Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

1 July 2014

This meet up was kindaaa to celebrate Joisy’s birthday I think but it wasn’t stated super explicitly so it was like just a normal gathering which we haven’t had for SO LONG.

Before that ST, PJ, Jian Yi and I met up on 22 June (I think) to do up Joisy’s birthday gift! Now we named ourselves Birthday fairies since it’s like the second/third time we’re planning something together for someone’s birthday heh. All thanks to Jian Yi really. He takes so much initiative and effort into sustaining friendships :’)

Birthday fairies!
Birthday fairies!

This was what we made for Joisy:

Giant birthday card
Giant birthday card

It was so fun doing it together at Coffee Bean on a Sunday afternoon. Jianyi was hilarious also – because initially we were all talking about how we had ZERO artistic capabilities so it probably wasn’t going to turn out very well. So Jianyi said that anything that didn’t look perfect is termed as “organic” HAHA. What a way to put it.

We rewarded ourselves w Four Fingers after that. I think I’ve had it so often that I’m a bit sick of it already :X Which is good I guess! The chicken wings and drumlets are really super addictive tho and easy to eat (with four fingers).

Okay back to the 08 gathering:

I was SO HAPPY to see everyone and hang out w everyone again and NINE PEOPLE TURNED UP!! That’s like half of our active classmates. Just occurred to me that the rest can be termed as inactive (woohoo Kpop references abound ^^) Sad that PJ couldn’t come becos she’s in Korea. But the wonders that is Snapchat ensured that she got to see everyone’s faces teehee in short-lived moments that I’m sure were the happiest few seconds of her night.

Met them after work outside Soup Spoon at Plaza Sing. I was really really hoping not to eat at Soup Spoon because it’s a bitttt sad (to me at least), having a meet up at Soup Spoon. Okay and truth be told, I didn’t wna eat soup for dinner either. So we drifted around for a bit and were heading to Astons at Cathay when we saw that NamNam was empty!! And so began my first time at NamNam. TBH I’m not sure why it’s so popular? I think the Vietnamese food at Orchard Towers is just as yummy. And cheaper! Tsk all these chain stores. And i guess I’m just not as into Vietnamese food – after all, this year was my first year eating Vietnamese food possibly in my entire life. I’m just not v adventurous with food/ quite a picky eater.

Halfway through ordering I received a message from Amanda Kee saying to call a number ASAP because someone from the company we worked with for Pitch It was looking for me quite urgently. I mistakenly thought it was the photographer so I called the number. AND SIGH what a bad decision / IT WAS A SCAM. Turned out to the usual guy we had to deal with from the company and he isn’t the best person to deal with. I find him a bit weasely and not a v nice person. Like a typical 9-5 office worker who’s a bootlicker and steps on those who are under him. Okay I guess my opinion of him is a bit biased but I didn’t have a good experience working w him that’s all. Anyway he made me call to DEMAND things that I had no idea was happening. But it was my fault I have to admit. There was an issue that cropped up with regard to Pitch It and an unhappy (and small-minded IMO) student who liaised with one of the teams. He involved the two companies we worked with and the whole thing was just quite poorly managed. I thought the matter was resolved though, because I haven’t heard a peep from either the team or the troublemaker. But nooooo. Apparently he’s been CALLING UP the boss of the guy we worked with. Shameless or what?! He’s just a small fry, a slightly dissatisfied consumer who got his pride pricked. I was supposed to call him up and try to smoothen things over but I was procrastinating because I thought the matter blew over. In typical Pui San fashion, I was trying to do the ostrich thing and pretend that if I don’t see or deal with it, it doesn’t exist. But… clearly no. So I had to soothe the weasely guy’s ruffled feathers. Which made me feel v uptight and upset which is SO not the emotions I should be feeling on a night out w my beloved 08 T.T

Thankfully Ming Ming and Manda were there at NamNam as well – such a coincidence! It really helped that I got to rant to the both of them about it – made me feel SO much better talking it out with people who understood. :’) After the harrowing phone call, I tried to get back to the class gathering w happy spirits but it was quite difficult because I had to explain the problem to Amanda Kee (and Sam I think) so I felt q bad for neglecting my class a bit over dinner.

But I managed to push it to the back of my head after awhile so it was back to normal for me YAY. I ordered a sandwich from NamNam and it was rather nice. Better than ST’s noodles definitely hoho. Glad I decided to change my order last minute. After the dinner, we decided to go to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. YAY TO ICE CREAM. Met Xihui and Dingkai and his girlfriend there gosh what a small world!! Ordered our ice cream which we enjoyed so much that we ordered another scoop. TEEHEE. Greedy people. We also watched them toss the ice cream around!! Was happy about that because I remember the first time I was there they didn’t do it 😦 The customers GENERALLY couldn’t catch it though so it was quite the waste.

After ice cream we wandered around Orchard Central for a bit until someone had the BRILLIANT idea to explore the rooftop. Underwhelming would be the apt word to describe it. Unimpressed = me. But as usual, EVERYTHING IS FUN W FRIENDS. So even though there was nothing at the rooftop garden, it was still fun wandering around and complaining about how there was nothing to see there HAHA. So Singaporean oh gosh.

Tried to take a couple of photos but the first photo was the best.

First photo yay don't we all look so happy!! <3
First photo yay don’t we all look so happy!! ❤
Selca w belly's skillz
Selca w belly’s skillz
Most successful 08 gathering since… forever

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