Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

Today started off q okay! Had a good (read: mega filling) breakfast of homemade pancakes and banana strawberry smoothie. So enjoy right haha. My mum likes to give us yummy breakfasts like that once in a while. But I was sooo mega full after that. It took a great deal of effort to drag myself to Aerobics class which was MEGA tiring omg like non stop. Felt like DEATH / like I was gna puke after the class leh rly. I always tell myself to not eat so much before class but nooo I never listen. So I live to regret.

Took the bus home then drove to Sgoon Country Club to meet the rest of my family! Did a bit of stretching while they finished up at the gym then we went to the steam room that my mum and my sis have been so eager for me to try out w them. Wasn’t v impressed I felt like a dimsum. Showered there then we had lunch!

Came home and initially wanted to bake but omg the HEAT it was so bad I swear it prevents people from doing stuff okay. So I ended up taking a nap HAHA. Napped till my mum and sis came home from signing up for my sis’ drumming lessons!! Eh pj maybe she can form a band w you. Then I can sing in my out of tune / tuneless voice HAHA. But srsly yay q proud of my sis she’s finally picking up a new skill. INSTEAD OF BUMMING AROUND. Tsk. My family advocates a less bumming more productivity lifestyle.

Hurried out after nua-ing some more becos I realised I was kinda late in meeting ST. ACTUALLY NO. What is late man when it comes to the two of us. Terrible timekeeping. Met him at Bishan then we went to Plaza Sing so that he can pay for his psych camp ahh!! So excited for him, that he’s finally joining us in uni yay!!!! ^^ and going thru all the camps and stuff like that now wow wheeee. Rly q excited and happy for you ST can’t wait to hear your stories.

Then we bought tim ho wan and Starbucks becos we needed a snack in case Super24 took too long (which it did). ST’s face when he took his first bite of the char siew bao of THW was prob like his first taste of Market O brownies I would think hahaha. THAT JOY ON HIS FACE. Hobo-ed outside the hall that the competition was supposed to take place while we finished our snack then we went in to find a seat + chope seat for genie.

Oh yes I prob should explain about super24. It’s a dance competition that Hazel joined w her NTU friends! She asked us to go support her, so being her good friends, off we went.

We were a bit too early so we caught the last part of the secondary schools category. The kids who got first and second were rly not bad!! So impressed.

BUT OF COURSE. It was nothing much compared to the fabulousness that was in the open category. Even tho ST, Genie and I were acting all like experts and giving our expert critique, I think they all rly dance better (tons better) than all of us. So much talent and awesomeness I cannot. Can tell they rly put in a lot of effort and time and such skillz. Wow.

Hazel’s group wassss not too bad. But compared to the rest, it kinda paled q a lot in comparison. BUT IT’S OKAY HAZEL WAZEL you’re still the best in our hearts ♥♥

The competition ended rly late 😦 like almost 10pm?? So our original plan of having quiznos for dinner was RUINED. Ended up going to Macs for dinner. Zz. I think my stomach has something against Macs.. keeps rebelling everytime I have Macs sigh. The last time I ate w PJ I felt full even during dinnertime. HOW RARE IS THAT. Doesn’t rly seem to digest properly so odd. Guess I better try avoiding it :/

BUT YEAH I was a bit sian becos it felt like all the exercise in the morning went to waste. Feels like my face is ballooning sigh pie. So fat I cannot stand myself. BUT YET I CONTINUE TO EAT. Must learn some self control from raroro.

Anw that’s the end of my day! ^^ took mrt back w ST which was nice. Haven’t rly hung out one on one w ST for awhile. Will update on my rather happening life soon! And ST and PJ’s bday celebrations whee.

Proud of Hazel! ^^
Exercise – eat – Super24 – eat

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