Run for Hope 2014

Backlogged post haha so I’m gna put a fake date GASP. Hehe if not really like vv throwback also.

My family has this thing about going for Run for Hope. Okay actually not rly my family has a thing about it. More like my mum zzz. She likes to sign the whole family up for it – whether or not we want to. And ofc I don’t want to HAHA. I rather do my exercising in the comfort of a dance studio / at a gym where I can watch dramas. So this year I was protesting quite loudly about it haha.

Plus I walked practically the whole way HOHO so proud of my resistance/ protest hahaha. But here are some nice photos of us post-run/walk hehe.

Brother's tag
Brother’s tag

This year they gave us tags like that to write what we were running for. If I could tell the truth, mine would read: I run for my mother. So that she won’t nag at me. Something along those lines hahaha. But I couldn’t so I was running for happiness or smth like that LOL. My brother was honest of course being the cheeky, funny (or so he thinks) kid in the family.

Partners in crime
Partners in crime

Poor sissy got chewed out by my mum because she was walking along w me. It made for quite an unhappy morning zz but the three of us STUCK TOGETHER hahaha yippee.

Run for Hope 2014

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