Coming Home

This happened ages ago – during elearning week I think. I remember I rushed to meet my dearest 08 after the exco outing to GTBB (which I am now way too lazy to blog about lol). I was so tired but it was such a happy day. It’s always a happy day when I meet my dearest 08. Like ST says, it’s like I’m coming home.

P.S. I fell sick after this I remember. Was quite a miserable few days because I was quite unable to do any work. Must have been a combination of the sun and too much fun.

darling it's better



Chronologically this comes after my driving. I just thought the Ilo post would be faster to finish so I did that first haha. So after my driving test I took a straight bus down to PJ’s condo. And of course along the way I was messaging about 71548930276183 people about my driving.

(I’m really really distracted by the Chicago soundtrack that’s playing in my ears now haha have you watched it you should it’s really interesting)

The ride was quite long though so by the time I got to the MRT I was just in time to meet PJ. And we went up to her house and after I bathed we talked and talked. What about I can’t remember; it was just really inane, comfortable conversation with my BBB (best birthday buddy). Close to 2 hours later Meiyi appeared at the door…

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Coming Home

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