Fun at Funtasia

Almost forgot that Saturday was Funtasia until Ms Loh reminded me! πŸ˜€ Saturday was a rainy morning ): I was quite worried that the rainy morning would dampen everything. And NJ doesn’t even have funfairs often! Sucks that it had to rain the first time I went for a NJ funfair.

Arranged to meet Rachael at 10am initially but we were both late! (As usual) hahaha. It was so nice to meet Rachael again! The last time I met her was during the release of our A level results. Which doesn’t even count since we hardly spent any time together. So I was quite excited about our date.

There were quite a number of people at the funfair! But the crowd was not unbearable so that’s good πŸ˜€ plus the rainy weather meant that it wasn’t too warm woohoo. We bought a helium balloon each and then passed my iPod to Jeren from PA so he could play Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby over the system πŸ˜€ then we rushed to the canteen ext so we could bop along to the song and yell ‘wow, fantastic baby!’

We noticed a couple of JH kiddos selling vegetables in the extension. So we went over to ask them why on earth they were selling vegetables. It was veggie wrapped in newspapers – like the kind you’d find in a wet market. Turns out it was freshly harvested that morning, and the veggies were grown in the boarding school! So we took pity on them and decided to buy a bunch of lettuce each. HAHA it was quite cute that our second purchase of the day was cai.

Found rui’s stall after that! They were having some garage sale. Which I figured was unused things they found lying around at home. But because it’s rui and my favourite JH4 class (oh gosh they’re JH4 already!!), I decided to buy something for them. Took reallyyy long to decide on two bracelets which are from Turkey! I guess they’re not bad πŸ˜€ so one for me and one for my sis!

Watched a teacher get dunked after that. Wasn’t very interesting because it wasn’t anyone we knew. Met Yam then we went back to the atrium! πŸ˜€

Blahblah we wandered around for a bit before Rachael and I decided to do henna! It was quite pricey now that I think about it ): $8 for a slightly complicated design! Butttt I guess it’s for NJ so never mind πŸ˜€ the girl who did it for us was rly nice too! I think the stall was Indian Dance’s. How appropriate hahaha.

The hall had cool bouncy castles. Which I really really wanted to try because THERE WAS NO AGE LIMIT. But sigh. Not enough $$ and Rachael and Yam weren’t very interested. No bouncy castle for me. The hall also had a instax stall!! They were having a promotion so each cartoon/coloured instax was only $2 πŸ˜€ so we took 4 instax pictures hahaha. It turned out really well!! One of the nicest instax photos I have yayness!

Met Mr Huang somewhere along the way. Told him that PJ’s gna Sociology in NUS FASS and he said that she’s ‘destined for greater things’ I quote verbatim. So aww PJ!! He has so much faith in you ^^ didn’t meet Mr Ng tho ): didn’t see many teachers actually! Oh wellz.

Tried to spend our remaining coupons so we could go Thomson for lunch. So I bought a fabric badge for mei ~ πŸ˜€ (then I realised that I didn’t buy anything for meng so he was jealous oops)

But by the time we left NJ it was too late to have lunch already ): I was late for the 2.30 ballet class boo.

I think I talked about ballet in the previous post so not much to update about this!

Had dinner w my extended family because it’s my umm great aunt’s birthday..? Idk if she’s my great aunt. She’s my grandfather’s sister! So is she my grand aunt? Idk all this family relationship names are quite confusing. Especially since I address them in Cantonese! (Oh no the sky looks rly ominous. I hope the rain doesn’t come till I’m safely home!)

Anyway the food was okaaaay. Nothing rly special. The chilli crab was rather spicy though. Buy my love for chilli crab > my inabilty to tolerate spiciness. So I ate it anyway ^^
There was karaoke in the room also!! So it was nice to sit and eat and sing and listen to my relatives sing! Was quite shocked to learn that my grand aunt’s trained in Cantonese opera. VERY SHOCKED hahahaha. But it was waaaay cool!! πŸ˜€

Went home a happy girl. Really tired but happy becos it was a good day spent with people I love, doing things that made me happy.

Fun at Funtasia

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