Dreams of 1D (the poster)

I dreamt that there was some war going on. Something bad was happening (now that I think about it I suspect it was related to Snow White and The Huntsman)

Anyway we had to evacuate and for some reason Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson were in my dream also and they were good. They were helping the people evacuate. Some bad person went a little mad and started tearing down posters and I screamed. Only one thought flashed through my mind: I promised that I’d protect my 1D poster. So I lunged to the place my poster was (not in my room, it was somewhere else) and lovingly ripped it from the wall. It’s quite hard to rip something lovingly. I was so fearful that the bad person would come and steal my poster away. My heartbeat was pumping really really fast. SO FREAKING SCARED.

I finally managed to get my poster down but it was torn. Luckily it was torn like around the edges so the boys faces were okay. While I was folding the poster, the memories with it flooded my mind – the poster falling down, putting up the poster, falling down, putting up… You get the idea.


Okay that’s the end of my dream. Actually there was more but I cannot remember. If I do I’ll quickly blog it hahaha. This has been my most interesting dream since like idk when.

It also shows how ridiculously attached I am to the poster -.- why can’t I dream of the boys instead of a piece of rly big paper they’re printed on 😦

Dreams of 1D (the poster)

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