08 Chalet

If you can call five 08 people + 1 a class chalet then we had a class chalet the week before school reopened.

ST and I went there really late because I had ballet and he had something else on. He’s covered it already here please refer I’m v lazy.

I really don’t know what else to add on because he has done such a good job of covering what happened woohoo. Hahaha.

I was slightly disappointed that the turn up rate was so low but I guess I can understand because everyone’s busy and people are overseas and stuff but I really wanted to see them again :/ On the bright side, we caught up w Jian Yi and Jois and Meiyi so it was q nice to just sit and listen to their stories and talk about good old times and eat yummy bbq food and try to stay awake but fail and plan to wake up at 7am to cycle but fail HAHA.

As you can tell I’m q lazy to blog now. Because there really isn’t much to say. We went there, ate, talked, fell asleep one by one, woke up, checked out, breakfast, home.

It was really more of the happy feelings of returning home (not as strong this time tho becos the family wasn’t whole) and the conversation and the comfortable-ness of being with 08. Like a security blanket 🙂

08 Chalet

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