SATs and a Date with Rachael

Haven’t been updating for awhile oops. I’ve been kinda lazy and work doesn’t give me any free time so no more blogging at work haha!

I took Friday off because I wanted to study for SATs. I didn’t do much preparation for it. I kinda envisioned myself going to the library being a studious girl like I was during the O levels period. But laziness coupled with the notion that SATs are easy turns out to be quite effective as non-motivators. ^^ so I decided to take Friday off to really study and like a last ditch attempt to do something for the test I paid a hundred dollars for ):

I woke up on Friday relatively early. Probably because my body clock is accustomed to waking up for work. I then decided to drag myself to Amore to go for Jazz class. Partly because I wanted to try out Jazz and partly because I haven’t been utilising my membership. Oh I was supposed to meet Rachael to study but she cancelled on me 😦 sigh!

Jazz was not bad! But wow the aunties are so much better. And very confident in their bodies. I met this rather nice girl at the class! She probably talked to me because I looked so out of place. After the class I suddenly felt very much like exercising SO I WENT TO THE GYM …

FOR 15 MINUTES HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear, I intended to go for muchhh longer. I did 10 minutes of cycling then I decided that ok I’m gna run on the treadmill now. So I stepped on the treadmill and started up the machine. I increased the speed to a comfortable jog .. And started to get tired. My thoughts were something like this:
‘Omg this is rather tiring’
‘Ok I think I can run faster’ *increase speed*
‘My feet kinda hurt. Maybe they’re not meant for running’
‘Ok this is TIRING’
‘Now I remember why I haven’t been running since after NAPFA’

Then I stopped the machine HAHA. Lazy or what.

Bought Starbucks after that then went home for a yummy home cooked lunch ^^

And thennn I sat in front of the computer and put my SAT book in front of me. I also plugged in my hard disk and turned on Glee. HAHA. So you can probably guess how the rest of my Friday went.

Woke up reallyyy early on Saturday morning because I was afraid I’d oversleep! My daddy gave my sister and I a lift to AJC because SATs were held there ^^ then my sis had a good time tryna figure out where the venues were. I think she was enjoying herself showing people around.

The test was okay? I think it was manageable but maybe it was tricky! But the worst thing about it is how tiring it is!!!!! Turns out 3h 45mins is really long to be sitting in a lecture theatre hunched over a puny table shading little bubbles sigh.

Date with Rachael after that. We went to nex for lunch ^^ I ate something rather exotic sounding. It’s called … ‘Eggy bowl of rice’ HAHA. But it was rather yummy so okay! After that we walked around the ENTIRE nex. Just talking about everything under the sky. It was so nice to do that. I haven’t done that for really long! Strolling around with nothing on my mind ~

Actually we did that until we reached Poh Kim. They were showing a K-Pop music festival!!! So we kinda .. Stood there for a few performances. Until the sales lady asked if we were looking for something sigh. Kinda embarrassing. So we left rather quickly after that 😛

I had to go home shortly after that because I was supposed to go for mei’s first CO concert!! 😀 which will be covered in another post if I’m not lazy. Maybe when I’m on my way home because I’m now at tanjong pajar and my fingers are tired from typing on pebbles.

Toodles noodles~

SATs and a Date with Rachael

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