It was the most tiring week


HELLO MY BO KE I AM FINALLY HERE TO BLOG ABOUT MY DAY!!!! Or week in this case. It has truly been one of the most tiring weeks in my entire university life. Here’s what happened during the week, with a title for each day for you to get a summary of what was up.

Okay this one was completely my fault la. I couldn’t decide on a topic for the longest time. And it’s not like the assignment was given to us late or anything. It was because I was a lazy bum and started late. I ADMIT IT. The thing is, because it’s like free-for-all, you can choose practically ANY topic you wanted. And you had to do your own research on the topic and write a paper incorporating the themes and trends we learnt in the module. TALK ABOUT FREEDOM. Too much freedom is a bad thing. I spent so long thinking about what I wanted to do. Then I spent SO MUCH TIME trying to find relevant literature and just immersing myself in the whole thing because really, the papers were SO INTERESTING.

Oh yes in case any of you were interested, I chose Running Man as my topic.

But I had a lot of trouble finding journal articles related to Korean variety shows. Most were referring the Hallyu Wave in general, or K-pop as in the music, or K-dramas. Actually I think I couldn’t find any article that was specifically talking about variety shows T.T I mostly found blogposts from RM fans hahaha. I had like more than 10 tabs open (ok I know this isn’t thaaat many but still) that I didn’t dare to close because like I never knew when I’d want to refer to them. Because I researched via topics and as and when the thoughts came to me, I didn’t dare to close any tabs in case I needed to refer to them when I finally reached that point in the essay. So it got kinda annoying.

Anyway I only got to the writing on Sunday. Okay I just checked the document, I started on Sunday, 11.45am. Omg I just keep cutting it closer and closer to deadlines this semester really. I think because I was writing a topic that’s close to ST and I, it was easy to ask him to help me look through. And with the amazing innovation of Dropbox, I could periodically update the document in the Dropbox and he could comment as I went along – which really proved to be a lifesaver.

When Monday rolled around, I was about 700-900 words into the essay which was supposed to be 2000 words long. Which sounds kinda okay but the problem was that those 700-900 words weren’t even covering the themes that I wanted to. SO THAT WAS BAD. Plus, I had school on Monday. And ballet which left me really little time to write. To add to that, I also lead a tutorial discussion the next morning = essay + prepare for discussion in between school and ballet.

So I skipped ballet. Sigh felt quite guilty. Okay no not really. I didn’t even have the time to feel guilty.

But yeah somehow my group managed to complete our tutorial discussion rather efficiently and quickly yay! So after the short interlude, I was BACK TO CHIONGING MY ESSAY. It is TERRIBLE EVERYONE. DON’T DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

I got more and more panicked as the countdown turned from hours to minutes. I sorta finished at about 11.40. Then ST was helping me edit and read through AND IT WAS 11.45PM OMG FULL BLOWN SCARED. I could really feel my head getting lighter from the panic and fear that I’d be submitting late and I barely had the time to check through. In fact, I don’t think I really read through it thoroughly. I kinda just trusted ST hahaha. Plus he helped me a lot with one of the points omg TQ SO MUCH ST YOU DESERVE HALF THE GRADE ALSO.

I finally submitted with a mere 5 minutes to spare. I think a few hairs turned white from all that stress. So I treated myself to a facial mask and slept at 1.30 or so. Probably shouldn’t have done the facial mask.


Okay in the first place his instructions were not clear. But we lived with it, clarified some doubts with our tutor and tried to carry on w life. But then. TWO DAYS before my group was due to present our initial outline of our project in class to obtain feedback about the project from our class so that we can improve on it.

Immediately after the lecture my groupmate, Joleen (NEW FRIEND THAT I MADE THIS SEM V HAPPY W NEW FRIEND HOPE WE STAY FRIENDS FOR LONG TIME) and asked our tutor and the lecturer – SO HOW. WHAT NOW. Okay not like that but you kinda get the idea. They basically told us you have to redo. But our lecturer SO KINDLY SAID we could present whatever we had currently and change it after the presentation. WTH RIGHT. If we’re doing that, then what’s the point of presenting?!! Any feedback we obtained would be effectively useless since we’d be changing the study anyway. One of the most stupidest suggestions I’ve ever heard omg. THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

But then we didn’t really realise the gravity of the situation because our tutor said they’d post an IVLE announcement to clarify everything. So we waited for that. And because I was so happy that I submitted my assignment on time, I decided to bake.

And ended up sleeping past 3am because Joleen and I were up trying to find another study to replicate that fit all the lecturer’s ridiculous criteria. And yknw what, we didn’t manage to find any. IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING.

