Oh my I haven’t updated my blog for so long. I could give the excuse of being busy w school (which is true to an extent because this semester somehow seems rly bad) but truthfully I’ve been lazy HAHA and busy watching dramas.

And applying (or thinking about applying) for jobs 😦 Can’t believe it’s my last semester in school now. My last recess week (ever!!) is also ending in a day and it’s q sad. But at least I kept up to tradition by ensuring that my recess week was as unproductive as ever LOL.

Am not ready to be an adult yet sigh. What do I know about expected salaries and whatnot?! Just last year I was prancing around in the Netherlands and now… zzz. BRING ME BACK TO EXCHANGE.

Shall update about my life and my dramas soon!! Hahaha I’ve so much to say about dramas really and I found so many new k-drama friends which makes discussing and analysing dramas so much more fun now. And I’m not as passively absorbing the dramas anymore but looking at it more critically and assessing it from a more experienced drama-watcher standpoint. ANYONE OUT THERE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO REVIEW DRAMAS??


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