Who else would I drive to dinner with but them?

Is the caption very cheesy? But it’s true! Hehe.

Anyway it’s exam week(s) at the moment but then immediately after my paper, I’m flying off for a family holiday. The day I come back will be the day that PJ flies to Korea for 3 weeks T.T That means we won’t meet for five weeks? Is it very clingy if I say that it feels v long?? HAHA. I feel like it’s not a holiday if I don’t go over to nua in PJ’s house yknw 😦 Hope we still have time to do that when she comes back!

Because of the clashing schedules, we decided to meet today for dinner. I happened to be driving to school before dinner because I had things to do in school. So I decided to take a leap of faith and ask my dad if I could drive out for dinner with them. AND DUM DUM DUMMM because of my experience with dealing w my parents, I knew the correct formula with which to structure my request… REQUEST APPROVED WOOHOOOOO. So this dinner marks the first time I’ve driven out for dinner w my friends!!

We went to Lola’s for dinner because we all haven’t had it for the longest time. I cannot emphasise how value-for-money is rly. We paid $14 each for duck confit, chicken wings and pasta. (Obviously not blogger material because once the food came, we only took the effort to Snapchat it and then we gobbled it up hehe). Oh yeah! Lola’s expanded their restuarant space so now they’re twice as big YAY. Yay to shorter waiting time rly – they told us expected waiting time would be an hour but we only waited for 20 mins or so.

After that we kinda got their message that we should vacate our seats because people were still waiting for a table (maybe that’s why the waiting time was so short also) so we quickly paid the bill and went back to the car (!! I get a little thrill from saying that hehe. 22 year olds us wow). Head to MacDonald’s at AMK where we shared a McNuggets meal (because it’s not Singapore if we’re not eating) along with our memories of the past, our hopes for the future and our lives at present 🙂

I really really am so comfortable with these two people. So thankful to have met ST online (lol), PJ in JC and to have them in my life even till now. It’s like the three of us just fit together and it’s amazing how I am close to both of them as individuals and we’re all close as a group as well. Love yall so so much tq for being my best friends and being my first passengers to be driven out for dinner by me!!

Here’s to more nights like this: where conversation and laughs are endless with the both of you 🙂
Who else would I drive to dinner with but them?

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