Wednesday: A LATE NIGHT
This was one of the most amazing days of my life hahaha. Went to school and attended my happy lecture of the week AKA Culture Industries. Really love the lecture becos the lecturer is cool and funny and the module is interesting so I love it. ^^ Then had lunch w the usual Wednesday lunch buddies. Wednesday lunches are also kinda fun becos the two new people who joined us (Amanda’s friends) are rather amusing and so conversations flow really easily – happy day!

OH BUT THEN. This Wednesday was special. My phone had an update scheduled so I decided to update it during the lecture because I don’t usually use my phone during the lecture. So I left it there updating.

And updating

And updating…

It was at the glowing Samsung screen for the LONGEST time – from about 10am till like almost 2pm after lunch. Which effectively meant that my phone was not in use for the entire time. Thankfully I had Saffy and Saffy has LINE and Joleen has LINE as well. So it wasn’t like I was completely uncontactable. I just had to carry Saffy around open so that I’d be able to check LINE.

Met Joleen sometime after 1pm and off we went to Starbucks to start our project discussion. Which ended up being more of a searching for papers kinda thing because we still had not found a paper to replicate!! Umi and Alvin joined us also so at least it was more people trawling the same websites to find a single paper. SO TIRING REALLY.

At about 3.30pm Joleen left for another project meeting and it was down to Alvin and Umi and I. We finally FINALLY found a paper that seemed like it could be replicated so we were like HECK LAH JUST SETTLE ON THAT ONE WE DON’T HAVE TIME ALREADY. Then we decided to do the other work we had while we waited for Joleen. On hindsight, we probably should have started to discuss and work on the project. But for some reason, it felt weird doing it w/o Joleen – probably because of how we suffered together and it didn’t really feel right doing it w/o her. Oh well.

Alvin and Umi left before Joleen came back so I was alone for a littleeee while and then she re-appeared yay! ^^ We had dinner together where I met Ben and I couldn’t stop myself from ranting about the lecturer to him because he’s currently also taking a module w that lecturer.

Then we went back to Starbucks and it was do-or-die. At first we were like okay we do until 9.30 then go home. BUT BY 930 we were still thinking of new variables to add – like we had none. ZILCH. NADA. So we continued. Then we were like maybe 10.30. BUT OBVIOUSLY not.

We ended up leaving school at about 11.30pm I think. Luckily we caught a cab because someone alighted at the Utown bus stop. So we ran for it. COULDN’T LET IT GO MAN. Oddly, it didn’t feel so late. I think when you’re rushing something, your concept of time really warps and changes dramatically. It’s quite strange don’t you think.

We shared the cab and so I got home at around midnight which was good. Did my Visual Design tutorial assignment then showered and met Joleen online again. Not quite sure where the rest of my group were / what they were doing but honestly I wasn’t bothered because at least I wasn’t doing it alone.

Considering that the tutorial was at 9am on Thursday – I had to wake up at 7.10AM latest to make sure I had enough time to get ready to school. And Thursdays are my longest days. BUT THOSE POINTS ARE UNIMPORTANT IN LIGHT OF THE FACT THAT we had to present to the class but we had nothing to present. So Joleen and I worked through the night and okay tbh I think she did way more than me. Plus I gave up earlier lol. I went to sleep at about 4.40am. Felt like a true university student.

Thursday: A LONG DAY 
Obviously I managed to wake up. I think responsibility does that to me. Sigh. Was a bit worried I’d oversleep but I guess that worry woke me up so it works like that too.

Went to school and omg I think I got to school earlier than ever. Even had the time to buy breakfast for Corrine. So odd. My group was the second to present and our tutor was really nice omg I love her and told everyone that we kinda rushed out everything so please be nice and give us more constructive feedback. SO KIND REALLY.

After tutorial I was feeling oddly not tired and skipped around and waited for Visual Design lecture.

Went about school as per normal. My last class of the day even ended 1.5h early!! How lucky right omg. Unfortunately I had a project meeting after class. By then I was quite useless already. I wasn’t exactly sleepy, but mentally I was not really present for the meeting. Felt quite apologetic about but all I wanted to do was surf websites mindlessly. Just took down what I had to do and hopefully I didn’t misinterpret anything oops.

Finally after the meeting, one of my groupmates DROVE TO SCHOOL OMG SO FAB. So he gave some of us a lift to the MRT yay don’t need to wait for the shuttle bus.

Met my mum and bro at J8 and had a good dinner. Went home and KO-ed.


It was the most tiring week

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