Funtasia 2014

12 April 2014

I was originally quite undecided about whether or not to go for Funtasia because… I’ve been back to NJ quite often this year and didn’t really feel like going again. But obviously I decided to go in the end haha. Partly becos ST’s going and partly becos I love going back to NJ – it’s always a different experience and I always get to see different people (except Rui, we always see him heh)

Second Funtasia I’ve been to! Went for the first one with Raroro and wow times have changed so much even though it’s been two years. TWO YEARS MY FRIENDS. Like raroro and my friendship has really changed a lot, not in a good/bad way, it just kinda evolved as we grew up (but not apart thankfully). I think raroro has changed quite a lot tbh, more than me! But the change has been so gradual, it didn’t even occur to me until I think back and reminisce.

Back to this Funtasia. Arranged to meet ST and hop into the bus and HE BROUGHT HIS NEW PHONE OUT TO PLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME YAYYYY. Was so excited because it was the first time I saw it woohoo. As huge as I expected. But nothing much la just another Android phone LOL OOPS. Just happy that ST can now join us on various SNS platforms like LINE yayyy 😀

Not surprising to say that we were late right? This rubber time concept we have really… IT’S SEEPING INTO MY WHOLE LIFE THIS IS SO BAD. I’m so often late now it feels like the norm. The watch I got kinda just serves to tell me how late I am rather than remind me not to be late sigh.

I kinda forgot the exact sequence of events already because this really took place quite some time ago. More than a month wow. So I’m gna be blogging by the moments as I remember them rather than true chronological order!

We were quite hungry when we got to school so we decided to head to the Raintree cafe (I really keep calling it the Rainbow cafe in my head gosh haha). On the way there there was the yummy cakes on sale – the ones the parent’s association group thingy sell q often (at least in my memory). So we bought one ($8 omg) and settled down at the benches outside the cafe to eat. Couldn’t resist the lure of the chicken mayo sandwich and bought it. Was quite disappointed tho, I remember it being yummier 😦

Went to the hall to walk around shortly after eating and… honestly I don’t remember hahaha. Just walked around a bit. The dunking machine was at the amphi like the last time and we saw Mr Ng there! Like finally after so mega long hahaha. Talked to him a bit but he was busy with his duties as the teacher-in-charge of the dunking machine. Also learnt that he got promoted so his asking price to dunk him was kinda high. A bit boring at the dunking machine (like the last time) so we continued walking around.

Found Rui’s class stall and spent a bit of time there playing their game. Stress relieving eh it was a hit the mole game except with them as the moles LOL. So low-budget but tiring for them. Was quite fun. And being cheapos ST and I even split the game time half half. So expensive the stuff at funfairs T.T

Bought more food from the canteen and we decided to head to the hall (where there is aircon) and hobo with our food while watching people sumo wrestle each other. IT LOOKED SO FREAKING FUN OH GOSH. And it was really mega hilarious to watch also. The players had to put on this fat suit and then… they proceeded to fight each other. LOOKED SO TIRING BUT FUN HAHAHA. The girls who played kinda gave up after awhile and flopped on the floor. But the guys were SO AGGRESSIVE HAHAHA SO FUNNY I LOVED IT. Wanted to play it but… I’d prob die playing w ST. Not becos he fat la. Also it prob would have been a bit awkz. Sigh lost chance to play 😦

Oh we also saw a Don’t Forget the Lyrics booth in a classroom. IT LOOKED SO FUN ALSOOOO. SINGING THE SONGS LIKE A KARAOKE. But then I’m tone deaf (according to my bro) so oh well.

Funtasia ended kinda fast. Prob because it was supposed to end at 4/4.30PM and we only arrived around 2PM. Hung out at the Sanctuary (where there is aircon – are you beginning to see a trend here) with Ben and ST while everyone else was packing up. Also because Rui’s class was taking a class photo at the photobooth there so we had to wait for him. Took some photos w him when he was free yayy

One of my all time fave photos we have together
One of my all time fave photos we have together

We saw Mr Ng in the amphi so we decided to go over to chat w him because we didn’t rly have a full conversation together. And yknw what. I THINK WE ENDED UP TALKING FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR WOW. He was hilarious omg we talked about so many things. Life after NJ, about his life, PW… I don’t even remember. But it was so easy to talk to him and WE EVEN TOOK A SELCA TOGETHER. HAHAHAHA IT WAS HILARIOUS. This was what happened:

Me: Hi Mr Ng can we take a photo together?
Him: Okay.
Me: Yay okay thanks! Can you um, ask one of your people -gestures to the choir students around- to help us take?
Him: Don’t you know the in thing is selfie nowadays?! YOU’RE SO OUTDATED

HAHAHAHA OMG I RLY KO-ED AT THAT WOW. So that marked the first selca I’ve ever taken w a teacher. Am so amazed.

Ended up leaving NJ at around 7PM because we were so caught up in catching up (lol punny) with Mr Ng. Was so easy to talk to him and he’s so funny in the sarcastic, deadpan way.

So yup that marks the end of my second Funtasia experience. It was really fun. I’m so happy to see that NJ is getting slightly more vibrant and exciting. Change takes place so slowly and it really requires a good council to start the ball rolling. But the onus isn’t just on the student council. It’s so important that the students themselves are cooperative and believe that NJ isn’t just a ‘mugger’ boring grey school and make their time in school worthwhile. It really seems like this year’s batch is doing a great job – truly quite happy to see it happening 🙂

Funtasia 2014

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