Holland V w the best friends


This has been a terrible semester for me. So many projects, so many responsibilities and so little time. So when week 13 finally rolled around, my thoughts were kinda conflicted. Like I was ping-ponging between “How did 13 weeks of school fly by so fast?” and “Omg week 13, FINALLY. It’s been so long” I’m sure you understand that kinda feeling.

So on Thursday, my last day of school, PJ, ST and I made a date to go out for dinner so that ST can let us relive his Korea trip. Living vicariously through ST who isn’t gasping for air in University yet. Hahaha. It was supposed to happen early but then PJ this sem mega suay, people have one hell week, she had three. So tough hor. So proud of PJ for surviving the three weeks and still emerging quite sane. SHE’S A FIGHTER MAN.

After my last class of the semester (WOOHOO) I had a quick meeting w Joleen who updated me on the consultation she had w our tutor for the project of the Most Burdensome Module Ever. Then I headed to HOLLAND VILLAGE YAY. Was planning to take 95 all the way to Holland V but I didn’t expect the traffic jam omg then the bus was so jerky, exacerbating the headache that had been accompanying me off and on throughout the week. I suspect it was the lack of sleep causing the headache. But anyway I decided to alight at BV MRT becos I figured I’d probably be in q a bad mood once I reached Holland V in that jerky bus.

Took the train to Holland V and in ST’s words, I got a nice surprise at the platform – himself. Sometimes his ego ah really…

As big as mine. HAHAHA. That’s why we’re STs ^^

Waited a little while for PJ then we were reunited YAY my loves.

Holland V was… bustling. Nightlife hor haha we suaku kids not used to this. Like usually when we meet for meals I think we go to a shopping mall / don’t usually go at night. So it was q fun exploring Holland V at night w them hahaha. And ST’s stupid comments and reasons for rejecting places to eat AIYO. In the end we decided on a random restaurant that seemed to have the most reasonable prices for the food we kinda liked. Plus we were mildly teasing ST about the girl LOL. All the people working there looked like they just finished their A levels. So young. Wow. Okay no la it’s only two years apart. But the difference feels q wide.

Settled down and we quickly chose what to order. Three main courses to share again yay. ST commented when the food arrived that we eat Western food in zi char style LOL. At least we get the best of THREE worlds. If not what’s the point of eating w friends right. Good times and good food are meant to be shared. But then again, not everyone’s into sharing food like that haha.

The girl who took our order was q funny /nice. Becos initially we ordered a certain chicken dish. Then later we asked her about an exotic sounding drink on the menu that she raved about. Her favourite drink ever it seems. Then after that I think maybe she felt a sense of affinity w us since we ordered her favourite drink. So she whispered to us that actually the chicken dish we ordered wasn’t that good HAHAHA. Apparently she was in a dilemma whether or not to warn us about it when we ordered. But since we asked her about her fav drink, she probably decided we had good taste hence warned us about the dish. SO AMUSING hahaha such a nice girl.

While waiting for the food to arrive, ST launched into his Korea story. We were supposed to have visuals accompanying his story but we couldn’t download the photos from his Dropbox because the file was mega huge. But we managed to see a few photos la. Especially the cute baby aish.

Listening to his stories about exploring Seoul at night, about his YOLO jeju host, about Everland… sigh. I wanna go on holiday too. Really hope susu and I can go visit PJ in Korea when she goes over for her summer programme! It’d be such a dream come true – to explore Korea w the people I know will appreciate it the same way I do.

The food came and everything was yummy ^^ we got a chicken dish, baked rice and pasta. I liked the baked rice and pasta more tho. Anw after eating and waving by to our friendly waitress, we proceeded to Wendy’s for ice cream YAY.

Wendy’s has the best soft serve ice cream ever man. At Wendy’s, ST laid out his haul of masks for us woohoo. So we had our pick of masks. Oh and additionally he got me a Kris photocard!!!

Yellow matchy outfits w Galaxy hyung ~

Nua-ed there for awhile more then becos we’re not nightlife people, we headed home at around 10 ^^ then we realised that we hardly have any photos together so PJ took this lovely selca:


Not bad hor her skills.

Went home and felt so happy. What a lovely end to the semester leh really β™₯ all my headache and tiredness from the semester gone yay πŸ™‚

Holland V w the best friends

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