AKMU Studio was 200% amazing

Buying tickets to AKMU Studio was somewhat of a snap decision. In the period that AKMU’s ticket sale was announced, I think there were at least four other artists also coming in that period of four weeks or so. If I remember correctly, APink, Day6, Got7 already announced that they would be coming.

I really wanted to go for Day6 because I missed last year’s. But it being a fan meeting held me back. Also, I didn’t have any friends who were equally as interested in Day6 as I was, so if I went, I’d be going alone 😦 So I kept thinking that okay I’ll think about it and maybe buy the tickets just before the concert if I do decide to go.

So it was with that backstory that my sister and I decided to get AKMU tickets. Because I was already slightly bummed about not being able to go for Day6, my decision to go for AKMU came a lottt quicker, despite me not really knowing their songs. But I think a big reason why I came to the decision so quickly was having Mei go with me woohoo company. Plus we both knew AKMU would be a great group to watch live, and the tickets weren’t that pricey (as compared to other Kpop concerts) so… decision made.

TBH I actually kind of forgot about the concert as it approached. It wasn’t even like we bought the tickets way in advance. It was probably only about a month in advance? But I guess it’s because I’m not crazy in love with AKMU like I was for EXO and Big Bang so I wasn’t exactly counting down to the concert. But luckily I remembered in time to brush up on my knowledge of their songs. Can’t go to their concert only knowing like 2-3 songs after all teehee.

CONCERT DAY – 9 December 2016

First time going to Kallang Theatre and WOW is that place a throwback into the past or what. The theatre’s been around since 1970s if I’m not wrong. The staircase even has a well-worn red carpet laid out on it, much retro. To be honest, I probably would have walked past it if not for the throng of young people crowding around in its vicinity. Not to mention the enterprising people hawking AKMU wares – from headbands to a fan with the face of Suhyun/Chanhyuk printed on it.

// DIGRESSION: I rly don’t get that though. Why would I want to fan myself with their faces?! Is there supposed to be something poetic about fans fanning themselves w their idols’ faces? Or maybe it isn’t a fan, maybe you’re just supposed to hold it up but then again my question is why??? I mean obviously they know you are at their concert right? Why must hold up their faces L O L. PJ and I had the same logic when we made the page for the One Direction scrapbook that 91.3FM sent several years back. Instead of pasting their faces, we just printed a picture of ourselves HAHAHA. They’d want to know what kind of people are their fans don’t you think??

#winninglogic //

Sissy and I were SO surprised when we walked into the theatre because it was so small. Smaller than… UCC theatre? It was q a small and intimate venue, quite perfect for AKMU we thought. But we bought the cheapest tickets so ofc our seats not v close also. But we were thinking that we’re not rly going there to watch them anyway, more to listen to them, so it doesn’t rly matter where we sit.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the stage set-up. They explained that the set was designed to look like their recording studio but to me, it kind of gave off the feeling of an old records store also? Not that I know what an old record store looks like but I’ve watched enough Taiwanese movies to know hahaha. The brother-sister duo opened the concert with the high-energy How People Move from their latest album Spring. It was so GOOD. Was bobbing my head along throughout hahaha.

As usual I’m not good with remembering what songs they performed and in what order. Plus I don’t recognise the names of their songs so that makes it like doubly hard. But the song that gave me goosebumps and made me sit up and listen was Melted.

I have never heard a more beautiful rendition o m g. I remember so clearly that they had a screen down so the stage was partially obscured and swirly purple patterns were projected on the screen like yknw when you used to listen to music on Windows Media Player there was all that abstract patterns thing going on. Okay my description sounds damn uncool. OH OKAY I found a video that someone must have illegally filmed hahaha pls watch to get the sense of what I’m saying:

Trust me it was SO much better irl – the atmosphere everything SO on point. And their voices echoing throughout the theatre… it was such an ethereal experience.

OK actually the main reason why I am writing this post is because I wanted to talk about the performance of that song hahaha. It really left me in awe because it was so so beautiful. Melted never rly made an impression on me because that same album had Give Love which is more my style (upbeat and happy and easier to listen to). But this rendition of it blew me away and I thought ah, listening to it live is truly different.

There were a couple of segments where the sibling duo were chatting w the audience but they are so awkward it’s quite adorable hahaha. Could tell that they were fumbling with what to say, maybe because of the language barrier? We were pretty amused. Dee Kosh the radio deejay came as an emcee, along with a translator. I can NOT understand why they would get someone who doesn’t at least listen to their music to emcee. I mean okay, I guess these people won’t go nuts seeing the idols irl but then it also makes the interviewing less interesting to watch because the emcee doesn’t really know much about them.

Like there was this part where they were asking for fans to request songs for them and I was SO hopeful that they would sing something impromptu because that would be amazing right. But then because they couldn’t hear what the fans were shouting, Dee Kosh suggested they sing Lucky which was scripted anyway SIGH. I wonder if they would rly have sung the suggested songs?? So I was thinking if Dee Kosh was a fan or checked them out before, he probably could have made out that the fans were asking for them to cover 2NE1’s Ugly/Lonely and ofc Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips (which they did sing eventually so yay).

Mei and I really enjoyed the concert and I think one of the nicest parts was towards the end when they had everyone stand up and they sang their more upbeat songs again. Everyone was bobbing along and rly enjoying themselves. It was pretty cool being at a concert where a part of my heart wasn’t like longing to abseil down to the stage to fall into their arms HAHAHA. Like I could wholeheartedly enjoy the concert as it was rather than plot ways for them to notice me hehe.

Oh and during the encore, we were SO SURPRISED when the two of them came off the stage to walk along the aisle!!!!! Omg rly when does that ever EVER happen in Singapore during kpop concerts hahaha. If Big Bang did that I think the fans would go insane. Also the security’s so tight sigh. But I guess because AKMU aren’t really idols per say so it was slightly safer for them? So I saw Chanhyuk super up close because he was standing near the end of my aisle woohoo cheap thrill.

All in all, we really really enjoyed the concert. There was this sense of satisfaction like ok that was money well spent because the concert was that enjoyable. Usually at the end of concerts I feel q tired (but also satisfied la) because I spend a lot of my energy screaming my love for the group HAHA. But for this one, I just sat back and enjoyed the music which is a rather lovely experience too.

satisfied faces after a 10/10 concert
AKMU Studio was 200% amazing

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