CHECK OUT MY WITTY TITLE. Once in awhile I get inspiration for witty titles like that then I feel so pleased about it that I forget what I want to post about LOL lame. But okay obviously the title makes it a bit obvious??

Dreamt of this qt
Dreamt of this qt

I think it might be because of my 4102 project (cannot put full title of module because what if people search the module and stumble upon this post omg no cannot cannot). Basically 4102 is a research module and we’re studying parasocial interaction (definition below quoted from

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships, where one person extends emotional energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other’s existence. Parasocial relationships are most common with celebrities, organizations (such as sports teams) or television stars.

So we had to choose a target (like the celebrity in this case) and we chose G Dragon because err WHY NOT RIGHT HAHHAHAA. Ok I confess that this was partly my influence but let’s not go into details here right. This is not the main point. The main point is that I have had to watch / engage in a lot of GD videos because we were finding the perfect video to use as a stimuli for our project so I think it must have finally PIERCED THROUGH MY SUBCONSCIOUS and YAAASSSSS I MANAGED TO DREAM OF GD. Damn happy hahaha plus I was so tired yesterday so it’s rly like a bonus?!?!

Ok my dream.

I dreamt that I was seeing GD but he kinda broke up w me because he wasn’t interested anymore (CREYS). Then later on I switched POVs and I became this person who was working at the hotel that GD just checked in (omg makings of a sleazy romance novel BUT NEVER MIND LA BECOS IM THE MAIN CHARACTER ALONG W GD). Then he liked me and so somehow we started dating (ok I’m sorry my subconscious portrayed GD like that I’m sure he’s not!!!).

Somehow I followed him to Paris because he was touring. We were outside and decided to take a cab but then he couldn’t hail the cab because if the taxi driver knew that it was GD, he would try to kidnap us (my fear of the dangers of Europe has not faded obv omg). So at first I tried to hail the cab. But the first taxi driver that pulled over couldn’t pick us up I forgot why. Then because I was struggling w all the books I was carrying (I forgot why I was carrying so many books also omg maybe because the night before I was looking at a book sale at Thomson Plaza), I asked if he could try to hail a cab, with a face mask on ofc.

Then he managed to! So we climbed into the cab. BUT THEN when I saw the gleam in the taxi driver’s eye through the rearview mirror I was like OMG HE KNOWS. At the traffic light I hurriedly opened the door and the both of us ran out. And in my scuttling out, all my books scattered around and like GD huffed and he didn’t help me?!?!

So I was super upset then I was like ok yknw what forget it, please go do your own thing.

Then this is where my memory gets hazy and I cannot remember what happened omg but I think he does leave me then I go around do my own thing. Then after awhile he comes back to find me to say that he was wrong and can we get back together OMG /MELTS.

But damn sad la because I suspect my alarm woke me up at this time omg so I didn’t get many more nice moments sigh.

I’M SORRY MY SUBCONSCIOUS PORTRAYS ME AS SUCH A SELF IMPORTANT PERSON OK It’s not like I can control it. But I’m just damn happy that I dreamt of him, even tho the dream wasn’t as fantastic as I would have liked la. Then again, IN WHICH OTHER WORLD (but my dreams) WOULD GD BE INTERESTED IN ME RIGHT*. So I’m still v happy.

* As I say this, I rly hope one day I will bite my words and have the opportunity to take back my words lolol shameless. 


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