DAY6’s 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)

Soooo Day6 is finally back with Daydream! I’m not one to follow the teaser stage of a comeback (too impatient, just give me the real deal!!) but it’s hard to miss the very tumblr-esque images and feel that they were teasing.

check out the overlay and disembodied hand mysteriously reaching out to the unknown

Does it belong to a hipster tumblr or what!! HAHA. But you cannot deny the attractiveness of the design I think? The font used for the poster also fits in with the theme quite well I think. I cannot identify fonts so all I can say is that the sans serif font contrasts pretty well with the image overlay and contributes to the overall minimalist feel of the poster.

Plus they’re using a teal (seagreen? idk what colour you would call it but I like it) colour theme so I was rather looking forward to their comeback because SO. PRETTY. Is it my ~aesthetic~ (so out of this lingo thing but rly what does this even mean?!)

No idea why the image looks so low-res and actually quite no effort lol but the colour’s so pretty

Day6 debuted with The Day back in September last year with a rather different colour scheme – more earthy colours – probably because it was autumn in Korea? Okay NO idea why I’m talking so much about colours ridic HAHA maybe because I really like the colours they used to tease their comeback this time. Anyway what I wanted to say because the colourful digression was that THEIR DEBUT WAS SO STRONG.

But JYPE adopted some new marketing tactics for them then and they didn’t appear on broadcasts 😦 Means no music shows, no variety shows, NOTHINGGG. Only V-app haha and it wasn’t even their dedicated channel then, they used the official JYP V channel zz. They also did live performances – both domestically and overseas (THEY CAME TO SG WHEN I WASN’T HERE D: !) – I couldn’t really understand this marketing tactic but apparently they were trying to market DAY6 as a -real- band focused on music and all that. NOT THAT I DISAGREE I realise people might read a sense of sarcasm in that statement. I cannot say if it worked or not because I’m OBVIOUSLY not Korean and have no idea how the domestic reaction to DAY6 was. I surrounded myself with positive people about Day6 only hehe.

Not that it was difficult though because really, their debut album was AMAZING. Every song was good and catchy in its own way. And I cannot pick a favourite. Congratulations maybe? Because title song and I’m mainstream like that. But Free하게 is very good too and a great opening track to their mini-album.

They also did a lot of covers that were posted on YouTube! One of my all-time favourite Day6 covers is their cover of their labelmate TWICE’s Like Ooh-Ahh:

I absolutely LOVED their refreshing take on the very bubbly and cheery song. What stood out the most in that cover for me was Im Junhyeok’s vocals and the way he transformed the song (that’s the guy in sunglasses playing the keyboard).

So imagine how upset I was when the news of him leaving Day6 broke T.T There was this thing about how he was accused of dating a fan who apparently wasn’t even a fan of him initially. Okay I’m not going into details because I don’t want this news to be what people think about when they hear Day6 yknw. They’ve GREAT music and they should be famous for that rather than for a scandal grr.

Awhile after that news broke, they announced that they were having a comeback YAY. But without Junhyeok. NAY 😦  Okay obviously without him right lol he left already. Anyway, I took awhile to listen to the comeback because I was busy with school but I’ve finally checked it out so here’s my opinion on it. Disclaimer tho, I’m no music critic and visuals matter A LOT to me because #superficial. So my opinion won’t be that insightful or grounded in musical knowledge/critique of their musical style. (Actually then you will wonder why I bother right lol but I just wanted to blog about Day6)

Okay so here goes nothing my first review of an MV!

Very very helpfully, JYPE has provided closed captions English subs on the video WOOHOO.

White borders frame the MV which frankly annoys me (cf EXO’s Call Me Baby) but I guess they wanted the widescreen thing. I briefly wondered why didn’t they use black borders to frame it. The MV opens with a shot of the band (now only 5 of them SIGH) in shadows. Then OOH PARK JAEHYUNG! (or Jae Park. Seems like he’s going with that stage name meh.)

He starts the song and the camera movement’s pretty interesting in that shot; the way it zooms in and out and you realise that the two people sitting at the ends of the table were both Jae. Okay minor point and I will stop narrating the MV now because that’s lame.

