Jacq’s birthday dinner

5 April 2014: Pitch It closing ceremony, Jacq’s birthday dinner

08 hasn’t really had a class thing for quiteeee some time really. I guess we all kinda drifted a bit slightly, all too busy with our own lives now. It’s a bit sad but it’s kinda like part and parcel of life also? But it was Jacq’s bday on 3 April so Belly asked if we were free to have dinner together on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. I didn’t reaaaallllyyyy feel like going becos PJ and ST were both not going. But it’s Jacq’s birthday dinner after all. And while I’m not as close to the rest as I am to PJ and ST, I can’t just not go right! After all we’re still good friends. So I thought to myself, WWSTD? (What Would ST Do?) and decided that ST would most likely go for it so I decided to go.

It was quite a tiring day tho. I had Pitch It’s closing ceremony in the morning. WHICH THANKFULLY RAN QUITE SMOOTHLY. I’m so freaking glad it’s over haha. Largest event we had to organise. While it wasn’t quite on the scale I envisioned, it was not too bad given the circumstances so I guess I’m quite happy about it 😀 After the closing ceremony, I had lunch w Alicia, Alvin and Corrine at Hwangsiesss. Yummy Hwangs I love it hahaha.

Went home after that for a short while then had to go out for dinner already. It was a bit lame becos dinner was at Star Vista which is like how near school right. But I wasn’t prepared to stay in school for so long so I wasted time travelling back and forth. School -> home -> near school. /smh sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing hahaha.

We decided to have Nando’s for dinner YAY. I’ve been wanting to eat Nando’s for awhile but no opportunity. But then because our group was so big, we waited quiteee long for a seat. By then we were getting q annoyed and like urgh the service sucks. But yknw how you’ve already spent so long queuing, you don’t wna waste time going somewhere else and waiting for another place? So we just waited. And waited. And waited. Urgh was excruciating. And we were getting ratherrr hungry.

But we kinda caught up and talked a lot while we waited so it wasn’t too bad. Oh yes, in attendance was: Jacq (of course), Belly (of course), Joisy, Meiyi, Jianyi, Jason and me! Kinda a large group so it took awhile to seat us sigh.

Dinner was not baddd. I liked the food hahaha but I think the rest thought it wasn’t worth the wait + not worth the terrible service. It felt more like self-service 90% of the time. And asking for refills for the water took really long. Inefficient service ttm.

Payment took really long as well. But anw we went to Marble Slab finally after we paid and bought umm two tubs of ice cream I think. Jason and Meiyi and Jois (was it? I don’t even remember) procured a candle from somewhere AND YAY BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM TUB HAHA. The ice cream was yummy.

I had to leave soon after that because I had to rush home for an online project meeting boo. But all is well because we did well for that project HAHA. So proud of ourselves rly. 😛

But yes it was a fun day! 😀 Glad I got to meet 08 and hang out w them lovelies for awhile – a reminder of happy JC days 🙂 I’m so lucky I was sorted in to a class w such fun-loving, happy and talented people.

Jacq’s birthday dinner

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