Toast for Lunch and Waffles for Dessert

Today is the kind of day I envisioned my holidays to be like. .. Okay no, not exactly true! I have many ideas of what my holiday should be like and today was one of the many ideals 🙂

Went to Amore for FunkBlitz in the morning! Woke up at the ungodly hour of.. 7.30am 😦 HAHA. Dancing is the only reason why I’ll wake up so early nowadays. Unless I happen to have an early appointment which.. hasn’t really happened yet. You probably don’t know what FunkBlitz is. It’s one of Amore Signature classes and according to the website..


Specially designed to incorporate stylish hip hop, street and funk dance into aerobics, FunkBlitz® will lead you through a continuous pace, heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will slim and tone your body. Elevate your heart rate, stretch your stamina and tone your entire body as you move and pop and lock to the infectious, latest funk music with FunkBlitz®!

 So yup. It’s basically dancing so it’s one of the few Amore classes I attend 😀 I also attend their Jazz class and Pilates class! Oh and StretchFit which I haven’t gone for in awhile hmm.

Anyway the class ended at 10.30am! So I had a quick shower and went to meet Jomain at Golden Shoe to have lunch w her. Also because she had to pass me my SN shirt. Lunch w Jomain was nice! We had a quick catch up and .. okay nothing special I guess? It was just nice to meet up and talk, even though it was for a short while 🙂

Oh and I saw Glace cheese tarts there! 😀 So I decided to buy one for Melissa because I knew she’d like it (because I like it and .. I’ve good taste. HAH.) Glace cheese tarts are really really yummy omg. LOVE THEM. But I didn’t buy any for myself 😦 See how much I love you Melissa! Hahaha. I wasn’t hungry and didn’t have a craving for it so.. decided not to waste the money 😛

Went to 313 after lunch w Jomain to get a present for my brother! I went to .. Limited Ed. IT’S THE HYPE SHOP WHERE MY BROTHER BUYS TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE T-SHIRTS FROM. I was having so much trouble choosing a shirt for him ): Because I was so worried that he wouldn’t like it!! So I sat in front of the row of T-shirts for almost 20 minutes trying to choose something he’d like. Then I decided to secretly snap a picture for sissy to check. FELT SO SUSPICIOUS, LIKE SOME SHOPLIFTER ZOMG. But I managed to do it – twice!! After I sorta decided on a shirt, I asked the shop assistant if they had an exchange policy, explaining that I was getting it for my brother. AND THE VERY HELPFUL ASSISTANT SAID ‘Oh you can just take a picture and send it to him’ Like it was the most obvious solution in the world. I was very.. taken aback. ALL MY SNEAKINESS FOR NOTHING. What a waste. So I openly snapped a picture of the shirt to send it to sissy and my mum for them to QC. Then.. I bought the shirt.

Oh there’s this brand of shirts the shop carries. It’s called Kikstyo and I was appalled at the design and cost of the shirts. There were some shirts w a picture of a scantily clad woman in front with um, overflowing assets. And they cost $89.00!! WHO SPENDS ALMOST $90 ON A COTTON SHIRT. And it’s not like the design is nice. Okay maybe it’s nice to people with .. rather questionable tastes. But still. NINETY DOLLARS FOR A T-SHIRT. I think I gave an audible gasp when I saw the price of the shirt. Not that I was considering getting it for my brother. Tacky much! And completely ridiculous pfft.

Took the train to Bishan to hop onto Melissa’s train after that! 😀 We wanted to go to Holland Village for yummy desserts because she cleverly googled ‘Good desserts in Singapore’ or something to that effect. And 2am dessert bar was one of the results of the search so off we went to Holland V. Also because Holland V sounds v cool (hahaha omg geddit?) and we’d never gone their on our own. Plus.. the possibility of seeing HAMs. Melissa brings out the HAM seeking tendencies in me, I mean, I don’t normally actively search for HAMs!!! …Really.

The sun was TERRIBLE. Scorching sun, sweltering heat, yknw, all the vocabulary you used in your descriptive essays in the past that basically meant a really hot day? Yup it’d probably have described today. I was melting and baking and EVERYTHING in the heat. I felt like a baking potato.

We walked up and down but couldn’t find the place! D: In the end we discovered it at the end of the row of shophouses.. only to discover that it wasn’t open yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: D: So all that trekking around like a baked potato for nothing. But Holland V had a lot of alternatives so we settled on Cold Rock 😀 THEY HAD REALLY COOL SWING CHAIRS SOOOOO FUN TO SWING OMG. And they had cushions. COMFY MAX. I loved the swing wheeeeee 😀 Oh and we ordered waffle + two scoops of ice cream to share! Oh and it also included two glasses of tea so yay! 😀

Happy me on the swing

The waffle was yummyyyyyyy! 😀 And I really liked the Strawberry ice cream. The tea was.. not sweet tho ):

Nom nom waffle!

LOOK AT THE WAFFLEEEEEEEEEEE. And we finished it all yumz 😀

We sat and swung on the swing (is that correct?) for a really long time after that. Super nua~ feeling and ah so nice to just sit there w Melissa and talk about anything under the (very hot) sun. We talked about her favourite celebs, about our shared past in SN, about her new friends, about going to uni, about so many different things! 😀 I like talk to Melissa because.. she’s funny! And it feels quite comfortable being with her. Like even though she’s sometimes quite scary and fierce and she doesn’t really say nice things about me.. I know deep (deep deep deeeeeeeeep) down inside she loves me (omg I hope so?? HAHA) and cares about me! I feel quite fortunate to be one of her friends 🙂 Yay love you Melissa~ I also like to listen to her because she has a lot of interesting stories to tell 😀

After a longgg time we finally left the place and went to nex to walk around. nex is the ULTIMATE walk around place I tell you. I keep going there to walk around. Probably because it’s so convenient also haha. So we.. walked around and talked some more then we went home.

Oh and Melissa met her dream guy on the escalator *wink wink* (omg shudder actually)

Came home, had dinner then had a nice chat w my family that’s about it! 😀

But I really had a good day today whee. 🙂

Toast for Lunch and Waffles for Dessert

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