Kickboxing is so intense

Omg I really can’t think of good titles to name my posts. Like how does one come up with titles?! I’m just blogging about my day. Next time I should just put the title as “Today” right. But then sometimes I’m not blogging about today… today. Yknw what I mean. So it might be confusing. Sometimes my titles make sense and the links are more explicit. Sometimes it’s the main theme. Or sometimes it’s just me tryna ask cheem and deep and thoughtful. But today’s title is the thing that is haunting me the most. Mainly becos my body is still aching from it.

I think sometime last week raroro and I decided to try out kickboxing at the gym we both go for. Partly because she’s been wanting to try it for v long, and partly becos I felt that I needed a good workout. So we decided that OKAY Monday of reading week we will go for aerobics and kickboxing back to back. NOT SURE THAT WE WERE OF SOUND MIND WHEN WE MADE THAT DECISION.

So in the morning I woke up slightly late which meant I couldn’t leave the house w my parents. Decided to take a more leisurely and filling breakfast because I felt the need to fuel up before the intense classes. Knowing who the instructor was and having experienced his class kinda made me more nervous. LIke I’ve been for his aerobics but never ever tried kickboxing before. But PJ went for it on Saturday and omg it sounded TERRIBLE. Like 1000 over punches or something. I was warned. BUT I STILL IGNORED THE WARNING BELLS SOUNDING IN MY HEAD AND DECIDED TO GO AHEAD.

Raroro and I were both slightly late for aerobics (9.30AM at Bugis leh) so I had quite a lot of trouble following the first set. Was quite confusing all the turns and all. But somehow survived the class and we (AKA raroro, becos I’d have been happy to go HAHA. She’s rly my pushing/motivational force) decided to STAY FOR KICKBOXING. Sigh.

So we stayed.

And suffered.

It was really so mega intense. And I felt like I was such an angry and vengeful person during the class. Like I had some anger management problems or something HAHA. Not used to being so violent and um physical about my anger. Really eh all the punches. Put strength into them also omg I FELT DAMN FIERCE YKNW. But then when I looked into the mirror… I looked like a wimp. FAR FROM THE FIERCE IMAGE I THOUGHT I WAS PORTRAYING HAHAHA. Also like half way through one of the sets I had this surreal feeling that I was filming a gangster film.

I was in a dark alley. CORNERED BY GANGSTERS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO COLLECT PROTECTION FEES FROM. I refused to pay – it went against my morals and principles. So they charged towards me, they thought they could scare me because I looked like a meek fishball they could easily frighten into funding their illegal activities. BUT I TOOK THEM ON. They kept coming at me and I just was KO-ing them. AND ENDED OFF W A FABULOUS KICK. And then there I was, left standing in the alley with fallen gangsters at my feet. Nobody would demand for a protection fee in that neighbourhood again.

But obviously I was in a brightly-lit studio with a bunch of other mad women punching air and jabbing at imaginary opponents. *back to reality* Looking quit awkward while I did it if I’m to be honest with myself. I think I might just stick to dancing.

THERE WAS ONE MOVE where we were supposed to imagine that we were punching our opponent who was lying on the ground. Quite unfortunately, I felt more like a farmer hoeing the ground that a victorious kickboxer. There must have been something i was doing wrong. HAHA

Raroro and I stumbled outta the studio half alive. Took a quick and super refreshing shower and then we headed to Plaza Sing. Shopped around for awhile then raroro went home while I met Isaacy for lunch at…

You guessed it. Nana’s Green Tea. HAHAHAHA. I’m the boringest person ever man.

It was v nice hanging out w Isaacy because he’s v easy to talk to. Plus I was in one of those ramble-y moods that raroro sometimes gets annoyed by LOL so he didn’t rly have to talk thaaat much. I was just going on and on and on. But we talked about a lot of things la. Like relationships, growing up, reflecting on our past experiences, uni and all that. It’s q nice that I’ve a friend like that – can discuss serious stuff w but also can talk rubbish with. What a nice balance 🙂

Oh and I bought a romper yay.

That’s all to my rather lovely day. First day of reading week gone like that oops. Must remind self that I should actually be reading during reading week already.


Kickboxing is so intense

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