From the outset, the song establishes itself as a letter (or speech?) of sorts to someone. Specifically a someone whom they apparently need to leave because s/he has moved on from their relationship. And the breakup is really because they want happiness for the other party. It’s a bittersweet breakup song where we get to hear one party’s inner thoughts and feelings: He doesn’t want the breakup but then he recognises that the breakup is what the other party needs and is willingly but reluctantly going through with it for the sake of the other party. He reminisces the happier times  but recognises that it belongs to the past.




Especially because I guess I wonder if it’s not just a simple song about a breakup among lovers but also in part a letter to Junhyeok? Which I would think is a link that most fans will make. It reminds me of the time when 2PM released 1.59PM after Jay Park left actually. But in that case, I felt like it was a bit more calculated to milk the situation. Probably because artists now have a greater creative freedom than back in 2010 so Day6 did play a role in making the song.

I think the song is elevated because of contextual reasons as well. It could very well just be a song about a breakup but because there’s the possibility of it relating to Junhyeok, suddenly the song takes up a far more impactful meaning.

The MV itself deviates from the teal colour theme which is a bit sad lol but then the overall feel fits the song. Unlike Congratulations, there is no storyline in the MV. It only depicts the members performing the song WHICH is another contributing factor to the possible context of the song?? Like if the MV portrayed a broken love story, it would destroy our fantasy that this song is dedicated to Junhyeok.

Love the chorus of the song as well. Title song is beautiful and I hope the rest of the album is as good. So glad Day6 debuted and is bringing us such good music. Also, they were performing on music shows this time!! Hoping they also get to appear on some other broadcasts to promote themselves in a more mainstream manner. I think JTBC’s Finding Sugarman would be a rather nice place of them to perform with its focus on music and remakes of old songs.

Abrupt end to this post because I’m tired and spent too long on this post.

Okay because ST also said my end very abrupt, here’s his very pretentious opinion on it. SO WOOHOO please welcome my ~guest blogger~

“Hi it is guest blogger.

Firstly let’s talk about DAY6’s insane talent. Their debut was fantastic. I think the last time I was so impressed with a debut was…………………….. Dalmatian? Ok probably not that long ago but they’re the first boy group that comes to mind.

When we think of bands the norm is to have one person in one role – lead singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist etc. BUT DAY6 CAN DO EVERYTHING. In all their songs, all of them sing (very well!) and it seems that they can play other instruments apart from their own ‘speciality’ as well.

The first few seconds of Letting Go start out with amazing harmony. Just an a capella, raw demonstration of their vocal talent which sets us up for the rest of the song.

The first verse has a minimal guitar riff in the background which really accentuates the vocals of the guy who is singing. Sorry I dunno their names yet but if you watch the MV you will know how they look like. In the first chorus the singer changes and more instruments are picking up, adding to the intensity.

The lyrics fit the music well because the relative quietness of the first verse reflects how the presumed couple in the lyrically are sitting silent facing each other, with nothing said between them. In the first chorus, they sing about their own emotions and the struggle they face in needing to let go, let go, let go, as if they are contemplating whether it’s the right decision, and the fragility of this decision is made more salient by the wavering instrumentals.

This only makes sense when we juxtapose it with the second verse and chorus. The second verse talks about their past and how the memories are precious, and this is emphasised with the base line and kick bass. Musically, the listener is beginning to feel riled up. Lyrically, there is a sense of regret that all the good memories are to go to waste. This culminates in the second chorus which – though lyrically the same – is much more decisive and thus painful. It’s like watching a Taiwanese drama where the mother has to abandon her child for some reason (like giving the child away to a wealthier family or something). At first she’s debating whether or not to do it (first chorus). Eventually when she hardens her heart and decides to leave the child behind despite the child crying for her, the combined effect of action and emotion always lead to tears. DAY6 achieves a similar heartbreaking effect.

Continuing the analogy of Taiwan drama mother, the rap is the equivalent of a montage as the mother runs from the child. It’s fast-paced, desperate, reflective and hopeless at the same time, but the ultimate wish is that the other person will lead a better life without them. When the final chorus begins there is a drop in the beat (you know the thing that shows like to do where the character runs and runs and a montage plays and s/he suddenly stops and stares pensively into space? Something like that), and the rest of the final chorus progresses in a way that affirms themselves that their decision was a right one, something that is confirmed by the song ending on a resolved major rather than a hanging diminished.

So step hor I cannot take myself also. But since the theme of this post is obnoxious I decided to let loose HAHA”

Thankies ST for contributing your v long analysis ^^


DAY6’s 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)

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