Put your guard up and Bounce

This video encapsulates the reason for my interest in Bobby. Look at how he interacts w the audience (who are probably older than him?!) and how he exudes confidence and is all like ‘this is where I belong, if you don’t like it then too bad’. Every time I watch this performance I fall a bit more in love w Bobby/ am reminded of why I like him so much. I love how he can turn from this fierce performer to a cuddly ball of fluff when he smiles omg.

*heart shaped eyes emoji*

At the time of the video he was only 19 years old. 19 OMG. What was I doing at 19. Oh right, first year of University. HERE HE IS OWNING THE STAGE OMG. Damn boss and fierce and got style?!


(Also, the above gif was taken from this ‘imagine you are dating Bobby’ scenario which is worth checking out just for the gifs of Bobby alone sigh qtpie)

Put your guard up and Bounce

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