Fridate w my fave uni friends

This post actually continues from my rather tiring week. It’s our little celebration/ relaxation time after that busy week. So here’s what happened.

I remember that week was when my phone died on me! Urgh. So since Friday was a rare off day that I didn’t have to go back to school, I decided to go to Plaza Sing to repair my phone. AND AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, earlier in the week, my favourite club concuss (hahaha we have a name omg) decided to watch Divergent together because it’s Sam’s fave thing of that moment. And we were to watch it at Plaza Sing! LUCKY ME.

So I headed to Plaza Sing earlier to have lunch w Isaacy at our favourite Nana’s Green Tea. Second time I went there this year I think. LOL addicted to their Matcha Latte do you know how much I love it. I love it as much as I love many things. Okay obviously my descriptive skills not at full level today. But yes we had Nana’s Green Tea for lunch and I was a happy girl. Also, introduced Isaacy to the wonders of Snapchat. One of my favourite time-wasting SNS ever.

Then he had to leave becos he was meeting his buddies for a LAN session. So I went to Samsung and received the distressing (but not surprising) diagnosis of my poor Butter. The verdict was that I had to gamble $30. If it was a problem that could be solved w a software upgrade (to be done after $30 was paid), I’d get back a working Butter. If after the $30 software upgrade was complete and Butter remained unresponsive, I’d have to decide whether or not to pull its life support. BASICALLY. If I paid $30 and Butter still CMI, then too bad for me lor.

So obviously I decided to pay the $30 and surrendered my Butter to the girl at the counter and sadly bade all the stuff saved in my phone goodbye. No way of saving anything sigh.

Anyway lesson learnt everyone:

Before you upgrade your software, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA.

After that my borrowed iPhone was dying omg plus I had to complete SEP application AIYO I REMEMBER HOW STRESSFUL IT WAS. I had no cable to charge my phone w but I had to stay in contact w the rest of them. Also I had to complete my SEP application which require a connection to the Internet which can only happen when the phone’s hotspot is on = BATTERY SUCKING. It was a tough position to be in.

Luckily it wasn’t too long till Sam and Corrine appeared. Not before I invested almost $5 on an Earl Grey tea from Starbucks that I didn’t really like bleargh. Lesson learnt I guess. Can only buy it from Gong Cha.

The three of us headed to Tim Ho Wan for dinner first. YAY TO MY FAVE STEAMED EGG CAKE. I think nowadays it’s overtaking the baked bbq pork buns in my favourite food from THW. Not v difficult considering I only have two fave items from there la hor. Oh but the branches in Hong Kong have AWESOME double boiled snow fungus w pear soup. Unfortunately Singapore doesn’t. WHY?! I think we need it lor so heaty here. I was so amused by how the steamed egg cake jiggles. SO QT OMG WHY SO CUTE EGG CAKE??!!!! Ily so much I’m gna eat you up becos so yummy.

Then Agnes joined us after her lesson and we finished up our food and headed to GV to WATCH DIVERGENT YAY. Was quite excited because I really went there as a clean slate – something I don’t do that often. I usually like to at least kinda know what the movie plot is roughly going to be. But then I was just happy that I was watching a movie + watching it w some of my favourite people. So the movie plot was kinda secondary.

But I was SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BECAUSE THE MOVIE WAS RATHER NICE!!!! AND EXCITING. And yknw what. Having live commentary in the form of Agnes made it even funnier HAHAHA. She was so animated throughout the movie – making loud exclamations and engaging w the movie. It was so cute hahaha.

Anyway yes Divergent is a good movie. I can’t say you should watch it if you haven’t becos it isn’t showing anymore. But we all know if you can watch it you CAN watch it if you know what I mean. I really like reading books set in an alternate universe / dystopian world because I like seeing how the author sets up the world. And from the movie… I thought it was really well done. IMPRESSED.

After that we rushed to Macs becos Corrine and I had to submit our SEP application omg it was a mad rush. SO SCARY MAN. But we did it. Really hope I get to go on exchange w Corrine! Would be fun 😀 😀 Even better if Hazel got it also.

So glad we had that little outing leh really. It’s these things that make university life better. Recharging ourselves and reminding ourselves that life is not just about chasing deadlines. And now we have jokes about Divergent and yknw.. new level to our friendship hahaha.

Some favourite people from school ❤
Fridate w my fave uni friends

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