Egg tarts!

Just wanted to commerate my first bake of 2016 with this post (also because it’s my first time baking it)


Baked the egg tarts w my sissy and it was rly much easier than expected. The more challenging parts involved pressing the dough for the tart into the tart moulds because we didn’t know how thick or how thin it would turn out.

To my dismay, when I took them out of the oven, the egg tarts looked like mutants omg I was so upset and couldn’t bear to look at it becos they looked so horrific and totally unlike the pictures in the recipe I followed 😥 the custard puffed up and one was even in a dome shape omg. But thankfully they calmed down and looked a lot better after a few minutes. So I would still count this as a success yippee!

Here’s to experimenting more in the kitchen this year and just trying more new things in general! ^^

Egg tarts!

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