the singing was nice too! 😀 So happy that we managed to catch this movie before the theaters stopped screening it.

I went for Jazz Funk after that (need to use up all my lessons ohmy) and the lesson was the SLOWEST I’ve ever been to wow. The instructor only taught 3 eights for the entire hour D: On the bright side, she was very.. thorough. But I still can’t help but feel like I wasted one lesson boo.


My first driving lesson after… two weeks. Which actually isn’t that long. But it was a two hour lesson and there was circuit time. I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO PARK HAHAHA. Oops. But after that he made me book like 6+ lessons in a row for the following weeks and currently I am.. getting better (I hope) hahaha. I really can’t wait to pass the exam.

Ended at 11am and I was too earlyyyy. PJ woke up not long ago and ST was still in camp D: So I went all by my lonesome self to the NTUC at nex to buy our essential snacks NOMNOM. Then I went to PJ’s house. Where we watched Hellloooooo Baby! Hahaha I keep hearing Mir’s voice in my head when I type that. IT’S REALLY CUTE.

Here is a 3 minute clip that repeats him saying ‘Helllloooo Baby!’ over and over again. No idea why anyone would wanna do that but just watch him do it once. MEGA CUTE. :D:D

After that our lunch (MACDONALDS) arrived and shortly after so did ST. 😀 Then we ate lunch while watching Running Man.

THEN WE STARTED TO SINGGGGGGG. Okay no we watched random videos first haha then we started to sing. KARAOKE W MAI KARAOKE BUDZZZZZZZZZ. Best times ever 🙂

… Idk what else already hahaha. We showed PJ our childhood (AKA secondary school) memories of Larry the Cucumber hahaha. Forgot all about him for so long. VEGGIE TALES. Also showed her Lee Joon splitting his pants while doing Push Push. Oh and I showed them Kangin at the Chile Music Bank (because they wanted to see how he charged forward like a ball). Mmmmm yeah that’s about it.

After a very intense pigging out session we decided that we needed some exercise (rather, ST and I decided hahaha PJ JUST SAT AND WATCHED US AND LAUGHED) so we watched some workout routines on YouTube and followed it. ST SEXY MUCH.

Yup and then it got late. So we went home.

Really really fun day doing nothing much but screaming and laughing and singing and talking and just having lots of fun w my best buds 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS.

Final(ly over)!

Tuesdays are my Favourite Days

I really love Tuesdays, it’s the day that I ALWAYS feel v happy because I’m so surrounded by the friends I adore and I only have one lecture in the entire day and I get a ride to school hahaha. But it’s mainly the surrounded by friends I adore bit that makes Tuesday so special to me.

Because Tuesday is also the only day I get to see PJ around in school </3 I miss PJ so much gah, we never meet even though we’re in the same school. So much for being in the same school. I miss you PJ! Tuesdays are also my Rachael days where I spend almost my entire day (in school) with her yay Tuesheal HAHA DO YOU GEDDIT.

23 October was a super special Tuesday! 😀 Because ST and I planned to surprise our incredibly blur better third teehee. So we had a very elaborate plan for him to stroll casually into UTown and TADAAAAAHHHHHH SURPRISE PJ. I even gave him my extremely awesome directions (I’m a human GPS rly) but he still managed to stop one stop before UTown -.- But not bad considering how he managed to make it allllll the way to there so three cheers for ST!

I was really worried that we wouldn’t be able to properly surprise her because EL lecture ended early + ST was late (BAD ST) In the end I lied and told her I wasn’t hungry and that we had to wait for Rachael’s friend to come. And when ST alighted (AT THE WRONG STOP) I bolted off to find him, giving her some lame excuse that I was meeting my friend to get something HAHA. PJ is rly getting more gullible (while I get sharper woohoo) BUT YAY SURPRISE SUCCESS!!!! Hope you had a good good good surprise darling PJ teehee. Our little present to her ~~

Then we went to Hwang’s to have lunch.

Then we went to PJ’s hall! 😀 ROOM 313 HAHA MAGIC ROOM 😀 Took lots of pictures w her Mac (I FINALLY SAW IT) and some nonsense videos and it was really like old times omg :’) I love you guys so much you’re really the bestest set of best friends a girl could ask for yknw. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU PJ AND ST.

PJ had lesson after that tho so she went off for her lesson and ST and I went to meet dear little Rui Rui to watch Looper together! LIKE EXCURSION HAHA OUR DAY SO HAPPENING WHEE.

Looper was okay.

After the movie we went to sit outside where the mature Rui and I watched ST play in the playground. AND TOOK PICTURES OF COURSE WE TOOK PICTURES TO COMMERATE THE SPECIAL DAY WE FINALLY WENT OUT.

rui pui st

And then that’s the end of our special day 😀

I really felt v fortunate that Tuesday to have met some of my bestest closest friends all in the same day and idk I just felt very content with life. This post has been quite skimpy I realise but it’s quite hard to translate a day that was full of happy conversations and laughter and a movie into words. So there you have it. A documentation of the occurence of the day and a memory that will always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

If you’re reading this PJ ST and Rachael,


More that you possibly can imagine 😀 Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life and tolerating my nonsense (okay no, rachael you just scold me hahahaha BUT I STILL LOVE YOU) and generally being the people I know I can always lean on (both metaphorically and literally) thank you thank you thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tuesdays are my Favourite Days