Brekkie w Hazel & ST + Korean BBQ w 08!

Woke up really early even tho I slept late the previous night D: Was reading fanfic hahaha oopsie. Thought it was a short fic but ended up really really long.

Took a short cut to the Thomson road area and I was v pleased! ^^ Decided to walk forwards to find the bus stop but to my horror it was MEGA FAR. I walked all the way to opposite Sembawang Hill Food Centre omg O.O Bus came shortly tho. And I was the first to reach yippeeee. Hazel came and then after a short wait ST came as well 😀

BREAKFAST TIME AT HANS. Like I said before, one of my all time favourite breakfast places.

Nothing special during breakfast. Just us talking rubbish and laughing at each other teehee. Breakfast w two of my favourite people 🙂 Worth waking up early and the long long walk.

Korean BBQ w 08

In our usual ways, we were (almost) all late HAHA. We were supposed to meet at 6.30pm at the restaurant but ST and I ended up reaching at almost 7?? The rest were not much better I think hahaha.

It was supposed to be a reunion dinner sort of thing. But it was actually a celebration for Meiyi and Jason’s birthday celebration hoho! Way more successful this year hahaha. And I can’t believe Meiyi didn’t detect the fact that we were all writing in her card under the table. Sooo subtle our class ^^

The view was good. Hahaha ST and I were seated directly opposite the TV screen showing Music Bank episodes from a year back! There was… MBLAQ, Secret, Orange Caramel and I forgot who.

The food was yummy too! ^^ So grateful to Meiyi, Jois and PJ and ST whom I was seating with. They basically did all the cooking while I ate :X Felt quite bad for not helping. Wasn’t sure what to do also sigh. OH AND I REALISED we are such unhealthy people omg. I took a plate of lettuce (sorta to override all the meat I was consuming) to share w the table BUT IN THE END only Joisy and I ate it -.-

ST also took a whole mountain of chicken wings which he did NOT manage to finish and ended up trying to palm them off to Jason who arrived late. ST was like magnetically attracted to the chicken wings omg. HE KEPT TAKING THEM.

Speaking of Jason, we also saw Jason (Kwonnie) Ho hahaha. What a coincidence. He came over to our table to say hi and made awkward conversation.

Giselley was supposed to come but she was at Woodlands when we were almost finishing our food boo D: So another missed opportunity to see Giselley. It’s been more than a year since we met!


Lovely people who came for dinner 🙂 Missed the rest who couldn’t com. Hopefully the next time we’ll be able to meet everybody at the same time instead of a few different people at different times. it’s interesting how I see a non-classmate more than I see some of my classmates sigh pie. OKAY V BAD I KNOW I’M SORRY. I’m getting used to her presence already though, not like I can do anything about it.

Walked back to Novena MRT and we passed by a Baskin Robbins. The rest of the girls needed to go to the restroom so ST and I waited for them around there. When I realised it was a Wednesday. CANNOT PASS UP ON PINK WEDNESDAY. And being me, I obviously had a multitude of pink belongings. So we shared yummy yummy ice cream.

Then it was going home time.

It was a nice short gathering w the 08ers 🙂 The feeling’s quite different nowadays but.. 08 will always have a special place in my heart aww. Love you guys.

Brekkie w Hazel & ST + Korean BBQ w 08!

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