Source of happiness

I am a person who thrives on making other people happy. A long time ago, I’ve realised that I’m someone who needs approval from others. And making my friends happy is like a step up from that.

So today when PJ and ST laughed at something I said, I was a bit surprised that instead of feeling happy that they approved of my joke (and by extension me), I was happy because I made them laugh. Because maybe, in that brief moment as they read my messages, they forgot about the stress and busyness of school. And it made me really happy to think that for a split second, maybe they forgot about the stress they’re facing :’) I really want to do that for them yknw. I see them so busy and tired from school and it makes me so sad. Because they do that for me, I really want to help them as well.

I think I can say that I truly, with all my heart, consider meeting these two people one of the best things that has happened to me in my 22 years.

Source of happiness

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