So much faith :’)

I was so touched when I woke up this morning and saw these messages from PJ:

pj1 pj2 pj3

(Topic was on whether I should write about my ~feelings~ about Big Bang’s MADE series)

Super thankful that my friends accommodate (and play along) with my dreams instead of laughing and/or mocking me (even though they do it sometimes la HAHA).

Also, I would just like to say now on 19 Aug 2015 that if it really happens in future, I didn’t engineer it and I won’t be kidnapping anyone or forcing anyone okay. I just like to dream BUT IF WHEN IT RLY HAPPENS I WILL BE VVV GRATEFUL AND LIKE WILL BE A TOTAL ROLE MODEL (PJ and ST pls refer to earlier conversations we had re this topic). WHEN it happens I will be v happy and surprised because IT WILL BE COMPLETELY ORGANIC AND NATURAL. Yes.

Teehee. One can dream!!

So much faith :’)

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