Week 1 over!

In the span of my lack of updates, the first week of school at NUS has come and gone in a flurry of lunches, lectures and.. many hours of sitting around and doing nothing. This post isn’t to journal what I’ve been doing in school, rather it’s for me to refer to in a few months time. Because this is what I want to achieve by the end of this semester (or year or time in NUS)


My Sem 1 goals

  • To do well enough to major in either NM or Economics.
    I don’t want to be forced to make a decision. I want to have the luxury of choice. And to have that luxury of choice I need to do well enough in at least both of these modules so that I’ll have the opportunity to choose between the two.
  • To learn to manage my time well.
    The 8 months holiday has made me an incredibly lazy person. Laze around at home, go out to laze around, laze around everywhere. But school has started and CHOP CHOP no time to laze around. I gotta juggle between dance (lol like I’m some pro -.- ), ballet, school, preparing for lessons, and friends. I CAN DO THIS.
  • To be prepared for lectures and tutorials.
    That means (I guess) to do the readings before lectures and tutorials before tutorials. But boy is it hard to do it! 😦 The readings are so.. profound. AND BORING HAHA YOU CAN’T MISS OUT BORING. The South Asia readings literally put me to sleep SIGH. But I chose it = I dug my own hole. Not going to bury myself in it. I’M GOING TO FILL IT WITH WATER SO I CAN SWIM OUT OF IT.
  • To join a CCA.
    Preferably a good dance CCA so I can learn and grow in that area! I really rediscovered my love for dancing this holiday. Joining a dance CCA in school will hopefully help me to improve (probably not in ballet since the techniques will be different). The way I hold myself and idk, maybe I’ll learn to put more emotions into dance! And hopefully I get to perform because I rarely ever get the chance to perform and I want my friends and family to see me dance!


My long term goals

  • I want to do well in school.
    I know talk is easy, but I really do want to do well. I want to obtain an honours degree and I don’t want to be messing around anymore. Sure I want to be having fun but I need to remember that studies come first. I gotta remember that at the end of this four years (FOUR IT HAS TO BE FOUR) I want to graduate as a proud Arts student (or Social Science? Since that’s what my major will probably be) with at least a second class Honours degree. LET’S GO PUISAN. I can do this I can do this.
  • I want to keep in touch with my friends.
    I’ve heard from some people that they no longer keep in touch with their friends from JC and I was quite heartbroken at the thought of me losing touch with the closest group of friends I’ve ever had. 10sh08 is honestly, hands down, the best class I’ve ever had the privilege of being in and I never ever want to forget that. It’s with them that I’ve learnt to be a better, a happier person and it’s with them that I want to grow old with (lol sounds like I’m getting married to a group) So like Jian Yi says, we all gotta make a effort to keep together. I’m going to stick to you like superglue 08. Melissa and my other SN friends whom I rarely talk to, you remind me that I had a life outside NJ HAHA. I need these people to keep me rooted to who I am and keep me sane.
  • I want to make and keep my new friends.
    Idk why but this takes effort. I need to learn to make time to create bonds with my new friends instead of just sticking to the people I’m comfortable with. Which is so easy because FASS is so full of people I know (lucky me). But my friends are moving on and they won’t be w me 24/7 anymore, so it’s time I grew up and learnt to make new friends. And not just acquaintances. I really hope I’ll be able to make friends who’ll last for a long time in NUS.


Currently I can’t think of anything else! So yup I’ll just leave my goals as this first. Not easy to manage at all but I’m definitely going to give it a go. With clear guidelines of what I want to achieve, hopefully I’ll be able to make my time in NUS fruitful and enjoyable. 🙂


In other news, I really can’t wait for the guys to join us in university!

Week 1 over!

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