Angry Mom

I started watching Angry Mom because of Ji Soo actually. I was watching Sassy, Go Go and noticed him (as well as Lee Won-geun but he didn’t really act in any other dramas that I thought I would be interested in :/ ) so I decided to check out Angry Mom. So I guess you could say I was predisposed to already favour his character? But I must say thatĀ the character he plays in the drama is rly v appealing to girls (hello, emotionally damaged bad boy w a cute smile?! What’s there not to love?) so I’m sure that even if I wasn’t primed to like him, I probably wouldĀ still have fallen for his character.

Bonus digression picture of the bromance in Sassy, Go Go:

 photo nuns3.jpg
cr to Koala’s playground

Anyway. Angry Mom.

Doesn’t the logo look a lot like some cooking mama logo??

The basic storyline is that Jo Gang-ja’s (played by Kim Hee-sun) daughter was being bullied in school because of herĀ connection and friendship to a student who was outcast by the rest of the school. So the title of the drama is immediately obvious haha. She getsĀ intoĀ protective lioness mode and decides to infiltrate her daughter’s high school to find out who was behind the bullying. And in doing so, she discovers that the bullying is a mere small manifestation of much more devious going-ons in the school.

I imagine the conversation that happened before they decided with the title to be quite amusing:

A: So what should we name our drama??
B: How about Mom goes to school?
A: Can you not be so obvious?!
B: How about Schooling Mom?
A: pls can u not.
C: Omg how about Angry Mom???

Seriously though hahaha. It’s such a simple title but I think it rly encapsulates the essence of the drama? The whole series was basically carried by Kim Hee-sunĀ for me. She’s the moving force of the whole drama, the catalyst to change in the Angry Mom world. But ofc it’s not just one Angry Mom. She rallied other Angry Moms to bring down the corrupted officials and woohoo.

What I liked about the drama is that even though it deals with corruption in the government, it lightens things up with the whole undercover mom in school thing. There are also running gags (eg the eggs breaking?? didn’t really notice the significance butĀ it was there. Also Han Gong-joo and her minions were hilarious) that kept things light and kept me interested. I’ve never been one for the dark and heavy, political dramas (hence the reason I gave up on Pride and Prejudice) so I really appreciated the funny in Angry Mom.

I was quite hesitant about starting the drama though because I suspected thatĀ it would be a bit similar to School 2013 in how there isn’t a loveline (which I rly need la to FILL THE LACK OF LOVELINE IN MY OWN LIFE). And as it turns out, there wasn’t really a loveline sigh. But there was one-sided love on the part of Go Bok-dong (the role thatĀ Ji soo plays) for the main character and THAT WAS ALL TO SUSTAIN ME SIGH.

Super cute tho the scenes where he started falling for her then realising that she’s like what, 16 years older than him? LOL. And he’s all like OMG DIES I FELL FOR AN AHJUMMA. But he’s so adorable!! I loved watching him try to protect her even though she’s older and how he acted all tough and stuff hehe.

Look at him getting all worked up by himself

Just gna squeal about him a bit more because omg ISN’T HE ADORABLE HAHAHA. Like a little puppy tryna protect his owner against like a bulldog or smth hahaha. Totally out of his depth but he still tries. WHICH I SO LOVE!! It’s so cute when they get all flustered on their own. Also, he somehow reminds me of Bobby so it’s a plus there hahaha. He even has that whole ‘actually a good guy but circumstances made him bad, heĀ just needs someone to love him’ thing going on. Sigh. MORE OF HIM PLEASE.

Anyway. The drama involves the main character bringing down corrupted politicians. The thing about dramas that involve corrupted politicians is that it tends to get very tangled. All the old men who hate on each other but work together and have secret vaults omg can you please. It requires too much cognitive effort for me to remember who’s who and how they’re connected and who hates who and who’s the illegitimate son of who etc. SO TIRING. I watch a drama to escape from life guys, not to make my life more complicated!! So I usually give up on those dramas becauseĀ AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

So I really appreciated that the bad guys in Angry Moms were not thaaat difficult to differentiate. Also they established their links a bit more obviously. Also it was interesting how it wasn’t like allĀ bad guys weren’t totally one-dimensional?Ā They were given backstories and I guess we could kinda see fromĀ their point-of-view. Of course there were some one-dimensional bad guys who were rotten to the core boo. SUCKS TO YOU!

I get that it might be q unbelievable that one woman can be the downfall of (at least a part of) a corrupted system. But I think that’s the main point of the drama? Don’t poke the sleeping lion AKA don’t mess with children because they’ve got their parents behind them. Which is really sweet to me.

Bullying in high school isn’t something that I can relate with very well. I think what makes the drama so awesome isĀ the familial and the friendship love that it features. Bullying and corrupted politicians are put to a stop thanks to love which is super touching don’t you think?And it’s not the guy swooping in to save the day but the mum. Who can’t relate to that?!

OneĀ gripe I have about the drama is the Jo Kang-ja’s husband’s character was quite the one-dimensional one. His story wasn’t really developed and if anything, he seemed more like a plot device. All he did was try to stop her from going to school, and do his job (aka unknowingly working for the bad guys because his character is a bit dim like that). The way he kept bringing up divorce was a bit incongruent with the idea that he loves his wife a lot (something that the drama tried to portray once in awhile). He really seemed like a non-entity for me so I kinda expected them to break up? But nope. So that part was a bit weird for me.

Other than that though, I think Angry Mom is really one of the dramas I’ve really enjoyed without an obvious loveline which is awesome hehe. Episode 15 was so so tragic and sad for me, I really liked it.Ā One of my favourite parts of aĀ dramas is watching the characters (who previously hated each other) band together and fight a force larger than them. It’s rly vv touching to see :’) Ep 15 really played the whole tragedy part v well + it was q sensitive about it I thought. So yep really enjoyed it. Plus theĀ scenes of Ji Soo hehe. Looking forward to seeing more of him in Sassy, Go Go ^^

Final picture of Ji Soo to end the post:

Angry Mom

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